The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 1/9/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Aidan comes to visit Kendall and Zach. Zach leaves Aidan with Kendall while he takes care of some business. Greenlee awakens with a scream which alerts Jack. Annie meets up with Richie out in the hall. Richie confesses that he had planned to frame her for his murder. Annie asks him to let her have the letter that he had started to give to her before. Richie finally agrees to let her have it. When Annie opens the letter, she finds that the letter is blank. Zach meets up with Adam at the Yacht Club and confronts him as to what Adam had been doing to him behind Zach’s back. Erica visits Ryan. They share a slow dance in Ryan’s hospital room. Julia comes in and interrupts them. Aidan and Kendall argue about their making love and how that Zach and Greenlee doesn’t know about it. Kendall orders Aidan to stay away from her. Erica walks in and overhears them arguing. Erica confronts them as to what is going on. Aidan and Kendall both argue as to what they were arguing about. After Aidan leaves, Erica questions Kendall as to what is really going on. Zach and Adam argue, as usual, over what Hannah and Adam had been doing to Zach and Kendall. Zach receives a phone call from Hannah, who tells him that she wants to see him.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad has changed his mind about making a baby with Katie, but it is too late because Katie has changed her mind as well; she was trying to have a baby for all the wrong reasons. She needs to move on without him. Will and Gwen bring Hallie for her appointment with Chris, and he puts the piece together that the woman he talked with the other day is Hallie’s birth mother. Sophie wonders to Aaron if she can stay in Oakdale? Jack goes to see Carly because Parker is failing two subjects. Sam and Parker cross paths, and Parker makes his opinion of him known. Carly is surprised when Jack suggests they talk with Parker together. Sam interrupts them and offers his help when he hears them talking about where Parker is, but Jack doesn’t react very well to his interference. Chris bumps into Sophie and apologizes for talking about her baby when he knows now she had to give it up, since Will is his cousin. Katie tells Brad that she has plans that night possibly with Mr. Right. Carly defends Sam and Jack backs down. Sam tells them where to find Parker, so they rush off to talk with him. Parker is annoyed Sam told them where he was. Parker is sarcastic with them so Carly gives him a heartfelt explanation as to why she doesn’t want him going down the path he is. Jack thinks she got through to him. Parker goes to see Sam to tell him to leave him and his mother alone. Sophie sees Gwen struggling to get something while holding the baby and helps her. Gwen asks Sophie to hold Hallie and then invites her and Aaron to dinner. Sophie is reluctant at first, but then agrees. Jack and Carly bond as parents and Carly asks Jack to let him see the kids more. Katie goes speed dating and Vienna tells Brad and then hatches a plan for Brad to get in on it. Katie hits it off with a man named Joe; Brad sabotages it by ripping up the match between them. Katie thinks Brad was her only match, unbeknownst to her of Brad’s actions. Vienna and Brad plead his case. While Aaron and Sophie are at Will and Gwen’s, Allison shows up. They all have dinner, as Allison is uncomfortable with Sophie and Aaron. Sophie happily feeds Hallie, but is upset later when she hears her cry, as Allison witnesses Aaron comforting her. Gwen wonders if Allison is really ready to walk away from Aaron? Jack relents and lets Carly see the kids more. Cowboy Jack and Sam have a talk about his feelings for Carly and what he is going to do about them. Katie sees Joe later and mentions that she thought they were going to be a match, as did he. They wonder what happened, as Katie realizes what did. After Sophie leaves, Gwen thinks things will be ok, but outside Sophie is crying and admitting that it hurts too much to see her daughter this way. Jack brings the kids over to eat at Carly’s, and she asks him to stay? Katie rips into Brad for his deceit when she tells him about talking with Joe and seeing the ripped up matches that Brad took; she doesn’t want to talk to or see him anymore outside of work. Jack is about to take Carly up on her offer when Sam comes in and asks to join them. Jack tells Carly that he will take a rain check. Jack leaves, but then looks bothered as he watches Sam, Carly and his kids through the window.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna answers Brooke that yes she did cave in to Stephanie, what choice did she have? They agree that Storm must not know, but she has to give up Eric. Brooke tells Storm that Donna and Eric have hit a rough spot in their relationship, but Stephanie is still going to the police and their dad will be free and Storm’s name won’t be mentioned. Katie tells Stephanie that she thinks it is odd they haven’t heard anything yet. Both are waiting on pins and needles. Stephanie won’t believe Katie that Eric might turn out to really be Donna’s knight in shining armor if Donna were to tell him about Stephanie’s blackmail, and he will stay with her anyway. Donna joins Eric at the romantic Big Bear cabin and is presented with keys to a hybrid SUV. He’s changed his mind and instead of eloping wants to have a very big, extravagant celebration.

