The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 1/23/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Fusion, Kendall goes over the details of the Campbell’s fashion show with Amanda and Babe. Amanda, Babe and Ava begin to question Kendall about her relationship with Aidan. Greenlee tells Aidan that she is going to the hospital at the request of Zach. Aidan seems to resent that Greenlee wouldn’t go to the hospital for him, but she would go for Zach. Zach plays blackjack when Ryan comes in and joins him. Ryan asks Zach for his financial support for the people in Africa. Zach agrees, but refuses to go spend three months there. Kendall can't find the romance novel that she had been writing. One of the representatives of Hyperion arrives at Fusion to inform Kendall that her novel will be published as soon as possible. Kendall has more than a few reservations about her work being published. At the hospital, Greenlee and Aidan meet up with Angie, who orders that Greenlee be admitted and for tests to be run on her. Aidan finds out from Quentin that the symptoms of this disease are serious. Greenlee leaves the hospital without anyone knowing. Angie asks that Aidan, Zach, as well as, Kendall be tested for this disease. Annie arrives at the hospital to have tests run to see if she could be a bone marrow donor for Richie on the condition that her brother agree to leave town afterwards. Greenlee arrives at Fusion just after the woman from the publishing house leaves. Greenlee asks what had happened. Kendall lets her know that she is going to be published. Erica manipulates Jack into going on a dinner date with her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will and Gwen ask to join Barbara when she goes to Dusty’s memorial service. Lily is confused about what is happening when she finds out that Dusty is dead. She wants to help in some way, but Holden is adamant that she stays out of it. Lily wants to go to the service, but Holden doesn’t think it is a good idea; she owes Dusty nothing! Lily convinces him that she has to do this because they were best friends since childhood. Allison wakes Emily, who is having another nightmare about Dusty, wondering why she isn’t dressed for the Service? She isn’t going because Dusty ruined her life! Craig shows up at Dusty’s memorial to talk with Meg, who angrily kicks him out. Allison doesn’t believe that Dusty was the one that told Emily’s secret and hopes she will reconsider. Margo finds out that there was a phone number that Dusty repeatedly called the night he died, so they want to find out whom it belongs to. Lily has a memory after she gets to Dusty’s Service, and Holden wonders if this is the right thing, but Lily is adamant she needs to keep pushing herself to remember to see if she can help catch Dusty’s killer. Susan remembers seeing Holden around the drug bin at the hospital. Allison, Will and Lucinda speak at Dusty’s service. Sofie sees Hallie and her babysitter downtown and rushes over to see Hallie. Will and Gwen talk about Sofie’s attachment with Hallie; Will thinks they should limit the time they spend together. Emily shows up at Dusty’s service. Meg rushes out when Will talks about Dusty and Jen not being able to see their kids grow up. Margo and Dallas find out that Dusty was talking with a lab tech, whom he worked with before. Lily blames Emily for Dusty’s death. Emily realizes Lily was the one who left the note for Chris. Emily is devastated when she realizes she was blaming Dusty; she sobs as she tells a photograph of Dusty how sorry she is and asking herself what she did? Gwen asks Barbara about her speech problem. Barbara assures her that she simply needs dental work redone. Allison sees Sofie downtown with Hallie and the babysitter and is leery. Lily thanks Holden for being so good to her and for letting her stay at the Farm. He promises that they will get through this, just like they have always done. Both talk about the horrible things they have done that they wish they could take back. Lily calls Holden her hero. When Susan sees Emily falling apart and acting guilty after learning the truth about Dusty, Susan decides to quickly put the blame elsewhere – on Holden. She tells Margo that she saw him around an unattended drug station the night of Dusty’s murder. Margo is forced to get a search warrant for the Farm. Craig approaches Meg about Montgomery Enterprises, but the last thing on her mind is business. Craig snaps that he only has business left in his life. After a ‘sales pitch’, an exhausted Meg tells Craig he can have the Company if he never contacts her again. Will and Gwen are a bit concerned when Sofie comes home with Hallie and the babysitter. Will thinks now it is time to set ground rules. Craig is toasting to his success, which he happily shares (rubs in) with Lucinda. Lucinda predicts he will fall soon and then she will be the one toasting. Margo thinks they have found nothing at the farm until they check one last area. Susan watches as Emily continues to fall apart. Holden and Lily come home to find Dallas and Margo at the Farm searching it. She wonders if they know anything about the syringe they found there? Holden admits to being the one who put it there. Margo asks him to come downtown to the station. Holden kisses Lily on the forehead and promises everything will be ok.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor squeals that she can’t take this any more; Brooke is in every air she breathes. Everywhere she turns, she is right there in her face. Nick comforts her, but asks has she been drinking? She feels he does not trust her. No matter how hard she tries, she can not get Brooke out of her mind. He implores her that she has to find some way to get past this. Brooke is the past, Jack is the future and the one who needs her. He is committed to this family, but only she can get Brooke out of it. Then he turns the conversation to Jack’s christening. And he promises to take all the boxes to the garage and get them out of her sight. She about explodes when she discovers a voicemail to Nick from Brooke, saying briefly she heard from Rick that Taylor is losing it. She’s worried about him and Jack. Rick tells Brooke he feels like everybody has been affected and screwed up by this mix-up. And it’s driving Taylor nuts. Bridget tells him she has gone through hell because of this and she wishes he would quit pouring salt in the wound. After seeing Taylor’s condition today, Rick thinks he is doing her a favor by encouraging his own mom to go after Nick again and become the family they always wanted to be. Rick drops by to see Nick and lays the cards on the table. He knows about Jack and he knows how Nick still feels about his mom and how she feels about him. This is going to be rough on everybody.

