The TV MegaSite's Monday 2/11/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Aidan’s phone rings and Kendall answers it. Greenlee is surprised to find out that Aidan is accompanying Kendall to Chicago. Kendall points out that she was going to Chicago for a book signing and Aidan was going there on business. Kendall asks Greenlee does it bother her that they are going to Chicago together. Greenlee tells her no but then asks Kendall if Zach knows. Zach hugs Annie in order to comfort her when Ryan walks up and sees them through the window. Ryan is there to see Kendall. Zach introduces him to his son. Joe pages Angie to sign some papers. Angie tells Joe that she is going to the cemetery to say good-bye to Jesse. Jesse visits his own grave and is confronted by Tad. Tad wants to know what he's doing here. Tad tells Jesse that this doesn’t have to be good-bye. Tad tries to talk Jesse out of leaving Pine Valley, but he refuses. Angie visits the cemetery and sees Jesse. She faints and Jesse catches her before she hits the ground. He calls an ambulance for her, and she's taken to the hospital. Jesse sneaks up on Tad in the parking garage and wants to make sure Angie's ok. Tad offers to let Jesse stay in his basement. Aidan surprises Greenlee and comes home when his plane is grounded. As Kendall waits for a new plane, she gets some helpful advice from a woman who assumes she's pregnant. Kendall worries that she may be carrying Aidan’s child. After Zach advises Ryan to turn to his wife, he goes home to Annie and promises to give their marriage a try.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Henry and Vienna argue about what is best for Katie – Brad or no Brad, as Katie overhears and assures them that she and Brad will never be anything more then friends again. Brad is wallowing in his unrequited feelings (or so it seems) for Katie. Parker shoots Sam, and then a fearful Parker takes off with Carly hot on his tail. Parker begs for her help; he wants them to leave town, but Carly wants him to face this because running away is not the answer. Parker is upset with her, but she promises him that Jack will know what to do. Carly calls Jack and tells him that something terrible has happened. Casey continues to have trouble acclimating himself back into his life. Henry and Brad run into each other, as Brad gets drunk and continues to profess his feelings for Katie, much to Henry’s chagrin. Henry and Brad get in on a poker game, and Henry wins. Katie joins a family celebration and admits to Margo, Tom and Casey about Henry and Vienna’s argument about her love life. Jack shows up and Carly explains what happened to a horrified Jack. Jack decides they need to call the cops, but Carly wants to make sure Sam is actually dead first. Vienna shows up at the poker game to take Henry home, as one of the other players becomes enamored with her. Jack finds Sam, who is dead and is forced to call the police. Margo tells Katie that Brad is in love with her, but their conversation is cut short when Jack calls with details on the trouble Parker is in. Tom is asked to represent Parker. Casey’s friend from jail shows up in Oakdale with a request from the guard that spoke up for Casey that he wants the rest of his money now. Margo questions Parker and realizes that he got a gun before he went to Metro without even knowing for sure that Carly was in trouble. Margo has to hold Parker overnight. Tom is concerned thinking Parker is in a lot of trouble. Katie finds a naked Brad and decides to teach him a lesson and lets a police officer arrest him for indecent exposure. Casey steals money from his job. Bonnie rides to Brad’s rescue, as Katie watches unhappily. Jack and Carly are forced to tell Parker that he has to stay the night in jail. They promise he will be protected and they will have in out in the morning. Carly and Jack hug emotionally, as they watch a stunned and scared Parker being led away.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and Brooke kiss, but she declares to him that she is going to marry Ridge and be a family with him. Nick states their future is possible, all she has to do is say yes. Donna and Eric lie on the couch in the office enjoying pillow talk. She thanks him for being so good to her and for masterminding this charade they are pulling on Stephanie so it will give Storm a second chance. He’s alerted that Stephanie is in the building, so he warns Donna they need to give another performance to make it real to Stephanie. He shouts at Donna and demands that she take all her things and get out of the building. All this stupid stuff about being a sex addict was just her way of jumping in bed with every man she meets. Stephanie overhears all of this and later tells Donna this must be her lucky day to witness this in person. Taylor asks Rick if she did something that made him think that she wanted for him to kiss her? He admits no, he just feels something, he cares for her. He also confesses that he would like to kiss her again. Let’s analyze it, as he rattles off all her attributes.

Nick tells Brooke that he loves her and he wants her in his and James’ lives. Donna wants Stephanie to back off. If she really loved Eric, she would let him go so he could be with Donna because he loves her. She gloats how he loves her body pressed against his. She tells Stephanie that her day will come, but Eric interrupts and tells Donna to stop, he won’t let her talk to his wife that way. Rick wants Taylor to remember how incredible she is; she’s a hot momma. She has so much to offer and he doesn’t want it to go to waste. A peck on the cheek and he is gone. Nick wants to hold Brooke and he says he believes everything happens for a reason. Eric chastises Donna and tells her a wonderful woman has been wronged and he is going to do everything in his power to love her and protect her, and he wants Donna out of the building. And with no doubt where he stands. He hugs Stephanie, but gives a loving eye to Donna.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami and Lucas share an emotional goodbye when she learns that he was sentenced to 8-10 years in jail. Anna runs into Tony when they both stop by to visit as EJ is babysitting the twins.

