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The TV MegaSite's Monday 2/18/08 Short Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

The fashion show for Campbell’s “Go Red” campaign to fight heart disease in women continues. After the train backs up, Angie and sees Jesse amidst the smoke. They have a tearful reunion. Angie canít believe that Jesse is really alive after she saw him die 20 years ago. They hug and kiss. Greenlee tells Aidan that Kendall thinks that she is pregnant. Babe sees J.R. plans to convince him to be the bone marrow donor for Richie. Kendall becomes upset at what Greenlee told Aidan and reassures him that the baby isnít his. Babe changes dresses with Amanda so that she can entice J.R. into giving her what she wants. Zach tells Kendall that Ryan thinks he stole his life. Annie thanks Ryan for being so sweet to Emma even though he doesn't remember her. Annie is jealous at the way Ryan looks at Kendall. Jesse takes Angie to a secret place so that he can talk to her. Jesse wants to leave, but Angie begs him for just tonight. Even though Jack advises her to stay away from Samuel, Erica introduces him to the crowd. When Babe comes on stage, she throws J.R. a kiss. Krystal blasts Adam for giving J.R. that spy ring, Tad comes up and wants to know what is going on. Krystal tells Tad that Adam has something she wants which he won't give her. J.R. goes backstage and helps Babe unzip her dress. Babe propositions J.R if he saves Richie's life. Ryan pours out his heart to Greenlee who advises him to find out why he's choosing to forget his life. He assures her he's trying with Annie. Ryan wants to know how she became so close to Zach. Samuel gives Erica a very hefty donation to save women from heart disease. Pam conducts an interview with him on stage. Zach tells Aidan that he is worried about Ryan. Aidan remembers making love to Kendall. Everyone gathers on stage for the grand finale. then Samuel arrests Erica.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will and Gwen ask Allison to talk with Aaron about testifying for them, but Allison thinks that is going to be a tough sell since Aaron is very loyal to her. Sophie’s lawyer is very confident they have the case wrapped up though. Lily tells Holden that she wonders if he is really sincere about starting over and if she should go back to living at home? Jack tells Carly and Parker that he is going to be tried as an adult. Carly promises herself that she won’t let Parker go to jail. Carly interrupts Lily’s conversation with Holden to ask if Lily will come see her. Luke learns from Noah that his father sent him a letter, so Luke reads it to Noah. The letter wishes that they could work things out, but is noticeably lacking in an apology. Noah wants nothing to do with him, but Luke wonders if he should deal with it so he can let go of his anger. Allison asks Aaron to testify for Will and Gwen, but he explains that Sophie already hates him and he doesn’t want to stab her in the back anymore. Allison tells Will and Gwen that Aaron isn’t going to testify. Bonnie, Will and Gwen sadly return to court empty handed. Carly asks Lily for her jet to take Parker out of the country. Lily is unsure at first, but Carly reminds her that she would do the same for her kids. Lily finally agrees. Noah is upset with Luke when he thinks he is siding with his dad. Aaron asks Holden for advice on what to do about testifying. Holden reminds him not to forget there is a baby involved whom he needs to do right by. Carly tells Parker they are leaving town. Parker is unsure at first, but Carly assures him that this is the only way to guarantee he does not end up in jail. Aaron shows up to testify at Will and Gwen’s hearing, and speaks highly of Sophie as a person, but he also tells the judge that it was Sophie who chose to give up her baby. He also explains that Sophie chose not to put her baby first. He thinks that she will make a good mom – one day – just not now. Lily comes home to a candle light dinner that Holden set up, but is distracted by Carly’s request. She finally admits to Holden what Carly wanted from her after Holden pressures her about no more secrets. Jack shows up just in time to stop Carly from leaving with Parker. Carly and Jack disagree over how to handle this, but Parker is the one who decides he wants to go home. Noah’s letter goes missing from his knapsack at the farm. Holden is proud of Lily and tells her that he wants to do the tough but right decision too; he wants her to stay with him and the kids at the Farm from now on. Noah and Luke ask Holden and Lily if Natalie and Faith are around because something is missing of Noah’s, but they haven’t been around. Noah pretends he must have lost the item somewhere else, but looks nervous. Will and Gwen thank Aaron, and Allison reminds him that he did the right thing, but he thinks he destroyed Sophie’s life in the process. Sophie tells Aaron that she never wants to see him again. Parker asks Jack to not be hard on Carly. Carly apologizes to Jack for acting without thinking. Jack tells Carly that he would have done the same thing she did. Jack and Carly renew their promise to stick together as a family to make it through this crisis, as they hug tightly.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie and Brooke wait for Donna to show for their meeting. Both know how important this is if Stephanie finds out that Donna is still seeing Eric. Stephanie barges her way past Donna and insists that Eric is there and she will find him. She finally gets the stuck window open, but does not find him. However, the P.I. down on the streets looks through his binoculars and spies Eric in his birthday suit on the ledge, so let the fireworks begin. He snaps away with pictures and text-messages them to the newspaper. Eric will have a lot of explaining to do. Stephanie asks Donna not to insult her intelligence, tell her the truth. Where is Eric? She tells her one more time – if she catches them together then Donna’s brother will go to jail, it’s that simple.

