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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach and Kendall pay Josh a visit at his apartment but don’t get an answer. Josh yells at them to leave because Hannah has a gun. Hannah holds a gun on Josh and tells Kendall that if she leaves, she will kill Josh. J.R. visits Tad and tells him about Adam offering him fifty million dollars in exchange for acting like his son again. Babe goes to visit Krystal to let her know that she survived the shooting at Greenlee’s apartment. Colby waits for Sean in the park but soon bumps into Andre who tells her he's running from his political family. Zach tries to talk to Hannah through the door while Josh works diligently on getting the ropes untied. Josh tackles Hannah and the gun accidentally goes off. Babe lies down on Krystal’s sofa and dreams of herself and Richie together. Hannah escapes from the apartment's back door when Zach and Kendall barge in. Colby takes Andre back to Adam’s mansion via the tunnels under the house. Hannah runs into Sean, literally. After talking a few minutes, Hannah and Sean begin to kiss. Annie sits vigil at Ryan’s bedside. While another nurse changes the bandages on Ryan’s head, Julia comforts Annie. Tad comes home and Krystal flies into his arms, glad to see him. When J.R. visits Babe, she offers to let him spend the night with her in Little A's room. Josh lets Zach know that Hannah had been working against Zach to gain info on Zach for Adam. Zach vows to make Hannah pay for trying to destroy his family.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Noah asks Luke to move in with him and Luke hesitates at first because he thinks Noah is still trying to prove something to his father even though his father is in prison. Noah later admits that he doesn't want to live in the dorms because he feels lonely because he doesn't have any friends. Noah tells Luke he enjoyed the farm because he felt part of a real family for the first time. Luke persuades Emma to allow Noah to move into the farm permanently and Noah is very happy because he will be with Luke and have a real family. Lily loses her cool in front of Natalie and Faith when she finds Bonnie watching TV with Holden and the girls. Holden tells Lily he is worried about her, and he has reason to be because Lily took pills earlier in the day. Dusty persuades Allison to keep an eye on Chris because he thinks Emily is in danger by being with him. Chris feels pressure from both an angry Dusty and Evan Walsh who pressures him to have a cocktail party to announce the research project to the press. The man Dusty hired to test Bob's coffee cup found traces of an unknown substance but needs more time to run more tests. Emily begins to have doubts about Chris causing his father's stroke and although she doesn't admit it to Dusty he can see it in her eyes.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie reminds Donna that her one small sacrifice on her part will be all it takes. If she doesn’t walk away from Eric, how will Storm feel with her on the outside living in her lap of luxury while he is behind bars? Donna starts to leave and Stephanie grabs the phone to call Lt. Baker. Donna stops in her tracks and they argue about which one will keep Eric. Donna says Stephanie’s devotion is poison and she wouldn’t wish that on anyone. She calls Stephanie’s bluff that Eric won’t be coming back to her. Taylor continues to say that Brooke is in their house lurking, every time she hears the baby crying and she can’t take this any more. Nick reassures her that she shouldn’t feel this way. She is the psychiatrist, what would she do if a patient came to her with these problems? Get these demons inside of her out? She rants and raves speaking to Brooke out loud to leave them alone, but tells Nick this doesn’t make her feel any better. She’s just emotionally spent and has nothing left.

Brooke tells Eric that she doesn’t let all of this affect her and Ridge’s relationship. Thinking of Donna’s future decision and that she may leave Eric, Brooke avoids saying too much. He tells her that his life with Donna is going to be perfect. She advises him perhaps they need to take it slower and not make such fast decisions. Eric calls Donna while she is within inches of Stephanie and she echoes every word he says about wanting to go set up a special day at Big Bear and her to follow. Stephanie quips that he sure is going to get the big surprise if Donna makes that decision to leave him. Donna is the only one that can save Storm now. Crying, finally Donna snaps and tells Stephanie okay, she has already sucked all the life out of him and God help her that she is going to send him right back to that.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate asks Billie and Philip to help her get in to see Lucas but neither will help her. Bo and Roman learn that the shop Crystal was operating out of is registered to a C.B. DiMera. Marlena demands that Stefano be arrested and vows to make Stefano pay even if she has to take care of him herself. EJ sneaks into the mansion’s lab and pulls back the sheet to reveal that John is Stefano’s new soldier. EJ is furious with Stefano and tries to report him but Stefano threatens him. Stefano instructs John on the woman he is to go after. EJ rushes to warn Sami but neglects to tell her what he found at the mansion.

