The TV MegaSite's Thursday 2/14/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica and the other women of “Fusion” prepare for the “Go Red” fashion show for Campbell’s soup. Erica bosses the other women as usual. Babe asks Amanda if she would have any idea where J.R is. Amanda wonders why Babe would be wanting to see J.R. J.R. confronts Adam about the microphone hidden inside the ring in order for Adam to listen in on J.R.’s conversations. Krystal and Angie have a girl to girl talk before Angie leaves. Tad offers his apologies to Jesse for locking him in the basement. Greenlee and Aidan arrive for the fashion show. Annie comes downstairs and finds Ryan going through some papers. Ryan questions Annie as to when she was going to tell him that Erin was murdered. Kendall takes a bite of chocolate. Zach makes the connection and wonders if Kendall could be pregnant. J.R. tells Adam that he is considering being a bone marrow donor for Richie. Adam is completely against the idea. Erica questions Kendall if she is pregnant. Kendall is preoccupied and doesn’t want to answer. Tad takes Jesse to the train station. Angie, at the airport, realizes that she had left her wallet as well as her plane ticket at Tad’s. Angie asks Krystal if she could bring it to her. Krystal agrees. Krystal goes down in the basement and finds Tad there with Jesse and threatens to tell. At the airport, Krystal tells Angie that she has something to tell her. Ryan visits Cambias Enterprises and finds out that Zach had taken over his office. Greenlee walks into the bathroom and finds Kendall with a pregnancy test.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Oakdale's favorite couples celebrate Valentine's day by wondering what their lives would have been like if they never would have met but since they are all meant to be they find their way to each other anyway. Holden imagines what life would have been like if Evan Walsh had shot Lily and she would have died leaving him a single father with four children. Lily's ghost comes to him to help him handle everyday tasks with the kids which he finds hard as a single father. At the end of their fantasy Lily's ghost breaks the rules and stays with Holden, because bodies may part but souls never do. Noah's fantasy involves him enlisting in the navy and being in New York City on leave and he meets Luke when they bump into each other and Luke gives him a tour of NYC. Noah tells Luke that when he returns to New York they will see each other again. Gwen and Will are next when Will imagines that he kept Gwen from having sex with Casey. Will follows Gwen to Yo's to hear her sing and they have coffee and spend all night talking and then they kiss on their special Park bench. Tom and Margo Imagine that Margo is a Lawyer defending Emily because she shot Paul. This story is set like an old Spencer Tracey Katherine Hepburn movie Tom wants to leave Margo when she wins the case but they make up and kiss in the end. Jack and Carly imagine that Carly wants to marry a rich man but Brad makes her see its a mistake then he kisses her to help her stop the wedding. Jack punches him and then tells Carly he loves her and they get married again. Brad and Katie play two reporters covering the story and watching Jack and Carly makes them realize they love each other and they also get married.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick asks Brooke what is her decision about their future? He knows how she feels about Jack and how she also feels about him. She reminds him they have other lives. They can be in love with two people at the same time, and she is going to marry Ridge and share a family with him. She believes her decision is right, and she will stand by it. He respects that but tells her that sometimes you do what you have to do, and he grabs and gives her a passionate kiss. She chastises him and then she gets a lecture. That three ring circus with Forrester will be over and she will see that boy upstairs is here for a reason, and she loves Nick for a reason too. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. Ridge drops by to see Stephanie and is a little too skeptical that Eric is really this happy-go-lucky guy again. Stephanie starts in about the Logan girls, but that she believes she would find out if things weren’t over between Donna and Eric. She has doubts though and decides to find out. Katie encourages Bridget’s feelings for finding her way back to Nick.

