The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 1/29/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie and Emma meet up with Richie in the park. Annie and Richie exchange some small talk. Richie asks Annie if the tests had proved that she could be a bone marrow donor for him, would she have gone through with it. Annie tells him, “yes.” Adam meets with his contact, who gives him a ring that Adam had asked for. Joe meets with the representatives from the Center for Disease Control. Joe questions them about the antidote. Angie, hearing Joe talk to the representatives, walks up and becomes to question the representatives also .Joe takes Angie aside. Angie tells Joe that she wants to go through with this if it could save Frankie’s life. Frankie dreams that Angie tells him that his father, Jesse is really alive. Babe finds out from J.R. that he had moved back home with Adam. Krystal fills Babe in on what Adam had told her about Tad’s daughter, Kate may still be alive, and he knows where Tad could find her. Babe becomes extremely worried about J.R. doing this .Adam gives J.R. the ring that had supposedly belonged to Adam’s father. J.R. gets a call from Krystal. Adam listens in on the conversation. Richie tries to coerce Emma into convincing Annie and Ryan into letting Emma be his bone marrow donor. Frankie has yet another seizure. Angie goes into the hospital chapel to pray for Frankie. Angie hears a noise behind her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Bob wakes up and his family and friends are very happy but Chris is worried because Bob's first words to him are where is Dusty. Chris tells his father Dusty is gone and then sends him for tests. Chris tells Emily what his father said and Chris and Emily decide to keep quiet Chris won't tell Margo about the reason he was angry at Dusty and Emily won't tell Margo that Dusty thought Chris poisoned Bob. Casey comes home and is nervous about how he will adjust to his freedom. Casey goes to Visit Will and Gwen but just watches them from outside he never knocks on their door. Lily remembers that she found the syringe next to Dusty's dead body and then took the syringe and ran away. Lily also remembers that before she went into the lab she saw Emily running out of the lab. Lily blames herself for Dusty's death because she drove Emily to kill Dusty by telling Chris Emily was a prostitute. Lily decides to do the right thing and go to Jack and tell him the truth. Evan finally pressures Chris to sign the contract for his research project.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric is devastated to hear from Donna that Stephanie knows Storm shot her and is blackmailing Donna for it. And now she expects Donna to end it with Eric so he will go back to Stephanie. This is an unbelievable situation and he is aghast that Storm did this. He will not whitewash it and he can’t just forget about this. He’s not sure what he is going to do, but he’s piqued that once again Stephanie is calling all the shots and twisting things to fit her needs. He thinks they can beat her at her own game, and he needs to see Stephanie. Nick surprises Taylor by bringing James home with him and James wants to catch up on his beautiful colleague and meet her newest member of the family. Taylor is quiet, but James tries to draw her out by asking her how she is coping? Nick has to duck out back to the office. James will not let this go; he asks again how Taylor is really doing? Katie tells Stephanie that Donna is with Eric and breaking up as they speak. Stephanie hopes they can believe that Donna is selfless enough and capable of doing that for her brother. Katie speculates that Donna is not the tramp that Stephanie thinks she is; she will do the right thing for the family.

Donna suggests she just leave L.A. but Eric won’t hear of that; he is not giving up on her. They can tell Stephanie they have seen the light, he is getting Donna out of his life. He’ll fire Donna first, then he will move back in with Stephanie….not to the bedroom, but just enough that she will believe him. He is sure that Stephanie will believe him. Donna prays that this will work. James tells Taylor that he is aware of her drinking and that Nick was concerned with that again. She offers she has that under control. Eric drops in on Stephanie at home and admits that Donna was just using him…he’s in despair and doesn’t want to talk much more. Stephanie is sorry he is in such pain, but assures him they have been married a long, long time and he can talk to her about anything.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

John lies to Marlena by claiming that he won’t harm anyone as long as she continues to help him. Marlena packs a bag of drugs just in case she needs to immobilize him and then has him dress as a doctor in order to smuggle him out of the hospital. Stefano is brought in to the hospital and Roman questions Marlena about being the last to see Stefano. Marlena eavesdrops on the staff reading Stefano’s clean test results and uses her medical knowledge to change the results.

