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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam still holds Krystal against her will. After a few minutes of conversing, Adam lets Krystal know that he knows where Tad’s daughter, Kate is. Krystal looks at him in disbelief. Adam lets Krystal know that if Krystal will come back to him then he will tell Tad where Kate. Krystal agrees to marry Tad again just to show Adam that she doesn’t love him (Adam) anymore. Kendall can’t believe that Zach can eat and drink at a time like this when they are being held captive. Babe lets Kendall know that she is very glad that she and Greenlee are back at work. Annie has planned a special birthday gift for Ryan. Quentin finds himself in the hospital despite his protests. Greenlee calls Aidan and lets him know that they will be joining Kendall and Zach for the evening. Aidan tells her in no uncertain terms. Tad lets Colby know that Adam had them locked in there. Colby can’t believe that Adam would do this after promising her that he was not up to anything. Tad and Krystal renew their wedding vows with Adam and others looking on. Zach and J.R. confront Adam about his regaining control of Chandler Enterprises. Quentin uses some medical terms that convinces Julia that he must be a doctor.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Brad and Katie get lost and run out of gas on their way to cover a story for Oakdale now. As they sit in the car and wait until morning, a sleeping Brad tells Katie he loves her. Katie who is awake is surprised by what she hears. Someone kills Dusty in the hospital lab, and everyone is a suspect. The medical examiner finds a puncture wound as if Dusty was given an injection to stop his heart. Holden later finds a woozy Lily in the hospital stairwell and takes her back to her room. Holden finds a syringe in Lily's hand. Thinking that she killed Dusty with it, he wipes off Lily's fingerprints. puts his own fingerprints on the syringe, and promises a sleeping Lily that he will take care of everything.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie continues to share her unsolicited opinions and advice on Nick about Taylor and that Brooke is better for him than his wife. Eric tells Donna that she is not the woman he fell in love with; how could she do this to them? She explains that she met Jake in the lobby and one thing led to another…..and her problem took over. Eric wonders why he isn’t enough for her? She gives a fare-well speech, she loves him, but it’s over and this is the way it has to be. He can’t let it go at that until she hears what he has to say. For yet another time, he tells her they will work on this together, no matter what it takes. And he believes she is deliberately sabotaging their relationship. She reveals that she wishes it could be another way, but her hands are tied. One more time, he tells her there is nothing she can say or do that he can’t forgive. Brooke brings Jack to Nick’s office and fills him in on the events that led up to her taking Jack. Taylor is not far behind and tells Brooke that is her baby, not Brooke’s, so who in the hell does she think she is taking him? Nick takes Brooke’s side and tells Taylor that he thinks Brooke has reason for concern. Is she drinking? Taylor explains that she did pour it into her cup, but she avoided the temptation and did not drink it. He still thinks it is inexcusable with Jack in the house. Eric and Donna end up in bed. She mulls it over in her head how wonderful he is and what are they going to do? Stephanie is demanding they break up or Storm will go to prison.

Tending to Jack, Jackie calls Bridget to please come over. She vows to Jack that he deserves to have his mommy, his real mommy, and daddy together and she is going to see that happens. Nick admonishes Taylor that she is an alcoholic, he can’t have this with Jack. She goes berserk that he is actually defending Brooke and she won’t hear any more. She knows what she did was wrong, but nothing bad happened and it won’t come up again. She tells Brooke that SHE is the problem, not drinking. Brooke is the one who needs to get a grip on her emotions, not Taylor. Stay away from her family and everything will be fine.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo questions EJ about Crystal, Rob, and the locket design but EJ claims to not recognize any of it. Hope advises Sami not to rely on EJ so much. Stefano gets put in Lucas’ jail cell. Stefano has a cell phone smuggled in underneath his dinner and uses it to call EJ. Stefano reveals that he’s been having EJ followed by showing that his driver is already nearby to take EJ to Stefano. EJ decides against getting in the car fearing that he’d be harmed and rushes back to Sami to make sure she is safe. EJ urges Sami to go into hiding with him and the twins. The cops find Claire’s prescription bottle purchased by Crystal near the van and Bo takes it as a sign that Crystal and Rob were really trying to protect Claire and Belle.

