The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/29/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie and Zach argue over the fact that she had been having drinks with a married man. Zach gets Annie involved in blackjack at his casino. Erica calls for a meeting of her staff and wants Jack there with her. Angie, Jesse and Tad search the files for some proof of Jesse’s death and who moved his body after he was pronounced dead. Kendall and Aidan arrive at the hotel in L.A. where a fan approaches Kendall and tells her how much his wife liked her book. Kendall tells him about the book signing the next day. Greenlee kisses Ryan, but it doesn’t ring a bell with him. Ryan grabs Greenlee and kisses her again. Ryan wonders why Greenlee is doing this. Kendall wonders why she and Aidan are always alone together. Angie wonders if whoever did this to Jesse was someone they knew. Erica questions Jack if she fought this would she win. When he meets with his campaign manager, Samuel informs him of the deal he offered Erica, which she turned down. Jesse and Angie can't find evidence that he ever existed. Tad tries bribing the security guard to gain access to the hospital's surveillance tapes. Annie wins $500 in the blackjack game. Ryan and Greenlee come into the casino and find Zach and Annie there. After Aidan leaves Kendall alone, someone runs his fingers along the numbers on her door. Greenlee urges Ryan to leave, but he insists on staying. Ryan spots Annie as well as Zach. Greenlee gets a call from Aidan, but she can't hear him when he invites her and Zach to join them in L.A. Annie says her good-nights and starts to leave, but Ryan stops her. Kendall looks at a pic of Zach before she goes into the shower. The stranger opens Kendall’s unlocked door and goes in. Erica calls a press conference and tells the public that she will be going to prison for her crimes. Kendall comes out of the bathroom and finds a man in her bedroom who asks for her autograph.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Margo catches Matt snooping, but Matt charms his way out of it. Henry and Vienna come face to face, and Vienna admits to sleeping with Gray after he cheated on her (or so she thinks he did). Carly has a plan, but Jack is unsure. Carly reminds him that they don’t have any other options. Henry let his pride get in the way and doesn’t correct Vienna. A devastated Vienna tries to get Henry back by telling him that she has decided to move in with Gray. Brad and Katie give into their passion at WOAK of all places. Carly sets her plan in motion by calling Kit. Matt causes Casey to get hurt and they head off to the hospital. Henry throws Vienna’s clothes into the hallway. A confused Katie tells Brad that they made a mistake. Carly tells Kit that she knows that she killed Sam, as Kit challenges her bluff, while Jack listens close by. Henry interrupts Brad and Katie’s talk to tell them that he and Vienna are over because she slept with Gray. At first, Katie wants to help and explain to Vienna what happened, but then she gets upset when Brad pushes her hard to help and tells him that people always end up getting hurt when they fall in love and stomps off. Gray wants to take Vienna away, but she won’t leave town. She secretly wants to make up with Henry until she sees that he threw out her clothes in the hallway. Carly tries to push Kit’s buttons about Sam wanting her instead, but Kit won’t bite… completely. Henry and Brad go to the diner to eat, but Brad is sure that he is there to see Vienna. When Vienna comes in, Henry gives her a horrible time about his lunch order. Finally, Vienna wants to know why she is being so mean when she loves him so much? Henry wants to know how she can say that when she cheated on him? Vienna reminds him that he cheated first, gambled behind her back and refused to commit to her. Brad threatens Gray. Matt sees Gray and suggests that Allison go to the Bookstore to buy a book. Meanwhile, he sneaks out to talk with Gray. Gray alludes to a plan with the Hughes’ and then orders Matt to teach Brad a lesson. Allison sees Matt and Gray talking and calls him on saying that she thought he didn’t know him before. Carly is distraught that she let Parker down by not getting Kit to confess. Jack promises that it is not over; he even admits that he has friends on the force tailing Kit. Margo calls Jack to the station. Katie talks with Parker. Henry looks like he is going to admit to Vienna what is going on when Gray walks in and spoils it. Margo tells Jack that he can’t have officers following Kit. She will handle it from now on. The officer tells Jack that they lost Kit. Henry reconsiders his plan when Gray tells Henry that Vienna is ‘his’ now. Parker admits to Katie that he thinks he should turn himself in. Katie orders him to trust his parents and let them take care of their plan. Parker asks Katie to stop by his mom’s house to get a book for him since he isn’t supposed to go there. Matt lies to Allison and she is suspicious. Later, she asks Casey about Matt, but he covers for him. Brad calls Bonnie and asks her out again. Matt knocks Brad unconscious. Someone unknown to us knocks Katie unconscious at Carly’s house.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor calls Nick and begs him not to do this today; do not fight for custody. He reminds her that she is an amazing mother when she is stable, but…..he will see her in court. She screams that she doesn’t deserve this….she hates him. Jackie tells Nick that he doesn’t have a choice. Ridge is livid that Nick is controlling Taylor’s life. Brooke defends Nick, Taylor definitely does not need to be caring for or be alone with that little boy. Ridge still is shocked that Brooke is wrapped up in all of this as much as she is. He wants to know how involved she is with Nick Marone? This is not insecurity. He realizes she has an attachment to Jack, so that means she has an attachment to Nick too. She’s still wrapped up too much in that life and too consumed with Brooke and Nick and that will only delay the life they want to have. Phoebe is surprised to find Rick dropping in to see her mom, but thinks it is sweet and she could use more support. Taylor blames Brooke for all of this and asks Rick to call her and ask her not to show up at the hearing. Against her desires, Brooke agrees not to come. This doesn’t sit well with Jackie nor Storm who feel it is imperative she be there if Nick is to obtain custody. Taylor’s lawyer tells her that she must get a hold on herself and emotions as that is the only way the judge will give her custody. Storm tells Brooke he hopes he doesn’t have to, but he may have to call her as a witness so she needs to be there, down the hallway so Taylor won’t see her.

