The TV MegaSite's Monday 3/3/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica holds a press conference to announce that she is going to prison because of Samuel Woods. Samuel comes to the conclusion that Jack hadn’t known about this. Jesse finds out that the videos from the hospital have been stolen. The man searching for Jesse finds out that Jesse, Angie and Frankie are all in Pine Valley. Ryan tries to get Annie to spend some time with him. When Annie asks what he is doing. Ryan asks for her help. Ryan remembers his kiss with Greenlee. Greenlee tries to get Zach to fly to Paris or New York with her. Kendall comes out of the bathroom and finds a man in her room asking for her autograph. She tries to put him off until tomorrow, but he insists on now. Aidan, in the bar with two women, wants to go and check on Kendall, but they stop him. Kendall wants to answer the phone, but the man stops her and insists she take off her robe, so she bites him. Annie and Ryan have a drink together. Zach and Greenlee go back to the Fusion offices. They have fun on the poles. Opal tells Erica that she is so proud of her for taking responsibility for her actions, but Jack can’t believe what she's doing. Jesse comes up with a plan to lure the man out who is after him, but Tad and Angie are against the idea. The man tries to rape Kendall, but she shouts that she would rather die. She reads some of her book to him. When he isn’t paying attention, she hits him with the book and he falls onto the bed. She tries to escape, but he grabs her. Greenlee slides down the pole and onto the floor. Zach helps her up and they almost kiss. After Ryan and Annie make love, he remembers being with Kendall. The man that is after Jesse comes to visit Tad. Kendall manages to get away from the man and sprays pepper spray into his eyes. Aidan rushes in and hits him in the stomach, so the man falls onto the sofa.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Holden and Lily question whether Ameera was involved in what happened to Luke and Noah because they were on their way to see Colonel Meyer at the time. Allison is suspicious of Matt and questions Casey about him. Bonnie finds an unconscious Brad, as Matt hides close by. Kit knocks Katie unconscious thinking she is Carly, and Carly finds Katie. Lily and Holden question Ameera, but soon believe she was an innocent bystander and victim also. Brad and Katie end up in the same room at the hospital. Matt shows up, but he has a WOAK painted print on his pants leading Allison to question him more. Lily sees Bonnie hugging Holden. Jack and Margo disagree on how to handle Kit’s involvement in Parker’s case. They also wonder about the coincidence of Katie and Brad both being knocked unconscious in different locations. Lily and Holden tell Faith about what happened to Luke, Noah and Ameera. Casey wants to tell the truth about where he knows Matt from, but Matt is coldly and adamantly against it. Lily questions Holden about his relationship with Bonnie. Holden wonders if she wants him to move on without her? Matt agrees finally to share the truth – just not now, as Margo overhears and wonders what they are talking about? Matt covers and claims he talked Casey into going back to college. Brad and Katie share more then a hospital room, but are interrupted by Jack and Bonnie. Ameera tells Luke, Noah and Faith that she is going to have to go back to Iraq, but Holden has a plan. Lily admits to Carly that she can’t be intimate with Holden yet because of everything that happened with Dusty, but she is afraid he may not want to wait. Parker thinks he senses something, as Kit is watching nearby. Jack takes Katie home and they talk about all the help she has given him, and how he is worried about dragging her into his family issues. Katie realizes again the bond between Jack and Carly and pulls back telling him that she is going to stay away from him from now on. Bonnie and Brad have a talk; she tells him that she won’t be his conciliation prize; he tells her that he won’t be Katie’s. She wants him to call her when he is over Katie. Holden tells Lily that he will wait for when she is ready to move forward in their relationship. Allison learns of Brad being attacked at WOAK and is curious. Matt asks Allison out again. Brad comes to see Katie, but she won’t let him in and instead keeps him at arm’s length. Jack and Carly worry about how many more chances they will have with Kit, and are devastated to learn Margo put an officer on Carly. Jack and Carly promise each other that they will get through this as a family, and Jack promises Carly that he will not let anything happen to her, as they hug desperately.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The judge says let’s try this again with order in the court; emergency custody hearing. James Warrick is called. He whispers to Taylor that he was subpoenaed, he didn’t have a choice. Despite some glowing praise, Storm does manage to get out of him that Taylor is an alcoholic. Then an apprehensive Brooke is called. Taylor’s attorney gets Brooke to admit that she has never seen Taylor taken a drink lately. Donna hugs Eric and says she was so happy he called. It’s been extremely hard, but she thought she had to keep her distance. It hits her hard when he says he is staying with Stephanie, just until the big anniversary coming up. Donna tries to understand since Stephanie did not name her shooter to cause Storm to go to prison. Eric tells her when that celebration it is over, they will begin the life they want together.