Eric bows to propose and bestows on Donna the most gigantic exquisite ring. She chokes up and walks away, she just can’t accept it. Eric tells Donna that he loves her and wants the world to know. Through her sobs, she allows him to slip the ring on her finger. But the words of Stephanie echo in her ears and she knows what she still has to do. Sensing something is very wrong, Eric demands to know what it is right now.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie has nightmares about Ford so Max convinces her to seek professional help. Steve runs into Stephanie at the hospital but accepts her desire to keep her reasons for being there to herself. Bo and Roman question Crystal’s male accomplice when they find him exiting the store but he refuses to let them search the store. Bo invites Hope to join him on a stakeout of the store. Belle has to face Hope while picking up Claire and their conversation is awkward but cordial.

John asks to be able to leave the mansion but Stefano claims he is too much of a wanted fugitive to risk it. Stefano lets John eavesdrop when Marlena stops by to question Stefano about Brady. Stefano denies knowing anything about Brady’s whereabouts. Marlena fires several warning shots from her gun to show Stefano she is serious. John hides out of sight until Marlena leaves.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Spinelli decides to pursue a career as a PI. Epiphany turns her son's effects over to him and Jason to use to find clues. Jason tries to calm Carly down, but everything he says riles her more. Elizabeth confronts Sam and threatens to tell Lucky exactly how evil she is. Following Luke's failed escape attempt, Tracy threatens him with arrest. Skye decides to give Ric the piers and leave town. Diane and Alexis walk into a hillbilly bar and barely escape with their honor or lives intact.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is thinking of Jonathan in flashbacks. Will startles Josh. Cassie is still angry at Josh about Will. Josh says he loves her & Will. Josh calls Reva about the plan they talked about. Josh wants to save his family. After the call, Will shows up. Josh helps Will with his jacket saying they have to go somewhere. Will is at first fighting with Josh and questioning him. Josh and Reva tell Will they are on a secret mission. Reva gives Will a job and says she will take him out to dinner and he can get anything he wants. Reva and Josh agree sending Will away to school was a wrong idea. That something happened to Will. Josh tells Will it's time to go and they go to Company. Will wants to go home. Instead Reva takes Will to a table and Josh meets up with a woman, who he talks to her about Will. She is a faculty member of a school that Josh wants to send Will. Josh introduces Will to her. But there is a problem. The lady says she has to meet up with the child's mother. Reva says it's her. Then they talk more. The faculty member (woman) asks who Reva is. Reva says it's her. Then Mallet comes in. He wants to tell Reva that she needs to be at the police station in the morning. The faculty member (woman) doesn't know this. Meanwhile Will has taken off. When Josh goes to call for him, he is no where around Company. Josh gets nervous. Daisy is with Will. They meet up with Rafe. Will takes keys out of Daisy's purse and takes off again. Reva and Josh meet up with her. There is some confusion as to how Will got with Daisy, which she explains. Josh goes to the church and Will shows up calling for Daisy and he see Josh. Seems Josh had Daisy call Will and set up a meeting at the church. Josh admits he tricked Will to come to the church. Josh tells Will he knows Will misses his real Dad. Josh goes through the events of the Christmas Pageant. Josh knows Will lied by saying he was with his mom. As Will runs out of the Church, Reva catches him. She asks will in a fun way where he's going. She then questions Will about the events of the accident with Edmond. They both ask Will if Edmund scared him. Will finally admits she pushed Edmund but it was to get away. As Will starts off again Cassie arrives. She is not happy with what Josh and Reva did but agrees to go to the police with Will. Jeffery shows up at the Church and Reva confronts him about what just happened. Josh tells Cassie he loves Will. That she never listened to Josh when he tried to tell her about Will. Josh also tells Cassie about enrolling him in a special school. Cassie isn't happy with Josh that he mentioned this with another person out side of the family. Billy and Josh meet up at Cedars. They sit down together and Josh comforts Billy. With Jeffery and Cassie present, Will talks to Mallet about the night of the Christmas Pageant and the fall Edmund took. Then Reva talks to Jeffery about this and their relationship. Reva says she needs time. Jeffery is ok with it. Josh goes back to the hotel grabs a beer. And then Reva shows up. She jokes with Josh about not being able to get rid of her. He invites her in. He tells her to grab a beer. Josh asks about how things went with Jeffery. Then Josh says Cassie told him not to come home. Josh ask Reva about Will's confession. They both think there is something more to Will's confession. Josh then tells Reva he thought Cassie would understand. They have a good laugh about the beer. Reva says she is getting the "Good Reverend" plastered. Then Josh asks about Jeffery. Back at Springfield PD Cassie is signing papers for his statement and to release Will into her custody. At home Cassie says she is proud of him. And that she loves him no matter what. Will says it was no accident. He wanted Edmund to fall. Then a visitor arrives and takes Will into his room. Cassie is stumped with what just happened.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

