The TV MegaSite's Friday 3/7/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall and Aidan come back to the hotel room from her book signing. She tells him that she is exhausted. She is surprised with room service and a violin player. Greenlee comes into ConFusion where Zach is and begins to tell him her troubles. When Zach asks what is really wrong, she says she hates Kendall for being with Aidan. She also hates Annie for being with Ryan when he remembered something.  Ryan arrives in L.A., and asks the receptionist, Angelina, which room Kendall is in. The receptionist refuses to tell him anything. Angie pays a visit to Mrs. Remington who invites her in, but soon tells her that she broke her son’s heart. Tad paces back and forth outside and realizes that someone is watching them from the bushes. Robert tells the man to keep an eye on Tad and Angie. Jesse starts to leave Tad’s office, but a hand clasps over his mouth. It turns out to be Frankie, who is trying to protect his dad. As Tad looks toward the bushes, the man raises a gun. Aidan and Kendall have a good time together in the hotel room. Ryan tries his best to get through to Angelina so she will tell him Kendall's room number. Angelina goes away from the desk for just a minute which leaves Ryan access to the computer. Ryan tries to access the info but finds it security protected. Ryan finds a pic of himself with a note advising them to call Aidan Devane if he is seen. Ryan quickly hides the pic and the note in his pocket. Tad gets a call from Jesse who is concerned about Angie. Mrs. Remington pulls a shotgun on Angie and Tad. After Tad explains everything to her, she welcomes them in. She opens up to them when she finds out that they are working with the police to find her son’s killer. She shows Angie and Tad a necklace that her son gave her. She also gives them a box filled with letters. Upon leaving the house, Tad warns Angie to walk straight to the car because they are being watched. After kicking a pillow through an imaginary goal post, Aidan and Kendall fall onto the bed laughing. Ryan walks in and wonders what is going on. Robert visits Tad’s office and finds Jesse and Frankie.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Margo, Tom and Casey learn the charges have been dropped against him. Allison is unsure if she can trust Matt especially after she learns that he was the one that got Casey out of trouble. Lily, Holden, Luke and Noah learn of Ameera’s situation when they come to see her at the Homeland security office; Ameera will be sent back to Iraq without a parent, child or spouse sponsor. Carly wants to put herself out as bait for Kit again. Allison tells Margo and Tom about Matt and Casey’s real connection and they are none to happy. Cowboy Jack shows up in Carly’s backseat when she comes out of the store even though she has a police officer watching her. Jack calls Margo and asks to have the tail taken off and to use Carly as bait; Jack asks to be put back on the force. Margo agrees to what Jack asks, but then tells the officer to still watch Carly. Kit is dressed as a homeless person and is watching Carly and Jack. Matt pleads with Tom and Margo to understand why he lied. Casey secretly is bothered by the fact Matt continues to spin stories to his parents. Allison tells Matt that she isn’t sure about him and wants him to call her when he can be truthful. Noah decides to marry Ameera to keep her in the country. Luke is very unsure at first, but Noah convinces him. Lily and Holden begrudgingly stand behind their decision. Jack and Carly learn that Margo secretly kept the tail on them and worry how Kit will show herself now. Allison voices her concerns to Tom about Matt, which Matt oversees and calls her on it. Ameera agrees to marry Noah. Casey apologizes to his mom about the lies, but then makes a strange request – that Matt should find another place to live. Carly teases Jack offering a hot bath, but she is in for a big surprise when she finds Cowboy Jack in her bath instead.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge asks Brooke seriously, if she wants a life with him or with Nick and Jack? She assures him that he is the man of her dreams and the man she wants to spend her life with. She suggests they just do it, run away right now and get married. When he’s less than enthusiastic, she questions his hesitation. He tells her that before they move ahead with their lives that she needs to make sure she is not going to have one foot in Nick’s door and one in his. Can she give up Nick and Jack? The anniversary party is beginning to bloom; Kristen surprises her mother by flying in… well as Pam who brings one of her latest cooking delights. Eric takes a few minutes away to see Donna and assures her that when the party is over he will come back to her. Bridget seems to be just what Jack needs to settle down. When Nick suggests he will have to get full time help, Bridget boldly applies for the job. She wants to be there for Nick. In its own crazy way, she thinks all of this might have been destined to happen to bring her and Nick back together.

