The TV MegaSite's Thursday 2/28/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal opens the door and sees J.R. in bed with Treena. Babe demands to know what the woman had done to J.R. Babe then orders the woman out. Babe blasts J.R. for not living up to his promise to be a bone marrow donor for Richie. Adam looks at the newspaper which tells about Erica being arrested. Erica points at the newspaper and demands to know what Adam is going to do about it. Adam lets her know that he is not going to do anything. Greenlee takes Ryan to the gazebo. Amanda and Annie come into ConFusion. Annie meets up with Zach. Annie apologizes for what she said to Kendall. Zach meets with Samuel Woods and tells him that he doesn’t know what he is getting himself into. Greenlee realizes that this isn’t going to be as easy as she thought getting Ryan to remember his life. Greenlee explains to Ryan about their life together, but it doesn’t have any effect on Ryan. He still doesn’t remember. Krystal and Babe take J.R. home to Adam’s. J.R. tries to explain what happened to him. Babe doesn’t believe that he was kidnapped, but Krystal does. Treena tells Richie that Babe is very much in love with J.R. Amanda notices a good-looking man in the doorway who is looking straight at Annie. Erica meets with Palmer Cortlandt and asks for his advice. Samuel points out that Erica broke the law and has to pay just like everyone else. Zach tells Samuel that when you mess with his family, you mess with him. Zach gives Samuel an environmentalist’s number to call if he gets elected. Annie takes off her wedding ring and flirts with the good looking man. When they start to leave, Zach steps in and makes him leave. Greenlee starts to give up on Ryan but returns and gives him a kiss. Samuel gets on the phone and asks someone to find out everything Zach's been up to. Krystal offers to let J.R. stay with her and Tad.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lily and Holden worry when Luke ,Noah and Ameera don't come home and since Luke left a note that they went to Statesville Prison to visit Noah's father they decide to go look for them. Luke, Noah and Ameera are able to stop a car and think they are getting help but instead the two drunk College students taunt Ameera for being from Iraq and then when Noah defends her and they figure out Luke and Noah are gay that hit Noah in the back with a crowbar and take Ameera to their car. Luke who knows how to fight very well takes on the two guys and manages to pull Ameera out of the car. Holden and Lily then arrive and Holden and Luke manage to subdue the two guys and they are taken to jail. Noah is okay and Ameera thanks Noah and Luke for risking their lives to protect her. Katie gives Jack and Carly $250,000 to help with Brad's latest plan to get Kit to confess to shooting Sam. Henry is to seduce Kit to get her to confess to the crime but the plan backfires when Vienna arrives with $250,00 to cover what she thinks is Henry's gambling debt. Vienna is devastated to see Henry kissing Kit and she tells him that their relationship is over for good. Vienna is so hurt that she has sex with Gray in his limo thinking of Henry the whole time and crying after the experience is done. Brad and Katie give in to their feelings for each other and kiss as they comfort each other because they are worried about Parker. Carly plans to tell Kit she has proof she fired the shot that killed Sam. Carly hopes that giving this false information to Kit will push Kit to try and kill her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick informs Brooke that Storm has agreed to be his attorney. Brooke wonders why Nick didn’t tell her that Taylor was drinking again. He just wanted to protect her. Storm comes over and Nick wants to know how they can all protect themselves? Storm is surprised to hear the shocker that Brooke is the biological mother. Nick doesn’t want to take away Jack completely, but he wants control of his son, the safety of his son is the only thing that matters and he wants the temporary custody hearing tomorrow morning as soon as possible. He doesn’t want Taylor dragged through the mud, but he wants her proven unfit to take care of Jack right now. Brooke knows how difficult this is, but assures him he is doing the right thing. Taylor mentions her shock that Rick is supporting her against his mother. He doesn’t see it that way. He wants to know if she feels the same way when she sees him like she sees Brooke in Jack? She tells him she only sees a kind, caring young man and she doesn’t know how she would have gotten through the last few days without him. They hug. He admires her and tells her what a beautiful woman she is; fragile right now but he’ll be there for her. She asks him to go through the house, the pool house, all over the property and make sure there are no hidden bottles of alcohol for anyone to find.

