The TV MegaSite's Monday 2/25/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Richie tells Babe that no matter what she had done to make J.R. agree to be the bone marrow donor, he is eternally grateful, but he can't accept it and is going to Austin to get the transplant. When he returns, he is going to make Babe fall in love with him. Ryan tries to explain his and Annie’s separation to Emma. Emma asks it is her fault that he left. Ryan assures her that it is not, adding that he is sick and has to be alone to feel better. Emma kisses his forehead so that now he won’t have to leave. Kendall visits Erica to see how she is. Erica is more than a little upset when she finds out that Aidan is going to Los Angeles with Kendall as her bodyguard. Kendall assures her that she and Aidan have an understanding. Erica mentions that Zach and Greenlee have been getting close since they had been in the bomb shelter together. Greenlee suggests to Zach that they ought to blow up the bomb shelter, because it brings such bad luck. Angie and Jesse are asleep in each other's arms. Jesse has a bad dream about the two men torturing him and demanding info from him that he doesn’t have. Angie tells Jesse that she dated Remy for whom Jesse had taken a bullet. The doctor starts to take J.R.'s bone marrow. Aidan bumps into Kendall. Annie reminds Ryan that they both agreed he should move out .She accuses him of not wanting to get help. Aidan tells Kendall that Greenlee asked him again how they found the plans to the bomb shelter. Kendall comes up with a story to tell Greenlee the next time she asks. Kendall resists the urge to visit Ryan. Babe tells Richie that she is not ready for any kind of relationship. Richie assures her that he will wait. J.R. wakes up and starts to leave but falls onto the floor. The doctor and his assistant come in and take care of J.R. Pam visits Erica and tells her that “New Beginnings” had been pulled from the airways. Babe calls J.R. and leaves him a message that Richie no longer needs his bone marrow. Richie sees J.R. and tells him that he is not only going to take his bone marrow but also his girl.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Noah is blowing off class to stay with Ameera. Aaron interrupts Allison and Matt’s breakfast and Aaron’s interrogation doesn’t sit well with Allison. Henry tells Vienna that she has to give the diamond necklace back. Vienna tells Henry about Gray’s latest proposal, but Henry turns it down flat. The Oakdale PD tries to keep Kit in town, but her lawyer threatens a lawsuit. Dallas calls Jack and tells him that they are going to have to cut Kit free soon. Katie breaks down and Brad hopes it is because he is talking about his night with Bonnie, but Katie explains that it has to do with Jack. Carly is upset that Katie’s call screwed up their plan, but Jack doesn’t want Carly to blame Katie; he is the one who forgot to turn off his phone. Ameera is unaccustomed to the US lifestyle and then she and Noah talk about how different they saw his dad. Aaron explains that he has to leave town because his mom had a relapse; Allison is immediately apologetic. Matt seems to know Gray when he visits Vienna. Vienna tells Gray that she can’t accept his offer or his necklace. Gray continues to flirt and be persistent. Vienna can’t help be flattered, but she professes her love for Henry again. Ameera tries to convince Noah that he should give his dad another chance because of how wonderfully he treated her and her mom. Noah explains that he is in jail because he killed his mother and tried to kill Luke; he won’t forgive that. Matt and Allison continue with their date, but Allison tells him that she wants to be honest. Katie explains that her phone call screwed up Jack’s chances to get Kit to confess. Brad has an idea when Henry comes into see Katie seeking counsel about Vienna. Gray asks Vienna to lunch, as Vienna tells him that she has to be upfront with Henry. Luke joins Noah and Ameera at Al’s. A loud noise in the diner sends Ameera to the floor and causes Gray to pull out a gun, which Matt sees. Luke and Noah take Ameera back to the Farm. Allison admits to Matt her past issues, whom tells her that it doesn’t matter to him. Allison is relieved with his cavalier attitude. Jack arrives at the station too late because Kit has already left. Brad races in with a proposal, but Jack is not interested. Katie goes to apologize to Carly and tell her of their plan, but she doesn’t care and refuses to let Katie, in her mind, use Parker to get back in with Jack. Henry bumps into Kit, pretends to be a buyer of nightclubs, and convinces her to show him the club promising he will most likely buy it. Kit cancels her cab and leaves with him. Kit shows Henry Metro and explains non-chalantly what happened when Henry