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The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/22/08 Short Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Frankie tells Jesse that he had seen him at the hospital. Jesse tells him that he had hoped that he was too sedated to remember. Greenlee, Aidan and Zach discuss the body that they had found in the bomb shelter. Kendall suggests leaving the past behind. Derek arrives and tells the foursome that the body that they had found was someone that they knew. J.R. arrives on Babe’s doorstep with a club sandwich. J.R. assures Babe that he still intends on being a bone marrow donor for Richie. Angie persuades Frankie to go into the cabin and talk with his father. Frankie wants to know how he died but then turns up alive. Frankie wants to know how Jesse could have abandoned them like that. Jesse begins to explain to Frankie what had happened twenty years ago. Derek tells Greenlee, Zach, Aidan and Kendall that the man’s name was John Remington. Derek also tells them that Zach asked him to look into this matter. J.R. and Babe make love. Richie tells his two goons that he will get J.R.’s bone marrow if he has to kill J.R. to do it. Kendall tells Greenlee that Spike can hear. Zach steals Greenlee away for just a minute leaving Kendall alone with Aidan. Zach lets Greenlee know that he had asked Aidan to be Kendall’s bodyguard on the tour. Aidan and Kendall decide to leave the past in the past. J.R. leaves Babe’s and one of Richie’s goons follows him. Frankie and Jesse settle their differences and hug. Tad, Krystal and Angie walk in. Jesse tells them that had to leave in order to protect them. Through tears, Angie begs Jesse to stay there with them. Jesse finally agrees to do as Angie asks. Frankie, Jesse and Angie share a hug. Richie visits Babe and finds out from her that J.R. is going to be his bone marrow donor. Richie’s goons kidnap J.R.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden and Lily almost make love but Lily puts the breaks on things because she is still thinking of Dusty. Lily tells Holden they need time to trust each other again and then things will just happen naturally. Noah and Luke meet a young lady named Ameera who says that Noah's father Colonel Mayer loved her mother when he was in Iraq and now that her mother is dead she fears for her life because in Iraq they kill women and their families just because they fall in love with American men. Vienna turns down Gray's gifts and makes it clear that she loves Henry. Henry punches Gray when he sees him having drinks with Vienna at the Lakeview. Vienna assures Henry she can love no other man but him and they make love but Henry is still afraid he may lose Vienna. Brad's plan to make Katie jealous with Bonnie is working although Katie refuses to admit to Brad she is jealous of Bonnie. Brad wants to know if he has a chance with Katie but she says no because she can't date Jack's brother. Jack's plan to get Kit to confess to shooting Sam almost works until he gets a call from Katie on his cell phone that snaps Kit back to reality.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna apologizes to Storm, she betrayed him. He says it is okay as Stephanie would have held it over their heads for the rest of their lives anyway. Nick feels good that Taylor is better. Eric keeps proclaiming that he is in love with Donna, so he doesn’t give a damn what the news media and people think. He and Stephanie bicker back and forth about whose fault all of this is. Katie walks right on in and wants to see Stephanie alone. However the others are right behind and Ridge wants to throw Storm, Donna and even Brooke out of the house. He charges Storm and swears he will rot behind bars. Eric consoles Donna and assures her they will do everything they can to help Storm when he goes before the courts. But, it’s all out in the open now and they are free. Katie pleads her case, but Stephanie can’t be persuaded. Katie asks her to look into her heart and do this for herself or she will wake up one day and regret it. Stephanie listens, but says she is sorry, all of this is too self-serving for Katie.

Nick and Taylor continue to sing each other’s praises, but she can’t share him in her marriage. All goes well until she says she is taking Jack back home with her. He offers that she walked out on both of them, so she’s not entitled. Like pulling teeth, Lt. Baker and son try to get Stephanie to tell them what new information does she have about her shooting. No repercussions for her, they will put that person away for a long, long time. With everyone looking on, all eyes on Stephanie, she considers what to say.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena gathers Sami, EJ, Tony, and Lexie to join her and John at the DiMera mansion and reveals that John is their new relative. John announces that he’d like to take over the DiMera fortune and they all object. Tony isn’t happy that Anna has taken a job with a rival company. Steve recalls the mystery woman when Roman suspects that the crash was due to one specific passenger being targeted. The mystery woman tracks Steve down at the hospital but is stopped from going into Kayla’s room. She leaves Steve a threatening note referencing Kayla but Steve is too sedated to warn Kayla.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

