The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/11/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam wonders why he should do anything for Tad after what Tad and Krystal had done to him. Jack visits Erica before her sentencing the next day. Greenlee informs Babe and Amanda that no one is leaving until they come up with a new perfume formula. Kendall meets Ryan at the bar. Kendall starts explaining what had happened between them. Ryan wants to know what had happened the night that they were. Kendall lets Ryan know that he had broke her heart. Kendall begins to explain what had happened between them and Greenlee. Greenlee notices that there is something missing from the formula. Adam wants to know what was going on, but Tad refuses to tell him anything. Tad asks Adam for a favor. Erica tells Jack to not try to talk her out of going to prison. She also tells him that she is glad that he came. Erica shows him the packed suitcases and asks him if she had over packed for prison. Jack gives her a funny look. Erica lets him know that she had been doing some “spring cleaning” and she was donating these to charity. Adam and Krystal argue as usual. Tad tries to reason with Adam into letting Krystal and Jenny stay there. Ryan lets Kendall know that Annie doesn’t know he’s there. Ryan ask Kendall if she loves her husband or had she something going with Aidan. Kendall denies it absolutely. Greenlee, Babe, and Annie mix the ingredients for the new perfume. Greenlee becomes upset and blasts Kendall for being in Los Angeles with Aidan. Kendall lets Ryan know that she and Aidan are only friends. Kendall insists that she loves Zach. Ryan wonders how he had given Kendall up for Greenlee. Tad asks Adam if he is going to help them. Adam finally agrees. Tad leaves after giving Tad a kiss. Greenlee and Annie come up with the perfect perfume scent for “Charm.” Kendall starts to leave, but Aidan comes into the bar. After Tad leaves, Adam tells Krystal, “Welcome Home.” Kendall and Ryan leave the bar, and Aidan follows.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Bob suspends Chris for working under the influence and when Chris recalls Emily being near his table at lunch he confronts her about her actions. Emily denies drugging Chris at first but then feels badly when she learns he was suspended from the hospital because of her prank. Chris later confronts Paul and tells him to stop letting Emily do his dirty work for him. Paul denies the accusation and then Chris tells him to watch his back because he will protect Sofie from him. Will feels betrayed by Paul because he is helping Sofie keep Hallie. Will accuses him of taking revenge on him because he lost his baby with Meg. Paul throws Will out of Fairwinds and Sofie also leaves because she doesn't want to cause trouble between brothers. Meg arrives to persuade Paul to stop helping Sofie for Hallie's sake and also admits to Paul that she will always have feelings for him but they are bad for each other because they love each other too much. Barbara tells Will and Gwen she persuaded Meg to talk to Paul and because of her treatments she almost faints. Will tells Gwen that he will never agree or understand why she gave Hallie back to Sofie but he will always love her above everything else. Emily helps Allison to discover that Gray Gerard's real name is Jerry Pulaski from the Southside of Chicago who seems clean but in truth has just never been caught. Matt kidnaps Henry on orders from Gray and takes him to the Chicago loop scenic shop and ties him to a pole next to a replica of Cowboy Jack. Vienna is heartbroken when Henry doesn't show up for their date leaving her a note saying he went to visit family and she is better off with Gray. Brad suspects Henry is in trouble when he figures out that a similar note left for Katie saying that Henry went to heal has heal spelled heel. Brad and Katie set out to find Henry because they fear that Gray has done something very bad to him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Felicia begs her daddy not to go back to Donna, stay with them. Eric congratulates Stephanie as the jewel of the family and says they share a bond with the children that will not ever be broken. That will never change, but he is going to marry Donna. He wants to thank all of them for tonight and this wonderful evening. With Eric gone, the kids rally around their mom and chastise Eric for being so stupid and for leading her on. Pam walks in just in time to see this and declares desperate times call for desperate measures. Damn Donna, she will not get away with this. Brooke is not so sure that it is a good idea that Bridget is spending so much time with Nick lately. Bridget can’t help but wonder if Brooke has some ulterior motive; is she not over Nick herself yet? Brooke explains that she just doesn’t want Bridget to be hurt again. Katie asks Nick for a glass of scotch and settles down with a jigsaw puzzle, something she finds soothing as they always have a solution. Nick argues that she should be finding some man to spend some time with, not his scotch and puzzles. She vows she does not care. Donna fills Eric in on Pam, the nut job, and how she threatened to kill Donna if she married Eric. He assures her not to worry about Pammy, she’s harmless.

