The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/13/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan arrives for his date with Annie. Annie suggests to Ryan that they go to ConFusion where they begin to get to know each other. Annie gets upset when Ryan speaks of how special Spike is because he is Kendall's child and has another glass of wine. Once they return home, Annie and Ryan agree not to sleep together. Kendall succeeds in hiding the pregnancy test from Zach who suggests she lighten her load, so she throws the test away.  He gives her an early Valentine's present, and she asks if he wants more children. After he assures her he's happy with what they have, she wants to tear off his clothes, and they make passionate love. Erica interviews Samuel for her show. Jesse hides when he finds out that Angie is at the door. Angie asks for Tad’s help in letting go of Jesse. Krystal arrives home and offers her help to Angie. Krystal sees how upset Angie is and gets her talking about her lost love.  Angie recounts to Krystal of how she and Jesse met and got married. Hearing Angie talk about him hurts Jesse, because he wishes he could be with her again. Angie agrees to spend the night on Tad and Krystal's couch, while Jesse's eager to get to the train station and leave town. Tad promises Jesse he'll get him out of the house once everyone's asleep. Seeing the basement door unlocked before she goes to bed, Krystal bolts it and locks Jesse in.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Vienna and Henry continue to butt heads about his gambling so she is not happy to see Gray show up at their diner. Matt shows up at Casey’s house, asks about Adam, and eyes a picture of Tom and Margo. Vienna asks questions of Gray, as he continues to shamelessly flirt with her. Meg is cleaning out her office when Craig sees her throw away a picture of Paul prompting him to tell her that he hopes that means they still have a chance. Meg is stunned that he would still think that. Lucinda continues to struggle with her feelings of guilt over Dusty’s death. Paul tells Lucinda he has a plan for Craig that she may want to get in on. Meg tells Craig that they will never be a family because his own family even wants nothing to do with him, which says something about him as a person. Craig promises he will never give up on trying to find Lucy and Johnny. Margo overhears Matt’s voice and thinks it is Adam. Matt pretends to be a friend of Casey’s from Oakdale University that had to drop out because his family had no money. Casey is not pleased with Matt’s story. Paul and Emily meet up. Henry is getting annoyed with Gray and tells him to leave. Gray pushes his buttons after he offers him in on a poker game. Craig lashes out at Meg. Emily calls Craig with a proposal. Margo wants Matt to convince Casey to go back to school after Matt pretends to be excited about school. Matt alludes to the fact that he doesn’t have a home so Margo and Tom offer him a room in their house, much to Casey’s chagrin. Meg learns from Paul that he owns Worldwide now, as he offers her a job with him. Meg reminds him that they aren’t getting back together, and while Paul pretends to accept this; he just thinks they will make a good team. Emily pretends to have information for Craig – for a price. She tells him that Lucinda talked to Lucy and will talk to her again today at 3PM. Henry shows up to play poker with Gray, as Vienna worries where he went. Henry loses, but then wins and wants to leave, but Gray goads him into one more hand. Henry loses in heartbreaking fashion and realizes he can’t cover the bet. He will give Gray the diner, but Gray has other ideas and makes an Indecent Proposal. Meg turns Paul down on his offer. Paul sees their picture in Meg’s trash and takes it. Craig listens while Lucinda supposedly talks to Lucy in Barbados and immediately books a flight. Casey is upset with Matt; if his mom finds out that they were in prison together, she will kill them. Matt promises he will be long gone before then. Henry tells Gray where to put his offer and goes home to Vienna, who is sure he has been gambling, but Henry tells her that he was getting Swedish dog biscuits. Vienna feels terrible that she doubted him. Matt wonders since Casey got his money so fast, if there is more where that came from? Lucinda tells Emily and Paul that she sent Craig on a wild goose chase and since she has contacts all over, she can keep this up for a while. Craig is boarding a flight to Barbados. Paul wonders what Emily wants out of this plan? Paul and Meg both think of one another. Emily tells Paul that Meg will never forgive him, but Paul answers “never say never.”