Katie drops in on Nick and explains to him that Brooke is with Ridge and he just needs to let things progress and slow down and stay away from Brooke. She even champions Bridgett as his perfect chance to reconnect with her. Ridge laments to Brooke that he thinks they both need a little more time to get past this Nick and Jack connection before a wedding. Brooke is shocked to hear from Ridge that Stephanie hired a P.I. and Eric is somewhere he shouldn’t be right now. Donna and Eric think they are safe, Stephanie will never find out.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

John is the first one to regain consciousness after the crash. Despite minor injuries, everyone but Shawn Sr. survives the crash. Chloe has to help Philip remove his crushed prosthetic leg trapped under the wreckage. Kayla begins to feel some cramping while trying to help Steve. John helps Marlena fix her dislocated shoulder. Marlena, Hope, and Shawn revive Bo when he stops breathing. The family left at home learns that the plane has crashed and argues over whether Stefano was behind it.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nikolas is able to "see" Emily's killer as he has a seizure, but he can't focus on their identity; it's not himself though. Logan admits he planned to frame Johnny as the killer. Sonny throws Claudia out of his coffee house in her underwear. Carly faints at the same time a shot is fired; by Michael, though no one knows that. Kate is the one hit. Spinelli's fantasies about Maxie make working with her problematic. Alexis is angered that Jerry left his guard post at Sam's door, thus allowing her to be attacked and Christina traumatized to the point of near catatonia, though she relents a little after hearing he was helping bury Coop.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh visits Cassie but she won't let him in. They talk outside. Rick visits Beth and gets the cold shoulder. Rick says DNA doesn't matter. Beth says must since Cassie messed with the results. Marina hears a phone conversation between Harley and Cyrus that makes her cry. When Cyrus goes to see Marina he knows something is wrong. But she doesn't say what it is. He leaves and she starts crying again. She gets up on her crutches to look for something and gets frustrated. Dinah comes buy just as Marina is to fall and catches her. Dinah sees that Marina is upset and wants to know. But kinda guesses it is partly Harley. Beth tells Rick how she feels about what he did with Cassie. The fact he knew that Cassie switched the results and he kept the lye. Alan visits Cassie. Alan tells her he lost all that time knowing it was his daughter just over a tragedy. Cassie says the tragedy he caused. Cassie says she is about to loose her marriage, he son is crazy. So is he happy? Harley comes by Cassie's and sees Alan and Cassie in a discussion. She tells Alan off. After Alan leaves Harley questions Cassie. Cassie tells her she knows why she did it. Josh visits Beth to talk about what Cassie and he did concerning the switch of the DNA. Alexandra comes home. She sees a crib in the middle of the den. Alan tells her what has been happening since she left. He tells her Jonathan and Sarah are alive. Beth's daughter is actually his not Rick's. And that Cassie and Josh and Jeffery are to blame. Cyrus visits Rick to tell him to give Harley a break. Marina tells Dinah she loves Cyrus. That she can't see why Harley does. Now the only thing they have to do is to tell her what they are to chicken to do and that is they love each other. Dinah tells Marina that Mallet is furious with her because of what is going on with Marina. She wants Marina to talk to Mallet. Then Dinah goes and tells Marina how to tell men what she wants. Back at Cassie's she is still talking with Harley. Somehow the discussion subject turns to Cyrus. Harley wants to know how and why that happened. Harley says they both love Marina. And should talk to her. Cassie says that's not a good idea. See what happened to her and Josh. Beth and Josh talk over a cup of coffee. Harley tells Cassie that Josh is not going back to Reva. Cassie doesn't believe her. Beth brings Roberta over to see Alan. He is overjoyed. Beth says she has come to lay out some rules. Alan can't believe his ears he repeats what she said. Harley calls Cyrus telling him she came back from Cassie's. That she wants him to stay with Marina. Back at the Spaulding Mansion. Beth says she is undecided. But does like what she sees now with Alan holding the baby. But then bashes Rick for telling a lie. He continues with what if they needed medical records. Harley is in bed thinking. Cassie and Josh are on their porch. Josh talks about things have to change. No more lies, no more deception. They have to trust each other. He asks her if she trusts him enough to have a say in what happens with Will. She says that is hard to say. In the end she says yes. They go into the house. Will is then seen in back of the car. With a grin on his face.