The TV MegaSite's Friday 1/11/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach meets with Hannah at the Falls outside of the city. Aidan soon join them at the falls, but he doesn’t let his presence be known to Hannah. J.R. asks Babe for another chance between himself and Babe. After much persuasion, Babe agrees to give them another shot, but only as friends. Ryan readies to go home from the hospital. Jack tries to calm Kendall and Greenlee. Sean arrives and Jack takes Sean outside to talk to him. Once outside, Jack questions him as to what he was thinking sleeping with Hannah Nichols. Richie meets with two psychiatrists at the hospital. Zach tries his best to talk Hannah down from killing them both. Aidan watches with fearful anticipation. Erica follows Jack and Sean outside and soon finds out that Sean had slept with Hannah. Greenlee confesses to Kendall that ever since she was found that Aidan treats her differently. Kendall tries to soothe her worried mind. Kendall and Greenlee follow Erica, Jack, and Sean outside. Kendall and Greenlee find out that Zach and Aidan were at the falls, meeting with Hannah. Greenlee and Kendall want to go to their rescue, but Jack and Erica try to talk them out of going. Greenlee and Kendall pretend as though they are going along with Jack and Erica, but they soon push Jack and Erica into the closet and leave. Zach finally manages to get through to Hannah. They hug. Greenlee and Kendall arrive. Hannah starts to fall over the falls. Richie finds out from the psychiatrists that Dr. Chambers had been killed. Outside in the hall, Richie calls his buddy in prison, who had stabbed Dr. Chambers. Richie goes to visit Babe and finds J.R. there, dressed only in a towel.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Tom gives Margo the news that Casey will soon have a hearing and if things work out he may get early release. Margo is happy about the news but admits to Tom that she is scared about Casey coming home. Parker notices Sam talking to Cowboy Jack about Carly and tries to warn him that Sam is strange but Carly thinks Sam is a harmless lonely man. Parker takes money out of the cash register at Metro and puts it with Sam's things so that Jack and Carly will think Sam stole the money. Paul confronts Craig about trying to kill the baby but the Meg tries to break up their fight and ends up losing the baby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephen prepares to leave and he tells his family that he is going to take Storm out of the country and get him help. Stephanie calls Donna again and badgers her if she has left Eric yet? And if not, do so or her brother will end up in jail faster than her head can spin. Stephen is still skeptical if Stephanie will carry through with her plans about Storm. Donna says she needs a little more time, but she is going to leave Eric so Stephanie will have no reason not to carry on with Plan 1. They rally around her with support. Bridget drops in on Stephanie and wonders if it is wise that Stephanie go to Chicago to see her ailing mother. She is shocked and asks why Stephanie would change her mind about her grandfather shooting her.

Donna has flashbacks from last night when she told Eric she is a sex addict and yet he still won’t let her break off with him. He wants to go with her and seek help. Stephanie breaks Donna’s solace and hounds her again that there is nowhere her brother can run off to that he can hide from her or the police. So break it off with Eric now! She laughs at the sex addiction excuse, but tells her she is leaving town and she does not care how she does it, but leave Eric or her brother will spend the next ten years in prison. Nick asks Taylor to go to Insomnia for a light breakfast, but she declines. There he runs into Brooke who thinks their fate is intertwined. He blabs how Taylor has been acting weird and it’s over Brooke, the target of her anger. He hopes she will get past this, but he wants Brooke to stay away from her for a while. Brooke is worried about little Jack being alone with Taylor. He confides that he loves Taylor, but he wants her to love their son as much as he does. Brooke suggests that perhaps Taylor needs professional help. Just as Taylor walks in and seethes at seeing Brooke and Nick, he tells Brooke something innocent like seeing them together might set her off so they shouldn’t be seen together like this.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle is angry that Shawn let Chloe watch Claire and neither Shawn nor Belle like hearing that Philip is taking care of Chloe’s legal affairs. Chloe and Shawn grow closer while Belle argues with Philip about Chloe.

