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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie thanks Krystal for bringing her wallet to her at the airport and asks her what she wanted to tell her. Krystal remembers Jesse urging her to keep his secret and just wishes her a safe flight. Krystal gives Angie the picture of her and Jesse. Jesse tells Tad that he cannot risk being found out. Tad just wishes that he could talk Jesse into staying in Pine Valley. Jack compliments Erica on her dress for the show but refuses to be the backstage host. Emma models her dress for Annie, Amanda, Babe and Ava. When Emma wonders if her daddy is coming, Annie explains that he is sick. Ryan asks Zach how he stole his life and ended up with everything he had. Aidan is being fitted for his suit for the fashion show. Josh comes in and makes some sly remarks. Greenlee sees Kendall with a pregnancy test and asks if she is pregnant. Kendall makes up all kinds of excuses not to take the test in front of Greenlee. Greenlee thinks that Kendall doesn’t want to take the test in front of her, so as not to hurt her feelings. Aidan tells Josh that he couldn’t imagine his life without Greenlee. Pam shows Erica the tape of her show with Mr. Woods. Jack orders Erica to stay away from Samuel Woods. Krystal urges Angie to take the train to New York (knowing full well that Jesse is at the train station). Tad urges Jesse to take a flight to Toronto. Kendall asks Greenlee not to tell Zach that she might be pregnant. Kendall lies and tells Erica that she took the test and she is not pregnant with Aidanís child. Jack comes up and wants to know what that was all about. Erica kisses Jack to hush him up. Annie confides to her friends that the doctors doesnít know what is causing Ryanís memory loss, but he is going to see a therapist. Ryan wonders how Zach made Kendall fall for him. Annie orders Greenlee to stay out of the situation between her and Ryan. The fashion show begins. After Jesse boards his train for Toronto, Angie sees him and chases after it, yelling for him to come back. The train backs up and Jesse gets off facing Angie. Samuel shows up at the fashion show and tells Jack he's interested in more than just the couture.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Brad uses Bonnie to make Katie jealous and his plan works. Will and Gwen go to a preliminary hearing to determine if the custody case should go to trial. Chris testifies that Sofie was suffering from post partum depression. Bonnie tells Will and Gwen that Chris's testimony hurt their case so Will suggests that if they can testify to Sofie's state of mind, it could help their case. Parker goes to talk to the court-appointed psychologist and tells him that he killed Sam to keep him from hurting Carly, and he would do it again if he had the chance. Carly gets angry when she sees Katie comforting Jack and yells at her to leave her family alone. Parker gets upset and the psychologist notices and thinks that Parker is really affected by his mother's actions. Carly and Jack worry about what could happen to Parker.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke asks Nick to just let her go. Does he love her that much? He doesn’t believe Forrester is the answer, and he does love her enough to let her go, if that is what she wants. She cries no, she doesn’t and they kiss. But, when he wants to go further, she says they can’t. Maybe not today, Nick states, but they both know it will happen someday. She runs out. Eric and Donna frolic in bed and he tells her his insatiable appetite is because she is such a turn-on. And she can take comfort that Stephanie has no idea they are beating her at her own game. Stephanie holds the bottle of pills and insists she now knows that Eric is still sleeping with Donna and playing her for a fool. There are consequences for these things and Donna will now find out how it feels to lose someone she loves. Stephanie hears from her P.I. that Eric is shacked up in an apartment on Sycamore Street. She confesses to Ridge she is not proud of the fact that she hired a P.I., but she had to know for sure. She’s sorry, but not nearly as sorry as Donna will be. Katie and Storm see Brooke and exclaim that she doesn’t look so good. She has to spill to Katie that she just told Nick her future is with Ridge. Nick needs help and this is going to be tough on him. Katie says he will have plenty of help, it just won’t be from Brooke.

