The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/26/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica comes into her office and finds Pam and two men packing up her things. Erica balks at the idea of being forced out of her office and her show being cancelled. Jack comes in and assures Erica that this can be done. Greenlee and Kendall work on a new fragrance perfume when Babe and Amanda come into work. Zach comes into work and finds Annie in his office with a hot cup of coffee and news that they told Emma that Ryan moved out. Annie also tells him that she feels like a woman without a home. Ryan waits for Joe in his office demanding that he do something to get his memory back. Annie tells Zach that she was jealous of the attention that Ryan was paying to Emma. Ryan tells Joe that Annie threw him out and asks to be committed to a psych ward. Tad looks at the newspaper headlines in which a cop gave his life when Aidan comes in. Aidan tells Tad that he is going out of town for a few days on a job for Zach as Kendall’s bodyguard on her book tour. Greenlee, Kendall, Babe and Amanda try to figure out the formula for the new perfume. Erica argues with Jack as usual about her show being taken off the air. Jack shows her the contract which proves that they can do exactly that . Sam walks in and reminds her that she is innocent until he proves her guilty. Erica threatens to go pubic with some news about Sam’s family. Sam proposes to Erica a plea bargain of six months in jail and a fine of five million dollars. He gives Erica twenty four hours to make up her mind. Greenlee hugs Max and then tells the three men to set up their equipment in the back room. Kendall, nervously, drops one of the bottles. Greenlee questions her as to what is wrong. Kendall tells her that she doesn’t want to go on this tour and leave Zach and the boys. Greenlee tells Kendall that she needs to distance herself from Ryan. Greenlee promises that she will make Ryan remember. The three men teach them the fine arts of stripteasing. Annie gets in on the act of strip teasing. Annie gives them a sexy idea for their new perfume. Babe and Amanda go to the bar. They run into Zach and Aidan. Zach wants to know where Kendall and Greenlee are. Amanda tells them that they are learning to strip tease. Zach and Aidan go immediately to join them. Ryan also gets into the act. While Annie gives Ryan pointers on strip teasing, Ryan can’t keep his eyes off Kendall.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Will and Gwen get custody of Hallie but can't help but feel sorry for Sofie. Will and Gwen have a party to celebrate the good news and Casey gets annoyed at Matt because he thinks Matt is trying to steal his life from him. Matt warns Gray that getting involved with Vienna may not be a good idea but Gray tells him to stay out of it because he is calling the shots. Gray gets Vienna drunk and kisses her once he gets inside her room. Henry almost gets Kit to admit that she killed Sam but when he takes the tape recording to Margo she says they don't have enough information to arrest Kit. Margo tells Jack he is too close to the case and tells him to get away from it before he breaks any more rules. Jack decides to quit the police department and assures Carly they will do whatever it takes to save Parker. Paul calms Parker by telling him that whatever happens his parents will do whatever it takes to protect him. Meg tells Paul there is no future for their relationship. Sofie goes to visit Paul after the hearing and cries about losing Hallie.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke comes over and agrees with Nick; Taylor is not stable enough to take care of little Jack. Nick doesn’t know how to handle this as Taylor is coming back over today to get Jack. Brooke says they have to find a way to stop her; she does not trust her alone with Jack. Ridge tells Taylor he’s glad she moved back home, he thinks that will do her good. He says he would be lying if he didn’t worry that Brooke wanted to spend more time with little Jack. She tells him she doesn’t care what he does with Brooke, but he can tell Brooke to leave her son and her life alone. He tells Taylor that he will always care for her and do whatever he can to soothe this transition. He’s shocked when he finds out Rick is reaching out to her too. Rick confides in Ashley about Taylor and she encourages him to be Taylor's friend. Taylor tries to explain to Rick that she isn’t going to turn her back on Jack, she’s just a mom that loves her baby and she wants him with her. She is not going to hand him over to Brooke. He just wants her to be happy and not suffer any more grief over this. She thinks the truth is out and she is free to move ahead, just focus on the baby. She vows she will never get into another relationship where she will compete with Brooke. He states there is one man she can be with where she won’t compete with Brooke…..and he’s deadly serious about that.

