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The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/19/08 Short Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Everyone is aghast that Erica had been arrested on national television. Angie, with tears in her eyes, pushes Jesse back and locks the door, telling him not to even think about leaving until he tells her what happened 20 years ago. The reporters hound Erica for a statement. Samuel Woods tells Erica that she is charged with insider trading . Kendall wants to go with Erica, but Zach holds her back. Pam urges Kendall that they have more air time. Kendall thanks everyone for coming, and in particular thanks Campbell’s Soup for helping Fusion with this fashion show. Jack lets the press know that Erica had no comment. Greenlee urges everyone to go to the party at ConFusion. Erica assures Kendall that Jack is with her and they will get this matter straightened out. Kendall sits down in a chair while Ryan watches her. Zach steps in front of Ryan. Greenlee asks Annie to help Amanda talk up the party instead of Erica’s arrest. J.R. asks Babe if she is ready to take him on. J.R. takes Babe home. Babe sets the ground rules for their card game. If she wins, then J.R. will be the bone marrow donor for Richie and if J.R. wins, then he can have anything that he wants. Zach encourages Ryan to help his own wife, Annie, instead of trying to comfort Kendall. Zach goes over to comfort Kendall. Zach comforts Annie with a hug. Ryan sits down with Kendall and tells her they made a very beautiful baby. Greenlee tells Aidan that this stress is not good for Kendall’s baby. Greenlee wants to know why Aidan would ask Kendall if she was pregnant. Aidan and Greenlee have a drink at the bar and kiss.  Ryan goes home. Annie comes downstairs, dressed very seductively. Ryan starts to make up excuses. Annie tells him that she wanted him to see what he was missing before he got out of the house. Greenlee urges Kendall to take the pregnancy test. Jesse starts to try to explain to Angie about the day that he had supposedly died. Angie sees the marks and scars on Jesse’s back. Jesse and Angie make love.  Erica is taken to the police station. Erica threatens Samuel that he will grovel from now on. Erica is booked on the charges of insider trading. Jack watches Samuel’s and Erica’s conversation through the window. Erica apologizes to Samuel. Erica tells Samuel that she can give him something that money cannot buy. Erica tells him that she will make sure he gets the Senate seat that he seeks. Samuel and other police officers come into the room to take Erica to her cell. Samuel tells Erica that she is now charged with attempting to bribe a public official.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry tells Vienna that he lost the diner in a poker game and that Gray Gerard wants to sleep with her in order to give them the diner back. Vienna wants to do it saying it would just be one night of meaningless sex. Henry, Brad and Katie all tell her that sex can never be meaningless. Henry admits to Brad that he is scared to lose Vienna once Gray reminds her of the life of luxury she gave up to be with him. Gray sends Vienna a diamond necklace and the deed to the Diner along with a note that says all this and so much more could be yours for just one night with me. Vienna tells Katie she intends to keep the necklace. Chris and Sofie take a walk in the park and talk about their lives later Emily gets jealous when she sees Chris give Sofie a kiss on the cheek. Paul offers Meg a job at Worldwide but she says no and reminds him once again their relationship is finished. Paul is stunned to go to the Worldwide office and find Craig sitting behind his desk.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie has a newsflash for Donna – how idiotic of her and Eric as he is caught in the newspaper – revealed in the flesh on the window ledge. Eric manages to keep Stephanie from seeing the paper for now, but begs for Ridge’s help to continue. Eric literally whisks Stephanie out of house to go directly to Tahiti without packing, no time to find books and newspapers, just go! Storm senses something is up with Katie and Donna, but they clam up when they can’t persuade him to go on to Europe. On the jet, Stephanie tells Eric that she wants no secrets between them starting now so she wants to confess that she hired a P.I. and she knows he was at Donna’s to deliver a Valentine’s gift. She accepts he needed closure. She goes on and on about his being a man of integrity, and how sweet he is to sweep her off her feet with this trip. She is relieved that he got out of this whole affair without a scandal.

Eric gets a phone call for Donna, so he slips off to take it in privacy. Donna warns him of the newspaper photo. He says nothing will happen; he is shielding Stephanie from this. Stephanie takes everything back. She sees the newspaper after all and tells Eric he played her for a fool. Nothing he can say will make it right. He never intended to make this marriage work out. Throw it away for what – a naked old man out on a ledge freezing in the night. He will be the laughing stock of the town. Is he proud of himself? He replies that he doesn’t care anymore. He loves Donna, and he’s not ashamed. That’s the way he feels. He’s so tired of living this way, with an ax over his head. The marriage is over and his future is with Donna. Stephanie will just have to accept that.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

