The TV MegaSite's Monday 3/17/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica tells the judge that she is ready to start serving her time. The judge questions her if she had talked this over with counsel. Erica assures him that she is ready to start serving her time. Kendall objects to Erica’s going to prison so soon. Annie visits Richie and brings him a get well card. Richie begins to question her about Ryan and him no knowing who Annie or Emma is. Ryan goes into Annie’s home. He mumbles to himself that it is time for him to start living in 2008. Tad and Jesse goes over the info that they have found. Tad gives Jesse a gun. Angie rushes in and tells Jesse that she is not going to lose him again. Jesse assures Angie that going to the warehouse might help him remember what had happened to him. Robert and his associate go over the plans they have for Tad and Jesse. Confusion erupts in the courtroom over Erica’s decision to go to jail. Opal meets Robert. When Robert offers her a drink, Opal, at first refuses, but then decides to take a drink with him. Ryan looks through pics of his and Annie’s wedding. Zach and Aidan discuss Ryan. Kendall comes up and wants to know what they had done to Ryan.

Erica confronts Samuel in the courtroom about how he must be feeling seeing her going to jail for insider trading. Jack reminds her that Samuel had fought for her in front of the judge. Ryan continues to go through the pics to find some info that he can use. Frankie and Colby come in to visit. Frankie continually belittles Colby for everything that she does wrong in Richie’s room. Erica says good-bye to Kendall and Josh. Greenlee suggests to Jack that he start dating. Jack tells her that she couldn’t have picked a worse time. Colby’s car will not start. Frankie offers to help. Colby finds out that someone had tried to cut the wires. Jesse and tad arrive at the warehouse. Jesse looks around and begins to remember. They hear a noise at the door and it is Angie. Kendall confesses to Zach that she had met Ryan in a bar but nothing happened. Ryan visits Annie and asks her out for pizza, but Annie refuses. J.R. visits Richie in his hospital room and tells Richie that they will always be a part of one another. Tad, Angie, and Jesse are confronted by someone else in the warehouse. In jail, Erica assures herself that she is Erica Kane, and she can do this.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Cole stuns everyone when he shows up at the hospital. Carly looks through the mall security video. Jack and Katie talk about renewing their relationship after Jack tells Katie that he and Carly are not on the road to reconciliation. Allison tells Matt that she is sorry that she has been so up in his business; she wants to learn to trust him and start something up, which stuns him. When Allison leaves the table, Matt almost pours a white powdery substance in Allison’s coffee but seems to be having some pangs of guilt. Gray pretends to be gracious in his loss of Vienna to Henry. He sets it up so Henry and Vienna think that the other one wants to meet at Luther’s Corners. Brad and Henry are commiserating over women until Henry gets word that Vienna wants to meet him and goes running. Carly thinks she has spotted Kit on the mall video and races over to Jack, but finds him in Katie’s arms. Matt reconsiders his plan, as Gray pushes forward with him. Cole is met with anger and skepticism about his newfound love for Hallie. Sophie agrees to talk with him, but then tells him that she wants him out of her life, but Cole pretends out of the goodness of his heart, that he will give her space. Cole is on the phone with someone secretly talking about a plan. Sophie learns Cole has taken Hallie and freaks out. Matt tells Allison that he and Gray are no good and warns her that she needs to tell Casey and his family to watch out for themselves. Brad and Katie go on air with Kit’s picture in disguise and Carly soon gets a lead. Vienna and Henry reconcile and exchange vows just the two of them, as Gray is outside pouring gasoline on the church they are in. Barbara admits to Kim that she has oral cancer. Katie tells a drunken Brad that she and Jack talked about the possibility of a future together. Brad wallows in his self-pity and then calls Bonnie. Will and Gwen find Cole holding Hallie in the stairwell and try to stop him. Cole tosses Hallie at Will and takes off, and has soon outrun the hospital guards. Henry and Vienna are locked in the church, but they are enjoying this not knowing the danger they are in. Matt meets Gray outside, as he reminds Matt of what he has to do, so he can take off and be seen elsewhere. Carly realizes Kit’s disguises could have been made at the shop in Chicago, but Jack doesn’t want her to go by herself. When the nurse interrupts them, Carly takes this opportunity to slip away leaving a note for Jack. Will and Gwen comfort Sophie and Hallie, but Sophie sees Cole’s stunt as proof that she is not really equipped to be a mother - right now. Matt calls the police station looking for Margo disguising his voice – there is an emergency. A concerned Jack calls Carly and pleads with her to come home, but Carly, who is now in Chicago, ignores his request.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick pops in on Brooke who has been worried about Bridget. He states that she is a grown woman who can take care of herself, and he thinks Brooke is becoming another Stephanie by being too involved with other people’s lives. He wonders why it seems to be bothering Brooke so much that Bridget is with Nick again. She needs to let go or she is going to lose Ridge as well. Upstairs in bed, Nick is talking himself into why he should move on and be with this beautiful woman and let Bridget back into his life. When he’s hesitant, Bridget convinces him that neither of them will be hurt, they are living in the moment, no strings attached. Downstairs, Katie is snooping around in desk drawers, looking over old pictures of Nick and Brooke. Donna screams, and Pam laughs at her for not having a sense of humor and for being afraid of a toy water pistol. She warns her there will be no wedding.

