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The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/20/08 Short Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica is taken to a holding cell with Jack close behind. Erica insists that she is innocent. Babe and J.R. begin their Texas Hold ‘Em poker game. Babe reminds him of the rules of the game. Aidan follows Kendall into the ladies’ bathroom. Aidan tells her that Greenlee had told him that she might be pregnant. Kendall tells Aidan that the pregnancy test had come back negative. Greenlee comes in and asks Aidan to give them a minute. Greenlee asks Kendall what is up. Kendall apologizes and tells her that she is so sorry. J.R. asks Babe if Richie knows what she is giving up for him. Richie gets a blood transfusion at the hospital. He makes an acquaintance of one of the nurse’s named Bridgett. Richie acts as though he had lost his wallet so that Bridget would go and look for it for him. While she is gone, Richie finds out that J.R. is going to be his bone marrow donor. Erica thanks Jack for all that he is doing for her. Jack lets her know that he had talked to Woods and Woods is a hard nut to crack. Jack also lets her know that her bail hearing was planned for tonight. Erica is grateful. Aidan walks up to the bar and asks for whiskey and make it a double . Zack walks up and join in their conversation. The bailiff calls the court to order. Despite Jack’s warnings, Erica lashes out at Samuel and tells the judge what Samuel had done on her show. The judge tells her to sit down or he would charge her with contempt of court. The judge sets her bail at 1 million dollars. Samuel tells Erica that he is glad that she didn’t have to spend the night in jail. Jack takes Erica home with him. Erica and Jack arrive home. She notices that he had had the room redone. Greenlee and Kendall are fixing their make-up when Zach pops his head in the door and asks Kendall if she is pregnant. Greenlee makes her exit to give them time to talk. Zach starts questioning her as to why she hadn’t told him. Kendall urges him to let them talk about this at home. J.R. wins the game of strip poker. J.R. lets Babe know that he had already decided to be a bone marrow donor for Richie. Babe is confused by J.R.’s actions. J.R. and Babe make love. Richie is in his motel room when there is a knock on the door. Two men appear at the door. Zach wonders why Kendall had kept this from him. Kendall tries to explain that she hadn’t wanted to get his hopes up and she just wasn’t ready for another child. Zach agrees. They promise not to keep secrets from each other again. Kendall and Zach make love on the living room sofa. Greenlee and Aidan arrive home. They make love. Erica dreams that Jack is the judge and he had just found her guilty. Samuel comes in and drops all the charges against her. Samuel tells Erica that he had just done this to get her attention. They start to kiss. Richie tells the two men his plans for J.R.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly has a nightmare about Parker shooting Sam, but she remembers Parker shot Sam only once. Craig is back in town and tells Paul that he knows all about his and Lucinda’s wild goose chase plan. Holden sees the note from Craig and informs Meg that he is going to put an end to this. Craig makes some promises – that are more like direct threats. Carly races to tell Jack of what she remembers, but Jack explains that they need more. Carly wants them to reconstruct the night Sam was shot. Paul tells Lucinda that Craig is back and seems determined to exact his revenge. Paul seems rattled by Craig’s icy reaction. Craig tells Margo that he wants her to arrest Evan because she and Evan were in cahoots. Bob and Kim bump into Lucinda and Bob talks about getting antsy to get back to work. Carly and Jack start to go over the facts of the night Carly was almost raped and Sam was killed, but Jack can’t handle it. He admits to Carly that he would have killed Sam too. Paul goes to see Meg to warn her, but Meg is furious that Paul incited Craig again. Paul admits that he and Lucinda tried to get Craig out of town. Holden shows up loaded for bear, at the station, wanting to have Craig arrested. Margo talks Holden down, but both he and Craig leave angry. Craig seems to be telling Margo goodbye with an added veiled threat to Paul. Kim worries about Bob and she getting back into their normal lives and forgetting what happened. Jack and Carly are going over the facts of the night when Kit interrupts telling them that she wants her money now so she can get out of Oakdale. Jack senses something is off since Kit didn’t have any interest in any of Sam’s possessions – namely Cowboy Jack. Jack and Carly now believe Kit was the one who