The TV MegaSite's Monday 1/14/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach with the help of Aidan try to pull Hannah back up from off the cliff. Richie visits Babe only to find J.R. answer the door, wearing only a towel. J.R. tries to get rid of Richie, but Babe insists on talking to him a few minutes. Erica and Jack are still locked in the closet where Kendall and Greenlee had left them. Hannah tells Zach good-bye as she lets go of his hand and falls to her death. Greenlee tries to comfort Zach by telling him that this wasn’t his fault. Kendall lets Aidan know that Greenlee had told her that things were different between Greenlee and Aidan since the accident. Jack and Erica relive some moments when they had been locked up together before. Jack’s cell phone rings. The call is from Julia. Jack tells Julia to come over to Kendall’s immediately that he has been locked in a closet. When Julia arrives, she is surprised to find Erica in the closet with Jack. Erica throws some very insulting remarks toward Julia. Babe lets Richie know that there is nothing between them but friendship and the same goes for J.R.. Annie comes downstairs and finds Ryan out on the balcony, wearing only his shorts. They make love on the patio in the snow. Ryan lets Annie know that he is giving away millions of the Cambias fortune. Derek and other police officers arrive to investigate Hannah falling off the cliff.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly is distraught to find out they have been robbed. Sam is leery of involving Jack because he is afraid Jack will use this against her, but Carly calls Jack. Rosanna calls Barbara trying to find Paul, but winds up with an earful and a veiled threat. Meg is devastated with her loss. Paul tries to see Meg and Craig tries to stop him. Holden orders both of them out and calls security, as they continue to fight. Barbara whisks Paul away to talk, as he tells her that it is his fault that Meg lost the baby. Craig comes to see Meg and she talks with him, as he pleads with her to take him back so they can start over. He was willing to raise Paul’s baby because he loves her that much, but Meg won’t hear it; she knows he is happy that things turned out this way. She will never forgive him and they are through. Barbara thinks Craig should pay for trying to cause Meg to have a miscarriage, as Paul has a revelation. Parker has a daydream that Carly thanks him for protecting her, and that she will never doubt him again and Jack thinks he should move back in. Jack wonders if Sam is involved, as he and Sam disagree. Carly defends Sam, as Jack promises to look into this. Sam finds the flower he used in the magic trick with Sage in the box where the money disappeared from and knows who set him up, as he gently tells Carly. Carly goes to see Parker, who denies it, but then he is caught red handed. Parker and Carly have it out, as he defends what he did, and Carly is upset that he is acting out this way towards, as she sees it, an innocent man. Jack interrupts and Carly shares her information. Paul orders Margo to arrest Craig on attempted murder charges after he explains what he did. Margo goes to question Craig. Paul comes home and tells Rosanna what happened. She acts empathetic, but Paul doesn’t believe her. He thinks she is pathological and cruel. Rosanna begs him to give them another chance, but Paul will never forgive her. Rosanna reminds him of his crimes, but he thinks they are toxic for each other. Craig defends his actions to Margo. He reminds her that he stopped before hurting Meg’s baby. Margo’s illusions of Craig are shattered again, as she realizes who he is - again. She is going to talk with Meg and if she wants to press charges then she will let her. Sam and Cowboy Jack have a talk about Parker becoming a nuisance. Margo asks Meg if she wants to press charges, as Holden suggests she should so Craig will be stopped. Jack and Carly are worried about Parker and wonder if he should get professional help again? Jack gently explains how Carly’s actions have molded his behavior. Parker and Sam have a talk, as Sam suggests he stop trying to set him up. Parker wonders if it is a threat? No, but he can’t be held liable for Cowboy Jack. Jack thinks Parker should stay with him full time because of Sam, but Carly puts Parker first and tells Jack that she will ask Sam to move out, to Jack’s happiness. Carly explains her situation to Sam and asks him to find another place to live for Parker’s sake. Sam takes it well it seems, as he understands that family comes first; he will stay at the bar. Carly thanks him for understanding. Paul explains to Rosanna that he is tired of pretending; he has never stopped loving Meg. Rosanna thinks he is being cruel, but Paul explains that there is nothing left for them except a divorce. Margo tells Craig that Meg won’t be pressing charges, as he dodged another bullet. Craig thinks that means she doesn’t hate him, but Margo explains that she just doesn’t want to relive what he did to her in court. Meg bonds with Ethan, as she talks about her son.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor seethes as she watches Brooke and Nick lock heads at Insomnia and confide in each other. Nick thanks Brooke, but says Jack is just fine when Brooke suggests that Taylor may need professional help. At home, Nick admits to his mother about the egg mix-up and she is shocked that Brooke is the biological mother. Taylor corners Brooke at Insomnia and sarcastically suggests a little girl talk since she knows Brooke has so much free time on her hands. She saw her just talking to her husband. Taylor goes ballistic and asks Brooke who in the hell does she think she is? And what part of ‘stay away from my husband’ doesn’t she understand? Brooke tries to explain that they are concerned about her, and she is not going to be part of any problem. Taylor tells her she wants to puke and just wants Brooke to just go away.