Donna and Eric meet in their shady little love nest. Both think they are safe as he even drove a different car. He gives Donna a lovely large pair of earrings. She feeds honey to her honey bear. They feel it is the perfect Valentine’s Day. He extols all of Stephanie’s bad virtues and that she isn’t going to change, he no longer wants her in his life anymore. Ridge suggests that Stephanie give his dad a chance. She’s not going to win him back by her usual tactics. Bridget confides she loves Nick, but she doesn’t want to throw herself at him and have her heart ripped out one more time. Brooke pulls away and tells Nick that somebody is going to lose out here, but she has no choice – she is choosing her life with Ridge. She begs him to love her enough to let her go. That’s what her words say, his kiss makes her body say something else. While Eric and Donna plan for a second go-around with his insatiable appetite, Stephanie finds his little blue magic pills and complains to Ridge that she is afraid he is in the sack right now with that girl, and she does not know what she would do if she were to find them together.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lexie tells Abe about Bo and Hope’s medical crisis but won’t tell Chelsea and Stephanie when they show up to wait on the plane’s arrival. Abe receives word that the airport has lost contact with the plane. Several passengers realize that their oxygen masks don’t work and they decide to share. Steve volunteers to help to try and fix the plane but passes out in the cockpit when he can’t get the pilot’s oxygen mask to work. John is able to fix the mask and revive Steve. Bo reveals that he’s suspected of having cancer. Bo, feeling that he doesn’t need the oxygen because he is terminally ill, and Shawn Sr., feeling that he doesn’t need it because he is the oldest passenger, argue over who should be the one to sacrifice themselves. When Bo passes out, Shawn Sr. insists that Hope share the oxygen with Bo and let him be the one to die.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny and Kate discuss the possibility of having a relationship.  Kate knows she’s hurt Sonny but she wants another chance.  Nikolas tells Sam that he may be responsible for her accident.  Liz fears that she may be the one who ran Sam down.  Claudia challenges Jason to a game of pool.  Claudia thinks she’s found Sonny’s weak spot in Kate.  Maxie is set on proving Coop’s innocence.  Spinelli continues to help Maxie find the real killer.  A stranger lurks outside of Alexis’ house.  Kristina is spooked when she sees the person.  Carly and Robin find out about each other’s pregnancies.  Patrick tries to make peace with Robin.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva, Josh, Alan, Cassie, Beth and Rev. Rutledge try to prevent Alan from shooting the gun. Reva tries to get Alan to give her the gun, saying that the DNA tests were switched. Alan thinks she is lying. Cassie tells Josh to stay out of it. Josh tells him its true that Beth's baby is his. Cyrus calls the company to fix the cable box, because Ms. Cooper is stuck there and needs TV. Cyrus is driving Marina crazy asking her if she needs anything. Frank gives Harley a valentine. Harley tells Frank that Cyrus is there helping Marina and that she may not make it overseas. Back at the church, Rev Rutledge tries to get the gun from Alan. Lizzie and Jonathan ask Alan where Sarah is. Alan tells them at the house. Lizzie wants to check on Beth before they leave for the house. Alan wants his daughter, but Cassie doesn't want him to have her. Alan tells her that they all heard Josh. Then Rick yells for him to stay away from his little girl. Leah takes the boys to the car after Rick agrees. Alan tells Beth that Rick switched the results. Beth asks Rick if he knew about this. Josh tries to quiet the situation. Alan says that he will personally ruin Rick's life. At that moment Cassie says that Rick didn't switch the test results, she did and she'd do it again. Josh tries to get Cassie to leave with him, but she wants everyone to know and won't apologize for it. She thinks Rick will love this little girl. In the end Beth wants this insanity to stop. Back at Marina's, she is trying to get comfortable, sorry about ruining their Valentine's Day. Back with Frank and Harley, they are trying to pick something out for Marina. Later Frank sees Cyrus in the house and wonders how he got in. Back at the Spaulding Mansion, Lizzie is back having lunch. The butler questions her about being there. Jonathan gets Sarah. Jonathan thinks it makes sense what Cassie did. Lizzie agrees but then adds it's going to cost her. What she doesn't understand is who knew about the switch and the fact that Josh went along with it is incredible. Back at the church, Rev. Rutledge is questioning Josh about the events that occurred. Alan tells Beth to stop complaining about the consequences. Cassie tells Beth not to listen to him. Josh says stop. Alan tells Beth that Rick had been lying to her. Rick interrupts and wants to work it out. Reva stops Cassie from leaving, but