The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/6/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Annie meets up with Richie, who lets her know that he is leaving town. J.R. tries to kiss Babe, but she pulls away and tells him that that is a bad idea. Krystal brings Little A in to see Babe. Krystal and J.R. have a talk about Babe. Adam listens to their conversation. Erica comes up behind Adam and wants to know what he is up to. Joe gives Annie a list of doctors’ names, who might help Ryan regain his memory. Richie listens to their conversation, and finds out that Ryan doesn’t remember who she nor Emma is. Erica questions Adam about some lakefront property that he owns. Erica lets Adam know about how ill Greenlee had been. Krystal notices the look in Babe’s eyes when she looks at J.R. Ryan questions Kendall as to why they had broken up. Kendall tells Ryan all they had been together. Kendall tells Ryan that Greenlee was the cause that they had broken up. Erica finds out that her assets has been frozen.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly finds Cowboy Jack burning in her fireplace and blames Parker. Will and Gwen come up empty in Chicago while looking for Sophie. Carly calls Jack about Parker, as Sam calls to ask if Parker took Cowboy Jack again. Parker demands Sam tell his parents that he is setting him up. Lily will not leave town, as requested by Holden. Lucinda and Evan meet up and admit to being in cahoots, but he is also unmasked as the one who poisoned Bob, and the one who was Dusty and the lab tech’s killer. Evan holds a syringe to Lucinda because he wants her to give him $10 million dollars and a jet, and Lucinda agrees. Sophie arrives in NYC with Hallie, but she runs into trouble when she loses her wallet. Sophie calls Aaron for help, as she begs him not to tell anyone where she is. After talking to Margo, Will finally convinces Gwen they need to head back to Oakdale. Jack and Carly call the Psychologist to come see Parker. She believes they need to spend a lot more time together as a family and Parker will feel more secure and act out less. Jack and Carly agree. Lucinda calls Lily and pretends she is talking to Gregory, her banker. Lily realizes Lucinda is in trouble and takes off to find her. Carly decides to give up Metro in order to make things right with Parker. Lily shows up at the hospital to save Lucinda, but ends up also being held hostage with Lucinda as well. Lily learns the truth of what Evan has done and Lucinda’s involvement. Holden goes to see Margo worried about Lily’s well being. Lily calls Holden and tells him to bring $10 million dollars to her at the hospital. Holden leaves the station without letting Margo in on her call, but Margo has a hunch and has him followed. Aaron tries to convince Sophie to go home and explain what happened to Will, Gwen and the Police. Sophie finally seems to agree and a happy Aaron calls Will and Gwen with the terrific news. Sam is upset to hear of Carly’s decision. Sophie gives Aaron the slip, and he is forced to call Will and Gwen back now with the bad news. Carly and Jack tell Parker that she has given up Metro, and this seems to bring them closer. Cowboy Jack suggests that Sam get rid of the ‘bratty kid’ for good. Holden brings Evan the money, but Margo shows up and Evan sees this realizing he was double-crossed. He grabs Lily and holds the syringe to her neck.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

James asks Nick if he is still in love with Brooke? Brooke tells Stephanie that she has no right to bring this up about her still being in love with Nick. She is in love with Ridge and they are committed to each other. Felicia brings the kids in so that interrupts the conversation, but Stephanie harps on it later. Brooke isn’t going to let her harass her about this. Nick doesn’t duck the question, but he assures James that no matter how complicated this is, he will always care for Brooke and her kids, but he loves Taylor. James isn’t passing judgment, but Nick feels uncomfortable and doesn’t see why his feelings matter here. He wants James to help Taylor.

Nick takes James’ suggestion and goes to The Marlin to give this complete thought. Taylor is sorry that James is questioning Nick. She has a hallucination about Brooke entering her house and taking over. Brooke also shows up at The Marlin to clear her head and she and Nick reminisce, and he tells her about his soul-searching and his man on a mission. And when he searches his heart, the only woman he sees is her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chloe turns down a job offer in Milan and Philip accuses her of not wanting to be near Austrian authorities. Marlena tells the family what they’ve learned about John and the men head out to search for John. Bo finds John holding the knife at his own throat and struggles with him. John turns the knife on Bo but Bo is able to get the knife back and convince John to return to the pub with him. Colleen tells Shawn Sr. that she won’t be returning with them to Salem because she is dying. Hope begins to have the same symptoms as Bo. Steve and Kayla’s attempt to tell Hope and Bo about their medical conditions is interrupted by Shawn Sr. calling everyone into Colleen’s room.

