The TV MegaSite's Monday 2/4/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Aidan, Jack, Erica, Kendall and Zach stand vigil by Greenlee’s bedside. Angie tries her best to offer optimism to the family, but it doesn’t do much good. Kendall turns down an offer for a book signing party in her honor. Kendall runs into Ryan and he gives her a hug and tells her that he misses her. Annie lets Zach know about Ryan not knowing who she is. Tad searches for Jesse, but cannot find him. He stands vigil by Frankie’s bedside. Ryan confuses Kendall by what he says and does. Angie thinks of a way to possibly cure Greenlee and Frankie. The treatment that Angie brings Greenlee out of her coma. Ryan finds out that Kendall is married. Zach realizes that Ryan is still very much in love with Kendall. Tad sees Jesse face to face in the parking garage.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke and Noah decide to go to a weekend get away sponsored by the gay alliance at school but after talking to some of the guys they decide they don't want to go to the party because there may be drugs and dinking. Luke and Noah decide that they will wait until things settle down before they spend time alone together. Emily and Paul plant a bug in Chris's room but the plan backfires when Chris catches them in his room. Paul advises Emily to tell Margo everything she knows about the evidence Dusty had against Chris so Emily goes to the station and tells Margo everything including that she used to be a prostitute and then Margo says that Emily needs to give her proof about Dusty's accusations against Chris or a jury won't believe her word. Gwen and Will put out an Amber Alert for Hallie and head to Chicago to look for Sofie and the baby after Aaron gives them a lead. Lily and Holden get a call from the lab technician working for Dusty who wants to meet with Lily alone to give her the test results from Bob's coffee cup but when Lily and Holden arrive to meet the lab technician all they find is his dead body.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor doesn’t think her insecurities are without foundation. There is some reason that Brooke hasn’t resolved things with Nick or her child. Just marry Ridge and prove her wrong. Brooke wishes to speak to Nick alone. This bothers Taylor, but she allows it. Brooke feels like she is damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t. This is ludicrous, so inappropriate. This screams of Taylor’s insecurities and doubts. Ridge tells Taylor he appreciates what she was trying to do, she had good intentions, but there is no use trying to force Brooke into this now. The minister has to leave and Taylor sighs that everything is falling apart. When Brooke gives her final answer that she is not going to marry Ridge tonight, Taylor goes off on her and thinks that calls for a toast. She grabs a glass of wine from the table while all are urging her not to take the drink. Finally she smashes it into the wall, declares the party is over – go home! Jackie drops in on Stephanie and they exchange barbs before Jackie drops the bombshell that Brooke is the biological mother of Jack. Bridget comes by and she confirms it. She tells Jackie to stay out of this when Jackie announces it is a blessing in disguise. Jackie loves the idea that suddenly she and Stephanie have a common agenda; neither will want Brooke to marry Ridge.

Stephanie declares she does not want to be allies with Jackie. Jackie thinks Stephanie has no choice, she has to get involved and keep Ridge and Brooke apart. It’s a win/win situation for both her and Stephanie. Nick wraps Taylor’s hand and she apologies but maintains Brooke ruined the evening. He supports Taylor, but wants her to look at it from Brooke’s view. She says that she loves Nick and just wants a life without Brooke in it. Brooke and Ridge continue to hash it out and she says she is not going to get married on the spur of the moment in Taylor’s living room. Nick calls Brooke to assure her that things have quieted down and Taylor is upstairs sleeping. He thinks Brooke handled herself very well and she will always have his support. They both look out the window and see the bright, full moon.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ has Lexie come over to help him ease Allie’s croup. Lexie cautions EJ about getting too close to Allie. Lexie learns that Kayla is pregnant. Sami honors Lucas’ request for jailhouse meeting. Lucas shocks Sami with the news that he plead guilty and insists that she not wait on him to get out. Chloe and Philip discuss each other’s sincerity in joining the search for Claire.

