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The TV MegaSite's Thursday 2/21/08 Short Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad comes downstairs where Krystal feeds Jenny her breakfast. Tad and Krystal discuss Jesse. Krystal can’t understand Jesse coming back to town, and then leaving again without seeing Angie. Frankie stops by and lets Tad and Krystal know that Angie had not made it to New York. Jesse and Angie are lying in each other's arms. They reminisce about the past. Jesse tells Angie that they are not safe. Angie urges Jesse to tell her what happened. Greenlee comes into work at Fusion. Babe sees her and tells her that she is glad that she is here. Greenlee shows Babe the tabloid articles concerning Erica’s arrest. Greenlee tells Babe that Spike is getting his cochlear transplant turned on today. Kendall is afraid it won’t work. Ryan comes and assures Kendall and Zach that he is not here to cause trouble, that today is about Spike. Kendall asks about Annie. Ryan tells Kendall that Annie threw him out. Jesse is hesitant to tell Angie what happened but begins to open up to her. Annie comes in and tells Zach and Kendall that she is fine. The doctor arrives to turn on the cochlear ear transplant. Tad thinks of a place that Jesse and Angie could be if they had found each other. Aidan comes in with a blanket and a picnic basket. Greenlee is more than a little surprised. Ryan turns on the cochlear transplant and Spike can hear. Everyone is thrilled. Happily, Ryan and Annie play with Spike. Kendall tells Ryan of a Christmas past where Zach and Spike had put together a toy train set, and how that Ryan had sat for hours, watching Spike. Kendall promises Ryan that he will get his memory back. Babe leaves Greenlee and Aidan alone to share a romantic lunch. Greenlee suggests going up onto the roof for the picnic. Angie tells Jesse about Cassandra then promises that wherever he goes, she is going with him. Greenlee and Aidan share a romantic picnic until Babe interrupts and tells Greenlee that the police needs to talk to her. Kendall gets a call from Derek telling her and Zach to come to the police station. Greenlee tells Aidan that she and Zach found some bones in the bomb shelter, and the police wants to talk to her and Zach about them. Angie tells Jesse that they are starting a new life together. Jesse hears a noise outside. Tad and Krystal find Jesse and Angie together in the cabin. Zach and Kendall arrive at Fusion. Derek arrives and tells them that the man in the bomb shelter was murdered. Frankie arrives at the cabin and comes face to face with Jesse.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul is lucky to be alive after the bomb Craig put in his car, but he has second degree burns over 20% of his body. Margo puts out an APB on Craig who later calls her from his private plane headed to the Caiman Islands and tells her that Paul and Craig deserve to pay for torturing him. Meg struggles with wanting to take care of Paul but later decides she can't help him recover this time. Sofie goes to the hospital to visit Chris and Emily warns her not to hurt or use Chris and Sofie tells her that her relationship with Chris is none of her business. Emily decides to take Paul's offer to let the intruder become a subsidiary of Worldwide. Emily is also worried when she sees Sofie sitting at Paul's bedside because he asked her to stay with him because he didn't want to be alone. Carly and Jack plan to use Cowboy Jack to get Kit to admit she fired the shot that killed Sam. Carly puts a sleeping pill in Kit's hamburger and then the second part of their plan will take place. Parker worries that the plan is going to backfire because any plan that Carly is involved in never works.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna begs Stephanie – she loves her brother and doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Stephanie says too bad, she is the one who caused all of this by not keeping her end of the bargain. Donna wants to strike another deal, but Stephanie won’t listen to her crocodile tears. Brooke and Katie come in and Stephanie warns them too that they are all culpable for what happens now since she assumes they knew all along Donna was still seeing Eric. They beg they have all learned their lesson, and Storm is in therapy and doing well, and he doesn’t need to be punished more. Stephanie listens but is untouched. He will go to prison where he belongs. Katie tries to talk reason; Stephanie doesn’t have to do this. Stephanie admires her for defending her family, but it’s too late. She calls Lt. Baker while the girls are standing there. There’s been a new development in the case and he will meet her in an hour. She tells the girls that she almost feels badly for Storm; betrayed by his own sister – for what – sex, money, fame? Just shows how really shallow she is. Better tell Storm to get his affairs in order, she feels the courts will put him away for a long time. Taylor drops in on Nick to see Jack. She tells him that leaving him was the hardest thing she has done in her life, but she knows it was the best thing to do. She states she can not stay with a man who has love in his heart for another woman, especially Brooke. She’s not overly surprised to hear that he poured out his love to Brooke, but she is remaining steadfast to be with Ridge. Eric confides to Ridge that Stephanie knows everything. Ridge says so does he and he’s disgusted that Storm is still roaming the streets. He’s surprised when Eric asks for his help in getting Stephanie to back off. Ridge tells him Storm was the shooter and he can’t forgive that; he won’t help Eric.