Morgan insists that the sorority gets to vote on whether Chelsea gets to remain a member since she went against their decision to keep quiet. Max pulls Morgan aside to try and change her mind but it doesn’t work. Alone with Nick, Chelsea admits that leaving the sorority would really hurt her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

While Ric is otherwise occupied, Marianna argues with someone on the phone, claiming she can't or won't do something. When Monica's car is found, there are signs of an accident and alcohol on the upholstery. Jason notices blood on Liz's car. Seeing Lulu and Logan in an apparent morning after situation disconcerts Luke. Claudia makes it clear she's shaking things up and making changes. Tracy is not willing to take Luke back. Liz frets that she might have been the one to hit Sam.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cyrus and Marina surprise the Cooper family by telling them they are back together. Frank tries to set Harley up with a surgeon. Harley tells Cyrus she is happy for them. Cyrus isn't so sure she is telling the truth. The Coopers are teaching Ashlee how to play poker. So far Ashlee is winning this game. She later tells them her mother taught her. During the game Harley and Marina start picking at each other. They finally decide to call it a night. Cyrus and Buzz talk about Harley and Buzz tells Cyrus to end it tonight. Cyrus takes Marina aside and says lets go to France. Marina is shocked. Cyrus tells her she can find work on the police force there. And he can find labor work. Harley meets up with Daisy and her friend at the Food Court at the Mall. Daisy says she got a dress for Harley's ex husband's wedding and put it on Harley's credit card. Harley thinks that just peachy. She also says if Gus is moving on she is too. Marina and Cyrus are both alone. Cyrus is playing with a deck of cards that the Coopers were playing poker with and Marina is looking at travel pamphlets. Harley is just staring. Harley meets up with a guy named Preston. She asks him all these kind of get to know you questions. She claims it is a survey. Gus walks in and sees her with Preston. Gus can't quite figure the guy out. As Harley leaves she and Gus talk about handling this guy. Harley says she can handle any guy. Cyrus runs into Dinah, who is not happy on how he treated Harley and Marina. Cyrus admits he doesn't know what to do with a woman like Harley. Dinah says Marina is Harley-Light. Meaning she is a lighter version of Harley. Harley and Gus meet at the church. They talk about how things used to be. Gus admits he is scared. Harley tells him that its ok to think someone else comes around and think she is a better match. Gus thinks Harley is high on something. Gus tells Harley that Marina is leaving the country. Harley is shocked. Marina and is telling the Cooper men that she and Cyrus are leaving. They all hug. Frank takes Marina aside and says he's happy for her. Buzz goes to Cyrus and talks to him. Harley goes to Marina's thinking she left. Then goes to Company to find her and Cyrus there. Marina is happy to see her. Harley looks confused. Marina tells Harley they are leaving tonight. Harley says she knows. Harley tells them both she loves them and wants them to be happy and live in the moment. They all cheer Harley's speech. Cyrus leaves the party and meets up with Harley. She wants him to get out. She even pushes him. Mallet says his long goodbye. Mallet tells Marina to call him if she ever needs backup. Harley gives Cyrus heck. She tells him to get on that plane with Marina. Marina is outside near a car she phones someone. Mallet and Dinah meet up for a meal and to talk about their divorce. She doesn't want one. Then a uniform interrupts Mallet saying they got a distress call. Mallet goes running. Back at Harley's, Cyrus and she are talking. Marina gets carjacked and knocked out. Harley and Cyrus end up in a passionate kiss....

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair opens the door and finds Todd and Sam standing outside the door. Antonio comes up with a plan to switch Fish for Talia at the Cherry Vale Police station. Adriana meets up with Vincent and Layla at the Angel Square diner. Adriana shows Vincent and Layla her engagement ring. Adriana tells Layla that Rex may have a son. Rex and Charlie discuss the fact that Roxy had told Charlie that Rex was his son. Viki asks Dorian what does she want, wandering around in Viki’s room. Dorian insists on telling Viki about Charlie .Rex is heartbroken when Charlie will make no move to recognize him as his son. Bo and Lindsay come into the diner. Markko approaches them and shows them to a table. Ramsay takes a high-powered rifle out of its case and aims it. Nora and John come to visit Todd. Blair lets Todd and Nora know that they are going to prosecute Marcie to the fullest extent of the law. Markko brings an order to Todd’s old condo and sees the pic of Starr and Todd. Markko realizes that a strange man is living in Todd’s apartment.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Luis and Ethan shoot at the sharks. They find Pilar but can't find Theresa. Miguel stops Juanita from shooting and in turn almost dies--but thanks to Kay's magic he's saved. Gwen daydreams about Ethan finding out that she's blackmailed Theresa. Vincent, in his Valerie persona, makes out with Julian in front of Eve.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Today is the big day for Victoria and JT, the ranch’s living room is embellished flowers and elegant wedding garb. A selected few of Genoa City’s finest are in attendance, Kay Chancellor being one. Victor is obviously preoccupied but tries to hide it by sharing how happy he is with Victoria and welcoming JT to the family mafioso style.

Glo and Kevin are up to their old tricks as Kevin brings by the poison and suggests that Glo begins taking it; she tries but is interrupted , first by a suspicious Michael who insists on knowing what’s up their sleeves and second by her blackmailing husband who protests he’s sick of Glo’s negative attitude. This does not go unheard because Jack and Sharon walk in.

Amber is distraught because her designs were not Sharon’s cup of tea, but Kevin comes along and cheers her up stating she has potential after previewing them.

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