Taylor barges in on Brooke at the office and asks her what part of stay away from her husband and child does she not get? Stop worrying and stop keeping Nick as a little backup in case it doesn’t work out with Ridge. She blames Brooke for every single bad thing that has happened in her life. Just go away and give her a chance to be a good mother. Brooke says she can’t not worry, she can’t help it, she does feel the connection to Jack and feels like his mother. Rick says he does care for Taylor and he is not siding with Brooke and Ridge getting back together, and he would be grateful to Nick if he and Brooke could cut their losses and get back together. Nick reminds him that only one little problem with that, he loves Taylor now. Rick leaves with the seed of doubt planted in Nick’s mind of what would be best for little Jack. Brooke suggests Taylor be the best mother she can be, or she will be involved. Taylor stares her down and says she will fight to keep her family together.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Billie grills Nick about Ford’s disappearance but Nick sticks to the same fake story. Dean Lochlan threatens to fire both Nick and Billie, convinced by Mr. Decker that they are hiding something. While it doesn’t make Nick tell the truth, Billie rushes to Bo with her concerns about Chelsea. Chelsea gets the girls to take a vote on whether or not to tell the truth. The majority of the group votes to tell the truth until Max convinces Stephanie to speak up about why they shouldn’t tell the truth. The other girls decide to change their votes making the majority in favor of not telling the truth. Detective Sullivan stops by the house to question each sorority girl.

Hope decides to return to the force and Bo agrees to support her. Dr. Carrington decides to move John to the psych ward despite Marlena’s hesitancy. Dr. Carrington gives John an injection of truth serum but John has to be sedated again when he angrily reacts to the mention of Stefano’s name. Marlena, while alone in the room with John, turns off his meds and tries to get more clear answers from John.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam rescues her mother from being strangled. Lulu finds that Johnny is not the best of patients. He does call Trevor and tells him to call off the search, he'll come home when he's ready, Trevor is to make no further deals, and should never threaten Johnny again. Trevor makes plans to get someone else at the head of the family. Mac and Scott try to figure out what happened to the DNA test results. Nikolas decides he can't risk losing Emily's ghost, so decides not to have surgery. Only Nadine seems to understand. Ric's visit to his past is pensive as he roams through a house his family once owned. Patrick plays a trick on Leyla that ends in a clinch. Jason and Liz have a heart to heart, but nothing changes.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie is at the church and Will and Josh are at home getting ready for the anniversary memorial (as music plays). Marina picks up a picture of her, Tammy and Remy and starts to cry. Reva and Alan are also getting ready. As is Jonathan (his hair is cut short) and little Sarah. Lizzie is on the phone talking to doctors saying she has to be pregnant. Bill sees a dr about his sight. The doctor says he doesn't have any retinal damage and that it's a matter of time before he sees again. Bill feels his father is near. They talk. Billy offers a ride. Bill says he's got a taxi. Billy mentions Lizzie and the "baby". Reva goes home calling for Jonathan. He doesn't answer. Alan asks about a certain phone call he is expecting. He checks his messages. One message the voice says it's Tammy! Alan looks puzzled. Josh is still trying to get Will ready for the ceremony. He gives Will some advice, take it easy on his mom today. Daisy meets up with Josh and Cassie. Remy and Marina go together to the service. Bill and Billy arrive. Billy tries to give his son some advice about being on his best behavior. Lizzie comes in just then. She ignores them and walks right by then. Daisy offers Lizzie a seat and they talk. It is small talk. Billy and Bill go in and sit down. Cassie is outside at Tammy's grave. Tammy's spirit arrives it is raining and Cassie asks about her rain gear. Tammy