The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 1/30/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Frankie goes into cardiac arrest, and Angie has a hard time stabilizing him. Angie blames herself for giving Frankie the antidote that could have cost Frankie his life. As Greenlee watches them working on Frankie, Greenlee realizes that that could have been her. As the orderly takes Greenlee back to her room, they meet up with Jack and Aidan. Kendall visits Greenlee and offers her words of encouragement that she will beat this illness. Greenlee insists that Krystal meet with her publisher. Kendall has some reservations about leaving Greenlee, but she leaves to go to her appointment. Angie finds out from the lab technician that Greenlee is bleeding internally. The lab technician suggests that Greenlee have surgery, But Angie insists that Greenlee isn’t strong enough for surgery. Angie fills Jack and Aidan in that if Greenlee has the antidote then she may die, but if she doesn’t have the antidote then she will surely die. Jack and Aidan tell Greenlee the sad news. Greenlee asks to talk to Zach. Kendall listens as Zach and Greenlee talk about whether or not to have the antidote.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey has a rough time adjusting to being home and feels awkward around Will and Gwen. Will advises him to be patient because it takes time to get used to being free. Lisa gives Casey a second chance by giving him a job as a waiter at the Lakeview. Brad and Vienna plan a romantic evening for Katie so Brad can tell her how he feels about her. Katie gets nervous and runs out of the room before Brad can tell her he loves her. Vienna tells Brad that Katie is scared of her feels for him but it won't be long before she won't be able to deny how she feels about him. Jack and Carly agree to help Parker work out his problems in family therapy. Sam talks to Cowboy Jack who advises him that in order to get close to Carly he must get rid of Parker. Sam comforts Carly who is sad that she didn't get to say good-bye to Rosanna before she was taken to the clinic in Switzerland. Sam is happy when Carly invites him to stay at her house for one night because the boiler is still broken at Metro and later Sam and Carly almost kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric says he has been so blind, but he will get over Donna. Stephanie asks if there is anything she can do? Is there a chance they can start over again, she wants that in a heartbeat? He wonders how she can do that, put everything past her, all that he has put her through? He does declare that he won’t put up with Donna’s ways anymore, he is finished with her. He’s been an absolute fool and he wants her out of his life for good. He will move back in with Stephanie if she will have him back, but not too fast, take it slowly. He does not want Stephanie to even utter Donna’s name again. She is gone. Rick re-visits Taylor, wanting to clear some things up. He is still worried about her drinking, though she keeps denying it. She assures him that Jack is safe and she would never put him in harm’s way. And it’s clear to her that he wants Nick back with his mom, so what more can he say now? She begs him not to use this horrible time against her. Rick tells her he is not here to judge her or cause her any further harm. He cares about her, and he knows she has been given a raw deal and he’d like to help in any way he can. Katie drops in on Donna and tells her that she is proud of her for doing the right thing. Then she has a fit when she finds out Donna didn’t……but told him the truth instead. She thinks this is a disaster when Stephanie finds out…..and even if Eric moves back in with Stephanie that she will find out they are still having an affair behind her back. Nick finds photos of Brooke and the kids and can’t get them out of his mind even though he is holding a picture of Jack as well.

Taylor and Nick cuddle in each other’s arms and she feels all is right with the world. She stuns him when she wants to show off her new together self and wishes to invite Ridge and Brooke over for dinner tomorrow night. Stephanie calls and tells Donna that she kept her end of the bargain and broke up with Eric so she will keep hers, Storm won’t go to prison. But, she does not want Donna to get in touch or call Eric ever again. He calls Donna and they both are smug that Stephanie bought this and they are home free. Stephanie welcomes Eric home, tells him she loves him and always will. She says goodnight, and when alone he smirks “goodnight Donna.”

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mr. Decker demands that Chelsea be arrested for Ford’s murder but Billie, Roman, and Stephanie are able to convince Mr. Decker to drop the charges if they hand over Ford’s body. Max steps up to admit to moving Ford’s body.

