The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/1/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan wakes up and doesn’t recognize either Annie nor Emma. Annie, at first, thinks that Ryan is only kidding, but she finds out that he is dead serious. Annie gets their wedding pics to show Ryan that they are really married, but Ryan still doesn’t believe her. J.R. walks into the living room where Adam is busily doing work. Adam is less than cordial with J.R. by refusing to talk to him. J.R. gets a visit from Babe, who apologizes to J.R. for saying what she had said to him. Stewart rushes in and is glad to see J.R. home. Stewart becomes confused when Adam calls J.R. a “traitor” and vows to make J.R. pay for betraying him. At the hospital, Greenlee has lapsed into a coma. Aidan leaves jack a message on his cell phone to get back to the hospital as soon as possible. Zach and Kendall are also called to get to the hospital. Greenlee has an out of body experience in which she sees and hears everyone that says anything to her. Jack and Erica arrive at the hospital. Erica and Greenlee argue as usual. Greenlee also has a talk with Aidan, Zach, Kendall and Jack. Greenlee begins to have another seizure in which Greenlee begs them not to let her die. Tad visits Frankie. Starting to leave Frankie’s room, Tad sees Jesse and goes after him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jack and Carly find Parker after he runs away, and Carly promises Parker she will fire Sam and make him leave town. Jack asks Parker to promise he will go see the therapist, do better in school and stop being so mean to Carly, since she is doing what he asks her to do by making Sam leave town. Carly goes to fire Sam but Kit tells her, "If he goes I go and I take my money out of the club." Jack and Carly try to explain the situation to Parker, but he gets angry at Carly, calls her a liar, and says that when Sam does something bad, she will be sorry she didn't listen to him. Vienna locks Katie in the diner with Brad who makes her a romantic dinner that is eaten by Vienna's dog. Brad proposes to Katie after she almost chokes on the ring he has hidden in the cheesecake. When Katie says no to Brad's proposal, he is heartbroken. Gwen persuades Will to give Barbara another chance, so he allows her to baby-sit Hallie. Barbara asks Sofie to leave when she makes an unscheduled visit to the baby. Barbara calls Bonnie who warns Sofie not to make unscheduled visits to the baby. Barbara puts the baby down for a nap and falls asleep on the couch herself. Sofie sneaks inside the house and takes the baby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor puts Brooke on the spot; don’t miss this opportunity…..she can get married tonight, right now, in this house. Will she marry Ridge? Brooke talks to Ridge in privacy and they have differing opinions. She thinks this is ridiculous with Taylor trying to control everything, yet he wonders why she doesn’t want to do this. Doesn’t she want to marry him? Brooke does want to marry him, just not like this. She wants it to be something special. He argues that this isn’t their first marriage, they shouldn’t put it off, the minister is here, why don’t they just do it now? Nick is concerned that Taylor thought all of this up and didn’t bother to ask him about it. A surprise wedding is a little weird! She offers that she just wants to put this chapter of their life behind them and this will do it. Ashley asks Rick can’t they talk about anything but her and Ridge? She made that mistake once, she won’t do it again. She intimates that she was hoping she and Rick could start over. He’s shocked, and admits he has waited a long time to hear those words, but he’s a little gun-shy.

