The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/6/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Angie join Frankie behind the nurses station. Angie is so proud that she will be working side by side with her son. Julia shows Angie and Frankie the headlines in the newspaper about the dead man. Jesse and Tad discuss the possibility that the men, who are after him are in Pine Valley already. Robert is on the phone, and he instructs the man to keep an eye on Angie while he follows up a lead. Robert brings Krystal a bottle of red wine. Opal is quite enthused over Robert until she finds out who he is. She blasts him for what that his brother had done to her in the past. After talking a while, Opal warms up to Robert and she introduces Jenny to Robert. Babe can’t get over the fact that J.R. had supposedly fallen off the wagon yet again. Annie gives J.R. the benefit of the doubt and assumes that J.R. may be telling the truth. J.R. comes home and pauses at the door. Colby has to catch him to keep him from fainting. Colby confronts him about him not returning her phone calls. She notices that he is running a temperature and takes him to the hospital. The doctor visits Richie and gives him a good report. Frankie offers Angie his help, but Angie refuses his help. Opal shows Robert the headlines in the newspaper about the dead man, and this leads to Opal telling Robert about Angie and Jesse Hubbard. Tad comes in and finds Robert there. Tad pulls Krystal to the side and urges her to leave town with Jenny until all this blows over, but Krystal refuses. Tad wants to know why Opal would be telling Robert about Angie and Jesse. Joe comes in to examine J.R.. J.R. lets Joe know that someone had made it look like he was drinking again. Richie grabs Trish by the wrist when she makes some snide remarks about Babe. Angie is in the supply room when someone comes up behind her and clasps his hand over her mouth. Angie is stunned when she finds out that it is Jesse.

After finding Remington’s mother’s name on the hospital data bank, Jesse wants to go see her, but Angie insists that she go instead. Joe pairs Frankie with Colby in a new program that the hospital is beginning. Trish apologizes for the things that she had said about Babe. Annie calls Richie and offers him her congratulations. Richie comes up to J.R.’s door and speaks to him and calls him, “partner.” Angie visits Remington’s Mother. Someone watches Tad from the bushes. Robert checks up on Tad’s and Angie’s whereabouts. Jesse paces the floor and remembers the past.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack realizes where Carly went when he hears the message Kit left for her. At the deserted shop, Carly calls out for Kit, but the only thing that she is met with is something large falling from the loft near her. Jack races to the shop in Chicago. Allison shows up for her date with Matt, but then invites Casey to go with them to an Oakdale University mixer. Noah invites Ameera to the mixer. Carly comes across Cowboy Jack, who is propped up with a recorder playing in his lap. Jack calls for back-up and reaches the shop racing in to find Carly. Luke is unsure if Ameera should join them, but Noah is sure enough for them all. Casey joins Allison and Matt too. Holden and Lily take a shower together and finally make love. Noah worries about Ameera most of the night while Luke tries to get him to loosen up. Matt wonders if Allison is trying to avoid being alone with him? She assures him that she just wants to get to know him slowly. Casey notices Ameera and Matt works his charms on her to get her to dance with Casey. Jack hears Carly scream, as she dodges a falling item. Carly races into Jack’s arms and soon the police show up and search the area. Kit is not found, which rattles and upsets Carly. A hiding Kit watches them all leave. Parker shows up at the house when Jack and Carly come home; he knows they didn’t find Kit. Casey and Ameera seem to be hitting it off, as do Allison and Matt. Lily and Holden receive a call about Ameera and try to reach Luke. Federal agents show up at Yo’s looking for Ameera. Noah dodges their questions, but Luke admits to where she is. When the agents try to take Ameera, Casey punches one of them and is arrested, as Matt watches close by. Noah decides to take off with Ameera when the agents are preoccupied with Casey, and Luke goes with him. Carly and Jack try to keep Parker’s hopes up. Parker asks to stay with Carly and Jack agrees knowing there is an officer outside. Jack offers to stay as well. Carly innocently asks him to stay upstairs with her so she doesn’t have to be alone. There is an awkward moment when Jack sees Carly’s nightie and seems to have trouble not staring, but soon they are comforting each other by simply lying in each other’s arms. Casey is brought to the station and Dallas is forced to read him his rights. Allison tries to make his bail while Matt secretly calls Gray. Luke, Noah and Ameera arrive back at the Farm and explain to Lily and Holden what happened. Noah won’t let them take Ameera and she pleads with them not to let her be taken back to Iraq. Holden worries that they made things worse. Allison overhears Matt talking to Gray asking him for a favor to make this go away. The agent shows up to take Ameera into custody. They plead with him to let her stay, but he informs them that she is a Foreign National and the Government reserves the right to question her and detain her as long as they want. He informs them all that they can call the local Homeland Security office in the morning to find out what is going on. Carly awakens from a nightmare in Jack’s arms, but then she hears a noise downstairs and goes to investigate. She finds Parker staring at Cowboy Jack propped up in their chair in the living room.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge has words with Nick, but gives Brooke a bottom-line ultimatum. Is she coming with him or staying with Nick and Jack? Nick tells him to cram his big fat old ego and let Brooke speak for herself. She ends up leaving with Ridge, but they don't speak on the way home. Katie unexpectedly drops in on Bridget as she reminisces about her little girl, Nicole. Katie urges her to go to Nick, be there for him, let him know he's not alone. Taylor breaks away from the kiss with Rick and declares that she must be crazy what she just did....and with her enemy's son to boot. When Phoebe walks in, they both know they almost got caught and Taylor later vows this can not ever happen again. He puts himself as #1 on her speed dial and demands that she call him if she has the urge to drink again. Bridget shows up at Nick's door offering herself as friend and her services to cook, clean, change diapers. She manages to get him to admit he has it all now, he just needs someone to share it with.