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jessica finds Alison on the balcony and remarks that this is the thanks that she gets for breaking her out of St. Ann’s. Alison pulls a gun on Jessica. The Mayor announces Ramsey as his new Police Commissioner. Starr and her friends rock to the music of Mary J. Blige. Todd and Gigi can’t believe their ears at Ramsey’s speech. Starr tells Cole that she loves him so much. They hug. Lindsay lies and tells Nora something else other than the real thing that she wrote on the paper and stuffed in the box. Nora asks Lindsay if she is going to kill her to keep her from finding out her secret. Natalie asks Jared why he is torturing them. Natalie also tells him that she cannot go there anymore. Jared tells Natalie that he is in love with her. Jessica tries to talk Alison down. Alison tells Jessica that her little secret died with her. Ramsey wishes Bo well as he leaves office. Viki comes up to talk to Gigi to ask her what is wrong. Gigi tells her that she had to go get Shane now. Lindsay helps Nora rummage through all the papers on the floor. Nora and Lindsay fight over the piece of paper that Nora finds. Nora falls to the floor. The note falls open to reveal that it was written by Jared who is not Natalie’s uncle. Natalie wonders what is wrong with Jared telling her that he loves her. Charlie tells Dorian that her date for the evening really shook things up by firing Bo. Rex and Adriana know that Bo is upset, but he isn’t saying anything. Rex tells how Wally Balsam had stolen Natalie and Roxy had raised Natalie as her own. Antonio wonders why Ramsey is doing this to Bo. Talia and Antonio begin to wonder who Ramsey really is. Viki introduces herself to Ramsey. Gigi decides to leave the party. Viki offers her congratulations to Ramsey. Dorian asks Clint if he had lost his date for the evening. Nora and Lindsay still struggle over the notes on the floor. Lindsay finds one specific note on the floor. Langston admits that she would have thought the same thing that Starr had thought that they were hooking up. Nora tries to take the note from Lindsay, who sticks it in her mouth. Todd makes some sarcastic remark toward the Mayor about his selection of Ramsey as the new Police Commissioner. Natalie tells Jared that they cannot be together. Jessica wants to know why Alison wants to kill her. Jessica tries to talk Alison down. Alison makes Jessica get down on her hands and knees and beg for her life. Todd tells the Mayor some things that Ramsey did while he was in Ireland. Clint comes out and finds Nora holding Lindsay’s arms behind her back. As Jared and Alison struggle over the gun, it goes off and they go over the balcony.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

The scaffold drops with Noah aboard and Paloma screams, horrified for his life. Theresa was only dreaming. Theresa's ghost visits Ethan, Pilar, Luis and Miguel. She doesn't know that she's really dead. Kay and Tabitha spy on Noah and Paloma and everyone in Mexico. Kay almost used magic to save Noah but decided to let Noah and Paloma's love do the magic instead.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Vic Jr. is getting all the provisions ready for Hope’s funeral, Victor is still there trying to lure him to come and work with him at Newman Enterprises offering him double the salary he is getting at his current position. Vic Jr. doesn’t bite but does consider Victor’s offer of buying the farm for him. Kay spends some time with Amber who she has asked to become her assistant; Amber asks for Kay’s advice on her Daniel dilemma, Kay clearly states that it is imperative that she get over Cane and Amber agrees. The phone rings and its Victor who confides in Kay that Hope has died; Kay is devastated and shares this with Nikki who informs Nick. Nick meets with Neil about advertising Beauty of Nature in their magazine; JT starts his new job at Newman and gives Victoria the ok to come back to work.

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