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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Miller's Falls, Greenlee lets Aidan know that this is where Leo had died and how for years that she had blamed herself for his death. Greenlee knows that Zach will blame himself for Hannah’s death. At home, Kendall tries to get Zach to talk to her, but he refuses to talk to her about Hannah’s death. Tad is busy on the computer, planning a honeymoon for himself and Krystal when Krystal walks in. Tad quickly closes the laptop. Krystal demands to know what Tad is hiding from her, but Tad refuses to tell her. Krystal keeps pressuring Tad until he gives in and tells her that he was planning them a honeymoon. At the Yacht Club, Adam cons Colby into helping him plan a wedding reception for Tad and Krystal. Colby is hesitant, at first, to help him, but gives in. Erica visit’s a spa for a complete makeover. Erica meets a mysterious man named Marshall, who asks her out on a date. Julia and Jack enjoy a night out on the town. Julia lets him know of a plan that she has for opening a clinic at Wild Wind. Jack is all for the idea and offers is help. Zach and Kendall make love. After some coaxing from Greenlee, she and Aidan make love.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Its broken hearts all over Oakdale today as Meg asks for a divorce from Craig and Paul asks Rosanna for a divorce Craig is resigned to let Meg go although it hurts very much but Rosanna is determined not to give up Paul without a good fight. Paul asks Meg to forgive him for the accident that cause the miscarriage but although Meg loves Paul and he loves her, Meg decides to let Paul go because sometimes love isn't enough. Dusty rejects Lily telling her he doesn't want to be a stand in for Holden and she shouldn't want to be a stand in for Emily. Lily goes to Yo's to get drugs and runs into Krista, one of Cherie's girls, who tells her Emily was once a prostitute so Lily decides to get revenge on Emily for taking Dusty from her how will she take her revenge tune in tomorrow to find out. Chris prepares for his big party to announce Evan's research project but Dusty warns Chris that he should enjoy his success while he can because the whole truth about what happened to Bob will come out at the party tonight.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor has crumpled on the floor at Insomnia. When she comes to, she asks Brooke not to make a big deal out of this. Brooke wants to call a doctor, but when Taylor nixes that, Brooke takes her home straight to Nick. Meanwhile Jackie is hounding Nick about several what ifs? about Taylor. Brooke and Taylor walk in and almost set off another scene when Jackie suggests they at least call Bridget to look at Taylor. Brooke tells Nick that Taylor is emotionally unstable right now. She is worried, and he should be too. Taylor crawls in bed and dismisses talking further with Nick. Meddling Jackie takes another opportunity to discuss Taylor’s delicate condition. Is Nick willing to take that chance of Taylor taking care of his son? She wonders if he doesn’t need his own mother, perhaps he needs Brooke? Brooke returns home to find Ridge pouring wine for their celebration - his mother remembering the shooting and the new-found freedom of her father.

Ridge doesn’t like Brooke wanting to spoil the romantic mood, but she insists on telling him about Taylor at Insomnia and that she thinks Taylor is losing it. She doesn’t think Taylor will ever accept her as Jack’s biological mother. She can’t say it strongly enough, she’s really worried about this. Ridge tells Brooke they have put things on hold long enough, he wants to talk about their wedding. Jackie tells Nick now is not the time to be righteous, but to be selfish. He must think of himself and Brooke. What kind of life is it going to be for Taylor to hold the child that was borne by the woman that she loathes. She begs him to go after Brooke now before Ridge gets her again.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chloe is taken aback when Shawn mentions having to check with Belle first before taking Claire and Chloe out ice-skating. Philip calls Sami with the news of Belle’s kidnapping and Sami reprimands him for not bothering to call Shawn. Crystal tells Belle that they are protecting her and Claire from Stefano and that she’s now with family. The cops spot the van heading toward the docks and Shawn allows Philip to head to the docks with him.

