The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/4/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall tells her attacker to come and get her. When he gets close to her, she sprays pepper spray into his eyes. Aidan comes in and hits him in the stomach twice. Kendall exclaims that she had gotten him. After the man is arrested, the police woman wants to call a doctor but Kendall refuses. Krystal and Babe argue over whether or not J.R. is drunk. Babe believes that he is and slept with another woman, but Krystal takes J.R.’s side. J.R. insists he didn't sleep with anyone and did not fall off the wagon again. The doctor notices Babe’s pic on the table and asks if she figures into the equation. Richie lets him know that she does. Richie admonishes his doctor to cooperate with him or suffer the same fate as the prison psychiatrist who had an unfortunate accident. Jesse and Angie hide upstairs while Tad answers the door and finds his uncle, Robert Gardner, there. Robert wants to come in, but Tad refuses. Robert gives him his address and telephone number so Tad can call him. Krystal, Babe and J.R. argue over where he was and how he lied to her. Krystal leaves J.R. and Babe alone with Jenny. Babe still doesn’t believe his story and, furthermore, doesn’t trust him anymore. Someone watches Krystal from the bushes. Krystal bumps into Robert and demands to know who he is and why he is following her. Robert introduces himself and tells her that he had been to see Tad. Krystal introduces herself as Tad’s wife. After Krystal leaves, Robert mumbles to himself that all the pieces will fall into place when he has Jesse. Kendall and Aidan have dinner together. Aidan mentions telling Zach about the attacker, but Kendall refuses until they get back. Babe talks to Richie on the phone. Babe insists that J.R. talk to him. On the phone, J.R. acts as though they have a bad connection and soon hangs up. Aidan starts to leave, but Kendall urges him to stay. Aidan lets her know that he will sleep on the couch. Kendall then tells Aidan that she wants her family. She calls and Rachael answers the phone and says that Zach went to the casino. Kendall says a few words to Spike before she hangs up.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Allison needs a favor from Will and Gwen. Paul checks himself out of the hospital and hires a private nurse. Sophie offers to help, much to Chris’ chagrin. Meg tells Emma that she has been hired as Paul’s private nurse. Brad is determined to get Henry and Vienna back together. Gwen purposely knocks over a glass of water to get the Oakdale University Registrar out of the office so they can see if Matt was ever enrolled there. Allison is the lookout when Casey and Matt show up to sign Casey up for classes. Matt is suspicious as to Allison’s story. Henry gets kicked out of the Lakeview for not paying his bill, but Katie offers to take him in. Sophie gets ticked off with Chris when he tells her what to do. Sophie goes home with Paul. Meg shows up to help Paul, who is thrilled that she cares enough to be there. Brad tells Vienna the truth and she goes running back to see Henry, who has since moved out. Brad smirks about sticking it to Gray. After some tender moments with Paul, Meg tells him that she can’t help him get well – it hits too close to home. Chris finds Sophie and Paul getting along well and doesn’t seem thrilled. Meg goes home crying to Emma. Vienna thinks Henry has left town and decides to go back to Gray, who is more then happy to take her back. Will and Gwen tell Allison that Matt was never enrolled at Oakdale University. Paul calls Sophie on her relationship with Chris. She can only think about Hallie now though. They both realize they want someone that they can’t have. Allison questions Casey as to where he really met Matt. Matt comes clean. Emma questions the relationship of Paul and Sophie, which causes Meg to stop and think about it. After a frank talk, Matt and Allison decide to still go on their date. Paul secretly calls Gwen and asks her to come by. Brad tells Henry about how Vienna was looking for him, but when she thought he left town, she went back to Gray. Henry refuses to call Vienna again after hearing this. Brad and Katie try to change his mind, but they can’t, and finally Brad joins Henry in drinking to forget women and love. Katie wonders what she got herself into.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Felicia and Stephanie reminisce over family album photographs; they both think Eric is still the handsomest man they’ve ever seen. Felicia assures her mother that she and Eric will be sharing many more memories for a very long time. Nick tells the court there was no other woman nor an affair, just a great bonding with Brooke Logan. He admits he still has great affection for his ex-wife, Brooke, but he would never act upon those feelings and his wife knew that. Taylor is called to the stand and testifies about her grown children and says she was very proud to give her husband a new baby. She has to tell the court that her marriage was over when her husband told her that he loved Brooke Logan and always will. She didn’t think that was a good way for them to live. But, she never anticipated that her husband would try to take her baby away.