Taylor tells Nick she is done competing with Brooke. Nick argues that despite Brooke, he is completely committed to Taylor. That isn’t what she wants though, she wants a man to love only her. They could have had a beautiful life together, but now it is time to move on and perhaps she will find a man someday that will have a place in his heart for only her. Stephanie returns home to overhear Ridge tell Eric that he’s going to look out for his mother, not Storm or Donna. She informs them that Lt. Baker is on his way over, what will be will be. The sisters call Storm and he rushes home and wants to know what is going on? They have to tell him that Stephanie was not acting out of the goodness of her heart, she had other motives. They fill him in on all the details. He takes it well, so he will be going to jail after all.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

The rescue plane brings everyone home and they are greeted at the hospital by the rest of the family. Everyone gathers around Caroline when Shawn Sr.’s body is wheeled in. Lexie immediately admits Bo to the hospital for testing. Victor reaches out in support of Bo. Steve overhears Kayla telling her doctor about the cramping and lets it slip to Stephanie that Kayla is pregnant. John surprises Marlena when he takes her advice and offers his condolences to Caroline. Kate stops Victor from going after Caroline. Victor confronts Chloe about Brady but she swears she knows nothing about his disappearance. Philip offers to let Chloe come home with him. John will only let Marlena examine him. Marlena wants to take John home but John would rather move into the DiMera mansion.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason suspects Carly might have hit Sam, thus offending her and souring her pregnancy news. Jax does not like it that Trevor is hanging around Kate's, and Claudia suspects he's causing her father's madness. She agrees to take him down, in return for something from her father. Sam visits Nikolas. Fearing Sonny's wrath, Michael runs away. Lulu and Johnny get closer. Sonny promises to avenge Kate. Nikolas asks "Emily" if Logan killed her.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jonathan and Lizzie visits Josh while he's packing up his office. They apologizes for getting him into trouble. Will surprises Cassie at the cabin. Then Reva and Jeffery show up. They surprise Cassie. Reva gets a surprise of her own when she see what mess the cabin is in. Reva says she is angry because they are telling her to put Will away. Cassie says no. That she saw her and Josh together. Then Bill arrives, he is there because of Josh. Back at the church Josh and Jonathan and Lizzie are talking about advice and who should give it. Josh says he is one that shouldn't because look what happened. He lost everything, his congregation, family. Jonathan asks Josh to marry he and Lizzie. Josh says he can't do it in a church. So they figure go figuring out how and where. Beth and Rick are also talking. Beth suggest they go and see Lizzie. Reva refuses to talk to Bill about what he is there for, Aubrey Cross. Reva and Cassie get into again about Will, until Jeffery buts in and says, they all know what Will did and it's going to stop here and now. Josh meets up with Cassie and Will at the police station. Cassie explains why they are there. Josh believes that maybe with the police involved he can get help. Lizzie tells Bill she is marrying Jonathan. Telling Bill that Jonathan is a great father, and friend. Beth and Rick go to the club and run into Mel. She just loves Roberta. And says that Leah is going to love being a baby sister. Jonathan runs into Cassie at the courthouse. She wants to know why he's there. He tells her that he's taking out a marriage license. Cassie isn't happy at first. But when he tells her that it is the only way to get Alan out off his back. Cassie then agrees. Cassie goes back to talk to Josh. She asks him to pick up RJ from school. Josh is a little stunned asking if she wants him to stay till the hearing. She says no, she can handle it. Beth talks to Rick about Roberta. Beth brings up the lye Rick told her. Reva and Jeffery kiss after talking about the events of the day. Bill runs into Jonathan and Lizzie, and Jonathan asks if he knows they are getting married. Before they leave, Bill says 'Wait minute." Then says, "Don't ruin her life." Jonathan and Lizzie are finally alone again. He's got a gift on the table. She opens it. It is a diamond. She says it's great. But not enthusiastically. Jonathan says they can change it. Reva gives Josh advice on how to handle Cassie. Cassie talks to Jeffery about her.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Sarah and Cristian make passionate love. Nora, Clint and Jared arrive home. Renee rushes out and tells Jared that she had been so worried about him. She, then sees the gunshot wound on his shoulder. Matthew is glad to see Jared. Matthew calls Jared a “hero” for rescuing Jessica. Jessica, Nash and Natalie are at the hospital. Jessica asks the nurse how Alison is. The nurse tells Jessica that the doctor had said that she wouldn’t last through the night. Jessica can’t get over how Alison had just let go of Jared. Jessica and Nash kiss when Antonio walks up. Natalie goes in to see Alison. She asks Alison why had she tried to kill Jessica. Renee finds out from Clint and Nora that Bo had been fired. Gigi gets a call from Ramsey. Antonio asks Jessica as to what had happened tonight. An officer walks up and lets Antonio and Jessica know that there was a DVD. Jessica blurts out that she hadn’t seen a DVD. Sarah and Cristian rummage the refrigerator, naked. They hear a noise and quickly hide when Layla and Vincent come in. Vincent catches Cristian and Sarah headed back to their bedroom, dressed in paper. Gigi meets Ramsey in a bar. Ramsey tells Gigi that he wants her and Shane to stay right here in Llanview. Clint asks Jared to sit in on a possible merger. Layla and Vincent find the mess in the kitchen that Sarah and Cristian had made with the cake and ice cream. Jessica tells Alison that she knows her secret. Gigi promises to keep Ramsey’s secret. Gigi tells Ramsey if he tries to hurt Shane, then, “He Will Pay!” Clint and Nora kiss.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

“Welcome, welcome Vic Jr. aka Adam Wilson to Genoa City and Newman Enterprises,” says Victor with excitement and open arms. Oh no Glo, not showing any signs of being poisoned because, it has been switched and replaced with good ole’ H2O, by Jeffrey who lets Glo know she’s good but he’s better. Michael and Lauren inform Kevin that they are on to his and Glo’s unsuccessful plan. The happenings in the Abbott mansion are just one big enigma to Jack and Sharon as they tune into the Glo and Jeffrey show. Adam (Vic Jr.) hits on Phyllis at the GCAC and Victoria announces she’ll be returning to work tomorrow, Victor surprises her by informing her that Vic Jr. (Adam) will also be starting tomorrow. JT and Victoria decide to move into Nick and Sharon’s old place after David and Nikki vacate the premises.

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