The TV MegaSite's Friday 1/25/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee is rushed to the hospital, asphyxiating. Ryan is overcome with anger when he finds Richie is a hospital room with Annie. Ryan is overcome with even more anger when he finds out that Annie is doing this to save Richie’s life. Ryan grabs Richie and pushes him up against the wall. Jack and Erica have dinner together. Zach urges Kendall to get tested for this disease. Jack hands Erica some papers. When she opens the letter and looks at it, Jack tells her that that could get her in a world of trouble. Babe and Amanda meet in a bar for drinks. Babe and Amanda bury the hatchet. Angie fills Zach and Aidan in on what had killed Sylvester. Annie urges Ryan to see Dr. Joe again for what he is experiencing. Opal pays a visit to Frankie. In the park, Annie shows Ryan the confession that Richie had singed that he would leave town if this bone marrow transplant works. Two members of the CDC arrive at the hospital. Zach talks to Frankie and finds a possible link that the root may be causing this disease which is progressing rapidly. Zach and Angie have the root tested and finds that it contains dangerous toxins. Richie meets up with Amanda and Babe in the bar. Amanda makes the excuse of having to work, thus leaving Babe and Richie alone. Jesse visits Frankie’s room.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Sam sets up Parker for stealing Cowboy Jack and Jack and Carly decide to send Parker back to therapy. Sam tells Parker to stop trying to outsmart him because he will never be able to do it. Holden is arrested for Dusty's murder and refuses to say anything to the police so Lily asks Bonnie to try and get Holden to except help from a lawyer Holden tells Bonnie most of the truth accept he leaves out the part where Lily's fingerprints were on the syringe which according to the forensics report contained the substance which killed Dusty. Bonnie tells Holden that if he lets her represent him she will do everything possible to get him out of this mess. Lily is hurt when she sees Holden and Bonnie holding hands inside the interrogation room.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick wakes and begins the day by kissing all over on Taylor, remarking how glad he is that she slept so well last night. She looks and feels all relaxed and normal. When he changes clothes, she grabs for a drink from a bottle by her bed and vows to herself that Brooke will not bother her again, she won’t let it. Afterwards she is a true mommy to Jack, and Nick notices the difference from her former moods. Storm tells Katie that he’s in therapy and is feeling better with his anger management. But he is indebted to Stephanie for being free and he’d like to go over and thank her personally. Both she and Donna think that is a bad idea as Stephanie could take one look at him and change her mind. Katie tells Donna that today is the day, she MUST break it off with Eric as Stephanie is coming back from Chicago today and she is not happy to hear that Donna hasn’t held up her end of the bargain. Donna suggests they call Stephanie’s bluff, she can’t blackmail them if they don’t let her. Katie argues with Donna to please not let Storm or the family down. Donna tells her she has a plan, so don’t put any more pressure on her.

Nick does wonder how Taylor turned it around so fast. As soon as he leaves, she goes for another drink but stops short and doesn’t. She tells Jack that she is going to be a great mommy and she doesn’t need the drink. However, when he starts fussing and crying, she quickly takes another swig and lets him cry. Donna has flashbacks of happy moments with Eric. She’s interrupted with who she thinks is Eric, but turns out to be Stephanie instead. Calm and rational she tells Donna she is disappointed in her. How hard can it be, just tell Eric “it’s ended.”

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Dr. Carrington has John click through pictures on a laptop while measuring his brain’s responses but John shows no change in emotions despite the varied pictures. Sami visits John and he imagines choking her when she hugs him. Marlena convinces Roman and Abe to let her give Stefano truth serum but Stefano will only say that John’s mission is to seek revenge. Stefano complains of a headache so Marlena acts like she is giving him aspirin when it really was sleeping pills. Marlena later visits Stefano alone in his cell.