It is noted that Kate seems to respond to Sonny, though her coma remains. Jason finds evidence linking Michael's disappearance and Kate's shooting to each other. When Marianna is hurt, Ric takes her to Liz for treatment. Johnny does his best to comfort Lulu over the fact that her boyfriend was possibly a killer, then says that since Claudia is running the show, he can be normal with her and asks her out. Sonny shoots Trevor, but misses. In the darkness, someone tries to strangle a woman and she demands to know who he is. When the mask is removed, it's too dark to see the face, but it resembles Nikolas or Ric. Logan slips into a coma.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Joined Guiding Light Already in Progress: Jeffrey is still trying to convince Cassie to trust Josh. She tells him to help her sort things out and to make it right. Jeffrey tells her about a court order. Then he asks her to go with her. Harley talks to Josh about the situation she is in with Cyrus and Marina. Josh tells her not to keep the truth from Marina. Josh then talks to Rick. Rick is not a good mood. Now he has to ask permission to see his new daughter. Josh says that was the way to keep a hold on Beth. Then Rick goes over to Harley and Jude to celebrate at his birthday party. Cassie wonders if Jeffrey wants her arrested to. Jeffrey tries to help her understand Will's problem. Then Doris comes in. She wants Jeffrey off the case because he is too close. Jeffrey is trying to make Doris leave. Doris mentions the DNA switch scandal that Cassie started. Marina and Cyrus end up at Company and crashes Jude's party. Harley asks Marina what the doctor said about her knee. Doris then comes into Company. She and Lillian have words. Harley and Marina have a good talk about Cyrus. Marina says she thought she'd never be happy like Harley and Gus. Not knowing that Gus married Natalia. Lillian has words with Doris about who is good for Buzz. Cassie meets a man named Chad, who is going to help Will. Cassie wants to say good-by to his mother, but not brake any rules. Beth is not happy and tells Josh. Doris announces plans for a new restaurant. Making the kids, Jude and RJ happy. Jeffrey talks to Will about his mother and Josh and their feelings. Jeffrey tells Will he's going to learn what it's now like. Then Will says to Jeffrey. what if it wasn't Edmund that fell off the church balcony, but him? Cassie joins Josh at Company. She calls Chad about Will and asks him to sign Will out for the day. Chad says as long as she brings him back at the end of the day. Cassie tells him he's wonderful. Marina sends out Buzz, Rick and Frank to find Harley. She says she'll feel better.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie shows Viki and Charlie the newspaper article about Jared and also shows Charlie the pic of him. Adriana and Rex stop by, and Rex brings the newspaper. Viki assures Rex that it is alright to be proud of his father. Shane hurries downstairs and gives Charlie a high five. Gigi comes downstairs, notices that Rex and Adriana are there, and offers her apologies for interrupting. Viki assures her that she is not interrupting. Adriana finds out that Gigi and Shane are staying with them. Jared looks at the newspaper. Jared thanks Nigel for what he had said last night. Nora and Clint comes into the living room as does Matthew. Matthew finds out from the newspaper that Bo had been fired. Bo appears in the doorway and tells Matthew that he had come by to explain things to him. Dorian serves breakfast to Blair, Starr, and Langston. Dorian commends Charlie for his bravery that she didn’t know that he possessed. Blair asks Starr about her birthday party. Jack comes in and sees that all girls are eating breakfast. Jack wants to know where Todd is. Ramsey throws Bo’s name plaque in the garbage can. Todd walks into the office. Ramsey notices the bullet. He tells Todd that he ought to be careful with that, that he could kill someone. Matthew questions Bo as to what had happened. Clint offers Bo a position at Buchanan Enterprises. Nora tells Cole that the FBI agent that replaced Bo was Lee Ramsey. Todd orders Ramsey to stay away from his family. Ramsey tells Todd to watch his back. Langston gets a call from Cole to meet him.

Bo turns down Clint’s offer to join the family business. Starr questions Langston about the phone call and why they had hung up so fast. Starr starts to call Cole, but Langston stops her. Rex picks up his plate and Charlie’s. He takes out a plastic bag and puts Charlie’s fork down inside. Charlie comes into the living room and thanks Viki for having this breakfast for him and his son. Viki and Charlie kiss and are interrupted by Natalie. Jared comes to visit Natalie. Jared shows Charlie the pic of him and Charlie in the newspaper. Langston meets Cole. He tells her that she is the only one that he can talk to about this. Adriana has really big news, but Rex ignores her. Adriana has an amazing offer for the company. She has to go to Paris for two weeks. Adriana asks Rex to accompany her to Paris. Rex refuses her invitation. Adriana decides to stay in Llanview with him.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Adam Wilson (Vic Jr.) arrives at Newman Enterprises for his first day of work and he meets the staff, Neil and Victoria who’s just returned after her recovery. JT and Nikki have a surprise for Victoria, which consists of moving into Sharon and Nick’s old place, Victoria is pleasantly surprised. Nick is excited about “Restless Style” as he, Phyllis, Jack and Sharon peep out the new digs. His excitement is cut short by Victoria who breaks the news that Vic Jr. has arrived in town and is being groomed for his old job. Sharon does not want to work for the foundation and with Phyllis’s urging will let Jack know during their trip to LA. Glo and Jeffrey join forces (supposedly) in hopes of getting Jack and Sharon to abandon the mansion.

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