Tony surprises Anna with the news that he bought an advertising company but Anna ends their relationship because she was expecting a marriage proposal. Caroline gives Anna the idea of getting even by getting a job in a rival company. Steve runs into Mr. Decker at the hospital and they debate over who was the more negligent father. Lexie becomes chief of staff. Abe rushes the reinstatement through so Hope can be an official detective before leaving for Ireland.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kelly is not sure that Leyla can handle Ian as the girls' night out group observes her on a date with him. The town reels in shock after Alexis has a press conference announcing that the Text Message Killer, presumably Coop, is dead. However, Maxie just does not buy it and insists that Spinelli help her find the truth to clear him and get justice for her sister, or else. Tracy protests loudly when Monica kicks her out of the manor. All of her credit cards are rejected at the Metro Court. All her assets are frozen. Jerry tries to buddy up to Alexis, but she's not buying it. Liz again rejects Sam's attempts at peace. Lucky does overhear it and asks Liz what else Sam is hiding from him. Robin tells Patrick she is pregnant, but not that he's the father.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh come by asking for Jonathan. Then Cassie come by. Reva tells her they are getting ready for the memorial service for Sarah. They don't tell her about Jonathan. Josh is feeling funny about this memorial service. Then Alan comes by carrying with him a baby doll. He coyly asks if they remember it. Lizzie is still angry at Bill. She blames Bill for Jonathan's driving off. Jonathan gets a visit from "Tammy". She tells him goodbye. He looks puzzled. After Lizzie tells Bill to leave he finally does, but warns her to stay away from Jonathan. Jonathan is packing to go. Reva says the doll fell out of her car and she felt a bump going over it. Alan fires Josh as pastor of the church. Josh says go ahead and goes back into the house. Bill shows up. And Alan has words with him about Lizzie. Alan then leaves with the doll underneath his arm. Cassie and the boys are at the park. Will is acting up. He throws a ball onto the railroad tracks and has RJ go and get it. RJ gets his foot caught. He pleads for Will to help him. Will just stands by the RR tracks and smiles. Cassie sees this, but doesn't realize he's caught. She at first tells him to get off. Then she realizes he's caught. She gets him free just as the train comes by. Cassie scolds RJ. RJ tells her Will dared him. She scolds Will. Then hugs him. Reva gives Bill a piece of her mind when he says bad things about Jonathan. Reva tells Bill to stay out of Jonathan and Lizzie's way. Jonathan gets a ticket out of town. The Spaulding Family meets for the service Alan has planned. Lizzie's even there. Lillian supports Lizzie. Lizzie get angry at Alan when he tells her he is going to speak. Reva arrives just in time to correct the priest when he makes a mistake of Lizzie's last name. Alan starts off on blaming Jonathan. Lizzie gets up and leaves. Reva is smiling. When Lizzie goes home she hears a baby cry. Jonathan has brought Sarah there. Lizzie cannot believe her eyes. Jonathan gives Lizzie Sarah to hold her. Cassie tells Josh about RJ and Will. Josh can't believe his ears when Cassie says Will didn't mean to do it. Lizzie then gets angry at Jonathan for letting her think Sarah was dead. Jonathan reminds her of Alan, who then comes to the closed bedroom door and knocks on it saying Lizzie is anyone in there. Lizzie looks at Jonathan. Then Alan is heard saying, "Remember you are a Spaulding. Cassie packs RJ's suitcase, she is sending RJ away. Josh says that is not a good idea. Josh tells Cassie that Jonathan and Sarah alive. He continues to tell her, that Jonathan wanted it that way. Josh continues to tell her Reva knew for awhile. Cassie then realizes that is why Reva didn't grieve like them. She understand why Reva did what she did to protect Sarah. Josh then tells Cassie to go and tell Lizzie that Sarah and Jonathan are alive, not realizing she knows. Back at the Spaulding's Lizzie gets Jonathan to hide as she answers the door to Alan. She tells Alan that she is going to tell everyone the "truth about Sarah and Jonathan. And how Jonathan "was" a good person. As Lizzie goes to shut her door Alan stops it with his hand. Alan continues to say that he can't believe she is going with Josh and Reva's "War with the Spaulding's". She gets Alan to leave. Jonathan comes out of hiding with Sarah and and Lizzie takes Sarah to hold again. Beth tells Alan he's living in a dream world. Lizzie and Jonathan argue. Jonathan says they have to go. Lizzie says he's not taking Sarah. Bill comes in. Jonathan leaves saying he'll be back.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair and Todd wake up together. They talk a few minutes, but then begin to kiss again. Starr is on the phone with Cole. They have the whole day off from school. Every time Starr tries to make plans for the day, Cole has something else to do. Cole puts Starr on hold while he answers a call from Langston and makes plans with her. Langston sees Starr, standing in the kitchen on the phone. Natalie meets Rex at the Angel Square diner for breakfast. Natalie tells Rex that Jared had had Jessica committed. Rex lets Natalie know that his father may not be his biological father. John brings Gigi and Shane home to his apartment. John lets her know that he is going to pay a visit to Todd Manning .Michael insists to Bo that all the charges against Marcie, in Texas, were dropped. Nora pops her head in the door and tells Bo that Marcie is being brought up. Michael leaves Bo’s office to speak to Marcie. Marcie tells Michael that things will never be the same again. Blair lets Starr know that things have changed between herself and Todd and now they have a real marriage. Starr is less than enthusiastic. Addie holds Todd in a wrist lock. Addie makes Todd promise that he will not hurt Blair and the children ever again. Langston and Cole meet at the Angel Square Diner to discuss the plans for Starr’s surprise birthday party. John pays a visit to Todd and explains to him that unless he drops the charges against Marcie and Gigi then Marcie and Gigi are going to press charges against Todd for kidnapping .

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Amber’s visit with Kaye causes her to take a trip down memory lane; during this trip she advises that Amber not follow in her footsteps and give up on Cane. Kaye is also visited by the doctor who has her test results and confirms that she has had a mild stoke and needs to take it easy. Amber promises the doctor she’ll look after her and also that she’ll keep Kaye’s secret.

The FOJ photo shoot is today and Lily is a bundle of nerves, luckily she has brought along her entourage; who continue to praise her and tell her she’s doing great despite the horrendous hair-do she is sporting. However, Cane is her biggest supporter reminding her of how beautiful she is and inviting her out to celebrate.

Kaye informs Jill she’s retiring (and writing a book) and wants her to run Chancellor Industries. Neil still not keen on Lily modeling accepts it and Amber witnesses Lily and Cane kissing at the AC.

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