The TV MegaSite's Monday 3/10/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Robert stands on Tad’s office threshold trying to get on Jesse’s and Frankie’s names, but they refuse to talk. After Robert leaves, Jesse insists that Frankie go home . Joe lets J.R. know that his fever is broken. Adam comes in which irritates J.R. Zach and Josh conduct a business meeting on the phone. Josh wonders if Adam had gotten to their associate. Josh starts out the door when he meets Annie at the door. Ryan wants to know what is going on with Aidan and Kendall. Ryan wants to know what Aidan is doing here. Aidan lets him know that he is working for Zach in protecting Kendall. Ryan shows Aidan the pic that he had found at the receptionist desk. Kendall insists that Ryan leave. Annie hands Zach a copy of an article about Spike's implants. Annie says that things are better between her and Ryan. Ryan tells Kendall that he needs to talk to her, but Kendall refuses. Tad and Angie come home with the box of papers that Mrs. Remington gave them. Jesse tells Tad that his Uncle Robert had stopped by. Joe tells Adam that J.R. has a bacterial infection possibly caused by some puncture wounds on his hips. After Joe leaves, Adam wants to know what really had happened to him. J.R. is resistant to tell him. Krystal tries to get Jenny to sleep when Tad comes home. He tells Krystal that someone was watching them when he and Angie went to see Mrs. Remington. Tad encourages Krystal to leave town with Jenny. Ryan reveals to Kendall what he remembered about them being in L.A. Kendall tells him that they will talk later. Zach reads Spike a story while Annie listens. Zach gets a phone call from his business associate and Annie helps to lure the associate to Pine Valley. Robert goes into a restaurant and Frankie follows him. After Aidan leaves Kendall’s room, she gets her coat and goes to meet Ryan. J.R refuses to discuss his kidnapping with Adam. Tad makes out a list of where Krystal can go to be safe, but nowhere seems safe enough. Tad comes up with a plan. As Frankie continues to watch his every move, Robert sends him a drink which Frankie returns. Robert asks him to sit down. Adam comes home and finds baby things in the front hall. As he loudly demands to know what is going on, Krystal shushes him, because she just got Jenny down for her nap. Tad informs Adam that Krystal is moving back in.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Gwen tells Will that they have to give Hallie back to Sophie. Paul cuts his conversation with Sophie really short when he finds out that she is out with Chris again. Paul thinks that he and Emily should come up with a plan to knock Chris down a few pegs, but she turns him down. Vienna seems to still be thinking of Henry, as Henry thinks of her too. Gray tells Vienna that he is falling in love with her. Will is upset and tries to convince Gwen that they are the only parents for Hallie, but Gwen is adamant in her belief that Hallie belongs with her biological mother. Gwen wants to go see Sophie, but Will convinces her to wait until he talks with Bonnie. Emily and Susan see Chris enjoying his date with Sophie, as Emily admits that she is still unable to sleep while Chris is clearly moving on. Susan gives Emily a sleeping pill, but she is then called back to the hospital. Brad convinces Henry to plead with Vienna to take him back. Matt tells Gray that he thinks he may have to do something about the fact that he is under scrutiny by Tom and Margo. He also thinks Allison may have to be handled. A growingly annoyed Emily slips Chris a surprise, as he heads back to work. Gwen tells Sophie of her decision and why, as a thrilled Sophie is left alone to bond with her daughter. Will meets with Barbara and pleads with her help in stalling the proceedings for Sophie to take back her daughter. Will comes home and finds Gwen and Hallie gone and races to see Sophie. He bumps into a distraught looking Gwen and realizes what she has done. Allison sees Matt with Gray again, but she tells him that she wants to apologize and hopes they can move forward. Chris becomes dizzy. Sophie leaves the hotel with her baby when Barbara sees her and demands to know what she is doing? Sophie explains that Gwen gave her back Hallie and they will never be apart again. Allison asks about Gray and Matt gives her his name and pretends that he was offering her a job. Brad and Henry go to the diner so Henry can beg Vienna to take him back. Gray is not pleased to see him, but Henry pleads his case and Vienna agrees to meet up with him later to talk more. Susan is called in to help Chris when the nurse notices he is acting strange. Susan wonders if he is drinking? Gray meets with Matt and tells him to make Henry look like he left town. Sophie shows up at Paul’s with Hallie and he offers to help her. Gwen is taking her decision to give back Hallie very hard. Will is upset that she made this choice without him. They can only hope that Sophie decides in the end that Hallie is best with them, but Will leaves the house to do something. Paul makes an appointment with an adoption lawyer for Sophie. When Sophie questions whether she can raise Hallie with a full time job and not much money, Paul suggests that she move in with him. Henry happily dresses