Donna rushes back to spill to Eric, but only finds Stephanie who doesn’t believe her version of Little Miss Pammy. When Pam returns and denies the rumors, Stephanie tries to get the two to get along for the sake of the company. Donna throws Pam out of Eric’s office, but Pam continues to play her little psycho games. Rick reminds Brooke that Bridget lost Nick to her before, he doesn’t want that to happen again; just leave the two of them alone. Afterwards, Nick and Bridget agree there are no promises, they will take it one step at a time.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena meets with Philip on the pier to warn him about John’s business plans. John meets with a customs agent and make a deal with him to stall Kiriakis shipping. John walks up on Marlena’s meeting with Philip. Philip offers to compromise between their two shipping companies but John won’t even consider it.

Bo still refuses to consent to the surgery. Lexie puts Bo under sedation so that they only need to rely on Hope’s consent. Dr. Jonas harshly lectures Chelsea but later reveals to Shawn, Kate, and Chelsea that he did so in order to get Chelsea’s heart rate to rise and thus help sober her up faster. Hope wants to confront Chelsea but changes her mind when she overhears Chelsea telling Kate about how much she wants to save Bo. Bo stops breathing and, though resuscitated by Lexie and Kayla, lapses into unconsciousness. John acts like he doesn’t care about Bo but Belle spots him lurking at the hospital.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ric wants to make it seem as if the explosion killed Randy. Johnny finds Michael and gets him safely to Sonny, who sends him to the hospital to be placed in Robin's care while he and Jax look for Carly and Johnny searches for Claudia. Robin's migraine and nausea makes life difficult for Patrick. However, as she tends Michael, she has an epiphany about her own child. Lulu remains by Logan's side.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah sees Mallet outside putting the American Flag up and asks him if he has told anyone of the job offer. Dinah later goes to see Alan. He is annoyed with her. After Dinah tells him why she is there, Alan asks his butler to throw her out. Mallet and Frank meet up. Lizzie can't get away from Lawrence fast enough while they are at the library. She finally gives him her phone number. Ava tries to put one over on Bill while they are in bed together. She gets up and goes to his bathroom and fiddles around. Then she goes back to bed with Bill laughing. Frank arrests Alan. Telling him it is the government that wants him. Bill gets a beeper message from a client and leaves Ava. Doris calls Frank with an offer he can't refuse. Alan tells Alex about the IRS wanting him. Though he now doesn't seem worried. Bill is outside waiting for whomever called him. As he is about to wonk someone over the head, he realizes it's Lizzie. Lizzie and Bill think that Philip wants to see them. They kiss not realizing they are being watched. Is it Philip?? Or one of Alan's goons?? Mallet helps Dinah by joking with her. They kiss after word. Frank goes to the Mayor's office. Doris tells him about an situation that Frank says never happened just because he serve Alan with a warrant. Lizzie comes home and asks about Lawrence. Lizzie says she left Lawrence and met up with Bill because her father told her too. Alan tells Lizzie to go to her room and orders the maid to make up her dinner and send it to her room. Beth visits Lizzie in her room. Lizzie tells Beth what happened. Beth is thrilled that Lizzie spoke with Philip and that she wants to see Bill. Alan goes to see Bill, who is at a basketball hoop. Bill tells Alan his kids hate him. Alan says don't put Philip on that list. Bill says I wouldn't be too sure about that. Beth and Lizzie continue their Mother and Daughter Chat in Lizzie's room. Beth tells Lizzie that she comes from a line of strong women. Not even Alan Spaulding can crush. Doris Goes to see Mallet with an offer he refuses, to be the new chief. Beth goes to see Bill. She tells him Alan wants to know about them. Alan is at his desk at the computer and on the phone talking to someone about transferring stock and money. Bill is in the shower trying to decide which of the women, Beth or Lizzie he wants more. Then he goes to his computer. Mallet tells Frank he's the new acting chief of Police. Marina is there. She cannot believe her ears. Lizzie gets all Her siblings together to tell them Daddy's coming home. But don't tell anyone. Alexandra says to Alan she is worried about him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Roxy wants to know from Rex when Adriana will be coming home. Roxy assures him that if Adriana doesn’t come home soon, then Gigi will be moving in on him. Gigi and Shane come to visit Marcie. Marcie asks Gigi if Rex and Adriana had set a wedding date. Antonio is at his desk, deep in thought. Talia comes up and tells Antonio that he looks exhausted. John walks up and asks Antonio if Ramsey is there. John asks Antonio if he had talked to Ramsey about what had happened last night. Antonio lets him know that he hadn’t talked to Ramsey. Ramsey walks up behind John and asks, “ask me about what?” Todd bawls a security guard out on the phone. Blair comes in and wants to know what is going on. Todd asks Blair was Cole there last night. Starr and Langston argue over what Starr had written to Cole in that letter. Starr lets her know that she wrote what she had to write. Cole re-reads the letter that Starr had written to him, telling him that it was over. Cole lets Jared know that it is no him and Starr. Jared gets a call from Natalie, who is already at work. Natalie lets Jared know that she had recorded their meeting with Renee and Nigel. Jared is surprised. Jared remembers his conversation with Nigel in which Nigel had suggested that Jared tell the Buchanans that he is not a Buchanan. Natalie asks Gigi to transcribe the meeting that she and Jared had had with Nigel and Renee. Natalie meets up with Jared in the hall. Natalie tells him that she had to go to a meeting. Jared opens the door to Natalie’s office and sees Gigi sitting behind the desk, with the tape recorder playing. Jared gives Gigi something else to do just in order to get Gigi out of the office. John and Antonio begin to argue over Ramsey. Natalie walks in on Jared, erasing the tape. She wants to know what he is doing.