Belle, Philip, Chloe, and Shawn spend the flight to Ireland talking about Belle and Shawn’s relationship. John and Marlena visit the Obbin Bed and Breakfast in the Ireland town of New Ross and pretend to leave so that they can sneak past the two men who at first turn them away. Bo and Hope question the neighbors who lead them to the same inn and they end up finding Crystal there. Shawn tricks Hope into telling him which town they are in. Marlena and John enter the only inhabited room.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Jax comes home, he finds Carly gung ho to get pregnant. Kate drops in on Diane and Alexis to tell them about the latest with Sonny and asks about their award dinner. Both are distinctly disconcerted and have to confess to losing and that they wore their dressed, which had been on an adventure with them. She then visits Sonny who bans her from being near his boys. Robin denies Patrick is the father of her child when everyone overhears the news. Jason lets Sonny know Michael is a bigger concern than the Zacchara/Monroe situation. Lucky blows up at Liz after she refuses to tell him what Sam did. She finally admits that Sam watched Jake get kidnapped and set up the attack on her and the boys.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie is enjoying her daughter until there is a knock on the door. It is Jonathan. He wants to make some arrangements concerning Sarah. Meanwhile Sarah is crying. Lizzie lets him in. She tells him she tried the putting her on the dryer. Jonathan tells Lizzie to rub Lizzie's back counter clockwise. It quiets Sarah. Jonathan and Lizzie continue to talk about what has happened in a year. Lizzie says Alan is out of the country. Jonathan says he'll deal with him when he gets back. Lizzie tells Gus about Jonathan and Sarah's being alive. He thinks she is out of it or lying. Jonathan sets his plan in motion to get Alan. After a bit Jonathan walks outside to see "Tammy". Lizzie realizes this. She goes outside to yell to Jonathan that Tammy is dead and she is here. Beth and Rick arrives. Something is wrong with Sarah. Rick tells them that he knows what he is doing. Bill tells Olivia that Jonathan is alive. She says," No Jonathan is dead.". Bill says he can't lie. Rick diagnosis it as a cold and gives Jonathan a prescription and tells him no cough medicine. That it is not good for a baby. Then Beth lets into Jonathan. Telling him he should be in jail for what he did. Bill is still trying to convince Olivia that Jonathan is alive. Before Beth and Rick leave Jonathan and Lizzie, Beth tells Lizzie not to let Jonathan out of her sight. Not for a moment. Lizzie finds out from Jonathan that Sarah needed a donor. He then tells her that she was the donor. Lizzie is speechless, until she says, I saved her life. Jonathan corrects her by saying, You, Me and Reva did. They make a pact to do everything together. Then Bill arrives. He spikes Jonathan's drink while searching for something he says he left. Which he didn't. Jonathan then falls unconscious and Lizzie and Bill take Sarah and leaves....

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John pays Todd a visit at La Boulaie to put a plan before him to keep Todd out of jail. At the Angel Square Hotel, Rex meets up with Gigi. Each wants to know what the other one is doing there. Sean is upstairs, alone, when Ramsay walks up to the door and attempts to break and entering. Nora argues with Bo. Nora insists that this is about Nora and Bo. Nora insists to Bo that she is not content to be hated. Todd makes light of John being there to try to strike up a deal with him. John shows Todd a paper. Blair sees Starr in the hall, and notices that something is wrong. Starr confesses to Blair that she had seen Cole and Langston hanging out together. Cole and Langston go over the plans for Starr’s surprise birthday party. Clint comes into the Angel Square Diner and meets up with Lindsay. Lindsay blames Nora for the fiasco of the other night. Clint lets Lindsay know that the fiasco of the other night will never happen again. Bo insists to Nora that he doesn’t hate her.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victoria has regained consciousness and wants to know the 411; she probes JT for information of the goings-on of the Newman clan. When he does not supply her with the answers, she turns to Nikki, Victor and Brad (accidentally) who do. Neil comes over to the ranch to inform Victor he has lost the Clear Springs case and is to pay $75 million to Jack, Kay and Nikki; he shouts that he will appeal the ruling.

Kay and Jill share with Cane the news of Jill taking over Chancellor Industries, Kay also sits Cane down and advises that he tell Amber once and for all that he doesn’t love her. Cane acquiesce to her wishes and breaks it down to Amber (for the millionth time) that he does not love her and won’t be in her life.

Kay offers Nikki the position of CEO at Jabot and Victor offers JT the position of head of security at Newman Enterprises. Jeffrey warns Kevin to stop hacking into his private information or else; also the poison has arrived.

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