Ridge admits to Brooke that he is upset and he didn't like having to track her down at Nick's. Brooke wants him to understand, and he thinks he has bent over backwards to do that. He's all talked out about Jack. He just wants to focus on the two of them and their future if they still have one. She assures him they do, but he lowers the boom that she will have to choose Hope and R.J. or Nick and Jack. And if she chooses him, then she must cut Nick and Jack out of her life completely, that is non-negotiable. Shocked, stunned, not understanding at all, she vows she loves him deeply. He points out she is getting involved in a family where she doesn't belong. So it's the moment of truth for Brooke, what's it going to be?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo asks Lexie to remain close on his case despite having Dr. Jonas brought in. Bo insists that he be brought some paperwork so he can do something productive while in the hospital. Bo gets agitated to the point of needing sedation when Victor, unaware that the paperwork was at Bo’s insistence, yanks it out of Bo’s hands. Steve argues with Kayla over her leaving the house. Kayla insists on returning to work so Steve secretly hires a guard to protect her. The men guarding Ava refuse to bring her a computer but agree to help sneak her out when she fakes a crying fit. An immigration officer comes to interview EJ and Sami about the validity of their marriage. Sami evades the officer’s questions about her feelings for EJ by pretending to be offended and throws the officer out.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate confides in Jax about Sonny's infidelity. Though she insists that she knows nothing about where Michael is, Claudia offers to help Sonny find him if he will give her her brother back. Ric has big dreams for the waterfront property that do not include anything criminal. Carly takes her anger about Jason's possible nerve damage on Liz until Epiphany rescues her. After promising to find out who killed Stan, Spinelli visits Georgie's grave, at the same time as Maxie, and the two share memories and sorrow. Emily returns to Nikolas. She tries to help him figure out what happened to Nadine. Jerry's boss, in his Mr. Monroe persona, threatens him and his family. Nikolas finds Nadine hidden below his home; she'll be fine.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan is barking orders. Jonathan has to decide what to do about Sarah. Reva gets angry at Cassie again. Jonathan and Lizzie are out side, Lizzie in the car with Sarah, Jonathan out on the car hood arguing about Sarah. Reva goes to Josh to tell him of the latest thing Cassie has done. Cops come to the rescue of Lizzie. While Lizzie cries beside her car. Lizzie and Jonathan meet at the cemetery with little Sarah in tow. Jonathan goes to Tammy's grave. Lizzie goes home to tell her grandfather off. Alan says he'll find Jonathan and get Sarah. Lizzie says no. Lizzie put a deal out. Jonathan and Sarah have their freedom and she comes home. Rick and Beth try to find out who put Rick in Jail. Rick finds a signed document with Alan's signature. Jonathan tells Tammy he thinks they will be ok. He goes back to his car and drives off. Reva and Josh are walking and Josh spots the doll on the side of the rode. Reva starts to cry. Then they see Jonathan's car driving off. on the other side of the woods. Jonathan sees them and waves goodbye. Bill comforts Lizzie. Josh comforts Reva.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John comes over to Dorian’s and when Todd answers the door, John knocks him flat to the floor. John tells Todd that if he lays a hand on Cole again, he will kill him. Blair, upon hearing the commotion, rushes out and tries to pull John off Todd. Starr and Langston come running downstairs. Gigi meets up with Rex at his nightclub. Clint looks at the file that Lindsay had brought him on Webster. Jared comes into Clint’s office and wonders what Clint is doing. Charlie comes into the study while Natalie is on the computer. He tells her that he is searching for a book. Natalie thinks that it is funny that he would read mysteries since everything in his life was a mystery. Viki overhears Natalie’s conversation with Charlie. Nora urges Cole to go to the hospital, but he refuses. Todd tells John that he wants Cole arrested for rape. Starr yells that nothing happened. Viki barges in on Natalie’s and Charlie’s conversation. Viki lets Natalie know that this is none of her business. Natalie tells Charlie that he reminds her of someone she knows. Clint leaves the office before he can divulge any info to Jared. Cole explains to Nora what had happened that night. Starr wants to know why Todd won’t listen to her. She tells Todd that she loves Cole. Blair tells Todd if he loves his daughter, he will let this go. Cris makes a purple that is one of Sarah’s concoctions. Rex tells Gigi that he had found her a job. Antonio watches Talia. Jared visits Charlie and tells him that being a Buchanan is better than he thought .Natalie thanks Jared for what he had done to protect them from going to jail. Natalie gets a call from Rex to meet him at Capricorn. Rex fills Gigi in that he may have her a job at Buchanan Enterprises with Natalie’s help. Rex introduces Gigi to Cris, Layla and Sarah. John visits Nora. John tells Nora that Todd wants to accuse Cole of rape. Nora tries to doctor John’s bruise on his eye. Langston apologizes to Starr for what had happened tonight.