shot Sam the second time. Craig comes to see Meg while she is with Paul and tells her it is goodbye. Margo questions Lucinda about her connection with Evan. Jack and Carly are determined to prove Parker’s innocence, as they head off to the station. Lucinda admits to Craig that she was associated with Evan in hopes of bringing him down. Craig tells her that he is leaving Oakdale, but again makes a veiled threat. Meg tells Paul to be careful. Jack and Carly get some evidence that shows it was possible for Kit to get back to town in time to kill Sam. Holden tells Meg that he got her a restraining order against Craig. Jack wonders if Cowboy Jack can tell them something, as Carly looks confused. Paul’s car is blown up with Paul inside.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric states that he doesn’t want to be married to Stephanie anymore. Not to be dominated or humiliated by her ever again. She tells him shame on him. This charade is a total disregard to everything they have ever shared. He berates her for her blackmail of Donna. He feels the real shame is all the years he denied himself real love until now. He didn’t reach out to Donna out of some thrill, but because she treated him like an equal, something Stephanie never did. He vows that she will have to stop threatening sending Storm to prison. They argue whether that should happen or not, but Stephanie declares that will be some justice out of this whole fiasco. Ridge explains to Brooke that this is all Donna’s fault and asks what does Storm have to do with it? She lowers the boom that his mother is blackmailing Donna, and it has to do with what she knows about Storm….he was the one who shot her trying to set his own dad up. But Stephanie made a deal that she would not go to the police if Donna would give Eric up. Ridge is furious that Brooke had not told him this before. Donna doesn’t want to listen to Katie’s “I told you so.”

Eric understands that Stephanie feels betrayed, but he demands that she is not sending Storm to prison. She’s just exacting revenge. She’s heard this all before; he doesn’t want just sex, he just wants to feel loved and be himself. But Storm pulled the trigger and Donna did not keep her end of the deal. Brooke tries to explain to Ridge that his mother is just manipulating the situation. She wants him to please call his mother and convince her not to go after Storm. She begs him, he’s sorry but he can’t do that. Storm has got to go to jail. Stephanie drops in on Donna, quipping that she bailed out over Hawaii. She gloats that all she asked was that Donna leave her family alone and she would leave the Logan family intact. But Donna couldn’t do that, so now Storm is going to prison. Donna tries to wiggle out by suggesting someone doctored the photo of Eric. Stephanie leaves one last guilt – when Storm goes to prison and Donna visits him, he will know that she put him there.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip and Chloe decide not to sleep together. Marlena and John decide to keep kissing in hopes that it will spark John’s memory. Marlena changes her mind when their first attempts don’t make any difference. Kayla hides the fact that she is still cramping from Steve. Belle and Shawn talk of reuniting as a family. Hope urges an unconscious Bo to hang on until they are rescued. John fires off a flare and a rescue plane spots it. The family back home splits their time between the police station and the church until they get word that the rescue planes have found the wreckage.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Maxie is in favor of Logan dying, but Lulu is tortured by the notion she might have killed him. Johnny is not thrilled with her concern. Claudia visits her father, but he fails to recognize her and wants his late wife to toss the whore out. Marianna explains how she got in the country illegally and now lives in fear of deportment. Sonny and then Jax are terrified as it appears Kate's surgery is not going well. Luke manages to get back in Tracy's good graces thanks to evidence he found against Monica implicating her in Sam's hit and run. Ian pressures Nikolas for a decision about taking the experimental, illegal treatment.