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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach and Greenlee discuss as to what to do about Greenlee being injected with the antitoxin. Julia brings Kathy (unbeknownst to her that it is really Kate) for Tad and Krystal to take care of. Adam notices that J.R. wears the ring that he had given him. J.R. takes a call from Krystal in which Adam listens to them. Erica yells for Val to call the hospital to get an update on Greenlee while she tries to get Jack on the phone. Pam comes in and wants to know if Erica had spoken to the senator. Erica calls Whoopi Goldberg. Annie apologizes to Ryan for what Richie had asked Emma do. Richie comes to visit. Greenlee decides to have the antitoxin. Jesse visits Frankie. Joe lets Angie know that Greenlee agreed to the procedure. Jack brings Lily in to visit Greenlee. Lily brings a pic of herself and Greenlee together at Jack and Erica's wedding. Angie lets Greenlee know that this procedure is a long shot. Erica calls the senator, who declines her offer to be on her show. Erica insists to Pam that she get her the senator for her program. Erica comes to the hospital and drags Jack away. Jack and Erica wake up to the rising of the sun. Adam listens to J.R. and Krystal and the deal that they had cooked up against him. Ryan wakes up and lets Annie and Emma know that he doesn’t know them. Greenlee lapses into a coma.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Kit comes back home and interrupts Carly and Sam who almost kiss. Parker tells Kit that Sam has been putting the moves on Carly and both she and his mom are in danger if she doesn't make Sam leave town. Kit confronts Carly about Parker's accusations but Carly tells Kit Sam has only been a supportive friend to her. Parker gets upset when his plan backfires and he runs away. Paul wants to find Dusty's real killer so that Meg will be grateful to him when the charges are dropped against Holden. Lily and Holden tell Jack what Lily remembered and her suspicion that Emily killed Dusty. Jack believes the story but Emily won't talk when he questions her. Bonnie quits Holden's case when he tells her he is willing to go to jail to protect Lily. Holden and Lily are determined to find a way to make Emily talk to the police. Paul teams up with Lucinda to get Emily to take the wrap for Dusty's murder. Paul makes a deal with Emily to implicate Chris as Dusty's killer.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge thinks it’s a good idea, the dinner party with Nick and Taylor; everyone will know where they stand. Brooke isn’t so sure, this will not help Brooke keep her distance in Taylor’s eyes or that she is Jack’s biological mother. Ashley drops by Taylor’s, just dying to see that beautiful baby and Taylor surprises her by asking if she’d like to be the baby’s Godmother? She tells her about the dinner and a ‘night to remember.’ After tonight she and Nick will be able to live their lives in peace. Nick drops by the office and tells Brooke if she gets the dry heaves or wants to back out, he will understand. She is afraid Taylor is up to something, but Ridge thinks it is a good idea so she is going along. She confides to Ridge she just wants to get tonight over with. Taylor seems very satisfied and happy as she sets the table and declares to herself that tonight is going to be a whole new beginning. Right on time, Brooke and Ridge show up and Taylor is giddy with being the perfect hostess, glad they came, she was afraid they wouldn’t. Nick offers drinks. Taylor has mineral water and makes a toast to family and friends and new beginnings. She doesn’t want to behave the way she has been, she has put all of that old stuff behind and because of Brooke she has her son….it couldn’t have been easy for Brooke and she understands that now. It was a gift and she’d like to thank her. So she’d like to give back and she has something very special for them….something that will change their lives.

Ashley drops by to see Rick and as they exchange light banter she confides in him that she’d been by to see Taylor and she was planning to have Ridge and Brooke over for dinner tonight. Nick doesn’t understand anything that Taylor is doing, right down to a mystery guest. The three of them have a blank look on their faces as Taylor explains why she invited the Reverend to join them. Brooke and Ridge have been planning to get married, well tonight is that night. Will Brooke marry Ridge tonight?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Roman, at Lexie’s request, passes along bad test results for someone else they know to Steve that have Steve hopping the next plane to Ireland. Lexie gathers EJ and Tony at Stefano’s bedside to discuss Stefano’s fate. They decide the town of Salem would be better off if they left Stefano in this vegetative state. Sami gets word of Lucas’ trial date but doesn’t want EJ’s sympathy. Tony insults Anna by mocking her when she seeks a job interview. Adrienne bids goodbye to Steve as she plans to follow husband Justin’s career move out of town.