Jackie thinks it is a miracle that Nick has the one thing he wants, a child with Brooke. He won’t hear of it, she is just the donor mother. He and Taylor will be raising the child, Brooke will have nothing to do with that. Taylor mocks Brooke and calls Jack a disaster when Brooke says he is a miracle. She’ll be sure to send Brooke a card that says thanks for carrying her baby. She admits she knows she is getting emotional, and that does scare her, but she is trying to get past that and move on. Taylor keeps going back to Bridget by making her the orchestra for this. Brooke tells her that she is paranoid. She just needs to love Jack and be his mother. Can she be the person they have all admired? Taylor starts hyperventilating and doubling over in panic, not able to talk and crumples to the floor. Brooke calls for help.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena has to plead with EJ to get him to reveal that John is alive and being held in Rolf’s lab. EJ agrees to sign a formal statement but refuses to accompany Bo, Hope, Roman, and Marlena as they search the mansion. EJ and Sami spend the evening talking about how EJ’s opinion of Stefano has changed over the years. Bo has Hope and Marlena sneak down to the lab while he and Roman serve Stefano with the search warrant. Marlena and Hope find John in the lab and Hope heads back upstairs to get Bo while Marlena greets John.

Belle asks Philip to help her fix her marriage with Shawn. Belle is on the phone with Philip when Rob and Crystal shoot the cop with rubber bullets and kidnap her and Claire.

