The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/8/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie sits at her desk and notices the date on the calendar -- it's Jesse's birthday. Joe comes in, comforts her, then informs her that the board voted unanimously for her to stay at the hospital. Angie refuses his offer, because she just can't stay in Pine Valley. The EMTs bring Jesse into the emergency room. When Jesse realizes where he is, he jumps off the bed but falls onto the floor. Before he can escape from the hospital, Jesse hears Angie approaching with Frankie and hides behind a door. When he finally sneaks out, Frankie gets a glimpse of him from behind and gets a strange feeling. Aidan takes the seat beside Kendall on the plane. Kendall demands to know what he is doing here. Aidan lets her know that he has business in Chicago. Kendall panics, because she can't trust herself with Aidan, but he urges her to keep quiet about their night of passion so as not to hurt the woman he loves. Suddenly, Kendall gets sick to her stomach and rushes to the rest room. Annie comes to see Kendall but finds that she had already left for a book signing in Chicago. Annie finds comfort and support in Zach. Ryan visits Greenlee who fills him in on the demise of their relationship. Ryan realizes how much he hurt her when he drove off a cliff rather than have a child with her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily is reunited with her family. Chris wonders if Bob can forgive him? Lucinda is dealing with a lot of guilt; Luke reminds her that she is not to blame, but Lucinda thinks she is. Jack finds some hockey tickets on his desk and decides to take Parker. Sam pretends he is going to say goodbye to Carly, but he has other plans and he talks to Cowboy Jack about his plan with the hockey tickets being sent to Jack. Will and Gwen tell Margo that Sofie is with Hallie in NYC. Hallie spikes a fever and Sofie doesn’t know what to do, as she encounters a Police Officer. Holden asks Meg about her spending time with Paul, but she assures him that although she loves Paul, she is not going back to him. Parker thinks Sam is behind the tickets, but Jack thinks he is being ridiculous. Bob forgives Chris, but he thinks Chris should think about relocating since others may not be so forgiving. Holden and Lily talk about second chances and starting over. Carly finds out Sam cancelled the band they booked and not the other way around, and Sam admits to being in love with her. Carly is very upset and explains that they will never be together. Sam promises to leave once he finishes his beer. Sofie calls Chris for help, but hangs up when he explains that Hallie needs to come back to Oakdale Memorial to be examined. Sam becomes aggressive and won’t leave without a kiss from Carly. Sam knows no one is waiting for Carly at home. Sofie gets a ride to the airport just as Aaron is running up to her. Aaron calls Will and Gwen to tell them that he lost Sofie again. Meg wants to give Worldwide back to Lucinda, but a guilt-ridden Lucinda doesn’t want it. Lily thinks Lucinda should reconsider when someone gives you a second chance. Lucinda finally agrees to take back ownership of her Company. Will and Gwen learn from Chris that Sofie called him and that Hallie is sick. Parker calls Carly when they get home and realize she is not home yet. A scared Carly explains that she is on her way, but Sam physically stops her from leaving. Carly tries to bargain with Sam, but he is infuriated that she has been leading him on and pushes her to the floor and tries to push himself on her. Will and Gwen are with Chris when Sofie shows up back home with a sick Hallie. Holden and Lily talk about getting back together, but there can’t be anymore secrets. Lily admits that she has one, but she can’t tell him because it would hurt her mother and get him into trouble. Holden decides to trust her and not ask anymore questions. Lily and Holden decide to try again. Sofie is angry with Gwen for changing her mind about letting her be involved in Hallie’s life. Gwen takes some of the blame for how she handled this, but she is furious because Sofie took her child. Will shows up with Margo and Sofie is arrested. Carly and Sam struggle, as he violently tries to attack her; someone shoots Sam from behind.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor insists on knowing the truth, does Nick still love Brooke? He says it isn’t that simple, but yes he does still love her. He’s sorry if that hurts Taylor, but he has to be honest with her. Those feelings may always be there, but that doesn’t change anything. He can get past this and he is still committed to Taylor. She accepts his explanation, but she won’t do this again as with Ridge. As long as Brooke is part of his life, she can not continue with this marriage, time to move on. Otherwise she will have a nervous breakdown. He begs her not to leave, this is her home. But she tells him she loves him and Jack too much, she can let him go. She needs to pull away and do this for herself. Rick is laying in wait for Brooke and tells her that he’s been thinking about baby Jack and he is afraid this will bring her and Nick back together. He thinks she will be better off with him, including all their children. She confesses that she knows Nick still loves her, he just told her so. He wonders what the heck is she waiting for? She needs to go to him. Before they finish, Nick calls Brooke to inform her that Taylor has moved out and back to her old place. As she repeats this, Rick hears and bounds out like a bullet. He finds a very confused, vulnerable Taylor curled up on her couch. He sits down and tells her she is not alone.

Taylor explains to Rick that her friend, James Warwick, saw her when she was having a meltdown and he lectured her that it wasn’t Brooke that was the problem, but Nick and his feelings. Rick commiserates and says she did the right thing to get away. She should surround herself with folks that support her and care about her, like him. She explains that she is afraid to get attached to people, even things for fear she will lose them. She feels like a damn loser compared to Brooke. He tells her that she is all those things too, lovely and sexy and he cares about her. He leans in and gives her a kiss, she doesn’t pull away. Brooke goes to Nick and immediately helps with Jack, the mother’s touch. He fills her in about Taylor and him confessing his feelings about Brooke. She wonders about Jack…..who’s going to be a mother to him? As he looks at her, she sees his expectations, but she tells him she just can’t. Ridge is expecting her to marry him and not with Jack. He asks why did she come over here tonight then? No buts, he knows she came over because she wants to be with him and Jack….he’s loved her since the first day he laid eyes on her and that has only gotten stronger. Can she tell him the same thing? They give in to their passion by melting into a kiss.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo nearly passes out when walking with Steve. Hope confronts Kayla about being kept in the dark but Kayla avoids giving any answers. Steve spots a mystery woman peeking through the window. Marlena finds a letter left by Colleen and the family, though John doesn’t see the point, carries out a memorial service according to Colleen’s wishes. Alone in the woods, John sees a vision of Colleen and Santo reuniting.

