The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 1/16/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Josh pays a visit to Ryan and they discuss the Cambias fortune and how that Ryan is going to give most of it away. Happy that the PI has left town, Colby and Dre agree to go for a burger. J.R. runs into with Sean at a local restaurant. The women of Fusion plan a celebration for Kendall and Greenlee arriving back at work. They all propose a toast to Greenlee and Kendall. Aidan goes to the house in the woods to pick up his things and is visited by Quentin, who is sick from an unknown disease. Aidan calls Julia to help, but Quentin refuses her help. Aidan knocks Quentin in the head and takes him to PVH. J.R. blasts Sean for his treatment of Colby. Sean lets Colby know that he slept with Hannah. Richie pays a visit to Ryan. Ryan lets Richie know that no way ever is Annie being a bone marrow for Richie .Ryan does agree to help Richie find a donor and he will even pay Richie’s medical expenses. Babe tries to get Annie to help Richie, but Annie flatly refuses. Kendall pays a visit to Ryan. Ryan grabs her and kisses her. Greenlee finds Kendall’s journal and begins to read it.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Gwen hesitates to leave Hallie home with a babysitter. Barbara meets with her doctor again to go over her treatment plan for her oral cancer and he again urges her to talk with her sons. Emily tells Chris and Evan that Dusty promised that the truth would come out that night. Lily learns of Emily’s past as a prostitute and that Dusty knew all along. Evan promises to keep Dusty away because they are all far too invested. Emily worries about what Dusty has on Chris, as he wonders if Dusty is getting to her. She promises that she is only worried about him. Chris gives Emily a gift in a small jewelry box. Lucinda chides Dusty about the way he dropped Lily and then learns he is attending the hospital party. Will and Gwen await their babysitter so they can go to class. Barbara comes by instead and shares with them bad news… instead of telling them about her diagnosis, she tells them about Paul losing his baby. Will takes something Barbara said the wrong way and assumes she is there to manipulate the situation to her advantage, but Gwen doesn’t think so. Once Will leaves the room, she tells Barbara to give Will time because he will forgive her eventually. Barbara breaks down when alone. Chris gives Emily earrings to go with the necklace and tells her that he loves her. Emily can’t say it back and when they start to make love, she thinks of Dusty. Lily pops some pills and goes to see Chris. Dusty stops her, but they have it out. Dusty threatens that they won’t be friends again if she purposely hurts Emily to get back at him. Lily doesn’t care; they stopped being friends when he took her to bed and dumped her. Dusty wonders what she is on? Lily almost passes out, so Dusty takes her upstairs. She is even angrier when she thinks Dusty wants to keep her there so she won’t hurt his Emily. Gwen’s babysitter cancels and Gwen can’t find someone to replace her. Chris receives an anonymous note under his door. Chris tells Emily the note said Emily was a ‘Whore who would sleep with anyone who paid her,” as Lily is outside listening. Emily admits to it, as Chris does not take it well and flies off the handle and stomps off to the party without her. Emily thinks she knows who did this to her. Lisa tells Sofie that Barbara paid for her room. Emily grabs Dusty and demands to know why he would do this to her? Does he hate her that much? Lily is pleased with herself, as she attends the party and sees an upset and distracted Chris. Dusty calls out Chris to Emily on his reaction to the news. Emily is sure that Chris was just in shock, but Dusty thinks that he doesn’t love her like he does. Sofie rips up the check and tells Barbara that she will never forgive her. Lisa and Barbara talk, as Lisa admits that she is worried about how she has been sounding recently. Barbara almost shares her diagnosis, but at the last minute changes her mind and tells her that she needs some dental work redone. Sofie goes to see Gwen to have her and Will talk to Barbara, but Gwen is preoccupied with finding a babysitter. Lily is pleased with herself when Chris is trying to find Emily. Lily admits to Lucinda that when you want something done right, you have to take matters into your own hands. Sofie offers to look after Hallie while Gwen goes to the lecture. Lily takes more pills and washes it down with champagne. Dusty is adamant that Emily doesn’t love Chris because she couldn’t have made love to him on New Years like she did if she loved Chris, as they both realize Chris has come into the room and has heard this last statement.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Early morning in the bed with Ridge, Brooke can’t sleep and is thinking of her conversation the day before with Taylor about Jack’s circumstances being a disaster. Ridge advises her to stay out of things, just let Nick and Taylor handle it. But she can’t just sit back and do nothing, she needs to talk to Taylor one more time. Nick begs his mother to let this rest, but she can’t. It’s his duty to be responsible for Jack, and she orders him to go to Brooke, his real mother, before it is too late. Jackie barges into Brooke’s and says she knows everything and insists they need to talk about Jack. She’s surprised when she doesn’t find an ally, but rather that Brooke defends Taylor by saying she will be all right. She is with Nick now and Brooke is with Ridge, they have both moved on. She won’t admit to any feelings she has for Nick. Ridge confides a little in Ashley at work. He’s not sure Nick and Taylor’s marriage will survive this. She advises that logic has nothing to do with a mother’s love, it’s emotional. Ridge admits this has not been smooth, but he’s not going to let this affect his relationship with Brooke. Part of Ashley can’t help but hope it will. Taylor wakes to a better mood and apologizes to Nick for her temperamental ways the last little while and promises to be better. She thanks him for believing in her and asks him to make love with her.

