The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/13/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica talks to Bianca on the phone and promises that after she gets out of prison that she will come to Paris for a visit. Josh comes to visit Erica and asks her not to go through with this. Samuel Woods sits at a table in the dining room when Jack comes in. Jack asks Samuel to re-think his position in this situation. Annie has just arrived at the park with Emma. Emma looks up and sees Ryan. Ryan picks Emma up and hugs her. She asks him to push her on the swing, but he declines. Ryan remembers that he had gone to see Kendall. Annie asks Ryan what has he been doing with himself. Kendall and Aidan arrive home, but Kendall is in a bad mood. Kendall is mad because Aidan had told Zach that Ryan had followed her to L.A. The door opens and Zach comes out. He hugs Kendall and gives her a kiss. Greenlee hugs Aidan. Samuel belittles Jack for telling him to do the right thing. Erica tells Josh that she is doing what she had to do. Ryan lies to Annie about where he had been. Greenlee and Aidan kiss. Kendall asks Zach what is going on with her Mother’s hearing. Aidan asks Greenlee how is she feeling. Greenlee tells Kendall that she had come up with the “Charm” fragrance. Zach asks Kendall what is the story about Ryan. Kendall doesn’t give them too many details about Ryan’s visit. While Ryan swings Emma, Annie finds Ryan’s plane ticket to L.A. Greenlee shows Kendall a sample of the fragrance. Zach asks Aidan what is going on with Kendall. Erica and Jack arrive at the courthouse, but Samuel tells Erica that she doesn’t want to go into that courtroom. Annie confronts Ryan about his plane trip to L.A. Kendall tells Greenlee that she wishes that she had waited until she came back. Aidan confesses to Zach as to what had happened in L.A. with Ryan. Annie realizes that the night that they had made love, that Ryan hadn’t remembered Annie at all, but it was Kendall he remembered. Kendall and Greenlee confess that they both want Ryan to have feelings for them. Greenlee and Kendall decide to set boundaries where Ryan is concerned. In the courtroom, Erica meets up with one of her fans, who is also going to prison. The judge doesn’t at all agree with Samuel’s recommendations for Erica’s punishment for insider trading .Zach ask Kendall if there is anything that she needs to tell him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Kit shoots Jack, Katie passes out and Carly chases Kit they both shoot at each other Kit misses Carly but Carly shoots Kit dead . Carly tries to get Kit to admit she shot Sam but all she says before she dies is damn you. Jack is seriously hurt but with an operation he is expected to be fine. Margo tells Carly and Jack that the D.A. refuses to drop the charges against parker without concrete evidence to set him free. Margo tells Carly and Jack that since the only other suspect is dead things don't look good for Parker. Brad takes Katie to her room to rest after she is checked out at the hospital and stays with her until she falls asleep. Will and Gwen have a hard time adjusting to life without Hallie but they are determined to get through this tough time. Henry accuses Gray of kidnapping him but Kit gets one of Henry's gambling buddies to lie and say he kidnapped him so Gray is free to go. Will and Casey look up Gray's name on the police computer and discover that his name isn't Gray Gerard or Jerry Pulaski so Casey starts to think that Gray is a bad guy. Casey overhears Gray talking to Matt and Casey and Allison decide to team up to discover the truth about Gray before their friend Matt gets into serious trouble.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Bridget listening in at the door, Brooke continues to tell Nick that she doesn’t want her daughter hurt by him again. Bridget is incensed that her mother would stab her in the back and reveal something she had told her in confidence. She accuses her mother of collecting these men and not making up her mind which ones she wants. She calls her selfish and manipulative, and even Nick sides with Bridget. Bridget advises her mom to leave Nick alone, it’s too late. This is not about Bridget, this is all about Brooke and her juggling act. She vows she is not going to let her mother control her life and choices any more, and how dare she say she is trying to protect her. She reads Brooke the riot act about her destiny and puts Brooke on the spot by asking – now or never – does she want Ridge or does she want Nick? Nick overhears and announces that he would like the answer to that as well. Pam takes over at Forrester’s as the receptionist, telling Eric that the new receptionist was hitting the tequila and unable to continue. Pam convinces Eric that she really wants to work there and be part of the company. She can’t wait to gloat to Donna, ask her honey bear, she is now part of the company. Donna has a problem with this and spills to Eric.

