The TV MegaSite's Monday 1/21/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie is quite surprised when Ryan calls her Kendall. She demands that he start explaining why he called her Kendall. When Zach strangles Adam, he collapses. After Quentin has a seizure, Joe orders that he be placed in isolation. Tad is shocked to see Angie Hubbard back in town. Colby hurries out to get Tad. Angie rushes to Adam’s side. Adam comes to and wants to know what Angie is doing back in town. Kendall can’t find Zach, so Aidan offers to help her and they leave together. Greenlee figures out where Zach could be and goes to look for him. Joe recognizes Quentin as being Angie and Jesse’s son. Angie gets a call from the hospital. Tad drives Angie to the hospital while Krystal has a talk with Adam. Krystal urges Adam to tell Tad where Kathy is. Adam wants to know what's in if for him. Ryan asks Annie to have another child. Annie refuses for the time being. Greenlee finds Zach. She begins to have stomach pains. Zach offers to take her to the hospital, but Greenlee is afraid that she may never come out alive. Angie arrives at the hospital and is surprised to find that her son is her patient. Kendall hears the message that Greenlee left for Aidan saying that she may know where Zach is. Kendall begins to suspect that something more happened between Zach and Greenlee down in the bomb shelter.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie doesn’t know what to do about Brad’s sleepy confession, as she leaves the car to go for a walk. Jack comes to see Lily and Holden about Dusty’s death; Holden tries to stonewall him by claiming he and Lily were in the hospital room all night. Margo tries to question Chris, but he wants a lawyer – Tom. Emily runs into Paul at church and tells him that Dusty is dead. Katie phones Vienna and tells her what Brad said, as Vienna is thrilled, but not Katie. Brad awakens to find Katie gone and goes to look for her. Paul offers Emily support but then learns he lost his baby with Meg and in turn, she offers him support when he questions whether he is like his father. Barbara learns of her radiation treatment schedule and how they aren’t going to be able to remove the tumor yet because it is too large. The doctor is worried that she isn’t leaning on anyone for support. Lily wakes with a start and realizes Dusty is really dead. Margo learns that Chris was at the Lakeview bar the night Dusty died, but she wants to find out if he was anywhere else. Brad falls down a hill and is knocked unconscious. Lily asks to be released and Holden offers to take her home with him. Holden advises Lily to tell Jack nothing besides that they were together all night. Lily wonders if she did something bad? Holden promises her that she didn’t. Margo finds out when Chris left the bar. Chris is upset with Margo’s questioning. Tom advises him to be careful and to stay calm. A distraught Barbara learns of Dusty’s death. At home, Emily finds Chris stuff gone, but he arrives telling her that he wants to talk about last night, as Emily takes that as a good sign. Katie finds an unconscious Brad and freaks out. Lily tells Jack that she doesn’t remember anything more then Holden being with her. Jack questions Susan about if she saw anything strange. Susan remembers finding Holden around the drugs, but she says nothing. Chris tells Emily he wants to talk about who killed Dusty. Brad tells Katie that he can’t move. Holden takes Lily to the Farm and promises to take care of her from now on, as they hug. Chris promises to keep quiet about her as long as she keeps quiet about Dusty’s accusations about him. They both had ample reasons to want Dusty dead, as they glare at one another. Paul and Barbara talk about Dusty, as she tells him that she is going to plan his funeral. Brad thinks his leg is broken. Bonnie stops by to see Holden, but she is embarrassed when she learns that Holden brought Lily home to take care of her, and so she rushes off quickly. Holden hides the syringe Lily had in her hand in his kitchen and tells Natalie that her mom is home for good.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor continues to tell Nick that Brooke is the problem; Brooke is the one who took the baby and came over here spouting tales and that is just wrong! He admonishes her that alcohol is not the answer. That sets Taylor off more; she needs him to defend her and protect her, not Brooke. He tells her that nothing he says seems to reassure her. He feels like he is losing her, she’s losing herself and he is helpless to stop this. If this is too much for her, he’s asking her to face it. She asks if he is saying his life would be better without her? Does he want her to leave? Donna sits in Eric’s lap and feeds her honey bear whipped crème and strawberries. She praises him for being so sweet and supportive after finding her in the arms of another man. Bridget arrives after Jackie has called her, and Jackie admits she knows the whole story now, that Brooke is Jack’s biological mother. And no one should underestimate that connection between Nick and Brooke, especially Ridge. When Brooke returns, Ridge knows something is wrong; something has her very sad. She reveals the details of her trying to reassure Taylor and ending up smelling the alcohol and her snatching baby Jack and taking him to Nick. And now Taylor is wailing about kidnapping. Ridge tells her that she has got to back off, let Nick and Taylor handle their issues alone. Not just for their sake, but for Brooke’s and his as well. Brooke doesn’t think she can just pretend Jack doesn’t exist or that he is in harm’s way. Ridge doesn’t believe that Taylor would jeopardize her own child’s well-being. He accuses Brooke of being overly dramatic.

Bridget explains to Jackie that Nick and Brooke’s connection is in the past, but Jackie still maintains that nothing can destroy that – they are soul-mates. She vows to little Jack that she will not rest until his daddy is back with his real mommy. Eric laments to Donna that she has shown him how to live again and no one is going to take that away from him; they will work on this problem together. Ridge tells Brooke not to throw away what they have together. She has got to forget about Jack; let the baby go. Taylor demands to get an answer. Is that what Nick wants – to take Jack and go back to Brooke? He confides that he has tried to be loving and supportive; Taylor has given this boy life and it is her smell and her touch that he feels, but this rivalry she has for Brooke can not continue. Can she accept Jack and love his son unconditionally? If she can’t do that, this marriage is not going to work. Taylor has to make that distinction – two separate people – Jack and Brooke. Passionately he pleads his case, come back to them. She clings while sobbing that she loves him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo, Hope, and Roman visit the hospital to check on John and offer moral support to Marlena. John uses the tweezers to unlock his handcuffs. John grabs Marlena in a chokehold when she and Hope interrupt his attempt to escape. John is overcome by a memory of Stefano’s torture and releases his grip on Marlena. Marlena reluctantly agrees to have John sedated where he continues to have flashbacks of his time under Stefano’s torture.

