The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/27/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall and Greenlee enjoy themselves learning the fine arts of stripteasing when Ryan walks in. They persuade him to join in the fun. Within minutes Ryan is at the pole and Annie dances, seductively, in front of him. They are all having fun until Annie realizes that Ryan’s eyes are on Kendall. Angie comes into the cabin and can’t find Jesse anywhere. She begins to panic until he comes out of hiding. He warns her not to come there again. Zach and Aidan come in and applaud their dancing. Babe lets Krystal know how worried that she is over J.R. Babe calls the hospital and finds out that J.R. hadn’t shown up for his appointment. The doctor does the bone marrow extraction on J.R. Babe tells her mom that she had made love to J.R. again. Angie gets a call from the hospital. Tad comes to the cabin for some info for Jesse. Zach, Kendall, Aidan, Greenlee, Ryan and Annie get stuck in the elevator. Joe finds out from Frankie that he is joining the intern program. Colby strikes up a conversation with Frankie at the hospital, but he curtly snubs her. Angie lets Joe know that she is joining the staff at Pine Valley Hospital. Annie begins to hurl insults at Greenlee and Kendall over Ryan and his love for them. Greenlee begins to have a panic attack and Zach holds her hand and talks her through it. Kendall questions Greenlee as to what that Greenlee and Zach did in the bomb shelter. Greenlee jokes that they had made love. Kendall and Aidan both look at each other. Greenlee admits she was only kidding. They finally get off the elevator and head for the airport. Kendall says her good-byes to Zach, and Greenlee says her good-byes to Aidan. Greenlee goes to join Ryan at the bar. Someone takes pics of Frankie from the bushes. Richie tells his goons to get rid of J.R. Babe gets a phone call as to where J.R. is. When Krystal and Babe arrive at the hotel, they are shocked by what they see. Jesse and Angie search the file room at the hospital.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke, Noah and Ameera get stuck on the highway going to visit Colonel Mayer in jail and they must wait for someone to come and help them. Luke is annoyed that Noah has no problem telling Ameera about his past and his hopes and dreams things he has never been able to share with him. Will isn't happy about Paul's fast friendship with Sofie and neither is Barbara who fears Sofie is going to tell Paul she has cancer. Henry catches Vienna kissing Gray and tells Brad and Katie his and Vienna's relationship has ended. Vienna admits to Katie that she doesn't love Gray but she does miss her old life which Gray can give to her. Vienna tells Katie that she has given everything up for Henry and she fears that Henry will never be ready to marry her and have children. Brad and Katie manage to get Henry and Vienna to make up and then Henry and Vienna make love. Gray leaves a message for Vienna telling her she will be in his dreams.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke answers Nick’s question – does she love him? She swears that she does. She can not help herself. They both agree that this doesn’t feel right with Taylor taking the baby. Taylor allows Rick to come along when she picks up little Jack…he wants to be her support. They all end up squabbling with Taylor assuring Brooke that she is the mother of Jack, not Brooke. And she is very shocked and disappointed that Nick let her be there when he knew she was coming over. While Taylor and Nick talk privately, Brooke talks to her son and he reveals that he cares for Taylor. Brooke suggests that he steer clear of Taylor, she is a walking disaster. Rick asks Taylor not to take his son from him or this home. She can see him anytime, day or night. She maintains again that she would not keep Nick from seeing Jack either, and she is taking her son today. Stephanie drops in on Ashley and invites her to her anniversary party. Despite her doofus son for breaking their engagement, Stephanie still considers her part of the family. She’s shocked though when she hears that Ashley has put Ridge aside and is looking toward Rick. She suggests she at least be there for Ridge as a friend when Brooke walks out on him.

