The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/12/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Upon learning that Krystal has moved back in with Adam, Babe decides to join her. Tad meets up with his Uncle Robert in a bar, but refuses to join him in a golf tournament. Robert holds up a newspaper with Jesse on the front. Robert tells Tad that this man looked an awfully lot like the man who had answered his door. Tad denies it by insisting that Jesse has been dead for over 20 years. Jesse dreams of his kidnapper who tried to force info out of him. J.R. sees Richie in the hospital and lets him know that he is just Babe’s latest charity case. While J.R.'s there, Babe stops by to see Richie and informs him that she will be moving in with her mom. Richie offers a box of candy, but Babe tells him to keep it until he gets out of the hospital. J.R. leaves Richie and Babe alone but watches while they kiss. As Babe leaves Richie’s room, J.R asks her for anther chance but she refuses. Tad reminds Robert that he doesn’t discuss his cases with anyone. Krystal gets a visit from Stuart who she mistakes for Adam, but when she calls she finds that Adam is at work. Jesse goes through Remington’s box of things that Angie and Tad brought back from his mother’s and reads a letter that Angie wrote to Remy talking of how much she misses Jesse. Stuart admits to Krystal that Adam is completely lost without her. Joe has a heart to heart talk to Angie about Robert Gardner being back in town. Robert gains Tad's sympathy by talking about his abusive childhood. Jesse looks through Remington’s date book and calls Angie about an appointment on the date he was shot. J.R. tells Tad that he is moving back into the mansion to be close to Babe. Robert commends Mrs. Remington for cooperating with the FBI in planting the date book in Remington’s things so they can find her son's killer. Robert tells Mrs. Remington that Jesse will pay. Angie visits Richie as his new doctor.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Noah doesn’t know how to write his wedding vows without hurting Luke. Jack gets a clue about where Kit may be and Carly pleads with him to let her come along, which Jack finally agrees to let her do. Brad and Katie are coming up empty when it comes to clues about Henry. Henry languishes at the Scenic Loop Shop with his only company being a dummy. Luke assures Noah that he is proud about what he is doing. Aaron comes home, as the Snyder’s prepare for the wedding. Henry has an idea; he is able to finesse his cell phone out of his back pocket and make a call to Katie with his chin. Katie and Brad are thrilled he called. Luke offers to write Noah’s vows. Aaron tells Holden he is heading back to Seattle for a while because his mom’s cancer may be back. Carly and Jack lose the undercover cop and head to Chicago, as Brad and Katie are doing the same. The Snyder family supports Luke, as the ceremony takes place. Carly, Jack, Brad and Katie are shocked to run across each other at the Chicago shop, as the lights go out. Noah and Ameera are official now, as everyone sits down to dinner to celebrate and Luke makes the toast. Cowboy Jack is tossed down on Carly and Jack almost hitting them. Kit holds a gun on Katie, and is annoyed again when she realizes she isn’t Carly. They struggle and Katie is knocked out. Carly and Jack find an unconscious Henry and try to free him, but they are distracted by a noise. They come across Kit holding Brad at gunpoint, and Kit almost surrenders until Katie interferes causing Jack to be shot. Kit takes off. Brad tends to a wounded Jack while Katie faints nearby. Lily and Holden decide to renew their vows. Luke and Noah dream of a day when they might be able to marry. Allison and Aaron talk about the past and say goodbye – for now. Carly goes after Kit and the two women end up in a shoot out.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

When he wakes up, Nick finds Katie making a fruit smoothie that they both detest. He thanks her for spending the night on the couch and taking care of Jack, and ends up giving her $100 for her time. She frowns and he gives her another $100. Pam catches Donna sitting on Eric’s lap as they map out their plans for the future. Donna laments that Pam is as nutty as her banana nut bread…..and there she is with another basket of goodies. Eric tells Pam that he knows that she threatened Donna last night and he will not tolerate that kind of behavior. Brooke questions Katie for coming home late and makes it clear she does not want Katie pushing Nick on Bridget, somebody might get hurt. Who made Katie matchmaker? Katie chastises Brooke for being selfish….not looking out for Bridget’s best interest but her own, keeping her options open, how selfish can she be? Just make a decision, between Ridge and Nick. Ridge is her destiny, don’t mess this up. Brooke decides to go speak with Nick.

Pam asks Eric not to be mad at her. She was only trying to help her sister. Eric understands and he doesn’t want to hurt Stephanie either, but he and Donna are fully committed to each other and they will be married. She suggests for him not to take everything from Stephanie, at least let her come back to the company, so he agrees if the lawyers say it is okay. Jackie finds it interesting that Katie stayed and helped Nick. Brooke walks in on the conversation and also wants to know if there is anything more going on with him and Bridget? Child or no child, he feels Brooke has no right to come over here and tell him how to run his life. It would be easy, but she begs him not to do it. Bridget confides in her brother, Rick, that though vulnerable, she might have another chance with Nick. She feels she owes it to herself to tell Nick how she is feeling. Bridget overhears the conversation as she approaches Nick’s door. Brooke states that Nick will never love Bridget the way he does her, and she does not want him to get involved with her daughter!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie decides to ditch her guard so Steve fires him. Steve tells Stephanie that he trusts her enough not to have a guard but secretly hires a new guard anyway. Steve convinces Kayla to take a break and surprises her with breakfast at their suite. Abe tries to get Lexie to take a break but Lexie refuses. Hope and Kayla urge Bo to hang on. Max and Nick discuss their different outlooks on the future. Max secretly works on his papers. Stephanie dotes on Max but he doesn’t think he’s worth the effort. Stephanie lets it slip that her own family is in crisis but won’t give Max any details. Nick promises to stay by Chelsea’s side no matter what happens with Bo.

