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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach talks Kendall into going on this tour to promote her book. Kendall wonders why Zach is all for her going on this tour. Zach tells her that Ryan is in love with her and she needs to be as far away from him as possible. Ryan, who has just gotten out of the shower, knocks on Annie’s door. Annie answers the door dressed in her bra, panties and a bathrobe. Greenlee wakes up to find Aidan lying beside her .Tad comes to the hospital to see Frankie and finds Angie with him. Frankie is anxious to get out of the hospital. Frankie wonders what had happened to the pic of Angie and Jesse that was right beside his bed. Jesse looks at the pic of him and Angie and remarks how much that he loves them .Tad asks Angie if she had any more pics of Jesse before he died. Jesse vows to remain dead in order to protect his family. Kendall realizes that Zach is jealous of her and Ryan. Ryan tries to call Kendall, but only gets her voicemail. Aidan join Kendall on the airplane. Kendall wants to know what he is doing here. Annie goes to see Kendall, but finds comfort in Zach’s arms. Greenlee calls Ryan. During a brawl, Jesse is knocked unconscious. Jesse is taken in to the hospital. Angie stands by as the ambulance driver tells Angie about the patient. Greenlee invites Ryan to lunch at the hospital.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke and Noah talk about the future of their relationship and taking the next logical step but they decide to take it slow and at their own pace. Craig is devastated when Meg tells him that she is giving the company back to Lucinda but he also tells Lucinda he won't stop fighting for the company. Meg tells Paul that she will always love him but she can't be with him because he isn't good for her. Paul vows that he will get Meg to come back to him. Lily and Lucinda almost get killed by Evan who after a struggle with Lily over a Syringe filled with the same drug that killed Dusty, ends up sticking himself with the syringe and dies instantly. Holden tells Lily that he doesn't know what he would do if he ever lost her and although he doesn't know where their relationship will go from here nothing will ever hurt their family again.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Brooke that he has tried to deny it, but he’s still in love with her. She claims he can’t be, it just can’t be. Nick tells her that James realized these feelings. Nicks says he loves Taylor too, but it doesn’t change the way he feels about Brooke either. He thinks it is fate and circumstances and despite all, he still wants a life with Taylor and his son. But there can be no secrets, he has to tell Taylor how he feels. Brooke is adamantly against this. Rick and Bridget have a little heart to heart and Bridget’s feelings is that their mother should just stay out of this. Rick is concerned about Taylor and how she is freaking out. She is a basket case and doesn’t deserve this. Bridget laments that she is just as worried as he is, and her own part in this whole fiasco. And no matter how much she supports Nick’s and Taylor’s marriage, she is afraid history is repeating itself, and Taylor will lose Nick to their mom. Hallucination Brooke continues to haunt Taylor, gloating that she has had all the Forrester men and they still clamor for her. Taylor shouts that Brooke is not a part of her life, just her past, and she will not listen to this. Brooke still continues that she wants Nick, and she will have him. Taylor completely loses it, stomping up and down, putting her hands over her ears, she doesn’t want to hear any more from Brooke. She cries, shouts and James comes to the rescue, trying to calm her down. She shares that she feels like she is losing her mind. He reminds her that she can’t sweep this under the rug, she and Nick must be honest with each other. If Nick tells her that he loves Brooke, then she will have a decision to make.

Brooke admits to Nick that she feels the same, but people will be hurt so nobody else can know. She begs that Taylor is emotionally unstable, so this will never do if he tells her how he really feels. Don’t make a deal for something Taylor is not ready for. He leaves her with one last word – does she ever think about their son, could he just be a sign? James tells Taylor that she is becoming unraveled, but he can’t buy into the conspiracy theory with Brooke and Bridget plotting little Jack. Nick returns and Taylor tells him that she wants the truth, that is the only way she is going to get better. She feels she is having a nervous breakdown. She asks James for time alone with Nick. To Nick, she asks if he is still in love with Brooke?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lexie calls Philip when she can’t reach Kayla or Bo but won’t tell Philip why she needs to talk to them. Philip and Chloe wait downstairs and discuss why Brady was kidnapped. Shawn agrees to try and repair his relationship with Belle. Kayla returns Lexie’s call and learns that she is pregnant.