Steve rushes off the plane when he spots the mystery woman but loses her when Kayla catches up with him. Steve won’t tell Kayla the real reason he ran off but Kayla keeps prying. Bo tells Hope that he’s dealing with something right now but won’t go into details. John tells Marlena about his vision on the mountaintop but negates it when he overhears her telling what he saw to Shawn Sr., Hope, and Bo. The plane ride home from Ireland experiences momentary turbulence.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

A second attempt is made on Sam's life while she lies in the hospital, but a doctor arrives in time to save her. Maxie and Spinelli begin to believe that Logan is the TMK and begin staking him out. However, he's completely thrown for a loop when she kisses him so as to throw a passing cop off from what they are doing. Trevor threatens Marianna if she does not go along with what he wants, then he heads to the Five Families' meeting, where Claudia exerts her new position calmly and coolly, until someone insults Johnny. Then, she loses it. Elizabeth can't understand why Nikolas is delaying surgery. She also continues to fret over whether or not she hit Sam. Lucky appears to be softening towards Sam. Jerry's unseen boss presses him to get the waterfront property Skye gave Ric, to which Jerry responds that he's using Alexis to get it. He's not alone in wanting it, all the major players in town, especially Sonny, Claudia, and Trevor, who wants Marianna to steal the deed, are determined to get it.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh pronounces Gus and Natalia as husband and wife. Beth and Alan go at it. Alan says he knows about Jonathan and Sarah. Beth says she made a terrible mistake. She tries to get close to Alan, but he's not buying it. Jonathan buys a gun, but not from a store. Beth calls Lizzie to warn her about Alan knowing about Jonathan and Sarah. Just as she hangs up Alan tells her that the jet is ready and Alex is already on the plane. Jonathan meets with Josh. Natalia tells Gus she locked Olivia in the bathroom after he gets call asking where and if he's heard from Olivia because her organ is on the way and they can't find her. Gus tell Natalia that was a call asking about Olivia and he tells her that was the hospital. They go and get Olivia hoping it is not too late. Next Olivia is seen on the floor of the bathroom. Beth says Rick won't give her a divorce. Alan says, "He'll give Rick an offer he can't refuse or he'll crush him." Beth calls Rick. But no mention of a divorce in the conversation. Lizzie goes to see Bill. Bill doesn't know why. Rick locates Josh. He tells him about Beth's whereabouts and about Alan. Meanwhile Jonathan is hiding in the loft listening in on Rick and Josh's conversation. Lizzie and Bill argue about Jonathan again. Lizzie says she trusts Jonathan. Lizzie just realizes Bill told Alan. Lizzie is not happy she has been sold-out. Alan gets info of when he leaves. Gus gets Olivia to the hospital where the transplant is to take place. Problem is the organ may be given to another person because they couldn't find her in time. Olivia pleads with the Dr to give it to her. Natalia tries to apologizes. Natalia, out of her wedding dress cries. Gus brings Olivia home and puts her on the couch to rest. They talk. Jonathan finds Alan and has a gun on him. Beth goes into labor. First Jonathan wants him to suffer, then he says he'll kill him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John questions Shane as to why he was hiding in the closet. Shane tells him that he had become spooked by the ringing of the telephone. John asks him about Gigi. Shane lets John know that Gigi had left with some man. Rex questions Gigi if he is Shane’s father. Before Gigi can answer, Rex sees a gun aimed for Gigi and he pushes her out of the way. Todd sneaks into the room where Ramsay is with the gun. Rex tells Gigi that the laser of a rifle was on her. Todd and Ramsay struggle as the gun goes off. Ramsay knocks Todd down and aims the laser rifle on him. Cristian takes Sarah home. Natalie and Jessica take Alison to their grandfather’s crypt and leaves her. Todd and Ramsay are both arrested. John tells Gigi and Shane that he has Todd dead to rights now that he will have to help Marcie.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Juanita tells Gwen she'd better release her or else she'll tell Ethan that she was blackmailing Theresa and Pilar. Luis is attacked by a shark. Luis and Miguel find a body wrapped in fishing net and seaweed. Esme and Julian devise their plan to catch the serial killer. Sam and Ivy make passionate love-while he's on the job. Kay summoned the Demon Elf back to Harmony. Tabitha and Kay try to figure out a way to get rid of him. They use incense-because Kay doesn't want to use magic. They soon think he's gone for good. Unfortunately, for them, the Demon Elf's still around-and he's planning a lot of chaos and havoc for Harmony.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

At the ranch Victoria is trying to wrap herself around all the things that took place while she was in a coma, while also trying to figure out the fate of her future. The decision of returning to Newman or seeking out other business ventures looms over her head while Nikki and JT insist that she stay home and recover with Reed. Victor is with Hope at her bedside, Vic (Victor Jr.) returns and is given some tough pills to swallow; one being that Hope is terminally ill with cancer and Victor is his father. David’s past catches up with him as he is forced to pay back his loans. Nikki makes a deal with Victoria to put her wedding on hold and shares this with David.

Oh, the wonderful world of fashion as told by Chloe who has turned the Winter’s living room into Fashion Week. She torments Lily about her weight and inability to be chic, and Devon and Cane assure her that Chloe is all wrong, because she is simply beautiful the way she is. However, Lily is unsure and allows her insecurities to get the better of her as she scrutinizes herself in the mirror.

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