Crystal admits to Marlena that John is alive and being held by Stefano but Bo, Hope, and Roman are hesitant to act on this information. Nick confirms to Marlena that the ashes in the urn do not belong to John. EJ gets Stefano to agree to give back his money and furniture in exchange for his silence. Sami is against testifying that she drove Lucas to shoot EJ. Sami agrees to fight Stefano with EJ but then EJ changes his mind about using Sami’s help. Marlena asks EJ to help them get into the mansion but EJ at first denies knowing anything about John. Touched by Sami’s belief in his claim, EJ admits that John really is alive.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lucky talks to Liz and assures her he will continue the masquerade, then confronts Sam and is willing to continue with her, only if she does not endanger the boys. Carly receives no sympathy from anyone, but Jax does want to have some alone time with her. Kate prepares to move back to New York forever. Skye makes her good byes and Luke is not at all happy that Tracy intends to put him on a health regimen. An father decides to deal with the hospital's rejection of his wife due to lack of insurance with a gun.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley, Cyrus and Marina group together to get info on Philip. They think about asking Remy. Cassie now believes Josh in what he's been saying about Will. Jeffrey looks at pictures taken of Edmund's fall. Cassie now sees how her son really is when he comes into the room and brushes her off. Remy meets up with Marina. He feels it's a setup. Marina assures him it isn't. She tells Remy she feels Philip caused the explosion. Harley goes to Beth to ask about Philip. Harley tells Beth that Marina is the one responsible for the explosion. Beth can't believe it. Harley gets Beth to go in with them in finding Philip. Josh goes to see Jeffrey to talk about Will and the fall. Jeffrey tells Josh there will be a lot of publicity and talk. Josh tells Jeffrey what Will said to Cassie about there will be more accidents. Jeffrey says this changes everything. Back home Cassie is overseeing Will cutting pictures out of a magazine. RJ gets bored and wants to go out. Cassie says it is a good idea then changes her mind and suggest a game of checkers. Cassie tries to explain what is going on with Will to RJ. Jeffrey suggest professional help with Will. He says they don't need another Edmund on their hands. Jeffrey says he knows of some programs. It is better than juvenile hall. When Cassie finds out Josh has been talking to Jeffrey, she gets upset at Josh. Cassie says she doesn't know how to act around her own son. Beth tells Harley that she'll be the first to know when she (Beth) hears from Philip. When Harley calls a friend to ask if the kids could stay a while longer she finds out someone picked up Zach. She is frantic. Harley runs into Cyrus and tells him what she was told on the phone about her son. Zack calls to say he's at Marty's, another friend. She is not happy but gives him an hour and then its home. Harley asks Cyrus what he thinks of her. Mel runs into Jeffrey. Jeffrey tries to complement Mel on the dress. She asks him why he left her for less money. When Mel leaves Jeffrey calls his office for a DVD player. When he's told they don't have one. He orders the the person to get one. Jeffrey watching a screen calls Josh to get down to his office and not to tell Cassie. Josh makes something up and leaves. Harley is in a better mood when Cyrus brings her back to his place. Harley tells Cyrus she needs him to keep her sane. They kiss. Marina catches them. Josh sees the tape. Josh says it's hard to tell. Jeffrey says keep watching. Cassie takes Will to the cabin. While she tells Will that RJ is staying with a friend.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Marcie releases Viki as her hostage, but takes Michael instead. Todd rushes to Viki’s side as she walks out the café’ door. The Buchanan family are relieved that Viki had been released. A paramedic checks out Viki to see if she is alright after her ordeal. Viki assures Todd that she is fine, and so is Tommy. Langston can’t understand why if Viki is so wealthy that she is working as a waitress in a café’ in Texas. Natalie goes to call John. Michael is so relieved that Marcie and Tommy are fine. Marcie urges Michael to go with her and Tommy once John gets them a way out of here. Michael tells Marcie that this is the end of the road. Viki calls Natalie and Jessica to let them know that she is fine. Viki refuses to come home, by telling her family that she wants to stay with Todd until he gets his son back. Gigi confesses to Viki that she had known for awhile that Sally Ann was Marcie. Michael puts the engagement ring back on Marcie’s hand. Michael walks toward the door and reaches out his hand to Marcie to join him. Gigi is arrested for knowing who Marcie really was and for helping her.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo and Jeffrey are going to get hitched Vegas style, with the Elvis impersonator and all. Glo tells Kevin so he can have the perfect murder planned upon her arrival home. Lauren and Michael wheels are turning as they figure out away to get out of this mess.

The Free Jana crusade is on pretty strong but not necessary, Heather shares with Colleen that if she writes a letter on Jana’s behalf she’ll be free as a bird. Korbel is livid and causes a scene at Crimson Lights; Daniel runs to Heather’s rescue saving her from not only Korbel but also her family drama.

David is looking pretty suspicious considering his recent outburst in the Club that JT and Paul have been privy too. Nikki calls him on his meeting that JT informed her about and he pacifies her with some lame explanation. JT gets good news, Reed is being taken off the ventilator and now able to breathe on his own. Victor freezes Nikki’s assets.

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