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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall pays a visit to Ryan. Ryan grabs her and hugs her. Richie catches up with Annie in the underground garage and forces her to talk to him. Zach comes to Fusion. Greenlee thinks that he had come to see Kendall, but he tells Greenlee that he had come to see her. Erica comes into the dining room just as Adam plans Krystal’s and Tad’s wedding reception. Adam offers Erica a drink, but she refuses. Erica lets him know that she is meeting a date. She encourages Adam to move on just as she is doing. Babe finds out from J.R. that he had leased the condo which is just across from her. J.R. and Babe argue over her involvement with Richie. Richie grabs hold of Annie’s arm to keep her from leaving so he can tell her what he wants. Annie notices the scar on Richie’s neck. Tad, Krystal and Little A interrupt Babe and J.R.’s argument. Marshall arrives for his date with Erica. Adam manages to get Erica away from Marshall on the pretense of business. Adam asks Erica to marry him again. Palmer interrupts Adam’s proposal. Adam asks Erica to come to the party that he planned for Tad and Krystal. Greenlee gets on the phone with an acquaintance to get Kendall’s manuscript published. Zach and Kendall arrive for the surprise party. After everyone arrives, Adam proposes a toast to the happy couple and asks Tad to kiss the bride. Tad refuses. Krystal gets up to leave. Adam follows her out, locking the door behind him. He requests that no one is allowed to leave the party.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

The Town of Oakdale is present to Celebrate the partnership of Montgomery Enterprises and Memorial hospital. Chris is angry when Dusty tells him that Emily slept with him on New year's eve and never loved him at all. Chris is also angry that Dusty insists he has proof that he caused his father's stroke and is determined to put a stop to the research project. Lily is angry at Dusty because he rejected her so she overdoses on pills. Holden becomes Lily's protector and he and Lucinda blame Dusty for causing Lily to overdose. Dusty finally gets proof about what caused Bob's stroke and goes to a darkened lab to wait for the detective he hired but finds someone else there. Gwen asks Sofie to babysit Hallie and with Aaron's help she does a good job. Will tells Gwen not to let Sofie babysit again because he is worried that they will have a problem with her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

For the tenth time, Donna tells Katie that it isn’t that easy – she loves Eric so she just can’t bring herself to break off with him. She tried but he didn’t buy it. Storm interrupts before they are finished and says he changed his plans. Stephen talked about Beth the whole time and wanting to get back and mend things with her, so he saw no point in hanging around. He will have his counseling right here in L.A. and that will serve well as he wants to thank Stephanie for all that she overlooked and did for the Logan family. Eric calls Donna and needs to talk so they make plans to meet. Katie laughs at Donna when she exposes her phony sex addiction problem, but tells Donna that Eric may have to witness this for him to see the seriousness of this. Brooke barges in before Taylor can have that sip of vodka laced coffee. Nick has made his excuses, Jackie called and needs him at work. Brooke can’t leave it as is. She can’t have peace of mind until Taylor does. She lectures that Taylor needs to bond with Jack and love him; then both of them can have happy homes.

Katie convinces Donna that she has to take drastic measures to convince Eric. She will arrange everything, this is the only way. In minutes Jake is over and Donna dressed in a teeny weenie bikini and they are groping on the couch when Eric walks in and wonders what in the hell is going on? Nick won’t listen to Jackie anymore about her doom and gloom about Taylor. Taylor doesn’t appreciate Brooke not minding her own business and constantly being overly concerned for Jack. Brooke smells something and takes a whiff of the coffee cup and accuses Taylor of drinking again? Taylor swears she poured a drink, but did not drink it. Another lecture from Brooke who calls her an alcoholic and says she is going to call for some help for her. Brooke calls Nick’s office and leaves a message. Taylor loses it and starts screeching for Brooke to get out of her house. Taylor leaves the room when Brooke goes, but does not see her sneak back in. Brooke snatches Jack and Taylor goes berserk when she realizes what Brooke has done.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

John accuses Marlena of working for Stefano but Marlena vows to kill Stefano to make sure he stays away from John. Bo and Hope stop by to visit John and tell Marlena about Belle being at the hospital. Marlena offers to take John out of the restraints if he agrees to visit Belle with her.