for his date with Vienna. Allison asks Emily to check out Gray Gerard. Susan threatens to talk with Bob about Chris’ condition. Gwen breaks down in Barbara’s arms. Will goes to Paul for help with Sophie, but is shocked to find out now that Sophie is living with him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Tiny barks and has to be restrained by Pam who warns Donna she will be dead before she walks down that aisle. Pam volunteers herself as the one who will have to make Donna back off. On bended knee, Brooke begs Ridge for them to elope and get married tonight. He laments that he loves her and wants to marry her, but they can’t get married until the timing is right and she is ready to get Nick out of her life forever. Nick tells Bridget that he wants her to be part of Jack’s life; he thinks Nicole would want that. Bridget initiates a kiss and when the doorbell rings they are oblivious to it. It’s Katie who realizes she has dropped in at a bad time. Bridget gets paged and asks Katie to stay to help Nick out. It doesn’t take long before he realizes that Katie is trying to hook him and Bridget back up together. Felicia calls Ridge to get his butt over to the party and he arrives without Brooke. Kristen and Thorne give a rousing tribute to their parents. Ridge gives one too and announces that he believes they are destined to be together despite any current outside forces. Felicia also gives an impassioned plea to think back on their anniversaries and family moments that bonded all of them, and stay together.

Katie tells Nick she is only gently pushing Bridget at him to help him with his son. She gets him to talk about the good times with Bridget and how things could be again. Stephanie too gives a speech and admits she has made mistakes, but all she really wants is to spend the rest of her life with her husband. Eric tells them his family is his greatest achievement and he loves Stephanie. She is the most infuriating, demanding, controlling woman that he has ever known. He kisses her, but says nothing more. Felicia comes forward with tears in her eyes to not leave them now, not on this night, give Stephanie another chance.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve seeks out an old contact named Parker to dig up information on Ava. Stephanie walks up on them and Steve is forced to tell her the truth about Ava. Stephanie protests but agrees to keep this information from Kayla until Steve has the chance to deal with the danger. Lexie and Kayla contact a specialist who refers them to a website about living pancreas donors. They learn from the site that Dr. Jonas was one of the few doctors to successfully perform such a procedure. Bo flat lines and has to be shocked back to life. Lexie advises Hope to call the family to the hospital to make sure they have a chance to say their goodbyes to Bo.

John has Marlena, Belle, Shawn, and Claire come to the mansion for dinner. They give him a full family photo album and it takes some coaxing to get John to even flip through it. John storms out when the album has no effect and it takes Claire to bring him back to rejoin everyone. Shawn and Belle question Rolf about how to retrieve John’s memory but Rolf claims there is nothing that can be done.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Liz confesses to Jason she may have hit Sam, but he does not believe it. After getting a job at Mike's, Marianna is threatened by a man from her past. Despite Scott's objections, Lulu remains by Logan's side and he begins to respond. Alexis finds Nikolas and brings him to the hospital where he is prepped for surgery. When Jerry tells Jax he's willing to go into business with him, he also learns that he's about to be an uncle. Jerry feels guilty because he knows he's tying his brother to the "devil." Robin chafes when Patrick is overprotective. Frustrated with the entire situation, Sonny declares he'll kill Johnny if he does not have Michael home in twenty four hours. Johnny calls Lulu.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill calls Lizzie and gets her voice box. Lizzie finds the message. Daisy has to deal with Will. Cassie finds Josh and Reva asleep together, but it is not what she thinks. Harley is giving cryptic messages to Frank about Marina. Cyrus tells a sad Marina that he's in love with Harley. She can't believe her ears and tries to rationalize it. Then to top it off, hearing the argument, Harley and Frank come to find out what is going on. Marina really flips out when she sees Harley. Josh tries to explain what Cassie saw. Josh says he was there to talk to Jeffery, who hadn't come back. He says they were drugged. Then he asks about the boys, where they are. Cassie takes off. Josh is confused. But all he does know is when something goes wrong, Will is not far behind. Reva makes a call. Then finds something disturbing. Cassie finds Will with Daisy. Cassie tells Will that Josh was so wrong about him. And she is going to tell Josh. Marina tries to get a hold of herself. Frank gives it to Cyrus in the worse way. Harley goes to see Marina for her forgiveness. Alexandra and Lizzie talk about Beth and Philip. Lizzie wants her parents back together. Will tells Cassie that he did something at the cabin that involved carbon monoxide. She orders