John visits Cole. Cole lets John know that he had gone to see Starr the night before. Cole also shows John the letter that he had received from Starr letting him know that she didn’t want to have anything more to do with him. Starr starts out the door and meets up with the security guard. She wonders if he wouldn’t go with her this one place, but he refuses. Gigi tells Rex that he is Shane’s father. Adriana comes in and hears Gigi’s confession. Starr tells Marcie that she needs to take Sam away from Todd. Jared comes in to Natalie’s office and finds John there with Natalie.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Gwen, Rebecca, and Ivy celebrated Theresa's death and Gwen's future with Ethan by throwing Theresa's stuff away and drinking champagne. Theresa, stuck in Mexico, nearly escapes Juanita. While on the run she meets Elena, who has an interesting story...she's planning on coming to the U.S. illegally. She soon tells Theresa to join her on the train to America. Theresa barely makes it, though, as Juanita returned one last time to search for 'the spy.' Ethan and Sam discussed how hard it is moving on. Ethan exclaimed that he'd never get over Theresa no matter what, and that if she were still alive Gwen wouldn't have a chance with him. Pilar grew suspicious of Tabitha being a witch. Noah re-proposed to Paloma!

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Genoa City is buzzing with anticipation of the “Restless Style” launch party; Victoria has been recruited to play the celebutante and has also drafted Sabrina to be her wingman. Danny Romalotti is back in town to perform (at the party) much to Daniel’s chagrin; the high he was on about Kay fronting him and Amber for the clothing line crashes to the floor when he sees dear ol’ dad. Victor is sour and refuses to attend the party sulking he insists that it is not going to succeed. Adam has been reduced to being Victoria’s BOY while over at the Abbott mansion Lauren continues to play the role of the wounded wife in hopes of getting some juicy scoop to deliver to Michael; this is putting a damper on Glo and Jeffrey’s quality time. Meanwhile the haunting continues as Jeffrey ups the ante and pulls out some more tricks from his bag to spook Glo out of her mind. Jack and Sharon hire Alistair, an actor to play the ghost of the late John Abbott.

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