Brooke and Nick show up early as well as Taylor and Rick. While the men are off looking for Storm, Taylor walks in and is shocked to see Brooke. And then to find Storm is the attorney, she knows Brooke is trying to take her son away from her. She winds up in a shoving match that the judge and others end up seeing. As he is making his opening statement, Taylor jumps up and shouts at Nick that he will never take her son from her. The judge has to gavel and orders her to sit down.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Anna and Tony visit Stefano in the hospital. Tony talks to a still catatonic Stefano about Stefano’s past actions and possible regrets. EJ convinces Sami to let him draw up their annulment papers on the condition that Mickey get to look it over when it’s done. Hope, Victor, and Caroline won’t let Bo talk of dying. Lexie suspects that Bo’s motorcycle accident triggered his genetic predisposition to a failing pancreas. Shawn consoles an emotional Chelsea.

Belle brings Claire to visit John. Claire finds the disc containing John’s memories but John dismisses it as an unlabeled blank disc. John calls all of the DiMera descendants to the mansion so Stefano’s lawyer can reveal who gets what from Stefano’s estate. The family learns that Johnny is the only one whose trust fund is still active and the lawyer decides John is the best choice for who should get the rest of the estate. Marlena is disappointed that John wants to keep the money.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Joe, the former would be bomber's, wife dies, shattering him to the point of tears and provoking Ian to lambaste Ford over his lack of compassion. Sonny and Kate share memories and hopes until Lulu interrupts them. She went to find Johnny when it appeared that he had stood her up, only to meet Claudia. Sonny promises Lulu that Johnny will turn up, when Sonny says he will. Finding Jerry in her office does not please Alexis, though he assures her that he is there wanting to make sure Molly's father lives through the aggressive negotiations for the waterfront property. Meanwhile, Maxie and Spinelli search tunnels for the serial killer's lair as Jason, thanks to a cell phone call from Liz, realizes that Diego is the TMK and that he is taking Liz to Hangman's bridge, the same spot Jason dumped Lorenzo's body, to kill her. Thanks to Liz's attempt to get free, the car and hence, the lives of all inside it, are placed in immediate danger. Maxie and Spinelli find themselves trapped in flooding tunnels. Left behind by Jason, Nikolas fumes to Nadine over Emily's disappearance and his lack of closure. After failing to convince Sonny to release her brother in exchange for her help finding Michael and having her romantic overtures rebuffed, Claudia gets nasty and tells Kate she slept with Sonny recently. Jerry reports to his boss that it is essential that they make an alliance with the Zaccharas. Patrick pushes until Robin affirms that he is about to be a father.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie wants to know where Jonathan is taking her. Dinah gives Harley advice on how to handle life. Natalia and Rafe are at a church and Daisy comes in. Natalia say go ahead and be with her. Reva is fuming over Cassie. And is telling Josh about it. Finally Jonathan stops the car, gets out. Lizzie follows. Jonathan asks why she left the wedding. She says she was scared. Lizzie says she wants to be with him (Bill) when he asks her. Jonathan says Bill is a threat to him and the baby. She also says she wants her daughter, but also wants more in life. He gets back in the car and drives off leaving Lizzie in the middle of nowhere. Cassie is having a day of it. First she is trying to collect wood. Then gets a call from a guard at that knows about Will. Alan and Beth meet up at the courthouse. Beth is changing Roberta's last name to Raines. Bill talks to his Dad about Lizzie. Reva meets up with Jonathan. Notices he's not happy. Meanwhile Lizzie is still in the middle of nowhere. Reva asks about Lizzie. Jonathan tells her what transpired and that he left her in the woods. Reva can't believe her ears. A car come up by Lizzie. The driver is Bill. Ashlee offers her mother lunch. Doris is shocked. Buzz is with Ashlee when she asks her mom to lunch. Then all of the sudden Ashlee's phone goes off. Ashlee says she has to go, leaving Buzz and Doris to wonder. Reva and Cassie meet up. Reva tells Cassie she just realized she is angry. Though things are going good now in her life. Jonathan and Sarah are home, health is good. But there is one threat, Alan. To which Cassie says it is not her problem. Bill takes Lizzie to the hospital. She wants to leave, but says she will let them check her out. Ava and Dinah meet up at a Beauty Salon. Ava is having her toenails done. Dinah is just visiting and asking a lot of questions. Mallet talks to Harley about coming back to the force. Then Alan interrupts with a cigar saying he is celebrating. Josh talks to Jeffrey about Cassie, Reva and Will. Josh wants Jeffrey's help in figuring out what to do. In the middle of the woods, Reva and Cassie argue. Then they find out they are lost in the woods. Billy gives Jonathan advice about Bill and Lizzie. Billy actually thinks Lizzie is better off with Jonathan. Tells him to fight for her. The Cooper clan minus Harley are having a meal talking about Harley, when all of the sudden she appears wanting to know what is going on. Rick is flipping out. Jonathan spends time with Sarah at the park. Lizzie sees this. Reva calls Josh to tell him that she and Cassie are lost. Then the phone goes dead. Josh tells Jeffrey what Reva wants to do to Cassie. Back in the woods Reva and Cassie are arguing again about Josh. Reva tries to tell Cassie she is falling apart and so is her marriage. Reva continues to say RJ and Will are suffering. All because of the revenge Cassie wants on Alan. When things quiet down between Reva and Cassie, Reva tell her about the elder Sarah and what she used to do when Reva, Rusty used to get on her nerves, that was to crack her knuckles. After some talk, Reva and Cassie hug. Now there is a montage of cast members doing there thing while music plays. Josh meets up with Cassie during this time and hugs her. Mallet visits Rick. Jonathan puts a flower on Tammy's grave. Bill and Lizzie kiss during this time also..........