comments on the Police tape. She turns it into a selling point in her mind. Henry pretends to accept this and makes an offer. When Kit sees how much he is willing to pay, she tells him that her price was only for her share. Henry explains that he needs 24 hours then. Kit isn’t sure, but she is convinced when Henry offers her money as a down payment. Luke and Noah talk privately about not wanting Ameera to go back to Iraq and face all that danger she talks about, as Ameera listens without them knowing. Matt tells Allison that he had fun, as she is happy too. Carly and Jack are unsure about Brad, Katie and Henry’s plan. Henry tells Katie that Kit took the bait and she should go tell Jack. Katie races to share the news with Jack, Brad and Carly. Henry and Vienna make up. Katie thanks Brad for saving her with Jack and Parker; Brad tells her that he did it for Parker. Carly and Jack are happy that Henry pulled off the scam, but worry that they still have to get Kit to confess. They are determined to do make this work for their family.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Lt. Baker urges Stephanie to name her shooter if she has more information. She hesitates then says the person who is responsible is in this room… is her own self. She explains that it’s been a bad year and she has done some not so nice things and she is responsible for what has happened. That’s all she has to say and she hopes Lt. Baker will drop the case and that will be the end of it. She tells Storm that he is free and she forgives him. He can live his life as she will never speak of this again. Even Brooke thanks her for being a woman of her word. Donna also joins in for the thanks, but Stephanie dismisses her with a look. Stephanie looks toward Eric, but he says nothing. Brooke tells her family she has known Stephanie longer than anybody else, and never count her out. She probably did this more for herself than for Storm. Stephanie explains to Eric that it is important to her that he knows she has a heart, that is why she changed her mind. Nick tells Taylor that he thinks they need to talk more before she just assumes she is taking Jack with her. For her, it is as simple as Jack is her son and she wants him with her.

As Taylor is readying her house for Jack’s move back with her, Rick drops in saying he was just in the neighborhood. And finding her unencumbered, he suggests a night of adult recreation. She’s not sure whether to hit him or hug him, but he settles on the hug. But that leads to a kiss. Katie suggests to Donna to give Eric a little space, let him come back to her, not rub Stephanie’s nose in it that she has lost him. Donna gives in and says she will wait for Eric’s phone call, but he will, and they will be together. Her future is with him. Eric wonders if Stephanie is expecting something in return other than trying to prove she has changed. She replies no, not at all, but she would like to ask that they celebrate their upcoming anniversary together with the family and then he can make his decision, any decision he needs to make that is best for him. He gives her a hug and says considering what happened today, he thinks that is a very good idea.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Roman questions Bo about the crash. Caroline stops by to hear from Bo what happened to Shawn Sr. Everyone tries to talk Bo out of blaming himself. The sorority sisters decide that Chelsea can stay in the sorority. Morgan and Stephanie help console Max. Steve and Kayla are discharged and allowed to go home. Steve claims he doesn’t remember what he tried to tell Kayla the night before. Steve tracks Ava down and gets her to admit that she ordered the plane’s sabotage, though her intent was to keep the plane from taking off in the first place. Ava wants Steve to come home with her but Steve runs off. Steve returns home, fearing that Ava will be coming at any moment to cause harm.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Claudia intervenes, preventing Sonny from shooting her brother; the two find themselves in a standoff. Kate wakes up and calls Alexis Olivia. Nikolas discusses the night she died with Nikolas, and denies that Logan did it. Then, Lulu, in tears, shows up to rant about Logan being the killer and her fears. It turns out the killer is Diego. He takes the time to explain how he survived and why he's killing everyone to Sam. Put simply, revenge. Jason interrupts Sonny and Claudia to speculate on the news Jerry gave him about Lorenzo's bank accounts being active. Sonny is not pleased to be distracted from business for a wild goose chase. So, Jason takes the news to Carly, who is frantic about Michael and who has just received a brief, enigmatic call from the boy, from an unknown number. Jax wants to convince Sonny to call the cops and has gone to try to do so. Carly suffers a pain. Trevor tries to pressure both Marianna and Ric about the waterfront property.