Starr doesn’t want Todd to be anywhere in her life. Todd comes up with the idea that Cole is doing this for revenge. Rex makes the necessary introductions between Jared and Gigi. Natalie tells Gigi to come by the next day for an interview. Nora lets Clint know that she is so embarrassed over what had happened. Clint tells Nora that he understands and he forgives her. They hug and kiss. Starr calls Cole and asks if he is alright. Cole apologizes for what had happened that night .John comes into Capricorn. Natalie leaps to her feet and wants to know what had happened. Starr yells that she hates Todd. Todd tells Langston that she is going to pay for what she had done to Starr that everyone was going to pay for what they had done to Starr.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The sibling rivalry is on between Victoria and Adam as he continues to be a thorn in her side, going behind her back and changing things without her approval. Nick on the other hand wants to give him a chance and suggests that Phyllis, Nick, JT, Victoria and the prodigal son all have a nice cozy dinner. Victor also takes note of Adam’s ambition and suggests he “simmer down now” before he ends up making a big expensive mistake. Poor Heather has one foot out the door at the DA’s office, she shares her dilemma with Paul and when he offers her advice she becomes defensive and angry; she ponders leaving Genoa City for good.

Glo and Jeff are once again up to their same old tricks unbeknownst to them Jack and Sharon also have some tricks up their sleeves. They have purchased a spy cam to get the goods on their borders. Things at “Restless Style” are looking good as Phyllis unveils the mock up and Jack shares that all things are a go for the pre-launch party next week. Victor is still sour on the idea and shares this with Eric Forrester when he calls for an inquiry. Kevin wants to hire Paul to investigate Jeffrey.

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