The TV MegaSite's Thursday 1/10/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Babe asks J.R. why he had really come by the night before. J.R. lets her know that he was going to ask her out on a date. Babe has her reservations about dating J.R. and tells him so. J.R. tells her that he wants them to spend the day together with Little Adam-building a snowman and playing in the snow. Colby brings Andre some pillows and other things where he hides in the tunnels. Hannah calls Zach and asks him to meet her at the falls outside the city. Kendall and Aidan begin to argue once again. Erica interrupts them and wants to know what is going on between. Greenlee and Jack come back from the park. Greenlee faints. Joe Martin is called. Joe Martin recommends bed rest. Zach lets Aidan know that he is going to meet Hannah, but he must keep it from Kendall. Thanks to a phone call from Erica to Jack, Greenlee and Jack arrive to stay at Kendall’s during this crisis with Hannah. Sean awakens and finds that Hannah has a gun. Hannah leaves him to go meet Zach at the falls. Sean notices from the television that Hannah is wanted for attempted murder. Sean calls Jack and lets him know about Hannah. Jack alerts Aidan to the problem without alarming Kendall and Greenlee to the problem. Aidan leaves to help prevent Zach from killing Hannah and to keep Hannah from killing Zach.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly and Sam share an awkward moment. Katie accepts Brad’s apology because she is too preoccupied with her upcoming breakfast date with Joe. Brad is depressed as he watches them together. Meg tries to ignore Craig, but he calls the Farm, as she tries to blow him off. Craig apologizes for his past behavior. Holden catches Meg in a lie. Rosanna comes home to find a furious Paul, who tells her that he knows that she switched the DNA results. Paul breaks up with Rosanna, as she pleads with him to stay to no avail. Paul overhears Rosanna mumbling about wishing Craig had succeeded in killing his baby because then there would never have been this problem. Paul promises that Craig is a dead man. Meg explains to Holden what Craig tried to do to her, but she makes him promise not to tell Paul because she is worried what he would do to Craig. Sam seems to be increasingly interested in Carly. Brad wants to come up with a plan to get Katie back, but Henry doesn’t want to help because he thinks it is hopeless because he can’t make Katie love him. Meg tells Holden that she and Paul are heading out of town. Holden wonders if Paul and Craig aren’t one in the same with their thirst for revenge? He hopes that Paul never finds out what Craig tried to do because anything he may have promised her would go down the drain. Katie and Joe talk about relationships, past and present. They seem to be hitting it off and on the same page, but then Katie sees Brad telling her a joke instead of Joe. Rosanna tells Craig that Paul and Meg know the whole truth. Paul tells Barbara that he is going to be a father, but then admits his plan for Craig after learning what he tried to do to his baby. Barbara tries to talk him out of it and calm him down, but Paul will not be assuaged. Barbara tells him that she will stop Craig for him. No, Paul will finish this himself between he and Craig. Katie tells Joe that she doesn’t think she is ready to date him, and then calls an elated Brad to ask him to hang out and play video games. Craig goes to see Meg and tells her that he knows she is aware of what he tried to do; Meg unleashes her fury at him and tells him that she will never forgive him, as Craig promises that he will never lose her to Paul. Holden holds a shotgun on Craig.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Through tears, Donna hears Stephanie’s words echoing in her ears – end it! Eric senses her hesitancy and demands to know why. She tries to worm her way out by saying it is her, not him. She ruins all her relationships, she is afraid of commitment. Finally when he pushes more, she says she is a sex addict and she won’t hurt him like this by dragging him down into her sordid life. He needs to accept it; this relationship is over. He wants to get her help and work through this, but he won’t ever leave her. Lt. Baker doesn’t believe Stephanie’s revelation that she has had memory flashes and it wasn’t Stephen Logan as her shooter. But, despite all the physical evidence again him, Stephen is released just on Stephanie’s word. Stephanie calls to remind Brooke that she has kept her end of the bargain, now she wants Brooke to keep hers – make this happen or her brother will go to jail.

Donna’s admission doesn’t make Eric love her any less and he vows to stick with her despite her telling him that she is not worth it. He will accept nothing less than her being his wife. He will never walk away from her. Donna gets a phone call and she takes it outside away from Eric. It’s Stephanie putting pressure on her again to say she has told Eric and to make it clear, they have no future. She cries that she tried to tell him, but he’s in love with her and wouldn’t accept it. Stephanie reminds her that Stephen is free now and Donna has to send her husband home to her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip and Kate encourage Lucas to plead not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. Lucas is reluctant but chooses to go along with asking Sami to testify that she drove him to shoot EJ. Sami agrees to meet with the lawyers but doesn’t like having to take the blame. Stefano tries to repossess EJ’s furniture as retaliation for being kept from Johnny. EJ demands all of his property returned by threatening to report Stefano keeping John locked up to the cops. John demands answers about why he has to stay inside the mansion but Stefano won’t give any details.

