The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 1/22/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall is completely beside herself with worry because she doesn’t know where Zach is and if he is with Greenlee. Greenlee and Zach has a heart to heart talk as he urges her to let him take her to the hospital. Angie is overjoyed to see Frankie again. Frankie has yet another seizure and Angie has to perform a tracheotomy on him. Angie instructs Julia to find everyone, who has had similar symptoms like Frankie’s. Kendall begins to wonder what had gone on between Zach and Greenlee when they were in the bomb shelter. Krystal visits J.R. and enlists his help in finding out if Adam really knows where Kathy. Greenlee has some more symptoms that Frankie has been experiencing. Adam explains to Colby why he had acted as he had the night before. Colby decides to spend the night with him. J.R. has his doubts, at first, about moving back into the Chandler mansion, but then agrees to be Krystal’s spy. Greenlee refuses to go to the hospital, so Zach takes her home instead. Zach catches Kendall and Aidan hugging.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie finally manages to get a cell phone signal and call an ambulance to rescue Brad who broke his leg and has a possible concussion because he went looking for her when she went for a walk. Margo advises Craig to get a lawyer after he tells her he felt like killing Dusty since he took Johnny and Lucy away from him. Craig and Rosanna try to put their marriages back together by once again calling Paul and Meg to ask for forgiveness. Rosanna confronts Meg and gets her to admit she still loves Paul but can't be with him anymore. Barbara makes preparations for Dusty's funeral and pleads for Meg to forgive Paul. Parker still thinks Sam is trying to put the moves on Carly and tells Jack to beware of Sam because he is dangerous. Sam tells Kit not to call Carly anymore then later lies to Carly and says Kit broke up with him. Carly has dinner with Sam to cheer him up and Jack arrives at the Lakeview and sees Sam and Carly dancing together.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick bumps into Brooke at Insomnia again. She’s on her laptop with some project, but they both mention they need their coffee. Brooke, of course, mentions Taylor and how lucky she is to have Nick. Bridget walks in on this happy couple discussing old times. She admonishes her mom for just trying to get herself in trouble. Nick leaves as he doesn’t want to give the wrong impression to either Ridge of Taylor or whoever else would spy them. Jackie catches Taylor at home alone with Jack and boxes and boxes of stuff that Taylor is sorting through. She laments how she moved in with Nick and they never got a chance to re-decorate or her to pick out her own china pattern, etc. More importantly she feels she needs to rid the presence of Brooke’s things in her house. Jackie agrees, it is always best to get rid of excess baggage. Taylor vows she will get Brooke out of her mind, out of this house and out of her life completely. Then every picture she comes across is Nick and Brooke, on their wedding day, with Hope and R.J. and wonders why he saved all of these. Rick drops by, happened to be in the neighborhood and although it’s been a while, he has a baby gift for Jack. He soon realizes Taylor isn’t herself and it must be because of his mom – he reminds Taylor of her when she sees him. Taylor has a panic attack and Rick demands to know what is wrong and if it has to do with Jack or his mom? Slowly Taylor explains a little of what happened in the fertility lab. He commiserates – he loves his mother, but he doesn’t always love her choices and he sees where Taylor would feel this way. He invites her to come to him about this at any time.

Taylor starts having hallucinations, seeing Brooke standing over Jack’s crib. Rick tracks down Bridget and Brooke and asks is there any possibility the fertility lab mistake wasn’t really a mistake? They are aghast that he would suggest such a thing, and Brooke says somehow she has to save little Jack. Nick comes home to a crying Taylor and she comments that “she” is everywhere and she can not cope with this anymore. Twice more she spots Brooke on the staircase looking down and laughing at her. She grabs her hair and starts to shake, telling Nick to make her go away. She is driving her insane.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stefano offers the help of his legal team to get Lucas out of jail if he agrees to kidnap Johnny for him but Lucas turns down the deal. Lucas finds Stefano’s cell phone and uses it to call Sami. Stefano, expecting Lucas to use his phone, redials his phone and calls Sami himself. Philip stays by Belle’s side and has to keep her from leaving the hospital to search for Claire. Philip decides to leave but Belle calls him back. Crystal dotes lovingly on Claire.