Nick laments to Brooke that he just can not grasp that Jack will be taken out of his house. This is not how he imagined his baby’s life would be. He wants to be part of all of it. She reinforces that she loves him, always will and part of her wants to be his wife and raise little Jack. But, it’s not that simple. She doesn’t want to disappoint Hope and R.J. to be with his father and she loves Ridge. She is divided. He tells her he is not going to beg her, but they both know how she feels about him, and she does not love Ridge that way. They cling to each other and she rejoices that he is still deep in her heart.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve convinces Kayla to return to bed so he can seek information on Ava but he can’t get anything credible. Ava, put under house arrest by her father, calls to have someone dig up information on Steve. Abe wants to put John back into the hospital. With John’s call to Lexie and Marlena’s psychiatric opinion, Abe agrees that John can remain free. Caroline advises EJ to focus on the good that has come from his mistakes. Caroline enlists the help of Roman, Shawn, and Belle to prepare the pub for a proper Irish wake. John, after convincing Marlena to take him to see Stefano, tells Stefano that he is Colleen and Santo’s child. John gloats to Stefano about taking over his life at the mansion.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly gets a clean bill of health and told to avoid stress, but with Michael missing. that's impossible. Scott finds evidence that gives his son an alibi for the time of Sam's hit and run. Until Claudia pays a call on her, Kate is doing better, then she has a turn for the worse. Lucky warns Maxie and Spinelli off the case and demands their evidence. Robin's hormones make her extra sensitive to everything Patrick says and twice as touchy as usual. Being laid up gives Epiphany too much time for thinking, regrets, and depression.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cyrus and Harley are in bed together when she says she has to go grocery shopping, because there is no food in the house. Cyrus stalls her by kissing her. Dinah, Marina and a girl named Ruby are talking about Harley. Bill is late for a meeting and finds out Billy now has the property he was after. While Jonathan was talking about getting people off their backs, Lizzie asks him if he killed his last girlfriends' father while he was away. Jonathan looks stunned at the question. Back at Harley's, she and Cyrus are talking about her family and how they feel about how she has been. Harley mentions surgery. At Company Cyrus runs into Beth and asks about Roberta. Beth says she is with Lillian. Cyrus goes for Beth's hands and she pulls them away. She still stays to talk more. Harley runs into Marina at a gym and they small talk. Not knowing what to really talk about. Dinah visits Bill at his office. Bill is trying to make her go. But she sticks around wondering what is up with him. He tells her it's about a girl. Then after some more talking he tells Dinah that it's Lizzie Spaulding that is the problem. Billy meets up with Lizzie. They get to talking about Bill and Jonathan. Lizzie tells Billy she is setting things up to marry Jonathan. Billy seems happy. Jonathan goes to see Bill to tell him to stay away from Lizzie and his daughter. Bill is not amused. Jonathan says if he doesn't he'll kill him. Lizzie talks to Billy about Jonathan and Bill and how each of them act toward her. Rick has a meeting. Harley helps Marina with exercises while talking about men. It seems a to be a nice talk. Before Marina leaves she thanks Harley. Harley says anytime. Lizzie walks in on the fight between Jonathan and Bill and asks them to stop. Then asks Bill if he's ok. Bill doesn't answer. Dinah meets up with Harley at the gym and starts questioning her about Cyrus and Marina. Dinah starts putting words in Harley's mouth that Harley doesn't like. Then Dinah apologizes saying she may be wrong about it. Dinah tells Harley that she is on the outs with Mallet. Jonathan and Lizzie talk about Bill. Lizzie tells Jonathan they have to leave town. Jonathan asks her if she is sure. She says yes. He goes to pack the car. Beth and Rick meet up and talk. Beth reassures Rick he's not going to loose her or the baby. Cyrus and Harley meet up and talk about what they did that day. They are both smiling. That is until Harley questions their love. Cyrus reassures her with a kiss on the lips. Dinah thinks Marina is golden. When Marina sees Cyrus coming Dinah leaves. Cyrus opens the door to the company and they go in. Then they kiss. That is when Harley walks in and sees them. Jonathan again questions Lizzie about leaving. Bill knocks on the door. Jonathan goes to the door and speaks to Bill.