Felicia wants to know what Stephanie is up to. She replies only that she wants to show some compassion and show Eric the kind of woman he really wants. Maybe seeing the entire family together and seeing how much he is loved will make him want to stay permanently. Nick testifies or more importantly he makes a speech on the stands how wonderful Taylor is, but her recent behavior is all factual. She is in a crisis now and not the woman she once was. He claims he is sorry, but in his opinion it is best that their son not be in her care.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip tapes Chloe’s phone conversation when he hears her talking in German. Philip has someone come translate and learns that Chloe was telling her agent about threatening to kill Brady during an argument. Chloe walks in on them talking.

Morgan pulls Nick aside to urge him to focus on the grant he’s seeking rather than Chelsea’s needs and it prompts a lecture from Max. Morgan spots Max tearing out a page from Nick’s grant proposal and considers telling Nick. Abe tells Steve about Ava’s lengthy rap sheet and gets Steve to tell him that he once was romantically involved with Ava back when Stefano erased his memory. Steve refuses to report that Ava admitted to sabotaging the plane and convinces Abe to let him lure Ava in on his own.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Now that he has the truth, Patrick is angry and lets Robin, who is equally ticked, know it. Jason races to rescue Liz from Diego's car before it can go over the bridge. Maxie and Spinelli lash out at each other as their situation turns grim. Despite Claudia's snotty remarks, Kate is not cowed and when Sonny comes to visit, bringing with him an ugly Easter hat as a gift, she is warm towards him, albeit a little sad. Trevor plots how to turn Michael's disappearance to his own advantage.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Daisy is helping Harley clean up the house when she finds some clothes in a couch. Daisy says they aren't hers, Harley says that she is sorry that they are hers. Daisy kids and says you're not a good house cleaner. Cassie and Josh talk about Reva, and what happened earlier. They hug. Cassie looks up to see Tammy. Jonathan goes to see Mel about keeping custody of Sarah. Lizzie comes clean to Bill about her feelings. Bill suggest he help get Sarah back for Lizzie. Lizzie says no, but hears Bill out. At the police station, Harley overhears Marina's side of a phone conversation with Cyrus. Later Marina and Harley run into each other at the station. Marina says Harley is following her. Harley says she is not. Marina tells Harley she needs help. Later Harley becomes concerned about Marina's foot and asks a cop for ice. Gus and Natalia kiss. Josh offers Cassie a ride home. She says she'll walk home to get her head clear. They kiss. Reva is with Jeffrey when she gets a text message from Jonathan. He needs her to get some stuff for feeding and diapering Sarah. Reva kids to Jeffery about being in the life of a grandma. Jeffery then talks to Cassie when he finds out Will is out of the special school. He threatens to take Will back if she doesn't. She says she will. Jonathan finds a place to stay. Lizzie finds a baby doll in her car and cries. Cassie calls about the hearing. Josh is talking with Rev Rutledge about his role in the church. Olivia thanks Natalia for giving her Gus for the time being. Harley is jogging in the woods when she bumps into Gus who is just taking a walk and lighting a cigarette. Reva tries to reason with Bill about Sarah, Jonathan and Lizzie. Reva wants to know what Bill has to do with this. Lizzie in a sexy slip visits Jonathan. He wants to know what she is doing. She tells Jonathan she is happier with them, Jonathan and Sarah. Lizzie tells Jonathan she had to do something to make him believe her. Then she gets really sexy with him. They then make love. Jonathan gets Lizzie on her back and then says, "Are you now going to excuse herself and go to the powder room?" Then the Lizzie tells Jonathan he can't take Sarah away from her. He gets angry and picks her up and tosses her out of the room and locks the door. Leaving Lizzie knocking on the door. Mel goes to see Cassie about Jonathan and Sarah. Harley and Gus are at a brook in the woods having a down memory lane kind of talk. Harley steals a kiss, then gets nervous about it, she leaves. Reva brings the stuff that Jonathan wanted for Sarah to Jonathan's and they talk. Jonathan asks Reva for help in keeping Sarah. Reva says she can't. She believes a mother should be with her child. Jonathan gets hurt and angry. Lizzie goes to Bill to tell him what happened. He is not surprised. Josh gets his church back and later tells Reva. Cassie goes before the judge about Will. Telling the judge about how Will lost his biological father and how Josh stepped in, etc. Gus calls Natalia telling her he misses her and wants to know when she gets off work. He doesn't know Olivia is not far away overhearing his side of the conversation. Reva visits Josh to boost his spirits up about getting his church back. Josh is now on the phone telling Cassie the news. She tells him she is on the way. Un be known to Josh, she has Will with her.....

