The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/5/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Pacing the floor as he drinks a cup of coffee, Ryan remembers a time that he was with Kendall and wishes to be with her now. Annie wakes up and is happy that Ryan is there, and she isn't dreaming. Kendall dreams of the man who almost raped her and how she defended herself. Aidan runs to her side to comfort her. Greenlee and Babe come into work at Fusion and remember that they are interviewing people for an assistant position. A girl comes into the office and asks about the job, but when they see her, Greenlee lies and tells her that the job has been filled. They interview quite a few girls, but none of them is right for the job. Aidan tells Kendall that Erica held a press conference and is going to prison for insider trading. When Kendall calls Erica, Zach answers her phone and assures his wife that everything is fine. After they hang up, Zach tells Erica that he doesn’t like lying to Kendall. In the living room of the Chandler Mansion, Adam tells Samuel he was impressed with him at the Fusion fashion show and asks about the issues. When Colby and Dre come into the living room, Samuel speaks calls him “son.” While Samuel follows Dre outside to argue, Colby lashes out at Adam for being nice only when he found out who Andre’s father was. Samuel tells Dre that he misses him. When Annie asks what's wrong, Ryan lies and tells her that he remembered brushing off a lock of her hair. Ryan calls Kendall, but she is too busy to talk to him. Kendall goes to her book signing with Aidan close by. Before Annie leaves, Ryan asks if they can do something with Emma, so they make plans for later in the day. Erica asks Zach to handle her business affairs while she is gone. Erica tells Zach to take care of Kendall. Erica remembers the secret that Kendall told her about sleeping with Aidan. Babe tells Amanda that Richie got his bone marrow transplant and that J.R. fell off the wagon again. Annie happily comes into work and tells the other women that she slept with Ryan. Unable to wait talking with Kendall any longer, Ryan books a flight to Los Angeles.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Parker becomes negative about his case, as Carly and Jack try to keep his spirits up. Gwen shows up to see Paul, who is with Sophie, which upsets Sophie causing her to rush out. Gwen is upset that it felt like a set up. Barbara finds out Paul checked himself out of the hospital and left with Sophie of all people. Jack is able to take Parker to a Cubs Spring Training game out of state. Jack and Parker ask Carly to be extra safe while they are gone. Paul pleads Sophie’s case to Gwen. Gwen tells Will about Paul’s plea, but he doesn’t take it well at all. Kit contacts Carly; she has information on whom really shot Sam, but orders her to come alone to Chicago. Barbara wants answers from Paul about why he is hanging out with Sophie, but softens when she sees his injuries. Sophie explains to Gwen that she wasn’t involved in Paul’s plan. Sophie can’t look at her baby anymore. Carly ditches her undercover officer tail, but leaves her cell phone behind as well. Will confronts Paul and lights into him, as Paul continues to plead Sophie’s case. Parker and Jack’s plane is delayed, and Parker tells Jack that he owes him and Carly an apology. Sophie talks about leaving town, but Gwen wants her to stay. Chris tries to convince Sophie to stay away from Paul by telling her what he did to Jen. Sophie defends him. Parker has a bad feeling, which is confirmed when the undercover officer tells Jack that Carly is missing. Carly realizes her cell phone is not with her when she is going to call Jack, but she can’t turn back now. Gwen questions whether she should keep Hallie from Sophie. Kit secretly watches Carly arrive at their meeting place, but she stays out of sight. Will pleads with Gwen to reconsider what she is thinking. Chris asks Sophie out on a date and she accepts, which seems to depress Paul. Sophie stands by Paul as his friend. Jack worries when he can’t reach Carly, but he promises Parker that he won’t let anything happen to her. After Carly still can’t find Kit at their meeting place, she thinks she is playing games and demands she show herself. Some material almost drops on Carly scaring her, but she gets out of its way.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Brooke that it’s time for him to go pick up Jack and she says she will stay and wait for him, she is anxious too. Rick stops by to see Nick and ends up talking to Brooke that he is worried about Taylor. And what she’s up to – her actions of being there, at Nick’s waiting for the baby, speaks volumes. It seems obvious that she is comfortable with and had rather be here with Nick and Jack than with Ridge. Phoebe hugs her mom and remarks that she had no idea what she’s been going through. Taylor wants her to go back to the dorm and live a normal life. It will be difficult of her to let go of Jack, but she’ll summon that strength from somewhere. Nick tells Taylor that he never meant to hurt her, Jack is always going to be a part of her and he’s here because of her. Taylor has bittersweet memories and she blames Brooke for all of this. Handing Jack over to Nick is hard. Alone for less than thirty minutes, she looks in the bar for a bottle and finds none so calls the liquor store to have some vodka delivered. Taylor cringes when she finds a teddy bear on the floor. Deep in thought, she clings to the bottle as Rick walks in and tells her to stop. Don’t dare take that drink! She asks why shouldn’t she? She has nothing else to live for. He remarks there is a light out there in the dark and together they will find it. He ends up having to take the bottle away and throws it against the wall. She declares she will just buy another, he can’t stop her. They fight physically until she succumbs limp on his shoulder, then her lips reach for his and they kiss passionately.