Stephanie tries to put the damper on any romantic involvement between Ashley and Rick, that she is much too old for him. Ashley takes it pretty well, but does not wish to discuss her love life and personal relationships with Stephanie and says she will just have to respect that. Taylor explains to Nick that she is not the enemy here, they can make this work and she begs him to let her take Jack to her house. Please don’t give her a bad time about this, and please respect the fact that she doesn’t want Brooke anywhere around him. Brooke brings Jack in, but does not hand him over to Taylor. She ends up literally begging Nick who tells her that she can not drink around him. Only when Nick agrees does Brooke hand Jack to Taylor and she and Rick leave. Brooke convinces Nick that if Taylor is drinking again, he has to get that baby back. He states she will have one night, tomorrow Jack will be back in his house.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Today is the day of Shawn Sr.’s funeral. John walks in on Marlena comforting Roman and they have to remind him that he was okay with them remaining so close. Lexie arranges for Bo to be released from the hospital just to attend the funeral. Kimberly returns home to attend the funeral. Victor offers to escort Caroline to the church and despite Kimberly’s strong objections, Caroline sends Kimberly to the church without her. Caroline sends Victor along next, insisting that she’d rather walk alone to the church. Steve spots Ava outside the church. He runs after her but can’t catch her. Roman, Kimberly, Kayla, and Bo each share memories of Shawn Sr. The family lines up to lay mementos on the casket as Chloe sings. Bo, Max, Roman, Kayla, and Kimberly stand watch as Caroline bids Shawn Sr. a personal goodbye.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Diego locks Sam up while he goes out to continue his revenge. Meanwhile, Maxie and Spinelli race the clock to find out who the killer really is and Nikolas struggles to remember, breaking out of the hospital to do so. Claudia suggests she might be willing and able to offer Trevor up to Jason and Sonny, eliminating a problem from her life as well as theirs. However, Sonny will have to release her brother first. Scott threatens to arrest Lulu.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jonathan and Lizzie talk more about their plans. Doris visits Bill with a copy of Springfield Weekly Magazine. He's not amused. She is happy. Jonathan tells Lizzie the move is for a lot of reasons. Jonathan meets Jeffrey at Reva's doorstep to tell him. Jeffrey is not happy about Jonathan and Lizzie's disappearance. Reva interrupts them. Reva says she can't imagine Jonathan and Lizzie together. Reva asks where they are going to go. The baby starts to cry so Reva volunteers to check on her. Lizzie takes her dog over to Beth's and tells her that she wants her to take her, because when she and Jonathan marry, they will be traveling. They can't always have a dog around. Lizzie and the dog have a teary goodbye. Ava goes to see Bill. Jonathan is at Cassie's, Cassie is looking at a wedding picture of Tammy. Jonathan asks her if she is coming to the wedding of his and Lizzie's. Cassie says she wouldn't miss it. Jonathan tells Cassie a lot of things are going to change today and gives her a cryptic goodbye message. Cassie looks confused, but says ok. Lizzie is getting her nails done when Bill arrives at the beauty shop. Jonathan is still trying to figure out what to do. He's at a little watering hole with a shoebox of stuff, wondering to dunk it in or not. Some lady walks in on Bill and Lizzie and Bill gets all romantic on her while Lizzie is stunned. When the girl leaves, Bill kisses Lizzie leaving her more stunned. Jonathan tells Lizzie he won't cheat on her if they go together. He still loves Tammy and always will. She understands that but doesn't really answer him. Beth, Cassie, Reva are setting up for the wedding. No one is really speaking to anyone. Later Lizzie sees herself in the mirror. Jonathan thanks Josh for performing the ceremony even though he's still in trouble with his congregation. Jeffrey goes to see Bill about Jonathan and Lizzie. Bill says he doesn't care anymore what happens. Jeffrey can't believe him. Bill makes him believe it. After some words with Jonathan, Reva talks with Josh about Tammy. Cassie overhears it and is upset. She goes into another room and slams the door. Tammy arrives to hug her mother. Billy sees her and asks if she is ok. She says yes and tells Billy she has to get back inside. Beth gets a call on her cell. She thinks it's Rick but it is about Alan. He's back in town and on the way over. To which Jonathan asks, "Anyone have a short version of the wedding?" Josh starts the ceremony, but little Sarah puts in a cry first. Jonathan says he'll hold her. Billy and Bill interrupt the ceremony.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Gigi comes into the Angel Square Diner. She asks Markko about the owner. Markko informs her that the owner is out. Gigi looks around the diner. Rex comes in and speaks to her. Gigi questions him if he is following her. Gigi informs him that she is looking for a job. Markko calls Cristian to find out when he is coming in to work. Cristian and Sarah have just finished making love. Clint, Natalie and Jared are busy on the phones at B.E. when Bo and Nora come into the office. Clint tells Natalie to check on the Columbia project. Clint fills Bo and Nora in on what is happening with the Columbia project. Jessica comes into Natalie’s office and wonders what is going on. Natalie fills her in. Jessica lets Natalie know that both she and Nash are looking at Jared in a whole new light. Jared listens to their conversation. Natalie tells Jessica what had happened at the ball. Michael orders Marcie to stop with the self pity. Michael tears up the pics of Tommy. Michael tells Marcie that no matter where she goes, Tommy will not be there. Marcie gets down on the floor and picks up the torn up pics. Ramsey wants to know what John is doing at the police station. Ramsey also lets him know that he will not be a police officer as long as he is police commissioner. John shows him his badge. Ramsey gets on the phone and finds out that he was indeed the one, who had reinstated John McBain. Nora goes through the files on the computer and finds out about Virgil Webster. Jessica wants to know if Jared was coming on to her. Jared comes into the office and asks about Alison. Nash meets with his business associate. Ramsey tears up the reinstatement papers and orders John to give him his badge. Jared finds a loophole in the contract.

Clint advises Jared and Natalie to keep the lines of communication open. Bo calls Rex to ask him for help at B.E. Gigi sees the pic of Marcie on the front page of the newspaper. John visits Marcie and Michael. Michael can’t believe that Ramsey is the new police commissioner. John tells him that he had been re-instated. Gigi asks Cristian for a job at the diner. Cristian gives her the bad news that he has no openings. Nash’s business associate wants Jared to sell out as well. Natalie fills Rex in on what Bo needs of him. Gigi remembers her conversation with Ramsey. Michael and Marcie share a happy reconciliation. Nash comes to visit Jared and tells him that he is going to sell him back his shares of the vineyard. Nash tells Jared that he doesn’t care what he has to do to get him out of his way. Natalie and Jessica walk in on the conversation.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jeffrey wants the nookie and now! Glo is not biting and once again has enlisted Kevin’s help to bring him down; which won’t be happening without a fight. Adam’s work ethic is rubbing Victoria the wrong way as he shares his ideas for the Beauty of Nature campaign. Reed takes ill causing JT and Victoria to take him to the hospital which prevents Victoria from attending a meeting with the Adam with the Ad agency at the GCAC. Adam finds out that Phyllis is married to Omigosh his half brother Nick. Sabrina, Victoria’s friend arrives from Florence and is greeted by Victor. Things for “Restless Style” look bleak as Eric Forrester turns down their proposal and Nick finds out that the loft needs to be rewired.

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