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nora wants to know what is so important that she drug her away from what she was doing for Buchanan Enterprises. Dorian shows Nora the videotape in which Nora had been shuffling through the papers with Llanview’s secrets. Starr holds onto Cole’s neck. She lets him know that their flight leaves in the morning. Starr tells Cole that she can’t let her dad get away with this. Viki asks Todd had he completely lost his mind. Viki lets Todd know that this has everything to do with their new police commissioner. Ramsey tells Blair that Todd had been lucky so far. Blair asks him if that is a threat. Natalie tells Jessica that they need to calm down. Natalie assumes that Alison may never wake up. Nash starts to kill Alison, but her eyes open. Nash is shocked. The hospital staff hurries into Alison’s room. In the corridor, Nash informs Jessica and Natalie what had just happened. Jessica and Natalie are afraid that Alison will tell that they had been the ones, who had broken her out of St. Anne’s. Nash shows them the pic of themselves that he and Jared had doctored in order that Jessica and Natalie wouldn’t be found out . Ramsey reminds Blair of all the things that she had done. Blair tells Ramsey that she trusts Todd because she loves him. Ramsey gets a call and leaves. Todd tells Viki that he needs a change. Roxy comes in and sees all the Hawaiian decorations and thinks that Dorian had gone behind her back and planned the Hawaiian wedding for Adriana and Rex. Viki tells Roxy that Dorian hadn’t done this. Roxy wants to know where Dorian had gone. Todd lets her know that she had gone to deliver a tape to Nora. Roxy, furious, wants to know how Dorian could have done this to her. Dorian reminds Nora about all the things that she had done in the past. Dorian confesses that she wants revenge. Nora attempts to destroy the tape. Dorian denies being in love with Clint and blames it on Clint that he was madly in love with her . Ramsey lets Jessica know that he is the first one to talk to Alison. Ramsey wants to know why she should be the first one to see Alison.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victor’s plans to sabotage “ Restless Style”, is working on Nick’s last nerve and he decides to let Victor know this; while Adam wants to share the news about the “Beauty of Nature’s” plans to be advertise in the magazine. Adam speaks with Phyllis alone and takes the opportunity to flirt and point out what a genius she is. Nikki shares with David her plans to pay off his gambling debt and Brad takes the time to become acquainted with Walter at the GCAC. Victoria is becoming annoyed with Adam and also succumbed by Reed’s illness; Sabrina realizes this and decides to extend her stay in Genoa City.

Jack and Sharon return to share that Sharon will now be joining Restless Style, they also learn about the faulty wiring at the warehouse when the lights go out. Nikki tells David she can not marry him until he seeks help for his addiction.

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