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John continues to question Natalie about the last time that she had seen Alison. Natalie stalls in giving her answer. The fax comes through and shows Jessica’s and Natalie’s pic. Antonio continues to question Jessica about Alison. Ramsey stands at the foot of Alison’s bed. He looks at the monitor. Todd is on the phone when Dorian comes into the living room. She starts to fuss about how the living room looks. Todd tells Dorian that they will soon be out of her hair for good. Blair lets Viki know that Todd is moving them to Hawaii. Cris calls Sarah to see how long that they will be. Sarah tells him that it looks like an all nighter. Clint talks angrily to the man on the phone. Bo comes in and listens to Clint’s conversation. Lindsay comes in to bring Bo something that he had left at home. Natalie still stalls in giving John his answer. Antonio tries his best to get Jessica to confess to what she had done or she would face the consequences. Viki talks Nash into leaving Bree at her house so she can have breakfast with Bree the next morning. Nash meets with his business associate and lets him know that all systems are go in the sale of the vineyard. John continues to badger Natalie to answer his questions when Jared comes in and tells John to leave Natalie alone. Michael walks in on Ramsey standing over Alison’s bed.

Sarah tells Lindsay all about the impending takeover of B.E. by an enemy of Asa’s. Dorian watches the tape of her going through the secrets of the Llanviewans. Dorian sees Nora on the tape going through the secrets. Jared looks at the pic of Jessica and Natalie and begins to doctor up the photographs so it will not look like Jessica and Natalie. Nash comes in and upon seeing what he is doing, helps him. John offers Natalie his help in getting past Ramsey. Antonio gets the pic off the fax. Viki comes to visit Todd and wants to know what is going on. Blair sits in booth when Cris comes in and kisses her on the neck .Cris leaves the table for just a minute and Ramsey shows up. John and Antonio show Jessica and Natalie the pic that they had received off the fax. Nash visits Alison and starts to choke her to death when Alison opens her eyes.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Sabrina and Victoria play catch up as they continue to discuss all the happenings in their lives. Sabrina is also invited to view Victor’s art collection at his gallery; they share a bite at the GCAC and even share an intimate moment; could this be a new beginning for Victor? Victoria and Adam confront Victor about advertising “Beauty of Nature” in “Restless Style” he finally bites but states that the magazine will fold and he’ll be there to tell them, “I told you so”. Victoria shares with Adam that he needs to learn humility and invites Sabrina to tour her new office equipped with an area for Reed. Chloe is on the war path as Lily has her second photo shoot nailing it and the chance to be the model to attend the “Restless Style” launch at Indigo per Nikki’s request. David and Brad play who’s got more rank then the other and Nikki forgives David agreeing to work things out. Cane and Lily share a little alone time in the conference room behind closed and locked doors.

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