Bo and Hope pose as homeless people so as not to be recognized. Hope uses her cell phone to snap a picture of Crystal’s accomplice to send to Belle for ID. When Crystal returns to the storefront, Hope and Bo identify themselves as cops and take Crystal in for questioning. Crystal won’t give them any answers. Roman urges Marlena to move on with her life but Marlena wants to hold on to the hope that John is still alive. Marlena asks Nick to test John’s ashes to confirm that it’s really him. Marlena rushes to the station to demand answers from Crystal about John.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly confronts Liz, announcing her plans to make sure Jason can be part of his son's life and Liz will not be. Jax talks to Kelly about hypothetically, how someone in Carly's situation might be able to hope for a baby. Nikolas, while waiting to see Patrick, discusses his lack of hope and fears of losing her with ghostly Emily. Spinelli stops at Mike's, but can't get the chicken soup he wants. Jerry arranges for Lulu to be held captive at an abbey, but Lulu manages to knock out the abbot, but is recaptured. Diane and Alexis bond about abandonment issues and their homicidal histories. Meanwhile, Jerry calls and uses the girl's disappearance to blackmail Johnny, resulting in him teaming up with Logan to find her. Nikolas rages at Nadine and Patrick until he collapses.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cyrus and Harley meet up at the burned Lewis Construction office. They both want to know why they are there. Frank gives Marina her gun and badge back. Buzz goes to see Bill and runs into Lillian and talks to her about the election and why he did what he did. He tells her he needs to get her flowers for putting up with her. She kids and says I like roses. They both giggle. Time runs out for Billy's pass and he has to go back to rehab. Lizzy says he should go back and she'll take care of Bill for him. Bill wakes up and startles Lizzie. Coop goes to see Frank and confess. Buzz visits Billy and they get into an argument. Buzz says Bill was blackmailing him about a recent project. Coop goes to Ava for money. He wants to help Ashlee but Ava says no. Marina shows up at Lewis construction. Seems Frank assigned her to the investigation. Philip's name is mentioned during Marina, Harley and Cyrus's conversation. Bill gets the bandages off his eyes. He's blind. Lizzie is shocked, worried and Lillian and Rick are worried. Ashlee is out of jail on bail. Harley calls Zack's school. Ashlee gets a warm welcome from Buzz. Buzz tells Ashlee and Coop about his confrontation with Billy about Bill. Ashlee and Coop can't believe it. Ashlee and Coops says they can't believe Buzz would set fire to a trailer let alone anything with someone inside. Billy talks Vanessa about his feelings about what happened to Bill. Vanessa says this is a blessing in disguise. Lizzie and Bill talk about what they will do when he gets out of the hospital. Lillian offers any help. Bill turns her down. Bill then asks Lizzie to leave. Cyrus wants Marina to get over the hold she has on Harley and get on with her life. Ashlee say she might have to go away if it helps Buzz. Coop says no. Coop continues to say, his dad didn't cause the explosion. They leave Company. Vanessa and Billy are still talking about Bill and how they still love him. Vanessa says she has to go, but will be right back. When Lizzie hears commotion in Bill's room she runs in to find Bill has dropped a cup. Bill asks her to help him leave the hospital. Harley goes to see Rick for medical advice. Lillian goes to Buzz to tell him about Bill. He seems upset. Bill goes to see his father with Lizzie's help. Billy says he'll get another doctor for a second opinion. Bill says no.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

When Jared comes downstairs, he finds the rest of the Buchanans and Nora huddled around the television set in the living room. He questions them as to who had died. Viki begs Marcie for her pills that are in her hotel room. Starr and Langston come downstairs to find Dorian in front of her television set. Dorian fills them as to what had been going on in Texas with Viki, Todd, Marcie, Tommy and Michael. Michael talks to Marcie through the door to persuade her to let him in to check on Viki. Michael persuades Marcie to let Viki leave and to take him as the hostage instead. Gigi is upset to see Ramsay outside of the diner. It is revealed through their conversation that Ramsay had once held her son hostage. Viki is released from the diner. Michael and Marcie spend some quality time with Tommy. Jared lets Natalie vent her anger at Viki on him. Dorian lets Starr and Langston know that Blair had gone to Texas to be with Todd.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo awakens in Jeffrey’s room with a hangover and realizes that he turned the tables on her by switching the drinks last night. Glo is furious, but Jeffrey doesn’t care, because he’s more concerned about when they're going to tie the knot. Valentine’s Day sounds pretty nice to him. She leaves informing him that she’ll check her schedule. Glo isn’t down with this marriage and wants to plan a way out of it. She mulls things over with Kevin and they concoct a plan. Jeffrey is trying to kill her for her money…oops she realizes she still has to marry him. Now though it will be much sooner than St. Valentine’s Day. Jeffrey asks Mikey to be his best man.

At CL Kevin is on a Free Jana crusade with Colleen's help. They proceed to hang posters up all over the coffee shop. When Michael and Lauren come in searching for Glo, Kevin lets them in on her plan. They tell him that it failed miserably and wish him good luck with his crusade.

Jack and Nick talk about Sharon and Victor’s innocence. Jack offers to be a friend to Nick during this difficult time. Nick appreciates this but misses Phyllis who’s back at work at NVP and on a business trip. Nick visits with Victoria. Jack speaks with Sharon about heading a foundation he wants to start honoring his father. She said she’ll give it some thought after the promo tour for the Beauty of Nature project for which she is preparing. Brad has set her itinerary, of course, with no “wishful thinking.” When Jack arrives at N.E., she shares this itinerary with him (in front of a jealous Brad) suggesting that maybe he accompany her. Jack thinks about it and decides NY and Miami might be a good place to join her.

An exhausted, overworked Heather joins Paul and Maggie at the Club after interviewing Jana. Just as she gets comfortable, an unexpected visitor shows up. April marches out angrily. April takes the opportunity to tell Paul I told you so.

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