Storm gets Taylor to admit that she is a known alcoholic, she backslid lately and drank, and she goes into rages at times. She abhors how he is trying to distort the picture and points at Brooke, his own sister, that is the cause of the entire problem. Her mission is to make Taylor’s life a living hell. She then outlines her marriage to Ridge and now to Nick, and how Brooke found a way to get intertwined in the most deepest part of her life….and then she chastises Bridget, who just happens to be Brooke’s daughter, also in the courtroom for making the original mistake with the eggs during the in vitro. She tells them about causing the death of Darla, a family member, and vows she will never drink again. She begs the judge not to let Brooke take another thing from her. She will remain sane if she can have that child with her. A few hours go by and the judge has his verdict. As sympathetic as he is to Taylor’s plight, he orders the baby be handed over to the father and placed in his care and for Taylor to undergo psychiatric evaluation. She makes an outburst and then confronts Nick that how could he do this, hand over the baby she carried to Brooke. She knows that is what he wants to do. She has a meltdown and repeats over and over as she crumbles to the floor – it isn’t fair.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ brings Sami the annulment papers he drew up. Before she can sign them, EJ learns that his visa has expired and he runs the risk of being deported. Sami suggests postponing the annulment so EJ can use their marriage as a reason to renew his visa. Kayla starts to question why Steve is so desperate to keep her at home but Steve evades her questions. Ava convinces the man guarding her door to slip her the names of all the women on John’s plane. Ava picks out Kayla’s name but matches it incorrectly to Hope’s picture. Chelsea meets a stranger in the park while she is grieving and that stranger turns out to be the young specialist Victor has brought in to help Bo.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Maxie and Spinelli continue to trek through muck in their quest for freedom from the underground. She wants to know why he never noticed her sister, but the Jackal has no good reason. Epiphany is not at all amused by the state the hospital is in upon her return, especially with the fact that Robin and Patrick are even more hostile than ever toward each other. Sam and Liz are rescued and Mac questions Sam about her kidnapping, hoping for something that will help find Diego. Nikolas is determined to avenge Emily, despite Nadine's urging him to take care of himself instead of doing something crazy. Jason's hands are injured to the point of needing surgery as a result of his rescue efforts. Jerry wants Alexis to be his lawyer, and perhaps more, despite her position as DA. Peg urges Michael to go home.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Rick is going nuts in jail. Dinah wants to help her brother, Bill, but doesn't know how. Lizzie is at a bar and talking the ear off a female bartender about life. Reva is a Jeffery's office when he's on the phone with someone about Will. He tells Reva about it. She is confused as he is. Meanwhile Cassie shows up at a restaurant, waiting there is Josh. Un be known to Josh, Cassie has taken Will out of school. Cassie tells Josh about the hearing. Doris visits Rick in jail. Rick tells her it is all Alan's fault he is in there. Beth goes to Alan. Alan wants Beth to stay, come home. Beth wants to leave. Cassie tells Josh Will is coming home, buy order of the court. She is lying to Josh. Lizzie finds out Cyrus has been following her. She asks him if Jonathan hired him to follow her. Cyrus calls somebody, Bill(??) to tell him there is nothing to Lizzie. Josh and Cassie argue again about Will and the family. Cassie says she is failing. Bill and Jonathan meet, and money is involved. Dinah gives Lizzie some friendly advice about Bill. Then Lizzie visits Alan which he says is a surprise. She asks him for help in getting Sarah back. Beth and Mel see each other and talk about Rick. Beth calls Mel a Bitch. Then the subject turns to Jonathan to which Mel says he's not my client, yet. Josh calls Reva to say they will take Reva up on her offer to take Will. Jeffery goes to the phone to tell Josh that this is not a real solution. Jeffrey tells Josh that Will need help. Josh asks Jeffrey for a few days. Then Cassie tells Jonathan