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge returns and stuns Brooke when he shows her some gowns he is designing for her wedding dress. She tells him it is bad luck for him to see her in the gown before the wedding. She explains the dilemma about Taylor. She’s left Nick and the baby behind leaving everything turned upside down. Ridge reminds her maybe for Nick, but not for them. And it’s hard for him to believe that Taylor left Jack behind, that is just not the caring mother he knows. Brooke laments that she is really worried about this baby. His advice is they just let Nick and Taylor work this out. She remarks that the baby really needs a mother. And he doesn’t believe what he is hearing that she wants to drop by and see how Jack is doing.

Bridget drops by Nick's and is shocked to hear that Taylor left. Nick suggests that he really thought they could make it through this, but guess it wasn’t meant to be. Bridget asks what did her mom do to make Taylor leave? He admits he told Taylor the truth, that he still had feelings for Brooke. And yes Brooke knows that and he had even asked her to marry him. Nostalgic, Bridget asks him if he ever thinks what might have happened if it hadn’t been for Nicole? He admits he thinks about his little angel every day, and she is watching over them. Bridget offers that he looks like he could use a friend, and she will always be there for him and Jack. Likewise, he tells her she will always be more than a friend. Katie is aghast that Nick has asked Brooke to marry him and raise Jack. She points out that Brooke has another son with Ridge and she is supposed to marry him; don’t mess this up! This could be her last chance with Ridge and a huge decision that could affect her entire life. She can’t leave this just dangling, she needs to give Nick an answer promptly. Brooke agrees, she needs to talk to Nick. Katie confides in Bridget what her mother is going to do. Brooke drops in on Nick on the premise to see Jack. She asks about Taylor and Nick says she called and sounded better. He tells Brooke that she knows he loves her and he hopes she is there to tell him she will help raise Jack. She tells him she has searched her heart and soul, and she knows what she has to do.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Abe gives Sami and EJ the official clearance to leave the safe house. EJ asks to be able to visit Allie once they return home and Sami reluctantly agrees. EJ secretly watches as Sami shows Allie Lucas’ DVD. Stephanie wants to be intimate with Max but Max is hesitant to rush things.