Phoebe discusses the situation with Ridge, but Felicia interrupts and tells Ridge they have a golden opportunity….their parent’s anniversary is coming up and they are going to have a party. They need to convince their dad not to leave afterwards, but Ridge thinks he is committed to Donna and he’s not going to change. She senses something is amiss with him too with Brooke. He tells her a little of it, that Taylor and Nick have split. He’ll be at the party, but tells Felicia not to expect any miracles. Brooke and Nick question Rick’s motives for being so close to Taylor. Rick showers Taylor with praise and announces that he is the one man on the universe that is not going to fall in love with Brooke Logan. They look at one another, but are interrupted before anymore happens. Taylor is issued a summons to be in court tomorrow. She’s crushed that Nick would think she was unable to take care of her baby. She calls him and rants that she knows who is responsible for this. That woman has taken two of her husbands and she is not going take her child. Rick has to calm her down and promises her that he is here for her and will not let them take Jack away from her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Everyone gathers at the pub for the wake. The family and friends gathered take turns reciting Irish toasts Shawn Sr. was fond of sharing. Hope has Steve help get Bo back to the hospital but Bo requests that Hope remain at the pub. Bo sends Steve home shortly before going into cardiac arrest. Lexie is able to revive him and shortly thereafter Lexie reveals to Hope, Chelsea, and Shawn that Bo’s pancreas is failing. Ava confronts Hope outside the pub thinking she is Kayla. Ava walks off without revealing her identity.

Tony and Anna start work at their respective ad agencies. They each decide to visit the other’s office but find each office empty. Tony leaves a taunting note about Anna’s rundown company while Anna convinces Tony’s assistant that Tony has a passion for sleeping with his assistants and getting them pregnant. Tony’s assistant quits but instead of being angry, Tony grabs Anna and kisses her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Michael finds shelter with an eccentric old lady named Peg. Mike and Sonny have it out about the way Sonny keeps his father out of the information loop. Jax's PI's start the search for Michael. Upon remembering that Diego killed Emily, Nikolas thinks he must be crazy, mourns the loss of her hallucination self, and tells Jason that he will help Jason find Diego and avenge Emily. Lulu freaks out over discovering Logan is not the killer. Ian reveals that there's a rash of fake drugs getting into legitimate prescriptions. Max lets Jason know there's been trouble at Sam's. Diego kidnaps Liz and her baby.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill tries to convince Lizzie not to marry Jonathan. Bill tells them all that Jonathan and Lizzie were going to leave after the wedding. Reva questions Jonathan about it. But before he can answer, Josh suggests a break so that everyone can talk. Jonathan tells Lizzie to ask Bill if he loves her. Then Reva gets into it. Reva asks Jeffery what's going on. Jeffery doesn't quite answer her the way she wants. Lizzie says this is right. Then Alan comes in. Tells Lizzie she and Jonathan don't have to leave. He'll leave them alone. Jonathan doesn't believe him. Cassie goes to visit Will but is having a problem getting in. She tries to talk to the guard. Billy tries to talk some sense into Bill (in his own nutty way.). As Josh is starting the ceremony again. Jonathan is thinking of Tammy. Lillian tells Alan to come sit and hold her hand instead of Beth's. Jonathan is remembering his vows to Tammy as Josh is reciting the vows to Jonathan to say yes to. Jonathan says yes. But Lizzy freezes. She tells Jonathan she wants this, but doesn't think he does. She says he's still in love with Tammy. Alan gets in the middle. Lizzie leaves and Jonathan almost starts a fight with Alan. Til Jeffrey stops him. Cassie treats Will to lunch and asks him if he's really ok. At that point Reva walks in. They excuse themselves and just go few feet away to talk. Josh gets some advice from Stephen Rutledge. Josh asks for his job back. Stephen ask about Cassie. Josh says she blames Alan for the death of her daughter. Alan tells Jonathan that Jonathan is still in love with Tammy. Then just as he gives Roberta to him, Jonathan pulls back and says, When you can give me Tammy back, you can have Sarah. Bill is still talking about Jonathan and Lizzie