Bo, Hope, Belle, Philip, Shawn, and Chloe all eventually get directed upstairs where they join John and Marlena in meeting the once presumed dead Colleen Brady.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Luke returns home to find that Tracy, and by association, he himself, has been kicked out of the mansion. Lulu decides to go along. After talking with Jason, who by omission indicates that he thinks the prince, not Coop, killed Emily, her ghost urges Nikolas to try and remember that terrible night by reliving it. Sonny goes off on his own to a bar so disreputable that it gives Max nerves; there, he meets Claudia, who buys him a drink. Kate, feeling utterly depressed about her choices, runs into Jax. Carly seems to think a baby will fix everything, from making her marriage happier to getting Michael to behave better. Lucky explodes at Sam and won't let her explain her actions. Tracy informs Luke he is dead to her. Kate starts to tell Jax who she really is.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia offers to help Olivia take car of Emma during Olivia and Gus' wedding. Cassie gets a talking to from a Dr who's agreed to take Will's case. Reva and Jeffrey find Jonathan has been hurt in a fight. He blames Bill. Emma and Natalia seem to hit it off. Rafe runs into them and asks about Emma. Rafe talks about his mother wanting to marry Gus. He says he doesn't trust Olivia. Jonathan tells Reva and Jeffrey about telling Lizzie about the surgery. They need to find Lizzie. She is going for custody of Sarah. They decide to go to find Cassie to see if she will talk to Lizzie. Cassie asks the Dr to leave. And to send her the bill. She continues to tell her that she'll help him. Will come for a cookie. Cassie says no to the cookie. He goes ballistic. Dinah gets some advice to get some help. Billy wants to take her out for coffee. She says no. That she is going out with Vanessa. Billy wishes them both a good time. Natalia brings home Emma to find Olivia is not alone. Jonathan goes to see Cassie. Reva explains about what is going on. Cassie is very understanding and will do anything to help Jonathan and Sarah. Jonathan warns both Reva and Cassie about who might know he's alive. He also says he is going to bring down destruction that will take the Spaulding's 100 years to clean up. Cassie agrees to talk to Lizzie. Cassie only needs someone to watch Will. Jonathan says he'll watch him. He can't go into town so he might as well stay there. Will comes down stairs and Jonathan introduces himself. Will hugs him. Jeffrey runs into Dinah and tells her about Jonathan and Sarah. Jeffrey wants to know where Bill is. Dinah is not happy. She tells Jeffrey that he goes wherever Reva points him. Olivia questions Natalia about why she is all of the sudden helping her. Olivia has an idea it is because of Gus. Reva and Cassie are at the Spaulding Mansion. Gus arrives. Reva wants to know where Lizzie is. Gus says he is there to represent her in this. Cassie tries to reason with Gus. She says both parents have to be in agreement or an atom bomb by the name of Alan Spaulding is going to go off and no one will be left in its path. Gus says he's with them and he'll talk to Lizzie. Cassie says she has to get back to Will. Reva asks about Will. Cassie says everything is fine, she is handling it. Will asks about Jonathan's father. Jonathan says he's dead. He goes ahead to tell him that his "dad" died after falling out of a boat. Olivia calls Gus. She tells him about Natalia's visit. Natalia grabs Olivia's phone and tells Gus everything is fine and she is there and he shouldn't run back if he's busy. Gus meets with Jonathan. Will calls his doctor to ask the doctor to go with him to a boat.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Talia does a routine traffic stop and finds out that the man in the car is none other than Antonio. Blair brings Sam into their bedroom, but cannot seem to get him to stop crying. Dorian and Charlie arrive home and find no one there. Charlie decides to walk away from Jared and let him live his own life. Roxy finds Rex going through her personal effects. Gigi tells Sean that he has something to tell John. Sean apologizes for sneaking out of John’s apartment. John lets Gigi know he visited Todd and he has Todd over a barrel. Ramsey visits Todd and confronts him about John wanting Todd to turn state’s evidence. Todd tells Ramsey that John wants him to go light on Marcie or Todd will find himself in jail. Michael walks in on Rex and Roxy battling over a piece of paper.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Over at the Newman ranch Victoria and JT talk about making plans to get married, Victoria rather it be sooner than later; much sooner. They decide to have a small intimate wedding in the ranch’s living room with family and close friends in attendance in a few days.

Nikki agrees to take the job at Jabot as CEO and Kay asks that she hire Amber (who’s at the ranch with Kay), Amber is ecstatic about the idea until she realizes Cane works there and decides that wouldn’t help cure her addiction. Jack runs across Amber’s designs and the wheels begin to turn in his head, while at dinner with Sharon, Phyllis and Nick they agree that they are at a crossroad. Brainstorming, they decide to take on a creative business endeavor. Brad wants Nick’s job and Victor says no but Nikki informs him of her new position at Jabot and suggests they talk. Kay shares with Amber that she's been inspired by her and will be writing a memoir.

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