about staying with Reva a few days. He's doesn't seem to happy. After Cassie hugs Will, Reva takes him. Jeffrey tries to talk to Cassie, all she says is, "He's my little boy." and walks away. Jeffrey just closes his eyes. Jonathan lays down some ground rules to Will while he is staying with Reva. Cassie tells Josh that during this time she will try to make the marriage work. Josh says he is on her side. And also tells her Stephen apologizes for what he did. That he got his job back on his own merit. Jonathan and Bill come to an understanding. Then Alan surprises Jonathan. Alan says to Jonathan is turning into him. Jonathan wants to know why he'd make a deal with Alan. Alan says he wants to double cross Bill. Meanwhile Bill is getting Lizzie angry talking saying bad things about Jonathan. Alan agrees to let Sarah stay with Jonathan. Doris visits Rick in Jail. She helps him with a crossword puzzle. Alan and Beth see each other. Beth says when she come back from being out of town she wants to see no wars, on manipulation. Alan then calls Lizzie about his plans about getting "his family" back together. Cassie and Josh start their way back to each other, but it may be short lived when Reva calls about a game that they find of Will, it is a hangman, and Josh is the victim. Josh tells Reva he has to go when Cassie starts toward him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Starr lets Cole know that she doesn’t’ want to waste a minute of their last hours together. Dorian and Nora are “all wet. “ Clint comes in and wants to know what is going on. Nora and Dorian both talk at once. Clint wants to know what Dorian is doing there. Dorian tells him that she was there to do a story on Jared. Clint picks up something out of the floor and asks them what was that supposed to have been. Todd questions Blair as to when he had gotten to be the bad guy. Blair wants to understand why Todd is doing this. She reminds him that this is killing Starr. Starr tells Cole that this is it that they have to say good-bye to each other. Cole promises to come and see her .They make plans for the summer. Nora confesses all to Clint about the secrets box. Nora tells that Dorian was also going through the secrets. Markko and Langston look at a pic of Starr and Cole. They reminisce about their grade school days. Markko and Langston have a pillow fight which results in them getting into bed and kissing. Lindsay comes in and questions Nora and Dorian about Clint knowing everything about the secrets box.

Nora and Lindsay argue over Bo and Clint .Lindsay suggests that Nora change her ways. Lindsay reminds Nora that going through a person’s belongings are grounds for disbarment Nora join Clint and Bo. Nora offers her apologies. Nora gets a call from Matthew. Dorian comes home and angrily, asks Blair had she bought herself a new bathing suit. Blair wants to know what had happened to her. Todd knocks on Starr’s door, but doesn’t get an answer. He comes in and unaware to him, he thinks that he is talking to Starr, but it is really Langston that he talks to. Todd hears a noise in the closet. Todd finds Markko and demands to know what he is doing .Todd demands to know where Starr is. Starr and Cole undress during kissing. Todd beats up on Markko. Starr and Cole make love. Bo tells Nora that he doesn’t that she is fit to be Matthew’s guardian. A stranger brings Clint some valuable information. Clint wants to know where they had gotten this. Todd goes to Langston’s house and finds Cole and Starr in bed together.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Adam and Phyllis take the time to get to know each other while being stuck in a blackout at the warehouse. Daniel and Amber have a bout of mattress mambo once again christening her new pad (Phyllis’s penthouse). Daniel also makes a shocking discovery while getting dressed; he finds the money and then knows how she got the money to afford the place. Glo wants to kill Jeffrey and she devises a plan with Kevin only to be hoodwinked by Jeffrey; who states that he no longer wants to play games with her and will have the divorce papers drawn up immediately. Jack confronts Jeffrey about his deal to buy him out of the mansion; Jeffrey is optimistic that he’ll sale and Jack is too. Jack shares with Sharon that he overheard a peculiar exchange between Jeffrey and Glo. Sharon tries to find out more about Adam from Nick.

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