Eric questions Pam and she in turn sweetly apologizes to Donna for being overly protective of her big sister. Donna declines the apple pie that Pam offers to make. Eric suggests they have coffee after work and get to know each other better. Bridget tells her mother that she can’t have it both ways. One of them is going to leave tonight and one is going to stay. Brooke didn’t realize Bridget’s feelings for Nick ran that deep until Bridget declares that she is not the one that is going to be leaving tonight. She heads upstairs. Nick tells Brooke that he’s going upstairs too. He’s getting old and he’s not going to sit around waiting on a dream that may never happen. He warns her that he really thought he would be going upstairs with her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Ava refuses to believe the guard Eddie’s theory that Hope is not Steve’s wife. Her harsh words convince Eddie to quit. Ava meets with her appointed therapist but doesn’t want to hear any of his advice. Bo speaks privately with Steve and Shawn about taking care of the family after he dies. They try to hide what Bo asked from Hope but Hope figures it out and lectures Bo about giving up. Dr. Jonas, Lexie, and Kayla identify a potential donor and Kayla first tells Shawn.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate confesses that she has periocarditis and might not have a long life. Sonny adds this to his list of crises along with the Zaccharas and Michael. Patrick finds a surgeon in Seattle who might be able to save Jason's hands. Tracy pushes Monica to let her return home, or else she'll reveal the evidence Luke found against Monica. After Maxie brings Spinelli clothes, he tells her he has not found Michael, but has found indications that Diego's plans might still be in effect, despite his death. Kate confronts Sonny with her knowledge of his unfaithfulness. Thanks to Peg's urging, Michael calls Carly.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia is having health problems and calls for help. Cyrus is having woman problems. That is until he goes to see Harley. They kid outside when he sees her with a trash can. Then they go inside her place and kiss. Cyrus than has a conversation with Cassie, who is angry at him. She doesn't know whether to slap him or what. Olivia meets with a couple of guys. When Gus opens the door he wants to know who they are. They just answer him by saying they are cool. They leave. Olivia gets angry. She admits to Gus she is scared. Daisy and Harley are having Mother/Daughter time doing laundry. And talking about boys. Harley says she is trying to protect Daisy. Well Daisy has had enough and leaves. Harley goes to see Phoebe. She gets no where with her. Daisy plays basket ball with Rafe and talks to him. Meanwhile Harley still is talking to Phoebe about charges Phoebe wants to file. Harley throws her out of her place. While still talking to Cyrus and sharing drinks at a bar, Cassie sees something in him. She has too much to drink. Cyrus offers to drive her home. Natalia meets up with the two gentlemen that were at Olivia's earlier. She asks them questions. When Gus' name comes up she gets quiet. Meanwhile Olivia and Gus share a nice moment. Harley comes upon Cyrus and Cassie and wonders. Harley wants the lies to stop and also trying to protect her all the time. She can handle it she tells him. Gus talks to a doctor about Olivia's case. Olivia and Natalia have a discussion about Gus. Then Gus walks in on it. Natalia then tells Gus how she feels. Cassie winds up at Reva's. They talk in the doorway. The discussion is Will. Rick visits Harley's only to find Daisy home. He asks where Harley is. Harley then comes home with Cyrus to find Rick there. And questions pop out from everywhere. Rick doesn't want Cyrus near the boys. Harley tells him if he doesn't like it, then go. Rick leaves telling Harley he will ask for custody if things don't change. Reva tells Cassie she lost a son too. At least hers has a Dad. The only answer Cassie can say is, "Sisters share everything." Reva says, "Even Josh." Harley and Cyrus are discussing what went on with Rick. Daisy is babysitting Jude at an ice cream parlor when Rafe comes by. He bends down to say hi to Jude. Natalia is getting ready to pack. But she changes her mind. Olivia gets bad news from Gus about her health.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jessica comes up to Nash in a bar, (pretending to be another woman) and comes on to him. They kiss. Jessica asks Nash if Cris had come to see him. Jessica wants to know how it had gone. John and Talia are at work when Antonio comes in. John offers his condolences and also his help. Ramsey comes by and wants to see Antonio in his office. Ramsey remarks that he didn’t know that they had a millionaire cop. Bo and Clint have a meeting about the latest series of threats against B.E. Lindsay comes in to visit .Clint leaves Bo and Lindsay alone. Natalie is on the phone trying to locate Jared when Clint comes into her office. Clint wants Jared’s analysis figures, but doesn’t know where he is. Jared blocks Dorian’s path and will not allow her to pass in the Palace Hotel dining room. Charlie comes up. Lindsay surprises Bo with some pics of all of his heroes. Jared plays Dorian a tape recording of her conversation with Charlie. Jared and Charlie blackmail Dorian with the tape recording. Ramsey pulls up a file on Antonio on the internet. Clint lets Lindsay know that he had used the file only as a last resort.

It comes out that Charlie and Jared are working together. Charlie hopes that both he and Jared can keep their secrets. Jessica comes up to the table and wants to know what secret they are trying to keep. Jessica tells Jared that there is an emergency at B.E. John and Antonio arrest two bootleggers on the docks. Bo and Clint have a meeting with an old friend of Asa’s. The friend supplies Bo and Clint with some names that may be nemesis of Asa’s. The friend hears Ramsey’s name and tells Bo that it rings a bell. Lindsay recognizes Walter Honeycutt in the corridor of B.E. Dorian meets Ramsey at a bar. Lindsay and Walter come into the same bar where Ramsey meets Dorian. After remembering Jared’s threat, Dorian refuses to release any info to Ramsey.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Let “the haunting” begin, Jeffrey, Jack and Sharon form an alliance as they plot to get Glo out of the mansion; the ammo being John Abbot’s ghost. Adam, Adam does he need to be enrolled in charm school? He continues to undermine and demean people, truly biting the hand that feeds him as Victor finds out he did not include Victoria in the Beauty of Nature advertising deal. Sabrina plays Dear Abby to a peeved Victoria telling her not to worry because she’s already proven herself whereas Adam is at that point now. Nick is obsessed and determined to get the magazine off the ground successfully. Phyllis has an assignment given to her by Patrick (Bronson Pinchot) the publicists hired for the launch party; her job is to book a rock star by the name of Danny Romalotti.

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