Shawn picks up Claire and Philip puts up with his criticism until privately gloating about how well his plan is working. Philip has Chloe get Shawn riled up about him so that he’ll go off about Philip in front of Belle. Marlena criticizes Belle for calling on Philip to baby-sit Claire.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Discovering that Jason is a dad sends Carly into a vindictive whirlwind that strikes out at first Elizabeth, then Jason. Skye realizes that she and Ric are not good for each other and does her best to convince him to end it. Trevor stops by later with new information about the mob wars and advice for Ric on coming out on top in them. Sonny chafes under the restraining order keeping him from being with Kate in Manhattan. However, Alexis and Diane are off on their forced road trip, getting equally lost and on each other's nerves. Johnny visits his dad who can feel his foot and is still warning him about Trevor.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan surprises Olivia with the news of Bill's accident. Will thinks Josh loves RJ more than him. Mallet says he has a lot of evidence that Reva pushed Edmund off the balcony. Rafe says bad thinks against Ashlee and Daisy defends her which shocks Rafe. Buzz gives Rafe advice. Josh calls for an attorney, Mel at first. Reva does not want Josh's help in trying to defend her. But then says get me the best lawyer money can buy and laughs. Cassie tries to explain Josh to Will. Telling him they want to make the family happy. Cassie tells Will she is going to clean his room. She asks him if there is anything important that he doesn't want her to move. He says no. Alan meets up with Natasha. When she calls Gus by his other name, Nick. Alan is surprised. She says that is his given name. They talk about wedding gifts. Alan tells Natasha that when she becomes a Spaulding she will be spoiled. Gus visits Olivia kidding around with her about taking care of herself. Olivia laughs. She later tells him about taking a flight of stairs that winded her. They talk about Emma and Philip and Alan. She doesn't want those Spauldings to raise Emma. Daisy goes to see Buzz about a cookie for Will. She says he needs a sugar fix. While Buzz gets the cookie she sees Rafe there. They small talk. Then when Buzz returns with the cookie Daisy leaves. Buzz asks Rafe if they talked. Rafe says no. Jeffery comes to Reva rescue. He doesn't want Reva to talk. He says he knows what she is going through with the anniversary of her son and granddaughter's "death". Josh tells Cassie that Reva is downtown at the police station. Cassie blows up. She tells him that Will let her clean his room and she didn't find anything. Josh says he moved the evidence. Cassie says she can't believe he is taking the word of his ex-wife over hers and leaves the room. Natalia, Alan, Gus, and Olivia are in the same room. It is Natalia who gets angry and storms out. Jeffery tries to give Reva advice that turn out that makes Jeffery leave. And Reva looking for another attorney. Cassie is looking at pictures of Richard and the boys and wondering. Emma brightens Alan's day with a picture. She says he can have when he asks. Natalia says to Gus she is not the gentle sweet little girl he left years ago and if he wants to marry her he has to deal with her now. Buzz and Frank give Rafe advice. Daisy brings Will home and he goes crying into Cassie. Josh comes in saying he had to separate Will and RJ because he thought Will was hurting RJ. Reva calls Josh with an update on her situation and Josh tells her what he just had to do with Will and RJ. Reva says this reminds her of what was happening with Jonathan. Later Will says to Cassie, Josh is going to send him away. Cassie reassures Will he isn't going anywhere.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash warns Jessica about pretending to be Tess in order to set Jared up. Natalie kisses Miles on the cheek. Roxy bursts in and accuses Miles of dumping her for Natalie. Marcie holds a gun on Viki while John and Todd are on the outside of the door. Marcie orders Viki away from the door as Marcie pulls down the blind. Adriana and Rex arrive at Dorian’s, but Adriana has second thoughts about letting Dorian know that they are engaged. Dorian encourages Charlie to stay at La Boulaie. Natalie and Roxy argue over Miles. Natalie owns up that she is in love with someone else. Marcie threatens that if John doesn’t back off then she will shoot Viki. Viki tries to talk Marcie into giving up, but she will not listen to her.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Indigo is the spot in GC, everyone has gathered there to check out Neil's new singer who cancels due to illness. Karen agrees to fill in but then gets cold feet; forcing the patrons to have to listen to the musical styling of Lennie Marks. Glo is up to her tricks again and Lauren tells Michael tonight they are not going to deal with it. As they try to escape the ticking time bomb that is Glo; she walks in with Jeffrey and they are all over each other. Lily is set up on a blind date with Alan Calley, Roxy's friend this sends Cane into a jealous rage forcing him to confess that he can't just "hang out" with Lily he wants more.. Which he expresses by kissing her outside Indigo. Cane has also been promoted by Kay and Jill.

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