The police and reporters gather outside the Bon Jour Café’ to report that Marcie had Viki held hostage. The reporters talk to almost everyone. Dorian, as well as, Blair find out that Marcie is holding Viki hostage in a Café’ in Texas. Blair makes a call to Todd and he explains the whole situation to her. Nash, Jessica and Natalie find out about the hostage crisis in Texas. Marcie begins to soften a little when she hears that Michael is alright and outside the Café’. Viki tries to get Marcie to give up and give Tommy back to Todd and Blair. Blair makes plans to go to Texas to be with Todd. Dorian insists on making the flight plans for Blair to go to Texas on her private jet. Jessica, Natalie, Nash, Nora and Clint find out that Viki had been working as a waitress in a Café’ in Texas for months. Viki begins to have chest pains.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Michael is upset and embarrassed because Jeffrey and Glo are making fools of themselves by getting completely sloshed off mojitos. Lauren tries to get him to ignore them but decides that leaving is the only way to take his mind off of them; on their way out they speak with the drunk couple (Jeffrey is just pretending). Glo is obviously two sheets to the wind and Michael asks that Jeffrey get her home safely. When they arrive home, Lauren tries to seduce Michael and for the most part succeeds until he is summoned by Victor Newman and she coerces him to go. Victor Newman wants to alienate everyone from his life, as he fights with Nick about his innocence and fires JT for lack of loyalty . Then forces Nikki out when she comes to him regarding his treatment of Nick, Victor tells her he rather be alone because it’s less work and orders her to go which she does gladly. Nikki offers Phyllis her job back, she talks it over with Nick who thinks it’s a good idea and suggests that Summer accompany her on her business trips. Karen serenades Neil and gets him and everyone else in GC in the mood. Phyllis, Nick, Lauren and Michael succumb to passion and make love. While Glo passes out in Jeffrey’s arms. JT sees David at the Club in a suspicious exchange with another gentleman.

In the back of Indigo things are heating up between Cane and Lily; just when Neil and Karen walk in on them. Neil asks that Cane and Karen leave so he can speak with his daughter. However, Neil is not expecting Lily to tell him where to go with his opinions about Cane; she tells him that it’s her life and since she’s a grown woman it is also her decision. Cane sympathizes but can’t help but reflect on how “great” the kisses they shared were and by no means is Lily disagreeing. Karen tells Neil that he needs to ease up on Lily because she’s a young woman who’s capable of making her own decisions. Neil agrees but admits that he has a hard time letting go when it comes to his kids. At Crimson Lights Lily, Devon and their dates have arrived and wow so has Cane, for some breakfast for the next day. Amber fetches his order and shares that they were about to close. Cane intrigued gazes at Lily who is at the jukebox and gives him a welcoming smile; he asks if they can talk and she obliges. Out on the patio Mr. Ashby officially asks Ms. Winters out on a “real date” and she accepts under the condition that he not flake out on her again. Cane promises that won’t happen again and they kiss, Amber walks in and begins bawling.

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