The darkness forces rescue planes to turn back until morning. Rather than wait all night in the police station, Caroline convinces everyone to go to the church and pray. Shawn, Philip, and John help carry Steve into the cabin of the plane so Marlena can examine him. Bo, Hope, Claire, Kayla and Steve bundle up inside the plane and try to get some sleep. Chloe and Philip, Belle and Shawn, and John and Marlena each get intimate in their respective tents.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Despite his unwillingness, Nikolas begins reliving the memory of Emily's death. Terrified, Lulu bonks Logan on the head and Johnny comes over. When they assess the evidence, they call in the D.A., Scott. Jerry vows to protect Alexis and the girls. Upon finding Kate, Sonny calls for help. The bullet is near her heart. Marianna admits that she's done ugly things to try for a better life in America. However, Jerry's call interrupts them and summons Ric home. Ian offers Nikolas an alternative drug treatment in lieu of surgery.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie and Jonathan discuss their future. Alan gloats over a crib, when Bill comes by. Bill wants Alan to fulfill this end of the deal. Olivia gets a visit from Natalia. Again Natalia apologizes and tells her she is giving her Gus. Olivia thinks it's a trick and says so. Natalia says she makes mistakes and pays for them. Lizzie meets Bill and reads him the riot act. Bill says he's trying to protect her. She doesn't by it. Jonathan goes to the Company and Ava arrives. She is so glad to see him. Ava asks if he's staying around. Alan runs into Olivia. Alan sees that Olivia is on a list for a transplant. He says he's sorry and wished she told him. She says the reason was that he would have taken Emma. He says he wouldn't have. Natalia and Gus argue again over Olivia. Natalia admits she is insecure and jealous. Olivia then asks Alan to make calls to get her back on the list. Alan says he can't do that. Natalia and Gus go to bed and talk. Bill tells Ava that Alan gave him a job taking care of a project. Bill then tells her he has to go and that he'll call. She gets in a huff and leaves. Jonathan tells Lizzie that Bill is dangerous since Alan sent business his way. Then he proposes to Lizzie. With opera in the background Alan is talking to pictures of the family. Bill gets some mysterious phone messages he checks out. While music plays we see Springfield residents doing their thing.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie rushes to Viki and asks her if she had seen Jessica. Natalie fills Viki and Bo in that Jessica had come here to look for Alison. Ramsay comes up, interferes in the situation and immediately takes over. Ramsay has one of the bellhops check the monitors. To their horror, they see Alison pointing a gun at Jared and Jessica. Alison threatens to kill both Jared and Jessica. Jared lunges at Alison and grabs her by the arm. In their struggle, the gun goes off. Alison and Jared both go over the edge. Nora and Lindsay exchange hostile looks. Lindsay asks Nora if she thinks that this is her fault too. Viki and Natalie watch in horror at the goings on on the terrace. Jessica starts to go for help when she hears Jared yell. Dorian catches Roxy go through the secrets and stuffing some in her bra. Roxy begs Dorian not to turn her in. Jessica talks to Jared over the terrace where he hangs on to just a thread. Blair wonders why anyone would appoint Ramsay. Todd and Blair kiss. They find Sam still awake. Todd looks at a pic and remarks that it was pretty good. Starr tells Markko that she had had no idea about this party. Starr and Cole exchange looks from around the room. Cristian and Sarah kiss. Cristian tells Sarah that he should leave. Sarah tells him that she is not tired. Cristian thinks that Sarah wants to wait, but Sarah lets him know that she doesn’t. Adriana cannot imagine what Bo is going through being fired from the Police Commissioner job. Rex wishes that he could help Bo. Dorian forces Roxy to leave. Dorian begins to read some of the notes. Dorian and Roxy are caught reading the notes. Jared holds on, frantically, to the ledge. Alison tells Jessica to say good-bye to her secret as she falls to her death. Adriana proposes a toast to Rex’s new father. Charlie catches on to Jared’s hand. He tells Jared that he had lost him once and he wasn’t going to lose him again.

Starr and Cole kiss. Jack asks Todd to let him sleep with Sam. Jack tells his family that he loves them. Roxy interrupts the tender moment between Adriana and Rex. Roxy fills Rex and Adriana in as to what had just happened at the party. Dorian questions as to what had happened. The maitre’d informs her that someone had gone over the terrace. Charlie urges Jared not to give up. Charlie and others pull Jared up over the balcony. Rex calls Charlie, his father , a hero. Natalie kneels down beside Jared. He raises up to look at her. Starr interrupts Todd and Blair, kissing. Dorian shows Roxy the surveillance tape of the last four hours. Ramsay tells Jessica and Natalie that Alison had only an hour to live. Lindsay lets Bo, Clint and Nora know that Charlie use to be with Roxy. Cristian takes Sarah to bed.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Sam informs Ivy that Theresa is presumed dead. Saddened, Ivy tells Sam she never really wanted Theresa to die--just to go away. The two soon re-commit to each to each other. Ivy thinks Ethan should get back together with Gwen. Juanita tries persuading Gwen to set her free. Gwen won't buy anything she says--until Juanita tells her the plan she has. Ethan gives a heart-felt speech on his undying love for Theresa. Theresa soon, after Ethan says goodbye, sees the light guiding her to Heaven. She doesn't want to go, but has to. Paloma rescues Noah. She tells him they cannot be together because she won't be a part of a love triangle.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Great Victor Newman has returned to Genoa City and is offered condoles cense for Hope’s loss. He shares with Victoria and Nick his meeting with Vic Jr.; he also expresses his optimism of him joining him at Newman. Jack and Sharon find Jeffrey’s hidden camera and also Glo’s poisonous stash; Jack offers Jeffrey 5 million dollars to vacate the mansion and he shares with Glo that he wants to take the money and run.

Glo putting on an award-winning performance enjoys coffee with her children, and then fakes stomach cramps as Michael reveals that he has located Jeffrey’s mistress in Korea. Glo is turning it up a notch and is also sickened by her inability to take Jeffrey down. She invites the kiddies over for a dinner party, in which she will succumb to the poison and pass out. Brad signs on with Jabot and talks shop with Cane; Nikki delves into her new responsibilities while JT and Victoria continue to dote on Reed and play house. Last but not least Nick, Phyllis, Sharon and Jack toast to their tomorrow; which promises to open the door to all kinds of possibilities. Vic Jr. cuts the light out at the farmhouse as he bids it adieu, next stop Genoa City?

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