Stefano denies knowing where John is until Marlena brings John upstairs. Marlena learns that John doesn’t remember her but he is willing to trust her because she promises to let him leave the mansion. Stefano acts like he should be considered a hero for saving John. John tries to attack Stefano but Rolf injects John with a sedative. Bo and Roman arrest Stefano and Rolf. Stephanie thanks Max for his support with a kiss. Chelsea tells Stephanie that she wants to tell the truth about Ford but Stephanie tries to talk her out of it. Mr. Decker shows up to confront Stephanie and Chelsea and in the heated arguing, Stephanie blurts out that Ford raped her too. Stephanie walks out when Chelsea decides to call all the other girls to come over and discuss telling the truth.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam convinces Joe to let Liz bring in Jake. When Jason gets to the scene, he finds himself helpless to do anything for those he loves and Monica there and still hostile towards him. Patrick's overprotectiveness irks Robin; she confides in him that she has chosen a sperm donor. Scotty pulls Lucky in to help with the hostage crisis and adds that Mayor Floyd is among the prisoners, so things should be kept quiet. As they return from their road trip, Diane and Alexis are now friends. Ric is unimpressed; he needs to talk to Alexis about Skye's parting gift to him. He tells her he is leaving town and she is to take over his job. At the risk of imprisonment, Sonny goes to see Kate. When a cop almost catches him, Kate's gay assistant comes to the rescue, pretending to be Kate's guest, allowing Sonny to keep hidden. Joes uses Monica as a shield against Jason attacking him. He also sets the bomb so that if he moves is finger off the pressure, they all blow up.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan asks Rafe for a favor. Has to do with his trust fund. Olivia walks in on Natalia making wedding plans with a wedding planner. Olivia says they can't use the ballroom. Gus and Harley run into each other at company. Harley tells Gus about Philip. Gus doesn't like Harley's relationship with Cyrus. Cyrus is at the Police station driving Marina crazy, in a nice way. Alan gives Rafe a card. Alan tells him to keep that appointment. Natalia and Olivia get into it until Gus stops by and stops it. Olivia tell Gus the reason that she doesn't want to give them the ballroom is that it has a leaky roof. After Olivia leaves, Natalia says all that is bull. Natalia says Olivia wants Gus. Then she springs one on Gus, the wedding is off. Alan has a meeting with Olivia. When he offers to help her with Emma. Olivia say no. Remy meets with Marina. He tries to give her advice. Cyrus comes back and sees the mood she is in. Cyrus tries to cheer her up. Saying he cares about people she cares about because he cares about her. Remy then goes to Harley. He tells her he knows where Alan is and he'll give her anything to track him down. It seems Philip hired Remy to do a job then disappeared again. He tells her that Philip was in NY. He is not sure now, but it is a start. When Cyrus leaves Marina, her phone rings. It's Remy. He tells her he is on his way over. Then Cyrus comes back, he finds Marina looking for something. They find it. She kisses him and he leaves. Marina breathes a sigh of relief. Olivia and Alan are still talking about Gus, when Gus and Natalia show up. They have news, since Olivia won't give them the ballroom, they are eloping. Olivia doesn't look happy. Alan says it seems rather sudden. Rafe is pleased. Alan brings Gus aside and tells him he is rushing it. Gus thanks Olivia for the wedding planner. Olivia hugs Gus and congratulates him. Then Olivia leaves. Gus then tells Alan they are all moving out of the Spaulding Mansion. Remy tells Marina his plan to get Harley to go to NY worked. Marina says no. Remy says now she doesn't have to feel guilty. Harley goes to a cop friend. Seems he'll check out Remy's info on Philip for her. Then Harley runs into Cyrus. Cyrus asks Harley if their meeting like this is uncomfortable for her. She says no. She tells him about Phillip. Alan sees Rafe after the elopement announcement. Rafe tells Alan he saw him with Olivia not more than a half hour before the announcement. Rafe says that any plans that Alan has for his parents he wants out of it. Natalia apologizes to Gus about her earlier eruption. Ava sees her mom crying. Ava says Olivia has a doctor's appointment and why isn't she there. Olivia tells Ava about Gus and Natalia. Ava helps Olivia in a way. She tells her mom she looks like hell. At first Olivia scolds Ava for saying this then gets it. Ava wants Olivia to make up a reason to get Gus over to be with her. Olivia thanks Ava for the advice. Then Ava reminds Olivia of her doctor's appointment. Olivia kisses Ava and runs out the door.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Sarah comes to visit Cristian at the Angel Square diner. She apologizes to him for breaking their date the night before. Sarah lets him know about what had been going on with Viki. Talia and Antonio come into work. They share some intimate moments. Bo comes into work and Talia lets him know that she had changed her mind about transferring to Cherry Vale. Bo lets her know that it is out of his hands and she is to report to work in Cherry Vale. Nora knocks on Cole’s door and doesn’t get an answer. She opens the door and goes on and falls flat of her face over something on the floor. Langston comes downstairs in a very provocative outfit, but when Dorian sees her, Dorian makes the necessary changes to her outfit. Cole comes to visit Langston. Addie awakens Charlie from a sound sleep so he can teach her out to ride. Dorian is completely beside herself when she finds out everything that Addie had done in Charlie’s bed. Nora, Bo, and R.J. all appear in court for Lindsay’s custody hearing. The judge awards custody of Lindsay to Bo.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victor’s madness is spiraling out of control; he’s on the brink of a breakdown that’s worthy of Britney Spears. In this madness he vows to strip Nikki of everything as he prepares to serve her with a countersuit. He also fires Nick; Nick exhausted from the fighting says good riddance and lets Nikki know that Victor isn’t through with her.

Jack becomes jealous and questionable of Sharon’s devotion as he becomes aware that Brad has followed Sharon to Chicago. Sharon tells Brad that their friendship is over and calls Jack to also inform him of this. Nikki and David plan their future deciding that selling NVP back to Victor would be a good way to start over. Neil is spent after a long day of dealing with Victor’s anger and madness; he and Karen arrive at the apartment only to find that they have interrupted Cane and Lily from “studying”. Neil takes this opportunity to let Cane know that their “physical relationship” will not be tolerated in his home. Lily realizes and relays this to Neil, that her transformation into womanhood means she needs to move out and get a place of her own; so she can study with whomever she wants.

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