Thought she tells him she is committed elsewhere, Nick wants Brooke to stay….stay for good. While she is dilly-dallying and before she gives her answer, Ridge walks in. Bridget has told him of the situation and he tells Brooke that Jack looks fine in her arms, so Nick can take over now, time to go. Nick points out to the dressmaker that this is his house and he calls the shots, so Brooke will go when she feels like it. Ridge repeats again and asks Brooke to make a choice – stay or go.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick confronts Max about tearing out the page from his grant proposal. Max claims he simply needed scrap paper but advises Nick to have an advisor look over the proposal. Nick takes Max’s advice and the advisor finds a crucial mistake on the calculations written on that torn page. Morgan interviews at Tony’s firm and convinces him to give her the internship. Stephanie interviews at Anna’s firm and convinces Anna to give her the internship. John decides not to press charges against Rolf and demotes him to the role of butler. Rolf spots the memory disc and hides it in Stefano’s safe. Marlena mentions to Caroline that she plans to resume practicing. Caroline sets Marlena up to talk to Victor, as he had previously been sharing with Caroline how depressed he’s been feeling.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Scott and Luke nearly come to blows over their children's current situation. While Maxie and Spinelli struggle to escape, they run across Diego, but manage to escape harm and get to the surface. Jerry turns on his seductive charms and uses the threat of a lawsuit to get Alexis to help him with his present case. Though Patrick is not fit to operate or the best surgeon for Jason, he does advise him that his hand might never be able to function well for his role as a mob enforcer. Sam and Ian seem rather charmed with each other. Sonny and Johnny keep baiting each other. Emily's ghost begs Nikolas not to give up or die yet. Diane cautions Alexis against being involved with Jerry. Ric and Marianna enjoy a happy time.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jonathan is getting ready for a hearing. Lizzie is talking to Alan about Sarah. Lizzie doesn't want her to be raised by Alan. Matt stops by to visit Bill about business. Jonathan takes Sarah to a daycare center. Lizzie later shows up at that daycare to take Sarah. Billy helps Jonathan in job interview skills. Lizzie takes Sarah to Alan's. He is thrilled. When Jonathan calls the daycare to talk to Sarah, he gets disconnected. Lizzie says raising Sarah in a hotel is better than living with him. Bill calls Lizzie to ask about her. When Bill asks about Sarah, Lizzie hangs up on him. Alan winds up holding and feeding Sarah and smiling like a Cheshire Cat. Jonathan winds up at Springfield Police Department. He is talking with Frank. Frank suggest that Jonathan fight within the law. That if he does anything slightly illegal he will come down on him. Frank then tells Jonathan to be careful around Alan. He also says you don't want to see Sarah grow up with a father in jail. Beth calls Alan from the hospital. Seem Roberta is not well. After an argument Beth finds herself in a kiss with Alan. Bill sees Mel about Sarah. They overhear cops talking. Lillian calls Lizzie to ask if she switched labels on a 2 bottles of meds. She says she didn't do it. Then she finds out when going to get Sarah that someone else picked her up. The cop says that the man that picked Sarah up said he was Lizzie's husband. Lizzie is angry. Beth and Alan argue when she sees Alan didn't change. Beth says at least Rick loves her enough not to run her life. When Lizzie comes on to the scene, Beth orders her to come with her. Lizzie says she finally has had it being ordered around and leaves. Jonathan and Cassie meet up. Cassie comforts Jonathan. Lizzie says Jonathan kidnapped Roxy the dog. Alan says he doesn't care for that dog. Lizzie says that wasn't the point. Although the point is unclear to Alan. Lizzie is on the phone with Jonathan. She is crying. He tells her not to cry. She asks for a place to meet. He tells her where. Beth visits Rick in jail. Alan in a fit of temper throws a rocking horse from the second floor of the Mansion. Jonathan is talking to Lizzie's dog, Roxy like it understands him. Bill gets some unwanted company.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Langston comes rushing downstairs. She pleads with Blair and Dorian to stop Todd. Blair questions her as to what is going on. Langston explains that Starr is at her house with Cole and Todd is headed over there. Blair goes rushing out. Todd barges in on Starr and Cole. Todd drags Cole out of bed and starts beating up on him. Bo advises Nora that she is trying to juggle too many things. Bo wonders if Nora is really up to being Cole’s guardian. A stranger walks into Clint’s office and hands him a file. Clint wants to know where she had gotten this. John, Antonio, and Talia shuffle through some files trying to find out what had gone down between Ramsey and the F.B.I. Lindsey brings Clint some very incriminating evidence about Webster. Blair arrives just in time to get Cole away from Todd before Todd kills him. Blair gets Cole’s clothes and almost pushes him down the stairs. Blair, then tries to console Starr. Lindsey hides when Bo comes to visit Clint. Dorian insists to Langston and Markko that they do their talking downstairs. Blair tells Todd that if he lays one hand on Cole, she will call the cops herself. Nora calls John and tells him that she wants to talk to him about Cole .Antonio and Talia kiss.

Lindsay listens to Bo’s and Clint’s conversation. Carlotta and Jaime barge in on Antonio’s and Talia’s kissing. Dorian orders Todd to tell her what had happened. Todd blames Langston for what had happened tonight. Blair brings Starr home. Todd wants to call the police, but Blair orders him not to call anyone. Todd accuses Cole of raping Starr. Starr tells Todd that she wanted to sleep with Cole. Cole comes home. Nora and John see the bruises on Cole’s face. John demands to know who had done this to him. Cole is hesitant, at first, but then tells John that it was Todd. John goes over to Dorian’s and pushes Todd to the floor. John tells Todd that if he ever touches Cole again, he will kill him.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Phyllis are restless and can’t sleep so they play video games then decide that making out is better. Adam daydreams about Phyllis at the GCAC, then when he realizes he’s delirious goes to the ranch to see Victor and talk shop and also about his future plans. Daniel wants answers from Amber about the money; and when she confesses, he caves and once again is entangled in her web. Neil tells Karen he loves her and wants her to move in with him, she agrees. Victoria relishes in the alone time she has with Reed and JT.

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