Donna laments to Katie she can’t stand this whole Forrester love fest. Katie doesn’t think it is so bad, giving Eric this one night since Stephanie was so generous and did not turn Storm in. Felicia is ecstatic, she thinks magic is in the air for her parents. Nick isn’t sure why this has happened, but now he’s a single parent and alone. Bridget lets him know that he is not alone. She even gives Nick the very pink Nicole blanket and surprises him when she passionately kisses him. Donna has a treat when she opens the door and Pam and that beast, Tiny, shove their way in. As Donna gloats, Pam declares that Donna will never be Mrs. Eric Forrester, she will kill her first. Brooke rationalizes that she just got caught up in this and she didn’t listen to Ridge, but she didn’t mean to cause him this grief. On bended knee, she asks him to be her husband as long as both of them shall live.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max is assigned to work at the docks for his community service. Max refuses to let Stephanie cover his shifts at the pub. Stephanie follows Max when he goes to visit Shawn Sr.’s grave and helps console him. Shawn brings Belle to the park and they recite their vows again. Belle comes up with the idea of reliving Shawn’s childhood by taking the family and sailing around the world. Philip confronts Chloe about her threat to kill Brady. Chloe swears she didn’t mean what she said. Chloe worries that Philip wouldn’t be helping her if he knew what really happened before Brady disappeared. Chelsea and Kate run into Dr. Jonas at Chez Rouge and Kate chides Chelsea about having a crush on him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Claudia visits her father, she informs him that she wants Sonny Corinthos, then tries to find out obliquely if Trevor has been drugging her dad. Thanks to his state of mind, she only gets insulted for her efforts. Sonny informs Kate she's moving into his home to recuperate, then confides in her that Michael's backpack was found near where she was shot and he fears that means the worst. It also provides him with fuel for his anger against the Zaccharas and a new determination to end them. Alexis goes ballistic upon learning that her nephew refuses to have the surgery that will save his life, and Emily's ghost agrees with her. After both leave, Nikolas collapses in agony. Jerry decides to go into business with his brother. Spinelli finally locates a clue in Stan's things, a copy of the Island of Dr. Moreau.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is kicking herself for not making Jonathan stay. Josh is trying to tell her she did all she could. Marina and Cyrus are talking and Harley is spying on them. Gus catches her. Reva goes home for a good cry and a drink. She listens to her answering machine. The first message is Cassie to apologize; the second is Jonathan telling her he is sorry he didn't stop to say goodbye to her. Josh goes home to find Cassie and Will there getting ready to go out. Josh picks up a Rubik's cube and starts thinking. Within Jonathan's phone message is a message for Cassie to let go. Jeffrey arrives to comfort Reva. Josh, Cassie and the boys have fun playing baseball in the park till Josh sees Will try to knock RJ out with the bat as he is bent down tying his shoe. When Josh gets angry at Will, he responds that he doesn't care about his mother, only Reva. Claiming he is not afraid of him, Will runs off. Reva gives Cassie Jonathan's message and what Tammy would have wanted. Cassie gets angry that Jonathan would have the nerve to speak on her behalf. Will takes off. Josh wants to know why Reva is playing with soil. She tells him it reminds her of taking care of one of the kids. Later Josh catches up to him but he goes to do something in the room Reva is planting in. Jeffrey stops by to take Will back to the Center. Josh and Reva enjoy a good laugh. Frank, Marina and Harley meet up at the Police Station. Harley says she is meeting a client. Later Harley is at a pond and Cyrus comes by. She tells him she can't do this anymore. It is not her. Cassie is calling for Will, but he doesn't answer her. He just sits at the back of the cabin eating a chocolate bar. Reva and Josh start feeling funny and pass out. Will had placed a hose and ran exhaust in the heating vent of the cabin. Cyrus asks Harley if she wants to end their affair. Cyrus later goes to see Marina and admits he's been lying to her. Will hides. Cassie goes to see Reva, she knocks on the door but no answer....

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex comes by to take Gigi to her job interview. Rex spends some quality time with Shane while he is waiting for Gigi to come downstairs. Gigi comes down, unbeknownst to Rex and listens to Rex’s talk with Shane. Gigi remembers a time when she and Rex would play Nintendo games. Gigi overhears Rex ask Shane when his birthday is. At the Buchanan home, Jared, Nora and Clint prepare for their meeting with Virgil Webster. Clint gets a phone call from Lindsay, who asks him if he is going to use the info that she had provided for him. Clint tells her that the Buchanan’s doesn’t do things like that. Carlotta lets Antonio know that she may have to close the diner. Cris and Sarah are at Capricorn and they are sharing a very intimate moment. Cris gets a call that his shipment is not arriving. They go back to kissing. Cris gets up to make a call when the delivery man shows up. He lets Cris know that he will no longer be receiving any more shipments. Nora gets a phone call concerning the Vegas and she wonders how they can do this to nice people like the Vegas. Jared has a run-in with Nigel. Nigel threatens Jared that he needs to stay in line or Nigel will tell the other Buchanan’s about his conniving ways. Natalie is in her office when Jared stops by her office. Nora stops by the Angel Square Diner to see Antonio. Lindsay begins hurling insults toward Nora again, as usual. Rex receives a call from Adriana, who is all upset about the time that he spends with Gigi. Rex takes Gigi to Buchanan Enterprises for her job interview. Natalie asks Gigi a few questions, but Rex seems to answer the questions for her. Gigi puts him out while Natalie sends Gigi to see the main boss. Bo arrives for his meeting with Clint and Virgil Webster. Virgil arrives for his meeting. At first, Virgil is very kind and polite, but then he turns on the nasty remarks. Bo leaves the meeting in a huff. Virgil starts to leave, but Clint decides to show him the file that Lindsay had given him. Virgil backs down, this time, but he vows that there will be a next time. Natalie and Jared come into the office and congratulates Clint on the fine job that he had done with Virgil. Bo comes back to the diner and tells Lindsay what had happened at the meeting. Antonio arrives at Capricorn. Antonio, Cris and Sarah all wonder what is going on. F.B.I., arrive and informs Antonio that the government is seizing control of his property. Nora soon arrives and lets the F.B.I, know that there had been a stay put on seizing Antonio’s holdings. Nora lets Antonio, Cris and Sarah know that the government is seizing control of everything that Antonio owns.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Great Inquisition: Adam is put in the spotlight as the not so Newman clan meet at the GCAC for dinner. He shares with Phyllis that although she may have wanted their approval, he doesn’t care. Amber is freaking out about Daniel telling someone about the money, Amber lies to Kevin about the romantic status of her and Daniel to elude the topic elsewhere. Kevin isn’t stupid and believes there’s more than meets the eye. Sabrina and Victor bump into each other at the gym and decide to have dinner together at home, the meal of choice being burger and fries. Victor also asks Sabrina to stay longer. Heather shares with Daniel her misfortune and her plans to leave Genoa City if only she could get a break on the Ji Min case.

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