Bridget stops by Nick’s and is delighted to help with Jack. She feels very connected to him. She knows Brooke came over, so how did that go? He brags that it is not over, not even close, despite what Brooke says. Katie tells Brooke that she can’t have it both ways, but Nick will have plenty of support. Neither like the fact that Storm’s freedom could be taken away in a flash; his future is in Stephanie’s hands. Donna and Eric panic when Stephanie knocks on the door and insists on being let in. Donna lets her in and Stephanie marches through searching for Eric, even to trying to open the window and look out on the ledge. Yep, we are subjected to seeing a naked Eric teetering on the edge with only a towel wrapped around his groin.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Hope enlists Kayla's help in trying to convince Shawn Sr. to use the oxygen but Shawn Sr. is adamant that he should be the one to die so others can live. Shawn Sr. dies shortly after disconnecting his oxygen mask. John and Steve snip wires until the fuel tanks empty. Everyone passes out when the oxygen runs out but comes to when the plane begins to drop. John and Steve frantically reconnect wires in order to get the plane's controls to let them make a crash landing. Max, Roman, and Caroline join the group gathered waiting at the police station. They learn that rescue planes have been dispatched to the suspected crash site.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny's fretting over Michael and guns and the fact that Kristina may have seen the killer, not to mention the docks and the Zacchara threat, is interrupted by Kate showing up to tell him she wants a relationship with him. Claudia is determined to be the next woman in his life though, despite the fact that he just wants to know more about her so he can stop her. Spinelli tries to warn Lulu about Logan's possible Text Message Killer status. Ian identifies the drug that Maxie found at Coop's as a research drug, noted for its sweet smell. Nikolas collapses in the hospital. Carly and Jax worry about the chance Michael is on drugs.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia is on the couch, Ava tried to help Olivia and gets nowhere. Gus is still upset with Natalia over what she did to Olivia. Cyrus trying to cheer up Marina. Jude as a problem understanding what has been happening. Harley and Rick try to make him understand. Rick offers to take Jude for a while. Harley says ok. Later Rick stops by Harley's and sees her with Cyrus. Rick asks her if she is sleeping with Cyrus. Mallet is upset that he wasn't there for Marina. Natalia visits Olivia to say she is sorry. Harley tries to tell Rick there is nothing between she and Cyrus. Rick gets angry and leaves.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Starr blasts Cole when she sees lipstick on his collar. She accuses them of sneaking around behind her back. She tells them that she is going to go inside Capricorn and have a great time. She walks into a planned surprise birthday party planned by Cole and Langston. Gigi tells Todd that she is going to give him a chance to prove himself. Rex tells Adriana that that must not be good that Todd and Gigi are talking. Jared makes the remark to Charlie that Rex may be wanting him to play daddy to him. Charlie orders him to shut up and listen to him. Charlie confronts Jared about his looks toward Natalie when she came in. Charlie tells Jared that he is not going to let Jared hurt Natalie. Charlie threatens to blow the lid off this whole caper if Jared looks at Natalie in any other way than as an uncle. Nash and Jessica argue over the fact that Jessica had broken Alison out of St. Anne’s. Nash orders Jessica to tell him what she did. Lindsay urges Bo to tell her what is on her mind. Bo lets Clint and Nora know that Alison had escaped from St. Anne’s. Alison watches the festivities from her hiding place. Alison confronts Roxy as to why she hadn’t told her that Lindsay had her hooks into Bo. Starr offers her apologies to Cole and Langston for doubting them. Rex join Todd and Gigi to find out what they are up to. An argument erupts between Nora and Lindsay over Alison. Bo sees Talia and Antonio and tells them that he needs to talk to them. Viki is surprised to see Natalie there. Charlie orders Jared to tell Natalie the truth or back off. Bo fills Talia and Antonio in on Alison escaping from St. Ann’s. Jessica explains to Nash that Alison has a secret. Sarah finds out that Cristian had took her lyrics to her song and inscribed them on the front of the heart with the secrets in it. Nora and Clint find out that all the secrets will be burnt at midnight. Dorian introduces Stan Lowell to Bo, Lindsay, Clint and Nora. Viki and Natalie walk in on Charlie and Jared arguing. Starr is shown the collage that they had made for her of all their favorite pics. Stan fires Bo from his position as Police Commissioner because he won’t evict Lindsay as his house guest. Nora, on purpose, knocks the box off the table that held all the secrets of the people, who had attended the ball. Mary J. Blige performs in honor of Starr’s sixteenth birthday. Back home, Sarah and Cristian enjoy a slow dance. Lindsay catches Nora, red-handed, going through the secrets in the box that had fallen off the table. Roxy catches up with Alison and wants to know what she plans on doing . The Mayor announces that Bo Buchanan is no longer Police Commissioner and appoints Lee Ramsey as the new one. Jessica catches up with Alison out on the balcony. Alison pulls a gun on Jessica.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

All systems are a go for Nick, Phyllis, Jack and Sharon. Nick has officially purchased a warehouse which will be the magazine and foundationís (Abbott) new headquarters. Jack and Sharon are ecstatic about this aspect of their life, but still have a big problem Glo. Gloria is still proceeding with the plan to frame Jeffrey, but little does she know that he is one step ahead and now on to her. Jeffrey suggests she play nice or else. Glo and Jeffrey trash the mansion , leaving the mess for Jack, Sharon, and Noah to clean. Glo gives Jana and Kevin her blessing on their nuptials, even suggesting having the wedding at the mansion. Amber is desperate as she asks an excited Nick and Phyllis to assist them on their new business venture.

Hope takes her last breath but asks that Vic Jr. and Victor promise to fulfill her dying wish and take care of each other. Of course, Vic Jr. being Victor Newmanís son protests and says that he canít do that. Hope does not waver and continues stating the importance of this to her.

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