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The TV MegaSite's Monday 1/28/08 Short Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan, on the telephone, learns that he is needed at the hospital because of Greenlee. He yells for Annie to tell her that he is going to the hospital. Ryan wants her to accompany him, but she reminds him about Emma. Ryan, for just a moment, doesn’t remember Emma. J.R. thinks about what Krystal had told him about being careful. J.R. begins to rummage through the desk drawers when Adam walks in on him. Adam questions him as to what he is doing, going through his things. At the hospital, Aidan stands vigil by Greenlee’s hospital bed. Greenlee begins to go into seizures. Kendall brings Greenlee some things to the hospital to help make her feel better. Jesse visit Frankie. Frankie opens his eyes and sees Jesse standing there. Annie gets word from the hospital that she cannot be a bone marrow donor for Richie. The doctor also calls Richie, who is with Babe, and gives him the news. Both Richie and Annie are crushed by the news. Babe offers her sympathy. After Adam supposedly goes to bed, J.R. tries to get into the wall safe. Adam watches him. Adam makes a call to someone telling them that he has a job for them.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Rosanna confesses her crimes to Margo and before her arraignment, she slips back into a coma and is taken to the hospital. Paul sleeps and dreams that Rosanna tells him she will always love him and if he ever loves her again she will be waiting for him. Margo later tells Paul what happened to Rosanna, and the doctors at the hospital want to send her back to the clinic in Switzerland. Paul asks Meg for another chance to be happy with her, and she tells him no because she can't be with him, since he only wants revenge and won't let the past go. Dusty leaves Allison a college scholarship in his will, and she wants to take advantage of the opportunity in honor of Dusty. Dusty leaves Emily The Intruder, but she refuses to take it because she doesn't want to profit from Dusty's death. Lily remembers that she was in the hospital lab kneeling next to Dusty's dead body, and she picked up the syringe which was on the floor and held it in her hand. Lily finally figures out that Holden has been covering for her because he thinks she killed Dusty.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

James Warwick, an old colleague of Taylor’s, shows up at Nick’s office and wants to know what is going on with Taylor? Nick explains the mix-up in the lab and Brooke being Jack’s biological mother. He understands how upsetting this must be to Taylor. Rick drops by Taylor’s while she is pouring a drink. She invites him in and he starts explaining he knows the cards are stacked against her, and isn’t it best that she get out now? She doesn’t want his help or advice, and tells him to take his mission and go. He spots the bottle of liquor and asks her about it. Stephanie tells Donna this didn’t have to be so damned complicated. She is tired of giving her more chances to do the right thing. She threatens again to send Storm to prison if Donna doesn’t break up with Eric. Donna calls her bluff and tells her go ahead and call Lt. Baker, just stop pushing her. Stephanie explains to her that she better figure it out about Eric as it is going to be a win/win or a lose/lose situation for both families. Katie calls Donna after speaking with Eric and warns her that he is coming over – end it with him!

James asks Nick about the possibility of Taylor drinking again. As long as she is sober, she will be okay. Taylor tells Rick the liquor is not a big deal, she had a small drink for a cocktail. He takes the bottle though and she follows him to the door pleading with him not to say anything to anyone. Eric asks Donna what her tears are about? She tells him that Stephanie is back and she knows something about the Logan family and she is blackmailing her if she doesn’t break up with Eric. He is shocked and speechless when he hears that Storm is the one who shot Stephanie.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena makes Stefano wake up so she can describe her plans to drug him into a vegetative state. Stefano pleas with Marlena by claiming that he is the only one who can help bring John back but when he won’t give Marlena any details, she drugs him and tells the guard that Stefano had a stroke. John tells Marlena that he remembered being given the name of a priest in Ireland and asks for her help to get him there. Rob gives Abe, Roman, Bo, and Hope the information that Crystal has taken Claire to Ireland so Bo and Hope hop the next flight there.

Chelsea tells Mr. Decker the truth about Ford’s death but leaves out Max’s name. After Mr. Decker has left, Max admits to Kayla and Steve that he was the one who disposed of Ford’s body but won’t reveal where it is.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate explains that she refused Sonny because he's in love with Connie, not Kate. Liz and Sam face off; though Sam tries, albeit less than kindly, to make peace, Liz demands she get out and break up with Lucky, or else Liz will tell her how evil Sam has been in the past. Sam insists she loves Lucky. Then, Liz collapses. Finding Coop hanging in his room, dead, completely freaks Maxie. Evidence on him indicates it's suicide and that he's the text message killer. The lost DNA evidence is found on him. Maxie can't believe either. Jason also evidences doubt. Trevor plans to have a mysterious woman who has a calming influence on Johnny, show up. Ric and Marianna keep on visiting at his old house. Michael buys a gun, sans bullets, from teen thugs. Johnny overhears part of Trevor's conversation and confronts Trevor, demanding to know what his plans are, to which the answer is supposedly, make an alliance with Monroe (Jerry), something Johnny messed up with his stunts. Tracy charges Monica with malpractice.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh gets a visit from Beth while he's at the church. They talk about Alan. Lizzie and Jonathan see each other for the first time. She is enraged and starts hitting him. Marina and Harley are having a heart to heart talk. The subject, Cyrus. Reva is enjoying her granddaughter, Sarah again. Marina talks to Cyrus about her feelings. Josh see Jonathan for the first time since the supposed accident. Jonathan tells both that he and Sarah are leaving that night. Reva tries to talk him out of it. Jonathan gets away from Reva's hold. Alan wants Frank Cooper fired. Marina goes home to find Cyrus not there. Cyrus goes to meet Harley then changes his mind and direction. Lizzie lashes out at Bill because she tells him that she can't have Sarah.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair tells Todd that it would be for the better that he and Sam move out. Todd refuses to move out. Rex meets with a strange woman to discuss, who his real father is. At Roxy’s, Addie talks to Miles and tells him that his face is so familiar. Addie tells Miles that she has a new personality. Miles starts to leave Roxy’s when he meets Dorian. Dorian lets him know that Addie doesn’t need him in her life. Charlie, on the phone, checks to see where Jared is. Charlie lets Dorian know that Jared is at Buchanan Enterprises. Natalie begs Jared to tell her that he hadn’t had her sister committed to St. Anne’s. Jessica tries to leave her hospital room, but she sees Allison Perkins. Allison tells Jessica that she knows something and she isn’t telling. Todd tells Blair that he needs her, that he wants to have a real marriage. Todd and Blair make love.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victoria awakes and is reunited with her family, of course she’s a little disoriented but the doctor assures the Newman/Hellstrom clan that its to be expected. He also states that with further tests he’ll be able to diagnose the duration of her recovery process. However during her time of recovery the Newman clan must be mum on their current conflicts and turmoil.

Sharon and Jack try to bargain with Glo and Jeffrey once more over the mansion. Glo is not budging not even if she’s offered 5 million dollars for her half of the place; Sharon observes the PDA between the Newlyweds and shares with Jack that something just ain’t right.

Kevin and Glo plan the perfect murder with a new addition Jana in the fold (yes Kevin has spilled the beans) and Phyllis tries to mend Nick and Victor’s relationship.

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