The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/12/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica calls a board meeting to find out if her assets have really been frozen. When no one can give her straight answers, she fires everyone, and asks Jack to look into the SEC investigation for her. Samuel Woods shows up at the studio and agrees to tape his interview on "New Beginnings" that very evening. Aidan prepares to take Greenlee home from the hospital. Jesse dreams that a man has attacked Angie and will not release her, despite Jesse yelling for him to stop. Tad brings Jesse downstairs in the basement. Frankie sits beside Angie’s bedside, and they talk about it being Jesse's birthday. In Chicago, Kendall is at her book signing and continues to feel sick to her stomach. She is surprised when Zach shows up. Richie asks Babe to break into Joe’s office and find out who his bone marrow match is. Kendall tries hard to keep her pregnancy test hidden. Kendall talks Zach into staying in Chicago with her.  As she starts to pick up her purse, everything spills out. Greenlee begins to have second thoughts about leaving the hospital, but once she feels stronger and ready to take on the world, she refuses the wheelchair and walks out. Jesse prepares to leave Tad’s house when there is a knock on the door, and he quickly hides. Jesse worries when he finds that the person at the door is Angie. Babe and Krystal break into Joe’s office. Babe hacks into his computer using the password Jenny and finds out that J.R. is the bone marrow match for Richie. Colby finds J.R.’s ring and brings it home to him. J.R. is relieved to have the ring back until he finds out that there is a microphone inside.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Vienna tells Henry they won't make love until he can stop thinking and dreaming about gambling. Chris and Gwen persuade Will to allow Sofie to plead guilty to a lesser charge but Will and Gwen's good deed comes back to hurt them when Sofie informs them she has a lawyer and intends to get Hallie back. Parker's murder case puts Tom and Margo on opposite sides at Tom vows to fight to set parker free and Margo is determined to not bend the law and make sure the case is handled by the book. The Forensics report shows that there were two bullets inside Sam but Carly is sure that Parker only fired the gun one time and Parker doesn't know how many times he fired the gun. Jack and Carly both think they have let Parker down because they didn't listen to his warnings about Sam and they both promise each other not to let Parker down again. An angry Kit tells Parker she is going to make sure they throw Parker in jail and throw away the key. Jack and Carly are even more worried when Tom informs them the D.A. wants to try Parker as an adult and that could mean Parker could get 20 years to life in jail.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Over a strained breakfast with Brooke’s mind distracted, Storm thanks all the Logan sisters again for supporting and forgiving him and he wants to stay in town for his therapy and not go to Paris with his dad. Later the girls tell Donna they can’t warn her enough how careful she and Eric need to be. If Stephanie gets wind about this charade, Storm will promptly be in prison for the rest of his life. Ridge, Felicia and Thorne are glad their dad has come to his senses and moved back home. However, Ridge tells his mother that he isn’t really feeling that Eric’s heart is in this sudden reconciliation with her. She asks him to be happy for them, she’s in this for the long haul, for whatever length of time it takes to make that happen and Eric be happy.

Eric goes straight to Donna who has tears of joy. Her sisters are warning her about not seeing Eric for a while since it is too risky. At work, Stephanie asks Brooke if she thinks that Donna can keep her word and stay away from Eric? Brooke assures her that Donna has left Eric, so looks like things are okay. Stephanie agrees, it does appear that way, but she knows Donna and she knows she is still in love with Eric. If Donna can keep her word, then Stephanie will keep hers, but if not then Storm goes to jail. Eric and Donna loll away in bed, him telling her they are safe and he is living for this time they are together. And they can look forward to living the rest of their lives with each other. Stephanie makes reservations for a night out in Beverly Hills, then wonders why Eric is not back in the building and she can’t track him down.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea runs into Victor and Caroline in the park and gets them to tell her the story of how they came to have Bo and how Bo found out Victor was really his father. Kate asks Roman to help get Lucas out of jail but Roman insists he can’t help.

