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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad and Jesse discuss how that Tad had thought that he was losing his mind when he had seen Jesse in the hospital. Jesse urges Tad to take care of Angie after Frankie is gone. Tad assures Jesse that Frankie is going to be just fine. Angie sits by Frankie’s bedside as another doctor checks his vitals and tells Angie that Frankie is stabilizing. Frankie apologizes to Angie for running off. Greenlee awakens, holding Aidan’s hand. They hug and kiss. Amanda is busy at Fusion, getting ready for Kendall’s book signing party. Angie visits Greenlee to see how she is doing. Amanda calls Kendall to remind her about the book signing. Kendall, at first, has reservations, but then she agrees to go to the book signing. Greenlee sends Aidan out for some food for her while she has a talk with Zach. Greenlee questions Zach as to what is going on. Zach gives in and tells her about Ryan thinking that he is still with Kendall and Ryan is still madly in love with her. Ryan is up on the roof when Kendall join him. Ryan tells Kendall that he needs to be with her. Tad urges Jesse to tell Angie that he is alive, but Jesse refuses.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Sam cancels the band that is booked for the week at Metro so he will have to stay and help Carly at the club. Parker sees Sam paying one of the band members for the day and then Sam warns parker not to tell Carly or Jack or they will have to send him away. Cowboy Jack tells Sam they have to get rid of the rotten brat so later Sam sneaks into Carly's house and puts Cowboy Jack in the fireplace planning to blame Parker so that Jack and Carly will send parker to Boot camp. Holden and Lily are put on the suspect list when Margo finds out that the lab technician was killed with the same drug as Dusty. Margo later sets Holden and Lilly free and they tell Lucinda about the test results the lab technician had regarding Bob's coffee cup. Paul and Emily plan to let Craig lead them to Dusty's killer since they think that Dusty was killed because he wanted to stop the research project at the hospital. Paul persuades Meg to give Lucinda the company back so that the hospital project won't happen and they can see what Craig will do next. Lucinda is thrilled to get her company back and goes to the hospital she goes inside the lab and tells herself she will stop the research project.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick invites James over and fills him in on the night before. He feels lost and is asking James for his help. Nothing he has done thus far seems to have helped. Taylor, supposedly upstairs still sleeping, stays in the shadows on the staircase and hears most of this. Taylor joins them and gives a fairly unemotional version of last night and admits she has taken more than one drink, the only thing to give her a little relief over this mess. Nick feels it is his fault; he was the one who wanted the child in the first place. Taylor cries and asks James for help. Brooke is shocked to walk in and find Donna hasn’t left Eric after all. She’s upset because of the way this could impact Storm. She knows, no matter how careful Eric says they will be, how Stephanie can worm out secrets and exact her own kind of justice.

Donna questions whether she and Eric can remain hidden from Stephanie, and he assures her that he will not let Stephanie ruin this for them. Taylor laments to James that she knows she is not the woman that Nick fell in love with, and she fears she will lose her marriage. She pleads for help. Brooke drops in at Stephanie’s to meet Ridge. Stephanie welcomes her and wants to talk about Brooke’s son – not R.J., not Rick, but baby son Jack. She starts off with chastising Brooke for not marrying Ridge last night. And now this baby changes everything, so she can’t keep her word about supporting Brooke for the rest of her life. James tells Nick he is worried about her; she is floundering. She is aware but unable to do anything about it. James advises Nick that he is the problem. Nothing he did consciously, but Taylor thinks Brooke is the problem. Answer honestly, is Nick still in love with Brooke?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kayla and Steve tell Bo that he has to return home right away to undergo further testing. Bo drops the subject when Hope returns. Hope questions Steve about Bo but Steve will only advice Hope to give Bo some space. Shawn can sense that Kayla and Steve came to Ireland bearing bad news. Colleen stops John from killing her by revealing that she and Santo are John’s biological parents. After hearing the history of John’s life from birth to his adoption by the Alamain family, John runs off.