Ridge comes home and overhears Bridget grilling Brooke and asking when her wedding date is? She needs to know the answer, what Brooke’s feelings are for Nick and for Jack. All Brooke will say is that she is committed to Ridge and is going to marry him. While Eric and Donna seal their future with a kiss and Eric tells Donna again that Pam is harmless, Pam declares that the little hot tamale will be a dead woman if she continues with Eric.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Many of Bo’s family members arrive at the hospital fearing that Bo is close to death. Stephanie overhears Steve reprimanding Kayla’s guard for not being focused on Kayla. Steve has to reassure Stephanie that her guard, though not noticeable by her, will be there should she need him. John warns Victor that he plans to investigate the DiMera/Kiriakis shipping partnership. Belle brings Ciara to visit Bo but it only makes him upset. Bo is skeptical when Philip acts like a loving brother but appreciates hearing Philip vow that he’ll leave Belle alone. Dr. Jonas is hesitant to try such a risky donor procedure but Kayla and Lexie talk him into it. Bo doesn’t want to risk someone else’s life just to save his but Caroline and Hope’s emotional pleas force him into it. All of the family members step up to be tested.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Nikolas begins to die on the table, Emily pulls him into a between Heaven and Earth place that resembles Wyndemere to urge him to live for those who need him. He is not glad when he returns to life. Ian is hostile when Lucky visits Sam. Sonny's bad mood is made worse when Liz informs him Jason is not leaving the hospital yet and Jason is not sorry for taking the Diego matter into his own hands. He therefore lets Trevor, who is equally in a bad mood over the Marianna situation and Ric not letting him have the waterfront property, that Johnny will die in less than a day if Michael is not returned. Meanwhile, the boy in question frets to Peg that he will always be guilty over shooting Kate. Scotty and Lulu fight again over what she did to Logan vs. what he did to Laura.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina is in the hospital and Buzz is visiting her. She is still upset. Josh goes to the Police Department and runs into Mallet. Josh tells him that Cassie is missing with Will. Mallet doesn't seem to think it is an emergency. Josh tells him of the order that Cassie cannot be alone with Will. Then it shows Cassie with Will at a garage. Will acts like he can't remember anything. He asks Cassie if she'd know what he'd do if a train came by. He tells her they would get on it and go far away and never come back. Buzz later talks to Harley about Marina. He tells her that Marina doesn't want to live anymore. Phoebe and Cyrus have a date. Cyrus tells her of his divorce from Alex. Harley goes to see Cyrus and disrupts his date with Phoebe. Josh is still on the phone with Mallet trying to explain the situation with Will. Cassie calls Josh to tell him that she loves him and always will but that she has to go away. When Josh finally gets Mallet's attention they leave the SPD and go to his car. Marina meets up with them. Mallet is shocked to see her. Josh catches up to Cassie and tells him that it was Will that tried to kill he and Reva. Cyrus catches up with Will. Cyrus then tries to talk to him. Mallet questions Cassie about Will's whereabouts. Then Josh asks. Cassie tells him to go home and she'll be there when she can. Josh says ok. He'll go home and wait. That he is on her side. Daisy gets to know Marina better by talking to her. She may even help Marina feel better. Daisy tells Marina she will help her get Cyrus back. Cyrus is up to something. He talks to Harley. They kiss. Cassie finds Will. And hugs and talks to him. Josh is there too. Will is not happy especially after Josh tries to talk to him. Then Will goes with Mallet.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Cris comes by to visit Blair and tells her that she will be having to find her another place to work. He goes on to tell her how Antonio had lost everything. Nora is on the phone and asks if the settlement is alright with the victims. John comes into Nora’s office. They discuss what Antonio had been growing through. John lets Nora know that he had talked with Cole, and thinks that he had gotten through to him. Jessica notices that Charlie is moving out. Jessica wonders where he will go. Charlie makes the mistake and mentions Dorian. Jessica lets him know that Viki and Dorian aren’t friends. Dorian and the Mayor have lunch. Viki approaches the table and they converse a little before she goes on to her own table. Ramsey comes up and tells the Mayor that they need to talk. Ramsey join Dorian and the Mayor. Gigi is at the diner when Marcie and Michael come in. Gigi begins to talk to them and they sit down in a booth. Viki is on the phone when Dorian comes up to the table, and begins to make slurring remarks about Charlie standing Viki up. Jessica questions Charlie as to how he had met Dorian. Jessica gives Charlie info on the Dorian/Viki feud. Cris asks Blair if she knew of anyone, who would want to buy the club. Blair comes up with a thought, but tells him that she will check around. Starr goes running to Blair to tell her what Todd had said to her about Cole. Blair tries to talk to Todd, but Todd vows that everyone would pay for what they had done to Starr. Todd leaves and Blair yells after him. Jessica tells Cris all about Nash’s business dealings and then asks Cris to design the wine bottle labels. Cris refuses her offer by telling her that he didn’t want to accept charity. Blair and Charlie discuss Viki and Dorian. Blair tells Charlie where Dorian is. Nora asks John why Ramsey wanted to be Police Commissioner. Todd comes in. He begins to rant and rave about Cole and how that John had assaulted him. Ramsey comes up and listens to their conversation. Todd tells Nora that he will make Cole and John pay. Cris tells Jessica what had happened to Antonio losing everything that he had. Cris accepts Jessica’s offer. Viki comes home and Jessica lets her know about her conversation with Charlie. Charlie meets up with Dorian at the Palace Hotel dining room. He tells Dorian that they need to talk.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jack is thinking about conceding and selling his half on the mansion to Glo, when Glo slips and gives Jack an idea that just might rid Sharon and him of her; Sharon’s curious but Jack states he’ll share later right now is their romantic alone time together. Glo is up to her old tricks refusing to sign the divorce papers; she is forced by Jeffrey to prove how much her feelings have changed at the AC, when the room starts a rocking Kevin comes a knocking and all bets are off. Jeffrey threatens to send Glo to the slammer. Jill is not happy with Nikki’s handling of Jabot and in a heated discussion reminds her whose boss, Nikki however has Kay on her side and is not backing down to Jill’s balking. Kay also confirms to Nick and Phyllis her support of Amber launching a clothing line. Amber is being hounded by Kevin to torch the money or get used to wearing an orange jumpsuit. Cane shows Lily his new condo but bursts her bubble when he states that the timing is not right for them to shack up. Chloe catches Lily indulging in a chocolate muffin and harasses her once again about her weight.

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