Steve and Kayla escort Shawn Sr. over to Ireland and the whole family gathers to watch Shawn Sr. reunite with Colleen. Marlena and John stay behind after everyone else leaves in hopes of getting Colleen to answer their questions. John requests a private meeting with Colleen but when Marlena objects, he slams Marlena against the door knocking her out. John holds a knife up at Colleen, threatening to kill her. Kayla sends Hope away so she and Steve can sit Bo down to talk privately.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nikolas leaves the hospital against medical advice and wanders out in the rain, talking to Emily. Lucky lets his sister in on all that he's been going through and agrees to let her stay with him Much to Johnny's amusement, it is clear Claudia will not follow Trevor's plan to be the new puppet, but will run things herself. Though very weak and tired, Liz makes it to the safehouse and Jason, where she admits she almost fell asleep driving. Ian recognizes Nikolas' symptomology and begins offering advice on it, right before the prince returns to the hospital, thanks to "Emily's" urging. Seeing Kate and Jax talking makes Carly nuts. Sonny confronts Johnny. Alone in his room, Nikolas worries he might have hit someone. Monica claims her car was stolen. Sam is seen, lying on the side of the road.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet and Marina talk about their feelings toward one another. They agree it is just friends. Cyrus and Harley go at it hot and heavy. Ava calls Bill, she wants to see him. Jonathan and Lizzie have a good talk until Jonathan says he heard something, and goes and checks it out. Ava arrives at Bill's and he is impressed. She thinks Lizzie is hiding there. Bill assures her Lizzie isn't there. Cyrus' and Harley's sexy moment is interrupted with a knock on the door. It is Dinah looking for Marina. Dinah promises she wont say a thing. Mallet admits he's a little rusty on the dating thing. Bill and Ava have a sexy time and talk. Lizzie sees Jonathan packing a bag and gets upset. Jonathan assures her that the bag is for all 3 of them. He sees the moment Alan gets back it won't be safe for either of them. Jonathan asks who Lizzie is going to miss. Lizzie says her mom, and gram, Lillian. Jonathan tells her if they do this. They can't go back. From the look on her face she's in all the way. Jonathan goes off and tells Lizzie that she cannot say goodbye to anyone. And he means it. Ava leaves Bill to go into another room and Bill checks his phone messages when there is a knock at the door. It is Lizzie and Sarah. Lizzie says she is not mad at Bill anymore that this is all her granddad's fault. Mallet and Marina run into Frank, who thinks they are playing hooky. They tell him they are on a case. Then they go there own ways, but not before making a date for tomorrow. Harley and Dinah run into each other and discuss what Dinah saw earlier. Dinah says she will not say anything, she promises. Jonathan meets up with Billy. Jonathan questions him about Reva and her cancer. He asks Billy if it is really gone. Billy says yes. Buzz talks to Cyrus. He tells Cyrus he wants to see at least one of his "girls" happy. Frank goes to see Harley and sees she is not happy. He knows this because she is doing some unneeded cleaning. Frank tells her about Mallet and Marina and what he just saw. Harley asks him if he thinks they were on a date. Franks tells Harley he doesn't want to go there. Marina comes home to see Buzz talking to Cyrus. Buzz leaves and Cyrus and Marina have words. Billy says Reva missed them while Jonathan and Sarah were away. Bill kisses Lizzie before she leaves him. Mallet and Dinah play the State Capitols Game while talking (music plays). Music play while showing everyone involved with the show doing something. Lizzie and Sarah are outside while Jonathan packs. She comes home and they continue to pack together...........

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Adriana visits Gigi and Shane and finds out that Gigi has a child. Rex comes into Bo’s office and wants advice on his father. Dorian begs Jared to give Charlie a second chance. Viki and Charlie come face to face with each other at Dorian’s. Dorian threatens Jared that if he doesn’t give Charlie a second chance or she will tell all the Buchanan’s that he is not Asa’s son. Ramsey visits Todd at his penthouse and wants to help Todd plan his next move. John visits Todd to manipulate Todd into giving Marcie a break on the kidnapping charge or John will bring Todd down and send him to jail. Ramsay overhears the conversation.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Theresa and Pilar escape Juanita's clutches with a Taser match. Kay and Tabitha hear organ music, warning them of an impending death. Kay fears it may be Miguel's. Tabitha encourages her to use their magic. Ethan, Luis and Miguel dream about the woman they love during the flight to Mexico. Theresa leaves a half-conscious Pilar, from being Tasered, to stop a boat to help her mother and herself. While she's in the ocean she gets a visit from an uninvited guest...a shark!

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

New things are on the horizon for the residents of our fair city of Genoa. At Crimson Lights, Daniel still suffering from a permanent bad hair day is confronted by Phyllis, about a promising job opportunity; with Jack, Nick and her (no mention of Sharon). Amber overhears this and wants Daniel to put in the good word for her with Phyllis. Things seem to be looking up for Daniel even in the romance department as he spots Heather and in efforts to cheer her up decides to throw a party. The green-eyed monster begins to take its toll on Amber as she witnesses Heather and Daniel’s interaction.

Glo is still determined to keep the house and terrorizing Jack and Sharon in strong effort that they will move out. Jack talks to an excited Nick about their new business venture at the AC, Jack also expresses his anguish over his new house guests from hell. Phyllis (who’s joined them now) and Nick insists that she is just trying to annoy him. Victor joins them as they celebrate and bad mouths their business endeavor.

Heather and Paul bond over her failure. Glo calls in the press. As they prepare to leave, the police show up with a search warrant. Victor gets some bad news from Hope.

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