Shawn tells the man inside the store that Stefano sent him so the man puts him in a chokehold. Chloe knocks the man out with a board. Rob enters to explain that they are really working for Stefano’s enemies. Shawn’s demands for information turn physical and Chloe calls for the police. Rob is taken down to the station. Steve’s teasing of Stephanie having to fight the guys off makes her cry. Steve pries for an explanation until Kayla reveals that Ford raped Stephanie. Nick has a hard time convincing Chelsea to tell the truth about Ford until they see Mr. Decker confront Stephanie. Chelsea declares to Mr. Decker that Ford is dead.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Due to Sonny's AWOL status, Carly confronts Kate, who has no idea where he is. Elizabeth is troubled by insomnia and nightmares about not being able to save her boys. Lulu, fearing that Logan sold Johnny out to Scott, urges him to run away with her, but he refuses. Logan suspects Cooper. Dr. Ian Devlin, a cancer specialist, comes to observe the hospital before he joins the staff next week, charming all the women except Epiphany in the process. He and Patrick are apparently old friends. Trevor tries to track down some woman, observing in the process how gauche she was last he saw her and hoping she had gained some class. Maxie screams after walking into a darkened room. Lucky is forced to leave the kids with Sam, who he wants to move in with him. Jason lashes out at Carly over her interfering with both his and Sonny's lives. Some thug like kids demand money from Michael. When Kate returns to Jason's, Sonny answers the door.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley walks in on Marina who's crying. Harley thinks the wedding is off. Marina shows her a picture. It is of her, Remy and Tammy. Harley now understands and hugs Marina. Bill and his mother meet. He called her. He tells her he can see. That it happened after the Memorial service. He walked out of the church, looked up and literally saw the light. Lizzie goes to visit Reva calling for anyone to answer. Jonathan hers her and tries to hide before she opens the door. He does manage to move into another room before she opens the door. But the look on his face beforehand was something. Then Reva comes there. She wants to know why Lizzie is there "alone". Marina tells Harley she is glad they talked about Cyrus. She jokes that she likes the fact that Harley likes Cyrus as much as she does. Buzz and Cyrus talk about Harley. Buzz wants to know Cyrus' feelings toward her. Considering he is about to marry his granddaughter. Cyrus says he loves Marina and is marrying her. Alan buts in on Vanessa and Bill's little discussion. Alan now knows Bill can see. Alan asks about Lizzie. Alan wants to get Lizzie to go with him for the weekend. Bill is shocked. Reva tries to lead Lizzie out of her place. Lizzie questions her about the Memorial coming up and what she thinks. Reva tries to tells her stuff like they are talking about the past. Reva says they are at peace. Lizzie asks Reva if she is at peace. Lizzie tells Reva about thinking she saw Sarah outside the church playing. As Lizzie is crying on Reva's shoulder they show Jonathan in the next room holding Sarah. He looks sad. Cyrus catches Harley with Marina's veil. Marina comes in and shows them as dress. Cyrus hugs Marina. Harley says she has to go and leaves. Marina accuses Cyrus of scaring her away. Frank has info from Immigration. He wonders why Marina hasn't said anything. Alan says that he and Bill started out on the wrong foot. He wants to apologies. They talk about Jonathan and Sarah. Alan says he wants to get along for the sake of Lizzie's baby. Reva and Lizzie do have a good time talking about Jonathan and his bike. Lizzie hears something. Reva says she didn't hear anything and stops Lizzie from investigating. After Lizzie leaves, Reva calls up for Jonathan. She tells him to bundle Sarah up and go somewhere. Just as Jonathan and Sarah leave, Lizzie comes back. Reva puts on her coat and tells Lizzie she is going on an errand. When Reva leaves Lizzie is looking around the cabin and finds a pink stuffed bear. She wonders what it's doing there. Bill stops by. He sees her with the bear. Lizzie checks her phone. It is a message from Alan. Bill tells her that Alan knows about the baby. She is startled to know that Alan knows. Reva and Jonathan meet up at the Mall to talk. The same Mall everyone was stuck in around Christmas time. Remy calls Marina. Seems he has been slipping some "messages" about and for Cyrus under the door. She tells him to continue. She doesn't sound happy about it though. Remy tells her she is getting good at it. Cyrus and Marina are together when she hurts her ankle. Cyrus goes for ice. They are outside somewhere. Harley is looking for something when she finds an envelope she is stumped about. She is at Marina's. Lizzie wants to be with Bill. Bill wants to know if Beth knows about them. Lizzie doesn't want to hear it. She wants some fun and Bill wants to be serious. Bill makes Lizzie cry and she runs out. Jonathan is outside and sees Tammy's Ghost. Seems Cassie isn't the only one who has been getting visits from Tammy. Jonathan tells "her" how much he misses her. Reva is in the car with Sarah. The baby starts to cry. Reva gets out of the front seat to the back where Sarah is. while outside she sees something that makes her nervous and antsy. Marina sees the Judge while she is resting her ankle. Harley runs into Remy and asks him about the envelope. Lizzie and Jonathan meet up. They fight until Jonathan gets her to the ground then they just look at each other. I think this is what Reva was looking at.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

In the Palace Hotel dining room, Viki asks Adriana and Rex to find Charlie although she doesn’t even know his last name. Charlie lets Dorian know that letting go of Viki is the hardest thing that he has ever had to do. Charlie vows to be a real father to Jared while Jared pretends to be the son of Asa Buchanan. Jared arrives at work at Buchanan Enterprises and sees Natalie in her office. Jared join her and assures her that what had happened the other night would never happen again. Natalie isn’t so sure. Nash visits Roxy and lets her know that Jessica had done the very thing that he hadn’t wanted her to do. Jessica wakes up and realizes that she is in St. Anne’s. She jumps up and starts to pound on the door. Blair yells at Margaret that she hates he and for her to get out of her life. Todd comes in and wants to know what is wrong with Blair that she is yelling at Tommy. Blair tries to explain that she was yelling at Margaret. Todd tells Blair that Margaret is dead. Blair orders Todd to take Tommy and get out.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Kay is unconscious as Amber calls the paramedics. When Kay finally comes to, she asks that Amber contact her doctor. After examination, she is diagnosed with suffering from a mini-stroke and advised to go to the hospital for some tests. The charges against Victor are dropped, because the District Attorney has deemed its case lacking in evidence. Heather has a breakdown and blames Paul for throwing her off her game with his confession of being her father. Victor is relieved but ready to seek revenge; his target none other than Jack. Jill and Cane are trying to clean up the Faces of Jabot mess. Jill suspects something is wrong with Kay. Neil and Lily are trying to mend their fences. Victoria’s eyes begin to open.

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