Her final word, Brooke says the last place she is going to get married is here in Taylor’s living room……even to alleviate Taylor’s fears. Ridge continues that he thinks this could make a statement, so everyone will know where they stand. Taylor questions Nick….does he not want Brooke to marry Ridge? He just doesn’t feel it’s any of their business. Rick is confused, he wants a cold shower and yet to ravage Ashley on the desk right now too. She asks again, can’t they have a fresh start and she wants him to know her feelings for him are sincere and wants a chance to prove that to him. Taylor belabors the point if Brooke and Ridge will get married tonight? Brooke thanks her for her interest and thoughtfulness, but this is not the wedding she has dreamed of. Taylor denies she has an agenda and she is not forcing Brooke to do something she doesn't wants to do. Taylor hounds her over and over that it is not adding up for her; maybe Brooke still has feelings for her husband and child. She accuses her of not moving on; Brooke wants to be in her life! It’s like she is haunting her, every facet of her life. By time she is through, she is practically crying and begging Brooke to do what she always said she would do – marry Ridge!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mr. Decker decides to press charges after all once he sees Ford’s body. Kate brings Chelsea to Victor for help in dealing with Mr. Decker. Victor is unable to help clear Max of the charges. Colleen explains that she faked her death because she couldn’t morally live the life of a nun. Colleen reunites Claire with her family admits to trying to kidnap Brady as well. Colleen questions Chloe as she reveals that Brady disappeared en route to Ireland. Colleen will only say that she wanted to take Brady and Claire for safekeeping. Marlena interrupts John’s attempts to kill Colleen. EJ fills Sami in on Stefano’s fate, letting her know that they can now safely go home. Lucas decides to plead guilty so that he can speed up his sentencing in order to get home to Sami sooner.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason points out to Carly that neither Leticia nor Emily got a text before being killed, so perhaps there is another killer out there. Jax is stunned by Kate's revelation of her past as Connie. Lucky will not listen as Sam tries to explain why she allowed Jake to be kidnapped and ends things with her. Logan offers Lulu a home with him, since she left the manor with her dad and Tracy. After Sonny and Claudia make love, she begins analyzing him. When she gets a message from someone claiming to be the TMK, Sam freaks and calls Lucky, who does not believe her. Moments later, she is attacked. Carly goes for another pregnancy test. Against hospital advice, Liz checks out and drives off to meet Jason. As Anthony takes a turn for the worse, Johnny and Claudia show up to visit him Monica loses her surgical privileges, thanks to Tracy. Sam breaks away from her attacker and into the road as a car heads her way.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cyrus eyes a girl named Katherine aka Kitty. Lizzie is having a time with Sarah. Bill doesn't get a nice welcome from Jonathan when he goes to see him. Beth comes to Lizzie's rescue. Beth questions Lizzie about what the doctor said about her daughter's schedule, that it was disrupted. Lizzie thinks Beth is taking Jonathan's side. Beth reassures Lizzie she can do this. Jonathan wants to know what Bill's take is in all of this. Bill says he wants to help them. After a small discussion about Cyrus, Marina wants Harley to stay out of her situation with Cyrus. Jonathan is tackled by 2 security guards as Lizzie come in with Sarah, Lizzie asks them what they are doing. Harley talks to Frank about the situation between Marina and Cyrus and her. Frank wants to know what is really going on. Harley describes her panic attack. Frank wishes he knew. If she had to do it over again Harley would probably wouldn't take Cyrus from Marina. Before she leaves Company she tells Franks she'll fix it. Marina asks Cyrus about his marriage to Alexandra. He said it was business only. She then questions him about Harley. Cyrus tries to comfort her and Marina backs away. Cyrus says he wants Marina. If she'll have him back. He tries again to get close. Again she backs off, but leaves the room. Cyrus talks to Harley about this. She tells him that if he leaves Maria he might regret it. Bill sees Beth and talks to her about Lizzie and the Jonathan and Sarah situation. Beth is not happy with Bill and his interference. Lizzie walks into the dining room to see Jonathan feeding Sarah. Then theirs a knock on the door. It's Bill. Lizzie is not happy to see him. Lizzie tells Bill he's messing with her head. Jonathan hands Sarah to Lizzie then turns to Bill asking for a fight. But none occurs. Bill tells them he's out and leaves. Beth ask Rick to rush down to where he is. She promise him she won't do anything harmful to the baby. After Rick leaves her, she mumbles about seeing a man about a boat to San Gabriel. This is after she has told Ricks she is going to Chicago. While Jonathan and Lizzie and Sarah are together having some "family time", Bill is seen sneaking in the doorway. Marina goes to see Mallet. Mallet offers to shoot Cyrus, jokingly. They then kiss. Cyrus tells Harley that he and Marina broke up. She can't believe it. Harley tells him she left Marina looking for Cyrus to talk. Harley tells Cyrus he has to fight for her. He then ends up passionately kissing Harley......

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Gigi finds out that it has only been twenty six days since his girlfriend was killed. Gigi also finds out that Ramsay was involved. Rex barges into Bo’s office as usual. Rex lets Bo know that he feels as though he had been broad sided. Bo encourages Rex to tell him why he is here. Roxy visits Charlie and lets him know that it is a matter of life and death. Charlie is less than thrilled to see her. Roxy lets Charlie know that he is Rex’s father. At the Buchanan mansion, Jared looks at a pic of him and Charlie .Clint and Nora come in to join Jared. Clint and Nora evicts Jared from the mansion for having Jessica committed to St. Anne’s. Bree, happily, eats for Natalie while Viki and Nash watch. Alison Perkins plays a game of checkers with one of the nuns when Jessica comes in and asks for the next game. Jessica demands that Alison tell her the family secret. Alison wants to know what is there in it for her, and calls her Tess. Bo demands to know what is going on from Rex.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

I declare war….Glo has moved into the Abbott mansion and brought all of her trashy, gaudy belongings to embellish the house. The most atrocious attribute is a huge portrait of herself which she has chosen to hang over the mantle. Jack, Sharon. and Noah are furious and vow to make her life a living hell but Glo isn’t going out without a fight.

Moving on.. to bigger and better things, Nikki has experienced her first day at Jabot, while Nick and Phyllis are ecstatic about their new business venture with Jack and Sharon. Nikki offers David a job at Jabot as Co-CEO and would like Nick to work with her, but he refuses the offer citing he is no longer comfortable working with family. Heather has been taken off the Ji Min case and basically demoted, so she decides to drown herself in bourbon. Adrian keeps her company and Colleen who’s working gets jealous. Victor and Jill would like Heather to nail Jack for Ji Min’s murder, and Jeffrey shares with Jill that he would like to know her more intimately.

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