The TV MegaSite's Friday 3/14/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica’s sentencing hearing begins. Samuel makes his recommendation before the judge. The judge rules that Samuel’s recommendation is too lenient for the crime. Erica burst out when the judge makes this ruling. Zach and Kendall arrive at the courthouse just in time. Erica is stunned when the judge suggests eighteen months. The judge calls for a meeting in his chambers with the two lawyers. Greenlee arrives in the courtroom much to Erica’s disgust because she thinks that she has come there to gloat. Greenlee stuns Erica by telling her that she is on her side. Tad comes home. Jesse shows him a datebook that he had found in the box of papers from Remington. Tad recognizes one of the names in the book. Tad encourages Jesse to try to remember something that happened when he was held captive. Adam, Krystal, Babe, J.R. and Colby eat dinner together, but no one is in a talkative mood. Aidan meets up with Ryan in a bar. Babe asks J.R. if he is enjoying his plan so far. Babe owns up that J.R. may just be telling the truth about going to bed with that woman. Aidan accuses Ryan of toying with Annie. Aidan tells Ryan to back off and leave these women alone. Babe tells J.R. that she wants off this emotional roller coaster. Krystal tells Adam that she also wants off this emotional roller coaster. Adam insists that Krystal only wants him as her husband. They argue as usual. Krystal reminds Adam that her name is Krystal Martin. Tad fills Jesse in as to what had happened between Krystal and Adam and Krystal and Tad. The judge agrees to Samuel’s recommendation. Erica makes a very touching statement to the judge. The judge tells Erica that she will have three weeks to get her affairs in order and then she will surrender to the authorities. Erica says she is ready to start her sentence. J.R. admits to Krystal that he is going to ask Babe to remarry him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Brad encourages Katie to tell Jack she still has feelings for him, because even though it will hurt him he only wants Katie to be happy. Katie tells Jack she has not been able to forget about him and is surprised when Jack tells her that he has not made a commitment to Carly. Henry says a painful good-bye to Vienna telling her that he loves her and he wants her to be happy with Gray, because he can give her the life she deserves. Vienna breaks up with Gray saying that she loves Henry and only Henry. Gray tells Matt to move ahead with their plan and he plans to use Vienna and her true love Henry as bait. Casey has a conversation with Matt and after that conversation meets with Allison and tells her he thinks Matt is lying to him. Allison plans to use Matt's attraction to her to her advantage to get Matt to tell her the truth about his relationship with Gray. Sofie calls Cole when Hallie's rushed to the hospital with anemia and needs a blood transfusion. Gwen is found to be a match and gives her blood to save Hallie, but Cole shows up after the crisis has passed. Carly fails to get any clues after Brad and Katie show Kit's picture on television. Carly thinks Kit may have used a disguise and goes to the mall to look at surveillance tapes to see if she can discover a tape of Kit in disguise. Parker wants to plead guilty to spare his family any more pain, but Jack tells him not to give up so easily.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget waits anxiously upstairs. Nick joins and apologizes for her walking in on him and her mom discussing Bridget. He’s not going to defend Brooke, but wants Bridget to remember that Brooke is her mother. Bridget makes it clear that with no commitments, she wants Nick. He laments his feelings have pretty much been shattered recently and he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Bridget calls Katie over to watch Jack, giving her privacy and time with Nick. She pours her heart out and proceeds to seduce him. Pam calls Stephanie to the office and fills her in on what’s happening….her being the new receptionist….and tells Stephanie that she can not give up on Eric. She advises her to hang in there, you never know what might happen! Stephanie is shocked to hear that Pam is going to meet Donna for coffee. Together, Pam gets in more barbs in her sly, sweet little way about the plastic Barbie’s in L.A. She gets down to business by informing Donna that she is bi-polar and takes medication and is a happy homemaker, but without them she goes to deep, dark places. And if Donna doesn’t stay away from Eric, Pam will stop taking her happy pills and take Donna with her to those deep, dark places. Donna claims that she is not afraid of Pam, that is until Pam chews up a tea bag as if just normal for her.