Billie confronts Chelsea and Nick after the cops find Ford’s contact lens in the basement. Nick decides to help Chelsea for the moment and stick to the agreed upon story. Billie can tell that they are lying. Once alone, Nick urges Chelsea to tell the truth by threatening to leave her if she doesn’t.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Logan and Johnny try to find Lulu, who is not happy with the monks keeping her imprisoned. Tracy fumes because Luke has run off again. Joe holds the ER hostage with a bomb while the doctors, nurses, his wife, and Sam plead for him to give himself up. Dr. Ford refuses to let Patrick treat the sick woman. Jason is in the hospital, visiting Anthony as this goes on. Zacchara denies killing Emily. Trevor tries to deal with the new mob boss, who he does not know is Jerry with a French accent. Liz saves her baby, but both need to be treated at the hospital, where Sam urges them to leave before they come in.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina makes a call to someone. Rafe visits Daisy while she is babysitting. Jeffrey says there is enough on the tape to accuse Will of the Edmund's fall. Will wants out. Cassie says she is going to be tough on Will. She says she is going to get something for the fire and leaves. Alone Will goes to a knapsack gets Cassie's cellphone and goes outside, drops it and comes back in the house, sits back in the chair and smiles. Daisy is at the door when Josh comes home. She is kissing Rafe. Josh asks her where Cassie is. She tells him she doesn't know. Back where Cassie and Will are, the leaves are showing where the cellphone lies. Cassie asks Will if Edmund threatened him. She then asks about her. If he is mad at her. Will says he isn't angry at her. Then he tries to take off. Cassie catches him saying he's brave. She takes him to the mirror and ask him again why he hates her. Then they hug. While holding him on her lap, Will says he is sorry for his outburst. Cassie goes to her purse. She can't find her cellphone. Harley and Mallet have a talk at Company. They get into an argument then start again with "How are ya." Josh and Jeffrey get to the cabin with no one around when they arrive, just a pair of gloves. Mallet says to Harley he approves of Cyrus and Marina's relationship. She gets up in a huff and walks out. Meanwhile Marina and Cyrus are having a romantic time. When there is a knock at the door. It is Mallet. Jeffrey says he's going to make a call to the state troopers just as Cassie and Will return. Will goes upstairs. Cassie say Will has had a breakthrough. She continues to say he told her everything. From Alonzo's fall, Edmund's fall, everything. Jeffrey says they have to take Will back to Springfield PD. Marina refuses to open her door, so Mallet brakes in and catches Marina and Cyrus. He kids with them about her being handcuffed. Mallet says he is happy for them. Cyrus tells Mallet why Harley is acting so strange. Cyrus brings up Phillip's name. Mallet then figures out why she has been acting so strange. Cassie says instead of arresting Will, arrest her. She is the one that brought Edmund back into their lives. She continues to tell them about the breakthrough. Jeffrey still wants to bring him in. Josh says wait a minute here. As a family they might be able to help Will. Jeffrey agrees to only one night. In the morning he is coming back, and if things haven't changed he is bringing in Will. Cyrus runs into Harley. Josh takes Cassie to bed. When Will comes downstairs, Josh sees him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

With the help of Michael, Marcie gives herself up and surrenders Tommy to Todd. Marcie is immediately arrested. Natalie catches Jared kissing Jessica. Nora and Clint share some intimate time together. Jared walks in and interrupts them. Clint and Nora try to figure out just what exactly that Nash was interrupting. Adriana lashes out at Rex for Gigi lying to him about befriending Marcie and helping her to keep Tommy hid. Natalie argues with Jared over his kissing Jessica. Jessica and Nash argue over Jared’s interference in their lives. Michael promises Marcie that he will be by her side no matter what happens. Marcie makes a request of John that he get Tommy’s blanket and give to Todd and Blair for Tommy (Sam).

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Reed is getting healthier and the Newman clan and JT are ecstatic and just waiting for a miracle for Victoria. Victor tells David he better step off and tell Nikki to pay her debt; when Nikki confronts him he tells her the same and reminds her if she drops David all will be forgiven. David overhears this and suggests Nikki drop him but she declines. At Crimson Lights Amber is working, while Daniel searches for jobs online. Kay, Jill and Cane come in and Amber eavesdrops while they discuss the Faces of Jabot contest. Jill and Kay asks Cane how he’s settling into his new position and Cane says he found his office, but promises he won’t let them down.

Sharon is on her way to Chicago and Jack is in GC being haunted by John’s ghost. Colleen tries to tell Brad to back off of Sharon but her advice falls on deaf ears. The Chancellor clan discuss going on a trip to the Outback, as they prepare to leave Crimson Lights. Kay loses her footing as she stands up, causing Jill and Cane to become concerned. Heather is hounded by her boss to nail Victor’s behind; the pressure is on and mounting on her. Her run in with Victor at the AC doesn’t help any either as he warns her that trying this case is like committing “career suicide” so she shouldn’t do it, because she won’t win. Amber thinking she’s slick is overheard by Cane asking Kevin to find out where Marina stands in the FOJ contests. Cane is on to Amber and probes for information asking if she’s BFFs with Marina. Nikki agrees to marry David... Colleen goes to Jack and tells him about Brad following Sharon. Brad shows up at Sharon’s hotel room.

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