EJ convinces Sami to stay at the safe house together until they are told to leave by Abe. Sami cautions EJ against getting too close to Ali. EJ makes Sami cry when he points out that he’s the only father figure Ali’s got right now. Stephanie, Chelsea, and Nick surprise Max with a birthday party. Stephanie gives Max a kiss as his birthday present.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny tries to find out specifics in relation to the upcoming meeting of the five families, especially after hearing that some Zacchara other than Johnny called it. Marianna puts the brakes on romance with Ric because she's been used once too often, at least. Later, after he's calmed her, she slips and mentions his father, but covers. However, her mystery caller turns out to be Trevor. Spinelli and Maxie's investigation continues, but when he goes to look into something for Jason, Maxie finds herself accosted by Jerry who tells her about Sam and wants to talk with her about Coop. He wants to finance Cooper's burial. Scotty is full of advice for his son about Lulu, who has gone to visit Johnny and listen to him play piano. Sam begs Lucky to believe her about the TMK, but he's still angry. Pressure is applied to Spinelli to get more involved in investigating Stan's death. Mike catches Michael buying bullets.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jonathan and Bill go at it again. Lizzie helps get Gus ready for his wedding. Liz also asks him for advice and help with getting rid of Alan. Alan calls Gus saying he's having problems leaving the island, but they are solved and his coming back home to Springfield tonight. Gus tells Alan about his wedding. Alan is not happy. Alan tells Gus to call him when the divorce is final. Olivia gives Natalia advice. Natalia says she is sorry Olivia is sick, but Nick aka Gus his hers. Olivia realizes she is more than a threat than even Natalia realizes. Natalia says by tonight Nick will be home with his family. Olivia says oh yeah. Lizzie tells Jonathan that Alan is on his way home from the Island. Jonathan says no. It's time to make a stand. Alexandra tries to persuade Alan from delaying his trip home. Alan says he wonders why he is going home with no one left. Alex laughs and says what about me. Alan says he lost everything. Bill goes to see Alan at the Island. He tells Alan about Jonathan and Sarah's being alive. Alan sees his chance to get at Jonathan. Bill says that he doesn't want Lizzie or Sarah hurt. You can do anything to Jonathan. Jonathan is in no hurry to leave. He says he'll notify a friend of Alan's upcoming return. Jonathan says he needs Lizzie now more than ever. Natalia has locked Olivia in a small room. As she tries to get free she daydreams of a wedding with her and Gus as the couple. While locked in the small room, Olivia gets a message on her hospital beeper that the heart she needs is here. Gus aka Nick says his vows and then Natalia does. Alan and Bill make a deal concerning Lizzie and Sarah and Jonathan. Bill wants to make it clear to Alan that he was never here. Alan says someone here. Remy practically punches Jonathan out. Remy asks about Sarah. Jonathan tells him the truth. Then Jonathan thanks Remy for taking care of Tammy's mother after Tammy died. Remy agrees because of Tammy to help Jonathan in any way he can to get Alan. He tells Jonathan he's off the force so he can help him. But it is all for getting back at Alan for Tammy. Olivia calls out for help, as Gus and Natalia exchange wedding rings. After the prayer, Josh pronounces them Husband and Wife and presents them as such. Alan's Pilot helps him pack. Beth arrives and Alan is surprise. Beth says she left Rick. As she takes off her wedding ring. Jonathan talks to Tammy about Alan.....

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Alison waves good-bye to St. Ann’s with the help of Sister Jessica and Sister Natalie. Alison tells them that before she will tell them her juicy secret that they must find a way that she will never go back to St. Anne’s. John comes to Todd’s condo and gets knocked unconscious by Ramsey. Rex pays a visit to Gigi and Shane. Rex asks Gigi if Shane is his son. Jack comes into Blair’s bedroom and tells her that he has had a bad dream. Ramsey gives Todd pointers on how to shoot the gun. Todd comes into the bedroom where Blair and Jack. Ramsey leaves Todd’s apartment with John, unconscious on the floor.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Amber and Daniel wake up and wonder what the hell just happened , when they realize they just had drunken sex, they vow to not let that happen again. Jana thinks Amber and Daniel should explore the idea of being more than BFFs and suggest this to Kevin who thinks they should butt out..

JT tells Victoria he’d like to move back into the loft so they can start there life together, Victoria wants to wait but caves and they decide to move out of the ranch within a week’s time. Nikki is not happy to hear this but it is brought back to reality when Victoria also mentions that she and David would soon need to find a place of their own. Victor is with a dying Hope, and promises to take care of Victor Jr. in her absence, Hope is happy to hear this but also states that upon his arrival they need to tell him the truth…That Victor is his father.

Jeffrey tells Kevin he is falling in love with Glo (who has taken the poison) and Nikki offers Brad the position of COO after conducting her first board meeting at Jabot. Sharon and Jack as well as Phyllis and Nick discuss their new business venture in detail and prepare to get the ball rolling. Amber is almost caught with the money by Daniel.

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