says her mother is not ok after Cassie says she is. Cassie then says she is better than she was. Tammy's spirit says she never left her. Tammy wants her mother to want the family to take care of her. Tammy says she can't be 100 percent happy unless Cassie is. Jeffrey arrives and runs into Reva. Jeffrey says he lost track of Jonathan. Reva says she did too. She tells Jeffery that she thought he was at the cabin. Alan shows up. Cassie is livid. Alan tells Cassie the phone calls and newspaper reports have to stop. Alan says he too lost a daughter and mentions Amanda. Cassie wants him to stop acting like a politician and businessman and act like a man. She then invites Alan to come inside. He signs the Remembrance Book. After Josh says the first blessing. Cassie speaks. She kids about what Tammy would say about today, trying to be lighthearted. Cassie lists the achievements Tammy had and how lucky she was. Cassie looks at Lizzie in talking about life and children in a loving way. Cassie says Tammy was for forgiveness and faith. Cassie mentions Jonathan also. Reva turns her head toward the back of the church at that moment wondering when Jonathan would appear. It is raining still and Jeffery goes outside and sees Will but calls him Jonathan. Will reminds Jeffery that Jonathan is "dead". Jeffrey looks scared and confused. Jeffrey and Will go into the church but not the part in where the service is. Reva sees them. Reva tries to explain the misunderstanding with Jeffrey. Outside Jonathan goes to Tammy's grave. Jeffrey tells Josh he made some calls on behave of Will getting into the Academy. They accepted him. Cassie and Lizzie have a good talk and cry. Cassie wants her to stay and to talk to Bill. Lizzie does most of the talking. Bill is a little happier about having a baby. Then he tells her he is happy about the baby. Lizzie goes outside she looks over at Tammy's grave and see a small figure crying. Reva hugs Cassie. She tells Cassie she is very proud of her. Alan also speaks to Cassie before he leaves. He says thank you for letting him stay. Reva leaves after some more words with Cassie and Josh. Alone Cassie and Josh hug. Then Josh mentions the school. Then Cassie tells Josh she can't let him go. She promised. Lizzie runs to where the figure was standing and runs into a woman asking her if she saw a little girl standing there. The lady says no. Bill is alone and starts to cry.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Clint insists that Bo and Lindsay join him and Nora. Cristian tells Sarah that that is a pretty good song that she had written and asks to see it. Sarah refuses. Adriana and Rex visit Layla and Vincent. Layla offers Adriana and Rex congratulations on their engagement and asks when the date of the wedding is. Nash lets Roxy know that he has lost control of Jessica. Jessica goes to visit Jared in his room. When Jessica owns up that she is really “Tess”, the orderlies from St. Anne’s take her away to St. Anne’s for help. Sarah and Cristian go roller skating. They both fall down on the ice and start to kiss. Rex knows that his mother is hiding something. An all and out confrontation erupts between Bo, Lindsay, Nora and Clint.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Faces of Jabot contests finalists are being announced today in Genoa City and Cane is in charge of the event. A nervous Lily receives a bouquet of tulips from her “friend” Cane; while Amber (Marina) is reminded by Daniel (whose hair is atrocious) that this masquerade she’s trying to pull off won’t work. Daniel is right because Cane confirms his suspicions about Marina and rips that wig off unveiling none other than Amber Moore. Lily is also named a finalists and Cane explains to Jill that he and Lily are “just friends”; Lily also tells Neil the same (he’s not buying it though).

Brad wants to be promoted to Nick’s position which is Co-CEO, Neil is reluctant but says he’ll discuss this with Victor after Brad threatens to leave NE. Glo wants the Abbott mansion but Jack ain’t having it and prepares to fight her in court. Jana returns and Kevin is forced to tell Amber or Daniel to move out; Sharon tells Brad their friendship is over once again and Neil gives Karen a key to his place.

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