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh is interviewed about the situation of Beth's baby's parentage and then is suspended from the church. Will is spying on everyone. Will asks Cassie if he's bad. She says no. The only reason he's going back to that school is to help him. Then he says people thinks he's crazy. Reva visits Jeffery to tell him of the latest. She tells him of Josh's suspension. And he tells her his job is in jeopardy. Josh finds Cassie and Will and asks Will to leave he and Cassie alone to talk. Cassie tells Josh she was set to take him to the school, then had second thoughts. Cassie says Will told her he sees Tammy and talks to her. Josh says he understands. But at some point she is going to stop. Cassie says she loves her children. And it kills her to see a child hurt. Josh tells her he's been suspended. Cassie calls the congregation mindless. Josh says it's not their fault, he could have told them about the situation, but didn't. Then the subject returns to Will. Cassie runs out of gas. And she doesn't have her phone. Will says it's all because she is taking him to that school. Jeffery comes to their rescue. He tells Cassie he doesn't usually take back roads. He tells them to jump in and he'll take them home. Meanwhile out with Reva, a male member of the church starts in on Josh. Josh has had enough and tries to start a fight. Reva stops him. Then Tammy and Cassie's names are mentioned and Reva starts a fight. Jeffery and Cassie break in to the Spaulding Mansion. Cassie sees the crib. And mentions that Alan is going to make that little girl a Spaulding. Reva wants to drive Josh home. But before that they go to Jeffery's office. He's asleep. Josh and Reva whisper. Josh says he'll go home and talk to Jeffery in the morning. Josh goes home to find Cassie gone. Meanwhile finally at home Will goes nuts. Cassie finally gets him calm and he says we don't need anybody.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jared starts to tell everyone the truth. Dorian mumbles to herself that here it comes. Nash hurries in to check on Jessica. Jessica assures him that she is fine. Blair urges Todd to tell her what is bothering him, but Todd is tight-lipped. Talia and Antonio discuss Ramsey and what kind of boss he will be. Talia starts to leave, but Antonio urges her to stay. He tells her that she is sexy. Cristian decides to spend the night with Sarah. Nash thanks Jared for saving Jessica’s life. Natalie asks Jared what was he going to tell her, but Viki interrupts. Jared does manage to get it out that it is about Charlie. Todd opens up to Blair that he just can’t do happy and being a responsible husband and father. Todd tells Blair that this is all about her, Starr, Jack and Sam. He tells Blair that they are keeping him from killing Ramsey. Dorian interrupts Jared again and remarks that he and Charlie are heroes. She drags Jared away to do a story on him. Nora and Clint wonder what that was all about. Lindsay tells Bo that she needs to talk to him. Lindsay tells Bo that she is moving out. Bo insists that she cannot move out since she is in his custody. Viki asks Charlie how is his shoulder. Jessica thinks that they may have been wrong about Jared. Natalie wonders what he was going to tell her. Jared questions Dorian as to why she wouldn’t let him tell the whole story. Natalie commends Charlie for saving Jared’s life. Jamie interrupts Talia and Antonio in a tender moment. Natalie questions Jared as to what he had to tell her. Jared refuses to tell her anything. Jared apologizes to her for telling her that he loved her.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Marty mistakes the device that controls Fancy's brain as a game controller. He soon begins using it for playing games--causing Fancy to go wild. She soon chases Sheridan around with a vase. She also begins losing control of her body and runs into a wall. She thinks she may have a brain tumor. Gwen plans on untying Juanita. Theresa is officially declared dead. Everyone reminisces on Theresa and Ethan and Pilar vow to avenge her death.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The dinner party hosted by Glo commences at the Abbott mansion, as Glo and Kevin put the finishing touches on their scrupulous plan. Little do they know that Jeffrey is aware of what’s going on and when Glo proceeds to take ill and pass out on the living room floor, he is not the least bit concerned; as a matter of fact he continues to indulge in his baked Alaska.

That darn Victor being the meanie that he is turns down Nick’s proposal to advertise “The Beauty of Nature“ in the new magazine which has been named “Restless Style.” Nick is angry at Victor and confronts him to inform of the mistake he’s making and, of course, Victor does not care. Victoria is restless and itching to go back to work; Phyllis and Nick try to get her to jump ship from Newman and join them at “Restless Style.” Heather is forced to drop the Ji Min case against Jack (who is relieved), due to lack of evidence. Daniel with urging from Amber asks Heather out to dinner and she obliges, then offers him a nightcap at her place. Vic Jr. arrives in town and his first stop is Newman Enterprises. Victor offers Nick and Sharon’s old place to JT.

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