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Both Jessica and Nash are on the phone. Jessica asks the person with whom she is speaking about the condition of Alison Perkins. Nash tells Jessica that things are looking very good for them. Marcie rubs her fingers over some pics of her and Tommy. Michael tells Marcie to hurry that they don’t want to be late for her hearing. Todd and Nora are in court. Nora shows Todd a piece of paper. Bo comes into court and asks Nora had she seen the judge. Todd asks Bo what is he going to do about Lee Ramsey being appointed as the new police commissioner. John comes into the office and sees Lee Ramsey’s name on the door where Bo Buchanan’s name used to be. John wants to know how this had happened. Talia and Antonio tell him that Bo wouldn’t give up guardianship of Lindsay. John calls Ramsey a “crook.” Rex tells Gigi that he had been out back with Shane for Shane to show him his curve ball. Nora orders Todd to sign the statement about Marcie .Jessica feels guilty about what had happened to Alison. Antonio will not allow John to go into Ramsey’s office .Antonio tells John that in a few hours he will be reinstated and he will be back on the force. Nora questions Todd as to what he has on Ramsey that he is not telling her .Ramsey pays Talia a compliment on her beautiful blue eyes. John refuses to work for Ramsey. Todd remembers seeing Ramsey with a gun and he was trying to kill Shane. Marcie and Michael come into the courtroom. Todd shows Marcie a pic of his happy family. Marcie grabs Todd and pushes him. Todd tells Marcie that she will never see Tommy again.

John tells Bo that he will not work with Ramsey. Bo encourages John to work for Ramsey. Bo gets bad news from Clint. Jessica gets bad news from Clint. She head to B.E. Nora makes a recommendation in behalf of Marcie. Marcie gets a lighter punishment. Nora gets a call from Clint about B.E. Nash gets bad news about his loan from the bank. Nash calls Jared and tells him that he will take him up on his offer. Michael and Marcie come home and she immediately looks at the pics of Tommy. Michael shakes her and tells her that she had to stop this.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

While Julian and Valerie are having sex Julian tugs on Valerie's hair, pulling off the mask and wig and revealing Vincent! Tabitha tells Kay she won't give up magic till monkey's come out of her britches, so, of course, the Demon Elf arranges this escapade and monkey's run wild in Tabitha's kitchen. Noah comforts Paloma after she finds out about Theresa's death. Pilar, Luis, Miguel, Ethan, Sheridan and Gwen find out that Juanita's with Marty. Frightened, everyone fears for Marty's life. Unfortunately, as they run to his rescue they find Sheridan's hotel room empty-Marty's gone.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Karen finally makes her singing debut at Indigo to a packed house. With some coercion from their spouses the Newman siblings agree to go out and have some fun, Lily and Cane show up after a grueling day at Jabot working on the Face of Jabot campaign. Jill shows up with Commander Chloe who is making Lily’s life a living hell. Jack is in LA pitching “Restless Beauty” to Eric Forrester, who calls Victor after the meeting with Jack to get his perspective on the idea. Daniel convinces Nick and Phyllis to hire Amber as the receptionist, as they continue to act awkward around each other Phyllis senses their friendship has gone to another level. Adam decides to go to Indigo to unwind and Phyllis discovers she has been getting hit on by Nick and Victoria’s half brother. Nikki and Victor discuss Adam’s arrival at the GCAC.

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