Eric also surprises Stephanie by offering her a place back in the company and she accepts. She also tells him she knows he is in love, but there are some things they shared in their life that can not be duplicated. Donna is spooked as she leaves Insomnia and then encounters Pam aiming a gun at her. Nick lets Katie in and thanks her for coming over. Katie reveals that if he goes upstairs to Bridget, he will be walking away from Brooke and no turning back. Bridget is in a teddy, and the mood is set with candles, soft pillows on the bed as she invites Nick into her arms.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kayla gives in to family pressure and admits that Chelsea is the matching donor. Chelsea decides to drown her sorrows at the bar. Kate tracks her down and tries to get her stop drinking but Chelsea storms off. Kate helps the family track Chelsea down at the park where Chelsea has passed out on a park bench. Dr. Jonas rushes Chelsea back to the hospital. When Bo learns that Chelsea is the donor, he refuses to consent to the surgery.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny strives to reassure Kate when she is worried about what Claudia might do; meanwhile, Claudia is out to seduce Trevor into being on her side and replacing his father in the organization. Though he does not want to believe it, Lucky is able to believe Liz might have hit Sam and driven away. Sam is aghast to learn she's been suspended and replaced on Everyday Heroes, but her mother is ready to take on the fight to get the job back for her. Carly goes to Michael, who confesses that he shot Kate, appalling Carly completely. Since Sonny has realized Michael shot Kate and probably ran away, when Claudia offers a deal for her brother's life, he agrees to meet her. Neither knows Trevor has planned to assassinate her and frame Sonny. However, all plans go awry when an explosion rocks the docks.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Rick and Beth continue to quarrel and Alan still won't let Lizzie see anyone. Everyone is arrested if they come on Spaulding Property. Bill decides to try another tactic, a bulldozer. When Billy sees this and tries to stop him he is dumbfounded when Bill gets into it and drives it off. Alan gets a visitor from the IRS. He is being audited!! The guy from the IRS tells him of his heart attack and of a nice guy who saved his life. Olivia has another important health talk to Ava, who is devastated, the hug. Mallet and Dinah run into each other at Company. They talk about what used to be. Dinah leaves with her packages. Lizzie is on the phone with Bill. She tells him that Alan sent her to her room. Bill says not to worry. Billy is laughing in the background. Lizzie tells Bill she has to go and hangs up. Alan enters Lizzie's room. Lizzie is not happy to see him. Olivia runs into Rick she tells him what Dr, Mehta said. Olivia is enjoying holding Roberta while she and Rick talk. Rick asks her if there is anything he can do for her. Bill goes to see Dinah. They tell each other their troubles. Dinah tells him to have a "real" conversation with Lizzie. Lizzie and Alan are taking a walk on the grounds of the house and talking about outsiders. Alan tells Lizzie he's been in contact with her father, Philip. Lizzie is shocked. Beth is up to something that looks mysterious. Alan introduces Lizzie to a client of his hoping she'll fall for him. Ava gets angry at Olivia in front of Dinah. Alan meets up with an IRS agent. Alan sees Lizzie start to leave. He threatens her with telling her he'll get the government on Bill for unpaid taxes. Bill later comes to her and she tells him to back off. That the guy (the IRS guy) he saw her with is a nice guy. Lizzie tries to impress this guy, but really doesn't have the heart to. Until she gives him kiss on the lips. Bill sees this and leaves. Lizzie sees him leave. Bill gets into a passionate kiss with a stranger. Beth is outside with Roberta when Lizzie finds her. They talk about Alan. Beth is furious. Beth is even more furious when Lizzie tells Beth what Alan did. Lizzie says she'll get revenge.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Langston is at the docks, trying to call Cole. Markko comes up and they discuss their plan of sneaking Starr out of the back of the house. Cole comes up, remembers what happened here and tells them that he and Starr cannot meet here. Todd is on the phone when Starr sneaks out of the house, but runs into a bodyguard who asks her where is she headed. Shaun tells her that wherever she goes, he goes. Angrily, Starr goes back into the house. Starr puts her things down on the table when Blair comes out of the kitchen. Blair asks where was she going. Todd comes out of the living room. Starr tells them that she wasn’t going anywhere. Viki opens the door for Charlie as he comes home. Viki offers her apologies for not telling him herself about her troubles with Dorian. Natalie questions Jared as to what is wrong. Rex comes in with the background info that Bo had asked him for. Rex shows Natalie a comic book that he had bought for Shane. Gigi tells Shane not to bother Rex for something every time that he sees him. Gigi also tells Shane not to tell Rex when his birthday is. Todd searches Starr’s purse. Roxy questions Charlie as to what he is up to. Gigi’s things arrive from Texas including a box of pics. Shane begins to go through the pics for one of his Dad. Gigi lies and tells Shane that all the pics of his father were lost. Natalie questions Nigel and Renee about old acquaintances of Asa’s.

Todd visits Viki and finds Charlie there. Langston arrives to sneak Starr out of the house to see Cole. Starr remembers Todd’s threat that he will send Cole to prison if she sees him again. Natalie thanks Nigel and Renee for coming. Shane shows Roxy a pic of Gigi and Rex. Rex gives Shane his present. Starr writes a letter to Cole instead of going to see him. Viki encourages Charlie to spend the night. Todd tells Viki that Starr was raped. Natalie replays the tape of their meeting with Renee and Nigel. She also hears the conversation between Nigel and Jared.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo is freaked out of her mind thinking John’s ghost has come back to haunt her when she finds a book he was supposedly buried with. Jeffrey informs Jack and Sharon that their plan is working; while Glo takes a moment and realizes that she has won because Jack and Sharon have moved out (she thinks all part of the plan), with this she decides to celebrate and invites the kiddies over for dinner. Daniel, Amber and Kevin decide to burn the money and just to prove that it was done Daniel videotapes the deed being done. Daniel also goes to Kay for confirmation about investing in their clothing line. Kay tells her that it is indeed true. Cane surprises and spoils Lily with a massage and some loving at the club, Chloe forever the slave driver tries to rain on their parade but both Cane and Lily don’t hesitate to bring her down to size. Michael and Lauren suspect that Glo and Jeffrey’s sudden display of affection is a crock and devise a plan for Lauren to stay over and observe the two in action. Esther suspects that Kay is sick and hiding it from her as she witnesses Kay having a spell. Jack and Sharon hire a look-alike actor to play the ghost of John Abbott.

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