The pilots fear that there is a malfunction in John’s plane when the controls stop responding. John takes the controls himself but is unable to fix the plane. Bo refuses Marlena’s help in talking to Hope. Hope confronts Steve and Kayla but they won’t give her any answers. Chloe and Philip talk of their relationships while Belle and Shawn do their best to calm Claire’s worries. None of the crew’s attempts to fix the plane or get them closer to an airport work.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam faces despair and frustration when Lucky refuses to work her case any longer. Carly can't understand why Jason wants to find out who hit Sam. Patrick assures Leyla that Epiphany's angry outburst at her has nothing personal to it; the older woman is just grieving and lashing out, and by the by, he does not care if she flirts with everyone. Robin wrestles with the idea of telling Patrick about her baby. Liz comes near to telling Lucky she may have hit Sam. While Carly counsels Lulu about the Logan - Johnny triangle, Luke and Johnny sit on a ledge and discuss the girl and whether or not Luke will take a plunge.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie and Will get home, and Tammy visits after Will has gone to his room. Reva, Jeffrey and Josh are having drinks and talking at Company when Lizzie comes by. She has a weird request. Jonathan continues his threat against Alan as Beth goes into labor. Josh, Reva and Jeffrey continue their talk about Jonathan and Will. And what to do with both situations. Alan goes to Beth to help her with Jonathan at his heels. Jonathan helps Alan get Beth on the couch. Jeffrey and Reva are at his office talking about them and what they mean to each other. Josh goes home and tries to talk to Cassie about her. Jonathan helps Beth go through her labor. Lizzie arrives where Beth, Alan and Jonathan are. Lizzie sees the baby's head. It's a girl. Alan calmly thanks Jonathan for his helping Beth and her labor. He even says that Jonathan can keep Sarah, that he won't make any more moves against him. Lizzie tells Alan about Rick being the father and that Beth still loves Rick. Alan moves to look in on Beth and the baby girl. He doesn't look happy. He tells Lizzie she doesn't know what she is talking about. Then Rick arrives. Tells Alan that Beth called him from inside. Josh meets up with Reva and Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells Josh that Will could be charged and sent to juvenile hall. Cassie walks in on their talk and goes crazy. Alan wants Jonathan to shoot him. After they have words about wanting something Alan can never get. Will confides in Daisy. In madness, Cassie pushes Reva into a pew and runs off. Beth is on a stretcher. Alan tells her she doesn't have to go. Beth says she does. Alan tries to talk to them about the "moment between them all." They all leave Alan. Alan is alone and drinking. He goes outside his villa and walks around. He sees and picks up the gun that Jonathan had and holds it.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jared dreams that he is in bed with Natalie and she kisses on his neck. Jessica and Natalie prepare to go to the crypt to try to get the info out of Alison about the family secret. Viki serves Charlie heart shaped pancakes. Michael visits with Marcie a few minutes before her arraignment hearing. Todd practices what he is going to say in his defense in front of the judge. Ramsay tells Todd that this is all about Todd. John walks up and takes a pic of Todd behind bars. Bo visits Todd’s cell and releases Todd to John and another officer. Lindsay accepts a delivery of flowers for Nora. Jessica and Natalie find Alison gone from the crypt. Roxy gives Markko pointers on how to wait on a customer. Alison hides out in the diner and upon seeing Roxy, mumbles to herself that Roxy is her ticket to ride. Starr, Langston, and Cole are in the kitchen at La Boulaie. Cole surprises Langston with a gift. This doesn’t set too well with Starr. Starr makes up an excuse to leave the room. With the help of a monitor, Starr listens in on Cole and Langston’s conversation.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

The Demon Elf causes mayhem and mischief with Tabitha's dishes and curtains. He also wrecks Noah's chance at happiness with Paloma. Viki stabbed Ivy, she survived. Viki vows she'll kill anyone who tries to take Esme away from her. Luis and Miguel found Ethan's body. Gwen revives him, but all he can think about is Theresa. Pilar wakes up and slaps Gwen, telling her she'll pay for what she's made the Lopez-Fitzgerald family go through. Ethan and Theresa's true love and prayers make it so Theresa gets onto the wharf safely!

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Vic (Victor Jr.) is trying to cope with the fact that Victor Newman is his father; he refuses to accept this, Hope begs him to promise to give him a chance as her dying wish. Hope’s condition is worsening and Vic is falling to pieces as he’s hit with the realization that this is the end. Victor tries to explain the circumstances that prevented him and Hope from revealing the truth about his paternity.

Cane and Lily are at Indigo and so are Neil and Karen, Lily is nervous and thinks this may have been a bad idea. However, Cane assures her that all will end well; Neil and Cane find a common ground with music and Neil shares with Karen that he’s looking forward to getting to know Cane better. Meanwhile, Lily shares with Cane that she’s ready to consummate their relationship and will find a place for this to happen tomorrow, so they can celebrate their Valentine’s Day right.

Amber is moving out and Jana and Kevin are surprised. Glo dreams of poisoning Jeff. Jack and Sharon come in and drop a bombshell that a judge has ordered them to split the house 50/50.

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