Will to go upstairs. Daisy and Reva have a good time talking about a lot of things. Then Will's name is mentioned and Reva starts questioning Daisy about Will and what he did while with her. Harley pleads for forgiveness. Marina asks her to stop seeing Cyrus, Harley says she can't. After a few minutes Harley leaves. Alex tells Lizzie she will see her daughter again. Josh catches Cassie and has flowers for her. They kiss. Will sees this. They both say hello to Will. Still Josh is still a little clueless as to what is going on. Cassie says they are ok. They will work it out. Then she leaves. Reva still wondering what she'll find next. Cyrus is packed, Daisy startles him. She is there to talk to Harley. Cyrus tells her it's only him. They talk about being a PI. She tells him that is what she wants to be. Harley comes home crying and Cyrus comforts her. They talk about how they hurt Marina. Just as they are about to make love, Frank come in her house and reads them the riot act. He is not happy. Frank is outraged. He leaves and Harley goes out on her balcony and Cyrus follows. They kiss. They profess their love for one another. Reva goes to Josh with what she found. She tells him it was carbon monoxide. She tells Josh she found batteries. Will had taken them out of the carbon monoxide detector. They go to find Cassie and Will, who are driving out. Will says it is more fun with just Cassie and he. Cassie drives but Will doesn't recognize the area and asks where are they going? Cassie doesn't answer him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Antonio asks Nora, “now what?” Nora tells Antonio that she is afraid that he could lose everything. Carlotta and Talia come in and wants to know what is going on. Starr dreams about the fight between Cole and her Dad. Cole comes in to the diner. Markko asks him if he is alright. Todd is on the phone and holding an eye pack to his eye. He insists that the man make the deal. Blair comes in. Blair tells him they need to talk. Todd tells her they can talk on the plane. Todd tells her that he is calling the police station to press charges against McBain. John goes over some files with Talia at the police station. Ramsey meets up with John and insists that he come into his office. Ramsey knows that John had been trying real hard to pick something up on him from the F.B.I on down. Ramsey insists that he will answer any questions that John may have. John wants to know why he had taken a shot at Shane. Blair insists that Todd put the phone down and not bring anyone into this mess. Blair tells Todd that this whole mess is his fault. Todd still insists on moving to Hawaii. Starr tries to call Cole, but finds that her phone is dead. Cole tells Markko that he is going to see Starr. Dorian, busily fixes breakfast when Langston comes into the kitchen. They discuss how that Todd blames Langston for this whole situation. Nora shows Antonio the file and he cannot believe his eyes. Langston calls Markko, but Cole grabs the phone and asks about Starr. Cole insists on seeing Starr, but Langston advises against it. John comes in before Cole can leave. Dorian visits Starr in her room. Starr insists that she will not stay away from Cole. Blair tells Todd that they are not going anywhere. The lawyers insists that the Santi’s make restitution to its victims which is a staggering amount.

Blair insists that Todd can take Sam and go to Hawaii, but he will not take Jack and Starr and Blair will not go herself. Antonio reels from the staggering amount that he owes the Santi victims. Carlotta offers Antonio encouragement in this situation. Antonio vows that he will not fight this. Blair encourages Todd to stay here and work this out with Starr. Langston meets Marko at the diner. Markko questions Langston if Todd had done anything to her. Cole explains the previous situation to John. Starr begs Dorian to help her and Cole. Talia wishes that there was something that she and Sarah could do to help Antonio and Cristian. Ramsey reads Nora the riot act for her insufficiency to get a conviction.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jill has a hard time letting go of Jabot as she refuses to relinquish full control to Nikki; this frustrates Nikki who assures her that she can handle it. David fears that Brad is undermining him and Brad is by trying to get dirt about David from Walter. The pressure of being the Face of Jabot is beginning to mount for Lily; she is neglecting Cane, her schoolwork and family. Neil concerned goes to Nikki infuriating lily who decides it is really time for her to move out. On the other side of town Cane has also decided to move out and shares with Jill and Kay that he is buying a condo. Jill is crushed. Amber is up to her old tricks again suggesting she and Daniel start a clothing line with the money, Daniel is confused and not sure about their relationship or her idea, he also confesses to Kevin about the money. Paul follows Jeff and finds he’s met with a lawyer, Jeff asks Glo to sign the divorce paper, and Glo refuses to sign. Jack and Sharon wonder where the drive for the spy cam is and John’s ghost visits Jack telling him to give the mansion to Glo. Kay offers to invest in Amber’s clothing line.

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