Stefano sends Sami and EJ a baby rattle gift to send a message that he wants Johnny. EJ calls in Abe’s help in getting a safe house for him, Sami, and the twins so that Sami will agree to the idea of going into hiding. Kayla calls Steve home to make love after home tests reveal that right then is her optimal time to conceive. They are momentarily interrupted by Caroline’s visit to return Steve’s wallet but quickly get her to leave.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Lulu does not want Johnny to go to jail, Logan suspects she and he got too close for his comfort. After being told that treating his tumor would make his hallucinations, i.e., Emily, go away, Nikolas is resistant to the notion of doing anything pro-active. Strangely, "Emily" does not know what Patrick and Robin told Nikolas until he tells her. Kate is stunned and unable to answer Sonny's heartfelt proposal. Jason tries to figure out how to rescue Lulu. Liz's day is brightened when Lucky brings Jake for a visit. Robin is totally blown away to discover her pregnancy, but will not confide who the father is to Kelly. Taking Kate's tears and running off as a no, Sonny begins a downward spiral and buys his friend's business, telling him he should leave the neighborhood immediately. Robin overhears Patrick discussing his negative HIV test he took after the condom broke during grief sex with Robin. After Lulu is rescued by Jason and Spinelli, Johnny stays on the ship where they were kept and moments later, it blows up with him inside. Someone threatens to undo a favor done long ago for Jerry if he does not cooperate with a plan.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley is not interested in what Marina and Cyrus do. Ashlee wants to know what her mother is up to. Coop meets Bill and apologizes. Bill has a gas can and pretends to dump the contents in the room of Company. Coop pleads for Bill to stop. Lizzy gets news from a nurse she is pregnant. Bill and Coop argue. Coop tells Bill he didn't know anyone was in the office. Bill says he hasn't got anything to loose. Then Lizzie arrives to say he has a lot to loose. Doris tells Ashlee she thinks Buzz is one of the good guys. Harley and Buzz talk about Marina and Cyrus getting married. Marina says if Cyrus is not ready for marriage she'll wait. Since is so called marriage to Alex was a sham. Cyrus tells her no, he wants to do it the right way. Doris goes to offer Buzz a job but he blows her off without giving her a chance too. As she walks away she mentions it. Buzz looks surprised. Lizzie tells Bill to stop it's over. Lizzie tells Coop to let this go. Coop then leaves. Bill and Lizzie argue. Lizzie tells Bill she is pregnant and he's the father. Bill looks shocked. Doris tells Buzz she wants to be friends. Buzz asks her after all she did to his family, she wants them to be friends? Cyrus talks to Harley about them and Marina. He tells her he is dedicated to Marina. Lizzie tells Bill it's his and also she mentions what today is. The anniversary she lost Sarah. Bills tells her he can't. He just signed his life away, Emma, etc. The Marina, Harley and Lillian meet up @ Company. Lillian offers to help out. Marina and Harley talk about Cyrus, Gus. And Harley says she was wrong and she is sorry and happy for Marina. Marina asks Harley to be her Maid of Honor and Harley says yes. They all celebrate with beer. Buzz makes a speech. Everyone is laughing. Lillian is looking at Buzz like she wants him. Harley's face expression changes after the toast. Ashlee runs into Coop to tell him of her mother's change of heart about the Coopers. Coop is happy but wary of this change. Bill and Lizzie finally settle down and act as parents. Frank is talking to Buzz about the what just happened to Marina. Frank tells Buzz he is going to lay off Cyrus. Not bug him anymore. Cyrus and Harley say their goodbyes to each other as lovers and remain friends.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Pamela lets the other Buchanans know that Asa had not fathered a child with Valerie Banks. Natalie makes the assumption that Jared is not a Buchanan. Cristian lets Antonio know that he has a date with Sarah. Todd confronts Viki about her dropping the charges against Marcie . Starr comes home and finds Cole and Langston there alone. Starr starts to ask them questions, but Cole lets her know that they cannot discuss the session with her. R.J. visits Lindsay and commends her for killing Spencer Truman and getting away with it. Starr is confused when she finds out that Cole and Langston cannot talk to her about the grief counseling. Starr lets them know that Todd had bought her a brand new car. Antonio lets Cristian know that his life had changed for the better since he had had a child. The Buchanans find out that Valerie Banks is Pamela’s sister. Pamela confirms that Jared is Asa’s son because she is his mother. Jared is more than a little surprised at the news. R.J. fills Lindsay in that Marcie had turned Tommy over to Todd and Blair.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victor is not too pleased with the judge's ruling and is moping around like a child. Nikki feels her victory is bittersweet, dealing with the demise of her marriage and also the loss of NVP. She pays Kay a visit who shares with Nikki her wisdom and lets her know that these are simply “growing pains.”

Who is David Chow? Maybe some guy named Clark who owes someone a lot of money? David meets with someone at the GCAC and promises to repay him in full in two weeks. Meanwhile Glo has returned and announced to Michael and Lauren that she is not only married but also moving in with Jeffrey who is MIA. This causes Michael to become suspicious prompting him to start his own investigation.

When Neil has dinner with Karen at the GCAC, she offers him some sound advice about Lily. JT visits Victoria and shares that he is house hunting then urges her to wake up so she can see Reed.

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