Roman shares with Chelsea, Billie, Kate, Victor, and Crawford Decker Ford’s autopsy report showing that Ford died from the fall down the stairs. Crawford decides that it isn’t worth pressing charges and after a verbal lashing from Victor, apologizes for his treatment of Chelsea. Billie accepts Victor’s job offer to work for him in London.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu gets between Sonny and Johnny as they face off and finally gets Johnny away safely. She lets is slip she might like to run off with him, not Logan. Carly tells Jax she nearly had an accident while driving home, but that's not important, what is, is she's pregnant. Ric checks in via the phone to home, but is not done with his vacation or Marianna. Sonny calls on Zacchara. Tracy cuts in on Monica's interview with the police and suggests she's been drinking, making the cop think that she might be trying to cover DUI with a fake car theft story. However, Tracy's history of lies keeps them from believing her. Then, Jerry brings in Sam as a hit and run victim. Liz and Jason daydream together. Maxie and Spinelli's investigation into Cooper takes them to his rooms where they find Logan's dog tags and some meds. When Alexis brings mail to Lucky's for Sam, he tells her about the break up.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie gets a visitor. It is the Principal of Will's school. He's been suspended. He tells her why. Doris goes to see Jeffery. She wants him to prosecute Jonathan. Reva visits Jonathan and Lizzie, she asks them about whether or not Lizzie knows the whole truth about the bone marrow and the "car accident". Lizzy says to Reva she is not totally off the hook. She tells Reva that she trusted her over all the women in her life and she lied to her. Josh questions Will about the day he went out on the tracks. Will says he's keeping his mouth shut. Reva finally calms down Lizzie and explains. Next all are on the bed looking at Sarah. Reva invites them all to dinner tonight. Jonathan excepts. Ava gets a visit from Bill. Cassie tells Josh about the Principal's visit. She wants to sue the psychologist. Josh says Will does need help. Cassie says no. Reva visits Jeffery at his office. Reva wants Jeffery to help her with Jonathan. Jeffery says there is a problem because Jonathan faked his and Sarah's deaths. Jonathan wants Lizzie to get ready to go. They are leaving town. He wants her ID to leave it at the house. He hands her a passport with another name and a ring. Lizzie wants to say goodbye to her mom and gram. Jonathan doesn't want to risk tipping them off. Jonathan says no more contact with anyone, especially Bill Lewis. Reva can't believe her ears at what Jeffery said about Jonathan. She also tells Jeffery about Bill Lewis. Then Reva says, Oh My God, Alan! They rush out of Jeffery's office. Ava and Bill are in bed. They are talking about Lizzie, Jonathan and Sarah and what Alan will do when and if he finds out they are alive. Cassie can't locate Will. Josh and Will are together talking with the psychologist. Will wants his mom. Josh tries to reason with him. Josh tells Will he can't strike out anytime he feels like it. Jonathan comes back from an errand. As they talk Jonathan hears a car. It's trouble. He grabs a poker from the fireplace and goes outside saying they are not going to take Sarah not without a fight. They hear a voice to open up. It's the family, Billy, Reva, etc. The say family sticks together. Will listens to the psychologist. But when she leaves the room he goes to the phone. Then Cassie arrives. They hug. Reva tells Jonathan she figured he'd try and run. Lizzie can't believe they would do this. Then Bill arrives, feeling like he was left out. Billy tells him they he tried to tell him, but wouldn't listen. Then there is words between Jonathan and Bill. They get into each others faces. Lizzie says to Bill that it was their decision equally to leave. Lizzie tells Jonathan she wants her daughter to learn to fight and not give up. Josh meets Jeffrey to tell him Cassie and Will. Will talks with his mom. He asks her if it is just the two of them. Cassie says yes. Reva asks Jonathan if he changes his mind about leaving. Jonathan says yes. Reva hugs him with a smile. Jonathan says he'll go get the stuff in the care. While out Jonathan phones the Immigration Office about Alan. He tells them that Alan shouldn't be let back into the country.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Adriana dreams that Dorian appears up in their bedroom and throws slurs at her engagement ring and tells Adriana that hers and Rex’s relationship is dead in the water. Addie and Dorian plan Adriana’s wedding .Cole and Langston discuss Starr’s surprise party in the foyer of Dorian’s house. Nash meets Jared in the Angel Square Diner. Nash lets Jared know that Jessica is getting out of St. Ann’s. Natalie and Jessica make plans to help break Alison out of St. Anne’s. Charlie lets Viki know that Rex Balsom is his son. Antonio appears before the chief in Cherryvale. When the Chief finds out that Antonio is a police officer, he orders Talia to cut him loose. Blair finds out from Langston and Cole that they are planning a surprise party for Starr. At the diner, Starr questions Markko if he had noticed anything strange between Langston and Cole. Jared wants to call it even with Jared and Jessica.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Sam and Julian devise a plan to catch the killer. Julian will be the bait. Eve gives Vincent a gynecological examination. Vincent fears for his baby's life. Eve assures him the baby is fine but that the labor will be a long and painful process. Julian soon arrives at Eve's house. He knocks on the door and soon looks in her window and he's shocked at what he finds. Luis, Ethan and Miguel figure out Theresa and Pilar are on the wharf--trying to escape. Juanita does, too. She soon spots them getting away and grabs her rocket launcher--blowing up Theresa and Pilar's boat up!

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Glo disease is spreading all over the Abbott mansion as Noah becomes the next victim to be infected. Sharon gets wind of this and threatens to get a restraining order if Glo does not stay away from Noah. Glo suggests they just move out; when Sharon refuses. The result is her and Jeffrey playing some horrendous Korean opera music; which forces them to get a room at the Athletic Club. Jack assures Sharon that this is so they can plan their sneak attack. After an unsuccessful search, Maggie realizes that Jack might not be guilty of killing Ji Min. Victor offers Neil Nick’s position, and he accepts.

Preparations for Victoria and JT’s wedding are underway, the guest have been contacted and the jobs have been divvied out. Paul, JT’s best man and Phyllis agrees to be Victoria’s matron of honor. Victoria has a request for Victor though and that is he be on his best behavior, he promises. Amber tells Cane that she got the message clearly this time as she drops by and assists Kay with writing her memoir; Cane ain’t buying it but lets it go for Kay. At Jabot Lily is introduced to her new fashion coordinator Chloe and as they get to know each other Cane comes in briefly to greet Lily. Chloe notices their “sexual energy”, which prompts Lily to blurt out she’s falling in love with Cane at Crimson Lights.

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