Marlena convinces Roman to let John go visit Belle. Though John doesn’t recognize Belle, he plays the role of doting father. John sneaks a pair of tweezers from Belle’s bedside table.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Emily stays by Nikolas' side, but continues to doubt how good she is for him. Johnny and Lulu try to get out of the monastery. He refuses to sleep with her until he's sure she really wants him. Then, Spinelli gets to them and begins to lead Lulu out, but they are caught. It is clear someone is pulling Jerry's strings, making him be the mysterious "Mr. Monroe." Kate and Sonny's trek down memory lane proceeds until he gets down on one knee. Patrick tells Nikolas that his tumor has grown. To help her get past Patrick, Leyla has a quickie with a random guy from Kelly's. Robin is pregnant.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan and Reva run into each other. Alan acts happy to see her. Reva could care less. She mentions Jeffery proofing her windows from the cold. Alan mentions Reva loosing a son and grand-daughter. Doris calls security on Ashlee. Coop arrives and Doris, the security guard and Coop are out in the hall. Coop wants in. Dinah is at Company talking with Buzz about when she was shot. And also talking about Bill being hurt and afraid someone is coming to finish the job. Bill is home with Ava. When Lizzie comes to the open door. Bill is calling for Ava. Lizzie is angry. She calls Bill a selfish pig. Ava is grinning from ear to ear. Lizzie tells Bill after all she's done for him. She just got him sunglasses and other things. Bill says stop making it about Lizzie. He says he doesn't need jealous wife. After a bit Lizzie and Ava leave. Ava tells Lizzie this is a bad time for Lizzie. Alan tells Reva that he is planning a memorial service for Jonathan and the baby. Reva asks Alan how Lizzie feels about. Then tells him that Lizzie is just getting back on her own two feet. She doesn't need to go back. Vanessa visits Billy. They have a passionate kiss. Dinah is still hooked on who might have tried to kill Bill. Buzz says it wasn't him. After Dinah leaves, Buzz wonders to himself about the town. Doris, Coop and the security guard are wrestling in the hall. Coop blames Doris for keeping Ashlee cooped up. Coop tells Doris he'll give her the guy who started the fire at the Lewis Construction. Ashlee, behind the door yells no! Coop says his full name as the one who did it, Henry Cooper Bradshaw. Finally Ashlee is in Coops' arms. Reva is looking at the last picture taken of Jonathan's wedding picture, when Lizzie interrupts her. They talk about Alan and his news of having a memorial service. Lizzie ends up crying. Reva comforts her. Bill and Dinah visit Billy. They are talking about the trailer. Then Bill gets a call. It is Buzz, he tells Bill that it was Coop that set fire to the trailer. Buzz tells Bill what happened. Buzz says he is reaching out in a leap of faith. Buzz offers his help. Bill tells them it was Buzz. Bill gets up and wants to go. Reva tells Lizzie that maybe it is a good idea.

After bit, Lizzie bends over in pain. Reva is concerned. Lizzie then realizes it was a year ago today of the accident that "killed" Jonathan and the baby. Frank offers to protect Coop. But he can't do all. Buzz runs into Doris and pleads with her to be easy on Coop. He continues to ask her not to exploit this. Bill tells he knows who made him blind. He doesn't give her a name just yet. Reva kids with Lizzie, tell her she's been hanging around the wrong crowd. The mention of Bill comes up. Lizzie says she is done with Bill. Frank tells Buzz how bad the situation with Coop is. Frank mentions attempted murder. Buzz can't believe Frank mentioned it. Coops tells Ashlee that she should live for her mother. At that point Doris walks by. She doesn't look happy. Bill says he is not going to get any justice with most of the Coopers cops. Bill say some threatening words against Coop while talking with Dinah. Doris has a press conference on the matter. She says she had an error in judgment. When Ashlee hears what came out of her mother's mouth, she hugs her and thanks her. Bill and Coop talk again over the phone. Coop says he's out on bail. Bill wants a meeting at Company. Dinah is still with Bill. Bill wants her to leave. Bill then fingers a gasoline jug. Alan makes his plans known to Ava. He wants her help. Reva gets a call from Jonathan. He wants to come home. Reva pleads with him not to. Lizzie is at the hospital being checked out. The nurse hints that Lizzie might be pregnant........

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash looks at some pamphlets that Jared has had made up for the board members. Jessica and Natalie question Viki about her boyfriend, but Viki refuses to give out any info. Charlie can’t believe that Viki had been held hostage in the diner. He also can’t understand why Dorian hadn’t told him that she knew Viki. Clint and Nora arrive at Bo’s. Bo lets them know that he was helping Lindsay get settled. Blair holds Tommy (Sam) in her arms. Blair lets Tommy know that she guessed that she was his Mommy now. Margaret appears up and tells her that that the little boy’s name is Todd, Jr. Margaret holds out her arms to Todd, Jr. Blair orders Margaret out. Addie comes in and wants to know what is going on. Charlie finds out that he and Dorian had run out of gas. Dorian lets Charlie know that Viki must not have wanted him to know about her life. Viki begins to explain to Jessica and Natalie why she had been working in Paris, Texas. Jared lets Nash know that Nash is the one who doesn’t belong in the Buchanan family. Sarah arrives for the board meeting. Clint lets Bo know that he and Nora are seeing each other. Lindsay stands in the door and overhears the conversation.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The face off between Nikki and Victor is on, Victor makes no qualm about leaving Nikki penniless with nothing. The judge, however, states that she sustain the lifestyle she did when she was married, but will lose NVP to fulfill her debt to Victor.

The Faces of Jabot , is still abuzz at Crimson Lights as Daniel congratulates Lily and questions the identity of Marina Drydock (Dryden). Cane insists on whisking Lily away to celebrate, while Daniel is appointed the job of Amber’s assistant, which entails following her to the Club for an interview. Meanwhile, at the Chancellor Mansion, Cane and Lily spend some alone time together watching Casablanca and enjoying take-out then each other until they are caught making out by Jill and Kay.

Jack and Sharon are enjoying the honeymoon they never had in the Bahamas, while Cane and Lily join Amber (Marina) and Daniel at the AC where Cane questions Marina, trying to confirm his suspicions that it's none other than Scamber (Amber).

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