John tells Marlena that he dreamed about her but can’t give her any details. John remembers that Stefano wiped out all his memories and emotions and stored them on a single disc. Abe decides that Marlena is too close to John’s case and transfers her control of John’s medical care to Dr. Barrington. John tells Marlena that he wants nothing to do with her now since she can’t help him get his medication dosage lowered.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason and Jax find themselves in agreement in opposing Carly after she threatens to have Liz declared an unfit mother. Jason insists that he cannot and will not be Jake's father. When Lucky gets home, he finds a teary Sam apologizing for all she has done wrong in his sight, and he is forgiving. Lulu finds Johnny, still alive, but he does not want to go to Trevor, who is frantically looking for him and for his son, who has gone back to his former home. Felicia's plan to investigate Georgie's murder incites Mac's ire and has him venting about her abandonment of her family. Trevor plans to find Jason's weak spot and use it against him. Jax leaves for Hawaii on business. With Liz's advice, Lulu learns where to steal drugs for Johnny's medical care. Someone grabs Alexis in the dark. The DNA evidence found under Georgie's nails vanishes from the police station.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie has a dream involving Tammy and Alan and a tug of war. Reva visits Josh at the church. Alan is up to no good. Bill and Lizzie have a good talk about old times. Lizzie is running her mouth and Bill interrupts by saying he doesn't want to be part of her life. Lizzie starts yelling her head off. He will support her and the baby money wise but he is not ready to be a father. Josh tells Rev that Cassie has come around about Will. Josh apologizes about what he said about Jonathan. Reva says that he doesn't have to. She asks about Cassie and how she is doing on the anniversary. Josh says the offer is still open to do something about Jonathan and Sarah. Alan comes to the church to tell her about a midnight phone call and a paper with red paint on it. He blames Cassie. Reva questions that. Will and Cassie are talking about honoring Cassie. Will tells Cassie that Edmund told him that Alan is to blame at what happened with Tammy and Sarah. Josh comes home to see Cassie upset and Will not in a good mood either. After Josh asks Will to go to his room so that Josh and Cassie can talk. Reva and Alan agree to go to talk to Cassie about the so call threats Alan says she just made to him. Reva says she wants to hear it from Cassie. Billy is released from the hospital and is to be an outpatient. Bill brings up Jonathan. Lizzie stands up to Jonathan saying he was a great father to her baby. And that Bill won't be to this baby. Reva says she will put a stop to it. Alan says he traced one of the calls to the Bauer Cabin. Reva goes to see Cassie and Josh and tells them Alan is outside. Reva shows them the blooded paper. Meanwhile Will goes outside to see Alan light a cigar. Alan questions whether he should be outside. Will says (inaudible). Alan is shocked to see the look on Will's face. Alan asks Will about his bedtime. Alan says he is not responsible for Tammy's death. Cassie screams she didn't do it. A year ago maybe. But she has to set a good example for Will. Alan gives Will 5 dollars to leave him alone. Lizzie picks up Billy. He tries to kid with her. He sees she is not in a good mood. She tells Billy it is about a missing brain, hers. Ava visits Bill and they talk. Ava guesses about the trailer and she asks if he's angry, in short he says no.. Then they start to kiss romantically and Ava hesitates at first then continues. They are interrupted by Emma's babysitter along with Emma. They make a play date. Then Emma and her babysitter leave. Bill and Ava start talking about parenthood and who should be a parent. Lizzie tells Billy about the baby. He gets excited. She tells Billy about Bill's reaction. Billy blames Vanessa's genes. Billy is so excited he's going to be a grandfather. Josh wants Alan off his property. Josh and Alan still argue about who is threatening Alan. After Josh goes back inside Alan and Reva talk. Reva says until the anniversary of the deaths of Tammy, Jonathan and Sarah is over she is sticking to him like glue to prove Cassie is not to blame for threatening Alan. Lizzie goes to the church and sits in front of Tammy's portrait. Bill gets a visitor, its Billy. Bill guesses why Billy is there. They talk. Cassie and Josh are about to turn in. They talk about the highlight of their days. Josh says running Alan off his property was his. Cassie kisses Josh and says that this kiss was hers. Cassie leaves him alone in the living room until Will shows up. Josh asks why he isn't upstairs. Josh see that a doll has it's head off and questions him. Alan says Reva doesn't have to be with him. Just make sure Cassie and Will stay away. Lizzie lights candles for Tammy and Sarah. There are footsteps in the church. And someone looks through the window. It is Jonathan!

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

In his bedroom, Jared throws a temper tantrum because the other Buchanans had voted against his idea concerning Nash’s vineyard. Nash and Jessica argue over the fact that Jessica had voted for Jared against him. Nash begins to believe that Tess has come out in control again. Nigel tells Jared if he doesn’t tell the Buchanans who he really is then he will. R. J. pays Lindsay a visit at Bo’s. Bo comes home and catches R.J. there. Bo orders R.J. out. Cristian and Sarah prepare to go on their date. Natalie has a talk with Roxy concerning Jared and Natalie’s love for him. Nora meets Clint at the Palace dining room for dinner. Cristian and Sarah also arrive as does Bo and Lindsay. Upon seeing Bo and Lindsay, Clint asks them to join them. Jessica goes to Jared’s bedroom.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Michael is fired by Victor after he suggests that he change his plea to guilty by claiming it was self defense. Victor orders Neil to find him a new lawyer and while Neil is on the phone with this new lawyer, Michael marches in with a new discovery and an eyewitness.

Glo and Kevin are planning the perfect murder thanks to some help from good ole’ Alfred Hitchcock. Kevin is also playing detective with Lauren, as they go over Jeffrey’s phone records and notice he has placed numerous calls to a number in Korea. Neil and Lily’s relationship remains estranged, she shares this with Cane who suggests they play pretend friends in public while behind closed doors they are lovers. This decision is made at Crimson Light and after they agree on it, they kiss in public. Heather is stressed out over the Victor Newman case and lays into Paul. Karen walks in on Cane and Lily smooching at the apartment.

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