she can't bear to watch what will happen next. Reva tells Cassie not to blame Josh. Back at the Coopers Frank is worried about his daughter's state. Marina is down because she came so close to being in France. Frank thinks she is a hero and laughs about what it says on the citation they will give her. Harley wants Cyrus to go and wait till Marina mends. Harley wants to keep their distance from each other. Reva is upset at what Cassie had to say about Josh's part in the Spaulding/Bauer paternity, and what Josh knew. Josh asks Cassie to listen to him. Cassie understands exactly what happened. Josh tells her that it's not about Reva backing him up; it is about her getting it together. Alan thinks the baby is gorgeous. Rick says he is the father in every way that counts. Beth just yells  to stop. Jonathan and Lizzie are enjoying baby Sarah's sleep. Though Lizzie thinks they almost lost it all, Jonathan says they didn't. Lizzie worries about tomorrow, so Jonathan promises he won't go anywhere. Marina helps Frank. Harley tells Cyrus to keep his distance. Jonathan and Lizzie kiss and talk more about the day's events. Lizzie realizes Jonathan is not over Tammy, and she is not over Bill. Jonathan suggests they just stick to being parents and friends and take it one day at a time. Cyrus comes home to find Marina hungry. Lillian tries to comfort Beth. They look at baby Bernadette. Beth tells her mom she is having a hard time getting used to it. Alan tells Rick that he thinks it won't take long for Beth to make up her mind. Rick wants him to leave. Alan claims he didn't lie to his wife. Then tells Rick he's turned into him! Tammy visits her mom who feels she failed her. Tammy says she just didn't trust the right people. Rev. Rutledge tells Josh that the church board now has to make a decision. As they talk about Josh taking sides, Tammy wants to know what Cassie is going to do about it.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Dorian and Starr prepare for the “Go Red” ball. Starr lets it out that her heart is breaking because of Cole and Langston. At Capricorn, Cole and Langston prepare for Starr’s surprise birthday party. Cole tells Cole and Langston that he had gotten Mary J. Blige to perform. Addie walks in on Todd and Blair kissing. Viki finds out from Bo that Alison had escaped from St. Anne’s. Nash and Jessica demand to know where their daughter is. Roxy tells Jessica that she is in the back, playing with the new girl. Jessica starts to go in the back, but Roxy stops her. Adriana, Sarah, Layla and Talia show off their ball. Nora watches Lindsay’s with R.J. and Cristian. Nora remembers when she had seen Lindsay stuffing something inside the heart box. Nora questions Cristian as to which one of the boxes had come from the diner. Addie questions Todd and Blair as to their plans for the evening. Todd tells Addie that they are going to a ball. Nora tries to stick her hand down into the heart when Clint catches her. Alison stays hid in the backroom when Roxy comes to get Bree. Bo lets it out to Viki that two women posing as nuns had helped Alison to escape. Charlie and Jared are interrupted in their talk by Shane and Matthew. Rex, Antonio, Cristian, and Vincent wait impatiently outside the door for their women to get ready for the ball. Addie announces to Dorian and Starr that she is going to the ball. Langston arrives home and invites Starr out for the evening. Starr declines the invitation. Starr answers Langston’s cell phone and it is a call from Cole. He thanks Langston for Valentine’s Day. Alison holds up a gun in case Jessica and Nash decide to come into the back room. Alison announces to Roxy that they are going to a ball. Starr blasts Cole and Langston for what she thought that they had been going behind her back. Starr bursts in on the best planned surprise birthday party of her life all planned by Cole and Langston. Jessica owns up to Nash that she had been the one, who had broken Alison out of St. Ann’s. Charlie tells Jared that he has something to say to him and this time he was going to listen. Roxy and Alison arrive at the ball.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Abbott mansion is a battleground, the fight is on between the Abbotts and Bardwells as Jack strictly enforces the judge’s rules. However Glo hits below the belt as she lures Fisher outside with a t-bone that Jack brought. Jack tells Glo that this was her first strike, two more and she’s out on her derrière. Glo and Kevin also still continue their plan to frame Jeffrey.

Cane and Lily are happy as they wake up all aglow from their day in Paris, only to be hit with reality as they come down the Athletic Club’s stair and run smack dead into Neil. Cane confronts Neil about how he treats Lily and confesses that he is falling for her, while Lily confides in Colleen and shares the same. Pat Benatar continues to help Karen get over her stage fright. Victor is still with Hope and Vic Jr. who lets Victor know that he’s been educated about the real Victor Newman from the internet.

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