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Gus and Natalia are talking about Olivia and Gus' probable giving some bone marrow to her. Ava thinks something is wrong with Olivia when she gets a call from her. Come to find out Olivia is getting her nails done. And wants Ava's advice. Ava is a little scared then annoyed at first. Ava thought the call was that Olivia was dying. Frank gets as surprise when he meets Harley. Harley says she forgot Zach's cookies for his lunch. Then got lost. Marina and Daisy get talking until Rafe comes into Company. Rafe and Daisy talk about what and how Natalia thinks about Daisy. Cyrus meets up with Marina at Company. Olivia enjoys her new toenail look. Ava still can't believe what Olivia did. They start talking about guys. Daisy and Ashlee have a talk about family and how great it is to have one. Rick gets angry at Harley for leaving Zack in the car while having a panic attack. Harley says it is his fear of probable loosing Roberta that has got him on edge. Rick tells her he's not having this conversation and leaves her standing there stunned. Gus visits Olivia and she tells him she is fine. Rafe tells his mother off about Daisy. Olivia is picking up Emma from school and Emma knows something's up. She questions her mother. Olivia tries to put it in little kid terms what is happening. Gus comes by. He kneels down to Emma's height and tells her she is coming home with him. Olivia thanks him. Marina is crying on grand dad, Buzz's shoulder over Cyrus.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John is on his way back to Llanview from Washington. Rex can‘t believe that Adriana would turn down an offer to go to Paris to stay there with him. Rex looks around and sees Ginger and Shane. Rex comes to the conclusion that Adriana doesn’t trust him. They argue. Rex tells Adriana that this is about Shane and Adriana thinking that Rex is his father. Starr paces the floor with her cell phone. She mumbles to herself that if Cole wants to talk to her then he will call her. Starr reminds herself to do as Dorian says and be a lady. Starr sees someone at the door and thinks that it is Cole, but it is only Markko. Markko tells Starr that he was there to meet Langston. Starr tells him that Langston had left to meet someone. Cole paces the floor. Langston arrives. Cole tells her that he couldn’t talk to Starr about this that it was too disturbing. Cole tells Langston that he is going to shoot Commissioner Ramsey because he had killed his Mother. Ramsey looks at a pic on the wall. Bo comes in and tells him if he wants him arm to remain where it is, then he will leave that pic alone. Bo explains the importance of the pic on the wall. Ramsey tells him that he can take the pic, but any way it comes down off the wall. Talia and Antonio back up Bo. Bo goes into the office and he and Ramsey exchange looks.

Bo lets Antonio that he is going to reinstate John to the police station. Rex spends some quality time with Shane while Gigi and Adriana watch on. Layla stops by to see Adriana’s at Viki’s. Adriana tells Layla that she may not go to Paris. Starr and Langston try their hand at cooking. Ramsey signs the papers to reinstate John McBain to the police force. John comes home and finds out that Lee Ramsey is the new police commissioner.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Eve helps Vincent in his Lamaze training. Vincent ties Eve up, afterwards, and dresses up as Valerie for his date with his father, Julian. The mysterious woman in Luis' room is Sheridan. Luis is disappointed, however, as he hoped it was Fancy. He is happy to see Marty who tells his dad all the odd things Fancy's done lately. Sheridan is happy to see that Marty is drawing Luis further away from Fancy. Gwen sets Juanita free...and then brags to Pilar that she's glad she did it-despite putting everyone in Pilar's family at risk.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jack and Sharon prepare to go to LA to meet with Forrester about advertising in “Restless Style.” Glo is not too keen on staying in the mansion with Jeffrey alone and asks Kevin to sleepover until The Abbotts return; Kevin refuses and suggests Glo deal with it. Amber’s treatment towards Daniel is indifferent and Daniel is not going to deal with it any longer. Victoria returns to work with Reed in tow, only to find out that daddy dearest has enlisted Vic Jr. (per his request) to work with her on the “Beauty of Nature” campaign and Victor and Nick go head to head at the Club. Then unexpectedly Nick is introduced to Vic Jr. Vic Jr. also enjoys hitting on Phyllis at the gym (GCAC).

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