Fine isn’t good enough for Jackie and she can’t believe Ridge will be Brooke’s partner again. She wants to honor Brooke again as her daughter-in-law. She insists that Brooke is Nick’s passion, his love and she sings his praises. And it is all so perfect, now they have the baby they both wanted. Taylor is not his real mother. Right from the bed of love, when Taylor goes to make coffee, Nick calls Brooke to give her an update on Taylor and Jack. Brooke repeats to him that she sincerely hopes Taylor will be okay and can be a mother to Jack, but if she can’t, Brooke does not intend to stand by and do nothing. Taylor pours some liquor in her coffee and starts to take a sip.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle refuses Crystal’s request to sedate Claire for the trip. Bo watches as Rob meets with his boat contact and then confronts him. Belle tricks Crystal into giving her coffee and then throws the hot coffee in Crystal’s face. Belle runs to the docks with Claire but Rob pulls Claire out of her arms to use as a human shield. Belle tries to stop Shawn from struggling with Rob and gets knocked into the water. Philip saves her from the water but Belle battles with cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital. Philip takes Bo’s advice and lets Shawn be the one to tell Belle that Rob ran off with Claire.

John is angry that Marlena brought him to the hospital. John argues with Marlena about helping him escape the restraints. Marlena impresses John when she overrides a nurse’s orders to sedate John when he causes a commotion. Marlena tries to remind John of the love they shared.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny and Kate share memories of their first date at a fancy restaurant. While Patrick and Robin plot how to force treatment on him, Nikolas shares quiet moments with "Emily," who believes she should leave him because she's holding him back. Hoping to get some blood while Nikolas is in a rage, Patrick provokes him, but Nikolas escapes and runs into the hostage situation, endangering everyone as Jason nears a peaceful solution. Lulu continues to be angry. The Jackal, Logan, and Johnny plan a rescue for her after Spinelli discovers her location. Upon learning that Ric owns Lorenzo's waterfront properties, Trevor pushes to make a deal, but Ric refuses. Rival mobsters interrupt a romantic evening for Sonny and Kate. Lucky gets to Liz and tells her he can help her escape, but she won't without Jake.

GL Recap Written by Beth

The phone is ringing at Harley's. She is skeptical about answering. It is Mallet. Harley is acting weird. Seems Harley is having a dream. In this dream she and Mallet are partners. Frank is not chief of police. They argue about their past marriage. Out of the corner of her eye she sees a figure. She winds up somewhere where Dylan shows up. He is going on about Daisy and cute dimples. Harley reminds him he wasn't there when she was born. She then runs into Gus. She sees he is getting ready for his wedding to Natalia. They get into a fight about their marriage. Harley runs into Blake. Blake gives Harley advice when she says something about not living. Later Cyrus finds Harley, who is dazed and out of it. All the talks she has had after the cop has been a dream. Cyrus takes her to a doctor. Not at Cedars. The doctor writes a prescription. Later they are outside (really outside). They are talking about what had happened. Harley tries to stop Cyrus from telling her he loves her. They kiss. Then they go to a motel and make love. Harley then starts to panic. She is not sure she wants this. Then they both in unison say this feels right. Dylan, Buzz and Frank are now in her dream. She finally yells. Then back outside she is arguing with a female police officer. She gets into her car. It starts up. She is happy. She thanks the female cop. Harley finds Blake again and thanks her. Harley calls Cyrus and gets his answering machine. She then goes to see him. Marina is there. Marina says they have news, they are engaged. They called immigration and they said go for it. Harley hugs Marina and congratulates her. Marina wants Harley to join them in a meal. Harley says she doesn't want to be a third wheel.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Langston and Markko arrive for their group session Viki comes into work to let Moe know that she has to say good-bye. Marcie is thrown into a jail cell with Gigi. Antonio comes to visit Cristian at the diner and they discuss Cristian’s date with Sarah. Michael becomes anxious at the police for them questioning Marcie for such a long time. Natalie and Jessica pay a visit to the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas. Both Langston and Markko lash out in the therapy session.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Another day in Genoa City and once again it revolves around Victor Newman and his self-destruction. As he continues to alienate everyone close to him (and not) with his demands; he becomes more susceptible to failing and Kay informs him of this. Nick takes his belongings and decides that now he will focus solely on his own family; while Nikki tries to talk some sense into Victor, after being served with the counter suit. Kay vows to help Nikki get back on her feet after her visit with Victor; which she states was pointless.

Michael wants Heather to drop the case and Heather tells Michael to kick rocks because that’s not going to happen. Jana gets released from prison and is given a “Goth Homecoming Party” at Crimson Lights; it overwhelms her tremendously and so does her new found freedom.

Amber brings up the Faces of Jabot contests informing them (Colleen, Daniel and Adrian) that it has been narrowed down to eight finalists and boy is she curious to know who they are. Lastly, along with Victor’s self-destruction is his adamant belief that he’s being framed by Jack. Michael tries to tell him that it will be hard to prove that and Victor states if he's not capable of doing this he will hire a more equipped lawyer who can.

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