Marlena and John run into each other while they are having separate breakfast meetings at Chez Rouge. Marlena, sitting in on John’s meeting, lectures him about trying to delay Victor’s shipments so the DiMera shipments can move through faster. Marlena kisses John with a promise for more to keep him from bribing a customs agent. Marlena calls Philip to warn him about John’s plans.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nikolas goes AWOL after waking on the operating table and striking Robin. In his worry for her, Patrick blurts out that she's carrying his baby and becomes overprotective. Robin is not pleased, but she is healthy. Nikolas turns to Ian for the drug that will allow him to keep seeing Emily, though it won't improve his condition. Jason suggests to Sonny that Michael may have shot Kate, and so Sonny tracks down the boys who sold him the gun and scares them. He continues to threaten Johnny's life, however. Scott relents and allows Lulu to sit beside Logan, as she is the only one he responds to. Maxie helps Spinelli in the search for Michael.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Both Lizzie and Bill are having rough mornings, apart. To make matter stranger for Lizzie, she agrees to see her grandfather later on that day at Towers after his meeting there. Bill then runs into Alan. The discussion they have is about Lizzie and her being a mother. Alan says she is unfit. Vanessa and Dinah have breakfast together. Vanessa is very concerned with Dinah. She wants Dinah to have a job. Dinah says when she is ready. Bill gets a call from Wanda, the trusty Lewis Oil secretary. She is upset with him. He was due in the office. Dinah and Olivia meet for coffee. They talk about Dinah near death experience. Olivia wants to know what Dinah saw. Bill finally arrives at Lewis. Beth is surprised to see Lizzie on the Spaulding Mansion grounds. And asks her if it is true she is moving back in. Lizzie says she is half right. Ava is at a shoe store when Bill sees her. Ava is not alone, she is with her little sister, Emma. Bill makes up at story to get Emma to go with him. Then he says lets go visit Grandpa Spaulding. They arrive and Bill asks to get in. Lizzie is filling her mouth with a sandwich when Bill surprises her. They talk about her. Beth talks to Alan about Lizzie, Jonathan and Sarah. She gets angry at him. Alan wants Beth to help him be a good father and grandfather. In his words, "To teach him how." Dinah finds herself in trouble with the law. Driving without a license. Mallet isn't too pleased. Ava orders Olivia home. Olivia says no. Ava says she wants Olivia around to see her children grow up. Things cool off between Mallet and Dinah, when they have lunch together. Some guy is plotting against Lewis. Alan and his security guy come and throw Bill out. Lizzie is horrified. Dinah visits Bill in jail. Mallet tells her what he is charged with. She is not happy with Bill and tells him so. Dinah leaves without posting bail. Alan visits a imprisoned Rick. Alan tells him he is going to fight him for custody of Bertha. Before Alan leaves he tells Rich he has neither the money nor backbone to fight him. Rick just stares at him. Lizzie fakes being asleep when Alan comes to see her. He quietly closes the door. Mallet offers Dinah a job. Dinah says Vanessa offered her one. Mallet tells Dinah he is there for her. She says she knows and thanks him. Bill is outside Spaulding Mansion yelling for Lizzie. Lizzie walks to the front door and just looks at Bill......

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Cris visits Antonio and brings Jaime a gift. Antonio tells Cris that he is ready to sign the paperwork releasing the funds for the victims. Gigi brings Natalie coffee. Rex comes in. Rex lets Gigi know that he had been doing some freelance work for Clint. Natalie gets Rex to investigate Charlie Balsam. Viki wants to know what exactly Jessica had told Charlie about her and Dorian. Charlie wants to know why Dorian had told him that she and Viki had been friends from way back. Rex asks Gigi to take Shane to a 6’rs game. Jessica questions Viki as to what she had told Charlie about her and Dorian’s friendship. Dorian tries to get Charlie off her back for lying to him about Viki. Nash meets with his business associate. Jessica tells Viki that he had offered Cris a job. Cris stops by the club to see Nash and discuss his new job with Nash and his winery. Nash wants to know why Cris would work for him. Cris lets Nash know about the trouble with Antonio’s legal matters. Jessica comes to visit Antonio. She is happy to see Jaime. Jessica offers her condolences. About Antonio’s legal matters. Marcie brings Shane home to Viki’s. Marcie tells Viki that she is so sorry. Rex talks to Adriana on the phone and she tells him that she is coming home. Dorian tells Charlie a little about hers and Viki’s past. Natalie questions Gigi about Charlie and his past. Viki offers Marcie sympathy about what she had done to her in the diner in Texas.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Adam the prodigal son, overachiever and now snake in the grass, is making enemies real fast in Genoa City with his condescending remarks with underlining meaning. Kevin and Daniel want that dirty money gone, now the only thing standing in their way is greedy Amber who’s excited about her and Daniel’s first day at Restless Style. Jack finds Jeffrey and Glo’s behavior peculiar and proposes forming an alliance with Jeffrey to help him get Glo to fall in love with him. Its Lily’s big photo shoot and Chloe is making it a living hell for her, Nikki asks Cane to stick around for moral support and he does but also calls Neil to come support Lily too. Feeling the pressure and the harsh words from Chloe, Lily has a breakdown lashing out at Neil and Cane. Nick and Victor are once again feuding after Nick finds out that dear old dad is behind the bank not extending his line of credit.

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