John updates the passengers on the fact that they can’t get the plane to do anything but fly forward and advises them to bundle up, as it will only get colder. John calls Marlena up to the cockpit when he finds the pilots unconscious. Marlena deduces that the water bottle each pilot drunk from had been drugged, proving that their plane was sabotaged.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason's investigative visit to Sam upsets her, causing Ian to throw Jason out of the room. He then asks Sam about future plastic surgery to remove the scars that a bathing suit would expose. Epiphany is found collapsed in the break room, having suffered a heart attack. Cassius' discovery of her interrupts Patrick questioning Robin about her baby's father. When Luke wants a job, Sonny turns him down, so he is receptive when Claudia is looking for information. Luke suggests women are his weakness, but whatever she does, do not go after his family. Jax is still disconcerted about Kate's revelation. Mike's visit cuts short Sonny's fretting over the Zacchara war, when he brings word of Michael's attempt to buy bullets. Lucky assures Liz she is not responsible for Sam's accident, but reminds her that Jason is not safe to be around. Diane almost shoots the mayor when she and Alexis mistake him for a prowler.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh and Reva are at the church. Reva sees Josh is troubled. He tells her it is about Jonathan and his little girl. Then the subject changes to Will. Cassie is talking to Will about rules. Cassie tells Will to be good for his babysitter while she is at the baptism. Leah, Rick and Beth get a look at the new addition to the family. Lillian is there and she talks to Beth about Alan and Rick. Lizzie and Jonathan and Sarah enjoy some family time. Jonathan asks Lizzie if she heard from Alan. Lizzie goes into the kitchen and yells, Jonathan gets up to see. As he leave the room the front door opens and arms stretch out to Sarah. By this time both Lizzie and Jonathan return. They see it's Alan holding Sarah. Lizzie orders her grandfather to give her back Sarah. Alan says he wants Lizzie and Sarah in his life. Lizzie says lets give it a try to co exist for all concerned. Jonathan goes out to talk some more to Alan. Alan tells Jonathan he paid a maid 20 dollars to tell him where they were. Lillian and Rick know something is up with Beth. She tells them she is worried about Alan. Leah and the boys want to know what to call her. Rick says Bertha after his grandmother, Bert. Beth and Lillian say no to Bertha but what about Bernadette. That way she still can be called Bert. Rick agrees. Josh comes by. They all have a good laugh. Josh tells Rick he's backing out of being Godfather. Then Cassie appears at the Bauer doorstep saying, he'll do it. All are shocked to see her. Jonathan wants to take Sarah out for a stroll, he runs into Bill. Jonathan say he doesn't want to hear anything he says and walks away. Josh says he went along with a lie but he cannot perform the ceremony. Josh sees if Rev Rutledge is free. One of Alan's cronies grabs Jonathan and Alan steals Sarah. Jonathan yells that he'll kill Alan. Jonathan is later seen holding and feeding Sarah as Alan watches. Lizzie runs into Bill and Reva. Alan is seen holding Sarah and talking to her as if she knows what he's saying. Rev Rutledge has excepted Josh's request and is there. Reva and Cassie apologizes to each other. Lizzie finds herself saving Jonathan from his tied up situation. Josh and Cassie become God Parents. Alan walks in on the baptism ceremony. Jonathan tells Lizzie his tying up was Alan's doing. Lizzie and Jonathan arrive. Lizzie tells Reva what just happened. Jonathan hold a gun on Alan. Then Alan grabs it from Jonathan. Beth tries to talk to Alan. Then Reva tells Alan that the DNA tests were wrong that Beth's baby is actually his. Beth is shocked at hearing what Reva says to Alan.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Michael brings Marcie home. Upon entering the apartment, Marcie sees that all of Tommy’s things are gone. Marcie demands to know where Tommy’s things are. Blair reads Sam a story when Todd comes into the kitchen. Blair wants to know where Todd had been. Todd lets her know that he had been to Marcie’s arraignment and he had been the one responsible for bailing her out of jail. Blair is more than a little confused by Todd’s actions. Bo lets Talia know that he had had her re-assigned to the Llanview Police Department, but he sets some restrictions on their fraternizing in the work place. Lindsay comes into the office, and confirms their date for that night for the “Go Red“ ball. Jared writes down his secret and puts it in the big red heart on the counter in the Angel Square diner. Natalie comes up behind him and watches him as he puts the note in the box. Jared presumes that Natalie is looking for Jessica. Jessica comes up behind Natalie . They are both distraught over Alison escaping from the crypt. Jessica insists to Natalie that Alison knows something very important. Alison and Roxy go back to the beauty shop to hide out. Roxy wants to know what Alison is going to do. Alison tells her that it is for her to know and everyone else to find out .

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Noah expresses his love for Paloma in many different ways. But soon an accident befalls him--and Paloma screams for her lover. Tabitha doesn't think Kay can ever truly give up on her magic. Theresa and Ethan reunite. Juanita tells Gwen she should probably start running away. Theresa tells Ethan everything...including that he's the father of Little Ethan!

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

It is Valentine’s Day in Genoa City and new loves abound and friendships are tested. Victoria prepares to move out of the ranch and begin her new life with JT and the baby at the loft; but first she wants to know what happened while she was in a coma, questioning Nikki she searches for answers. At the tack house Nick has a romantic Valentine’s Day planned but to his surprise Phyllis is sick as a dog with a cold; which prompts him to cancel their plans.

Lily takes Cane to Paris at the AC, as they prepare to spend their first Valentine’s Day together. Cane is literally astonished by all she has in store for him (which includes a tantalizing French lesson); they also embark on a new territory in their relationship as they make love. Neil helps Karen get over her stage fright with a little help from Pat Benatar and her husband Spyder. Amber is approved to rent Phyllis’s penthouse after she offers to put six months rent down in cash. Daniel questions where the funds are coming from and Amber refuses to tell, causing a rift in their relationship. Phyllis and Nick give Daniel the best Valentine’s Day present ever, a job. Nikki moves out of the ranch for good which prompts her to take a trip down memory lane.

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