Shawn Sr. becomes outraged when John talks badly of Colleen. Colleen insists that John stay. Colleen offers parting words to each family member. Belle gives John the medallion to give to Sami but John tosses it into the trash once Belle leaves. Marlena retrieves the medallion when John isn’t looking. John allows Colleen to hold him and remains there until she dies in his arms. John denies that Colleen’s death brings back any memories but locks Marlena out of the bedroom so he can be alone to sit with Colleen’s body and cry.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Sam wakes up, she asks to see Lucky, then tells him about being attacked, by possibly the Text Message Killer. After Jax calls Carly on her bout of nerves, she tells him Jason told her that the killer might still be alive. Claudia orders Trevor to set up a meeting with the Families and to do some redecorating, reaffirming Johnny's belief that she will shake things up. She's also worried about Johnny's attitude toward life. Following his break up with Kate and encounter with Claudia, Sonny is tense and uptight and not amused by Jason's doing things his own way and letting Liz be his top priority. Nikolas finds himself confessing all the ways he sees Emily to Nadine, who understands, but thinks he's an idiot for wasting his time with her on worry. Lulu pushes Logan away when he wants to make out. Tracy and Luke argue about their relationship again. Sonny reproves Michael for trying to carry a gun.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia visits Olivia. Matt and Dinah talk about Christmas. Dinah says that was the old Dinah. Matt is happy for her when she tells him things are looking up. Mallet finds Marina unconscious and calls for help. They are at the Glendale Farm. Cyrus and Harley are still kissing. Marina wakes up. Mallet gets her on her feet. She has a problem walking. Mallet carries her. Meanwhile Harley and Cyrus are in bed together. Natalia comes to the church to see both Gus and Rafe there. She wants to know what they are doing. Gus says he was there to ask Josh to perform the ceremony. Ava is over Olivia's keeping her company and helping out with her little sister. Ava give Olivia a pep talk on life and what it means to her and her little sister to have her around. Harley gets some advice from a salesclerk about her. Dinah catches up to Mallet. They don't have a good talk. He tell her about Marina. Harley finds out about Marina from Cyrus. She is upset. Olivia hears a knock at her door thinking it's Gus she opens it to find Natalia. And Natalia is not happy. She in not so many words tells Olivia to leave Gus alone.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Lindsay prepares for the Campbell’s “Go Red” Charity Ball. She, happily, looks at all the pieces of paper in the Campbell’s box. Lindsay wonders if writing your secrets down on a piece of paper really made the person find peace .Jessica comes storming into the house and tells Nash that she is so mad at him. Nash calls her “Tess”. Jessica, angrily, tells him that she is Jessica. Natalie walks up to Jessica’s door and sees Jared following her. She demands to know if he is following her. Jared tells her that he had come to see Nash. Adriana lets Rex know that Gigi has a son named Shane. Rex doesn’t believe her. Shane kills bugs on the floor when John comes home. Ramsay tells Todd that they have a problem which is Gigi and Shane. Ramsay aims his gun at Gigi and Shane. Todd lets him know that he will not permit him to shoot an innocent woman and her child .Ramsay tells him matter-of-factly that Todd is going to be the one to shoot Gigi and Shane. Todd refuses to shoot Gigi and Shane. Todd has second thoughts about shooting Gigi and Shane to keep them quiet.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

As JT and Victoria’s wedding continues, they share their promise vows and happiness with a handful of their most cherished friends. Victor deals with the news that Hope is dying and shares this with Kay, while Nikki continues to worry about what it is that Victor is internalizing.

Party at Kevin’s pad, Daniel’s little shindig for Heather is underway, Amber has made her famous alcoholic punch and broke out the karaoke machine to get the thing started. To Daniel’s dismay Heather is not really feeling the vibe and kind of being a Debbie Downer, Daniel on the other hand is getting plastered and so is Amber. So it’s no mystery that at the end of the night when Amber and Daniel find themselves drunk and alone, they end up having drunken sex…

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