Philip asks Chloe to use the situation to get closer to Shawn. Chloe convinces Shawn to leave Belle’s side and return to the docks. While they are gone, Philip sits with Belle. Belle wakes up and asks for Claire so Philip is forced to tell her about Claire’s kidnapping. Shawn remembers that Rob had a tattoo and recognizes it as the same design on the locket in John’s picture.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Instead of a thug, the person confronting Sonny turns out to be an old friend, who does not recognize Kate. After a few laughs, he leaves Kate and Sonny to their reminiscing. Jax confronts Carly with his ire about her overinvolvement with Jason as she prepares to "help" him fight for custody of Jake. She finally confesses that she may not be able to have another baby, and he is very caring. Back at the hospital, Jason realizes that Joe does not have a real bomb and is able to bring the crisis to an end. As Joe is led to jail, Dr. Ford commands that Angie be taken to county for treatment. Kelly and Monica have also discovered that her baby is suffering congestive heart failure, possibly. Spinelli masquerades as a monk to get inside the building where Lulu is being held. While this is going on, Logan and Johnny find her. Nikolas is not happy with Robin and Patrick for being sneaky drawing his blood. However, he agrees to be admitted, after he intervenes so that Dr. Ford will allow Angie to be treated.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Coop talks to his dad about he and Ashlee. Billy visits Dinah to talk about he and Bill. Dinah gets angry at Billy. Lizzie is trying to set Bill straight. Olivia and Ava have a nice chat about time. Ava calls Gus for Olivia. She tells him it is an emergency. But it isn't. She is practically crying while pleading with Gus to come to the hospital. He finally says yes. He tells Natalia he has to go. Coop and Ashlee spend a tender moment before she goes off. Bill and Lizzie visits Billy. Billy complements Lizzie on her outfit. Then he and Billy leave. Bill is alone and going crazy. Billy sees this as he looks in. Later Bill and Billy make small talk. Billy says he wants to help. Bill says if Bill wants to help, he'd find the person that hurt him. Ashlee is at her mother's rummaging around in a closet. Doris comes in and catches her. When Gus gets to the hospital, Olivia tells him of the latest doctors report. After he leaves, Ava eyes her like she doesn't believe it worked. Alan visits Natalia and Gus'. Alan wants to know where Gus is. Alan starts to flirt with Natalia. Then Gus calls her. He tells her it's going to be awhile. Alan and Lizzie get into a fight. Jonathan's name is mentioned during this fight (hint, hint). Natalia finds where Gus went and goes to see what's up. She thinks Gus is having an affair with Olivia. That is when Olivia tells her she is dying. Natalia finally understands and forgives both Gus and Olivia. Gus ask Natalia about the wedding. Natalia says there is time, Olivia needs him. Ashlee explains her being there. Doris says forget it, no problem. Then when Doris leaves she locks Ashlee in the room telling her that she is not letting that Cooper boy ruin her life. Buzz listens to Dinah ramble on. He offers her coffee.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jessica and Natalie try to persuade Mo to give them info about their Mom’s boyfriend. Mo refuses to tell them anything. Noelle comes out and lets them know that she will tell them all about Viki’s boyfriend. Viki visit’s the jail and sees Marcie. Marcie wonders what Viki is doing here after all Marcie had done to her. Rex and Adriana look at a pic of Gigi in the newspaper. Adriana assures Rex that Gigi can take care of herself. Jared comes into the diner and sits down at a table. He lets the waitress know that he is waiting for someone. Charlie gets in the car with Dorian. He wants to get to his appointment, but Dorian lets him know that he is not going anywhere. John comes to see Gigi in jail and questions her. Gigi lets him know that she and Shane had never been held hostage. Todd and Blair bring Tommy home. The house is silent until they spy the study doors. Starr and Jack open the doors and yell, “surprise. “ Through tears, Viki, Mo, and Noelle say good-bye to each other. Viki gets Gigi out of jail.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victor and Nikki face their first court appearance, this one regarding their divorce. Nick goes to Victor one last time in an effort to be the peacemaker, of course his efforts fail; but he calls Nikki to tell her to give it a try. In an attempt Nikki tries but falls flat, Victor can’t help but to admit that she came close though. However, Victor does not hesitate to add that he is still going to strip her of everything. Jack manages to whisk Sharon away on a romantic trip to the Bahamas.

Crimson Lights is all abuzz about the Faces of Jabot contests ending and the announcement of the finalists. Cane thinks Lily is a shoe in and vows to be there whether the results are in her favor or not. Amber on the other hand is worried about Marina making the cut and enlists Daniel to help with her less than perfect plan. The finalists are announced and lo and behold one of them is the beautiful Lily Winters; Cane gladly takes the opportunity to embrace her. Then the next is none other than Marina Dryden, Amber lets out a yelp which causes suspicion and a suggestion from Cane that he call and let her know the good news on his phone.. Amber declines, of course, and walks away with Daniel. Neil gives Lily flack about entering the Faces of Jabot contests and dating Cane.

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