when Lizzie appears to both Bill and Billy to tell Bill how wrong he is about the wedding to Jonathan. But says she froze at the wedding. Bill notices no ring. Alan pleads with Jonathan to give Roberta back to Beth. Jeffrey comes in with Sarah. They do a switch. Jeffrey says lets call this a day. Jonathan leaves. Just before he does, Jeffery asks him where he's going. Once again the subject of talk between Cassie and Reva is Will. Reva says she'll take Will if Cassie doesn't bring him back to the special school. It is about that time that Will sees this and tells Reva to not hurt his mom. Reva is stunned to think that is what Will thought she was doing. Cassie asks Will to leave them alone. Then the subject turns to Josh and Reva not being over him. Just because she is living at Cross Creek. Jeffery tells Josh what happened after the wedding stopped. Then Josh talks about Cassie and his job. That he loves Cassie more. Beth, Alan and Roberta go home. They talk about Roberta's future. What each of them want for her. Lizzie kisses Bill passionately. Then Bill says he's glad she didn't marry. Lizzie leaves, as she does and is outside, Jonathan sneaks up and grabs her and takes her away. Bill goes outside thinking Lizzie would be there waiting for him. He doesn't see her. He calls out and no answer. Alan tells Beth he's changed. Beth says sometimes she loves the way he can be. Meanwhile Rick is in jail yelling to get out. Who put him there?? Alan. Tammy visits Cassie. Cassie tells her she doesn't know right from wrong anymore. Tammy says she does. Jonathan tells Lizzie he needs her.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Todd surprises Blair, Starr, and Jack with things that you would find in Hawaii. Starr comes to the conclusion that they are going to Hawaii on vacation. She asks if Cole can come. Todd informs her that Cole cannot come. Langston stands at the counter in the Angel Square Diner. Cole comes in. Langston lets him know that Rex isn’t there yet. Cole apologizes for freaking Langston out at the church the other night. Nash and Jared argue over Jared’s shares of the vineyard. Jared refuses to sell his share of the vineyard. Jessica and Natalie watch in horror as the men. Nash makes some very insulting remarks about Asa. Jessica orders Nash to never say anything else about her grandfather. Talia and Antonio are on the couch, kissing .Talia covers up her face to keep Antonio from kissing her. John calls Cole and tells him that he will meet him at the diner in a few minutes. Viki and Charlie come into the diner. They kiss. They sit down at a table. Viki notices that they have the same kind of napkin holders as they had in Paris, Texas. Starr lets Todd know that she cannot get out of school to go to Hawaii. Todd lets them know that they are moving to Hawaii. Rex comes in and join Viki and Charlie at their table .Gigi comes in and is surprised to see Rex with Charlie. Rex lets Viki know that Adriana is working in Paris, France. John lets Cole know that he is safe that Ramsey will not re-open the case. John also lets him know that he is back on the force.

Todd assures Blair that this is about family and business. Blair finds it funny that this move had taken place on the very day that Ramsey had been sworn in as the new police commissioner. Antonio lets John know that the night of the ball that Jessica had shown up looking for Alison. Jared decides to sell his share of the vineyard. John and Antonio show up and want to ask them a few questions about Alison Perkins. Blair decides to go out and refuses to tell Todd where she is going. Starr comes downstairs and tells Cole and Langston that she will see neither one of them again. John and Antonio question Jessica and Natalie separately. A pic of both of the nuns comes in on the fax. Antonio asks Jessica if she had anything to do with Alison’s escape.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victoria’s friend Sabrina receives a warm welcome from JT and Victor, Victoria requests that she stay at the main house and Victor obliges. Adam gets acquainted with Phyllis and Nick and is formally introduced to Nikki. David spills the beans and tells Nikki about his gambling addiction, which she does not take to well. Amber is excited about the positive turn of events happening in her life, Daniel with a wonderful new do joins her as they both relish in their new beginnings at “Restless Style”. Kay shares with Cane why he is so fond of Amber stating that she bares a close resemblance to herself.

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