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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Hannah aims her rifle at Kendall, but misses and hits Ryan instead. Aidan, immediately goes after the shooter, while the others call for help for Ryan. Aidan finds on the roof a bullet casing from the rifle. Hannah comes to visit Josh and tries to entice him into making love to her, but he pushes her aside. Hannah begins to own up to Josh as to what she had been working for Adam against Zach. Josh gets a call from Zach, but Hannah hits him over the head before he can answer the call. Hannah ties Josh up in a chair. Ryan is rushed to the hospital. The doctor gives Richie the good news that he could have a bone marrow transplant and live. Richie asks Annie to be his bone marrow donor. Babe rushes in and tells Annie that Ryan had been shot. Annie rushes to Ryan’s side. Zach calls one of his associates to find out if his father had been released from prison. Hannah ties Josh up and then reveals to him that she had just tried to kill Kendall to make her pay for all she had done. Hannah asks Josh as to where she should begin getting revenge on Kendall.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Sam seems to be developing feelings for Carly, as he tells her that he is sticking around for her. Parker and Jack discuss how he can get Katie back. Meg meets with Paul and tells him how she thinks her baby may be his after all. Parker gives Jack hockey tickets, as Jack heads off to ask Katie to the game. Jack misinterprets something going on in Katie’s room and does something drastic. Susan is reluctant to help do another DNA test for Meg and Craig, but she finally agrees; they all narrowly miss seeing Craig at the exam. Carly learns Sam is giving up a great paying job to stay with her and demands he reconsider… but he won’t. Katie and Jack talk, as a depressed Brad waits on the sidelines. Henry realizes the depth of Brad’s feelings. Katie reiterates how badly Jack makes her feel even though she still cares for him. Jack realizes the damage he has done to her and how Brad is making her happy, so he leaves her with the hockey game tickets to take Brad if she wants. Margo and Craig talk about how a parent handles raising someone else’s child. Meg and Paul receiving exciting news for them. Meg explains why she thinks Rosanna was actually the one that set this in motion. An emotional Katie wants to make love to Brad after Jack leaves, but Brad puts a stop to it. Katie misunderstands and throws him out. Brad tries to figure out how to tell Katie that he loves her. Jack tells Parker that Brad did what he couldn’t for Katie – he made her happy. Sam asks Carly if he can continue to live with her even though Kit isn’t around? Carly agrees even though she knows Jack will not be happy. Paul wants to confront Rosanna, but Meg doesn’t want Paul to worry about getting her or Craig back; they have to protect their son and they need to start their family now. Craig has a change of heart about Paul’s baby. Paul doesn’t want Meg near Craig so they concoct a plan. Meg wants to get on with their life, but Paul’s face seems to suggest he may be having a hard time letting this go.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke offers that she hates to even ask Donna this, but there is no other way. She must give up Eric to save Storm, and Donna will find another man. Storm can’t believe that Stephanie would take a bullet and then spare him. Even Katie can’t believe Stephanie is doing something out of the goodness of her heart. Stephanie tells Felicia she hasn’t lost Eric and she doesn’t intend to. She knows Donna is smart and she’s counting on the fact that she will do what is best for everyone. Donna sees her father in jail and he advises her to tell Storm to stay out of this and Stephen will confess. He won’t let Stephanie get away with this. Still Donna is torn and doesn’t know what to do. Stephen tells her to do what her heart tells her to do, and to remember that he loves her. Donna calls Stephanie and tells her to cut the crap, she is on her way over.

Taylor and Nick get lovey-dovey, but then a big let-down when she finds out that Brooke came back from Sydney last year and had her eggs tested to see if she could give Nick a baby. Nick tries to calm Taylor down, but she is furious that Brooke did this behind her back. She also believes that she would connive with Bridget for her eggs to be used to produce Taylor’s baby. She knew exactly what she was doing, and Taylor admits she hates her. Donna listens one more time at Stephanie’s proposal, the quid pro quo that they both will benefit from, Donna can keep both her dad and brother out of prison and Stephanie gets Eric back. Donna tells her in no uncertain terms where she can shove that idea.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea tells Nick the truth about Ford’s death but Nick decides he doesn’t want to be involved. Stephanie tells Max about Ford raping her and Max reacts supportively by agreeing to sit by her bed while she sleeps. Shawn’s first day at the academy is today and Belle is so worried about Marlena that she passes Claire off to Philip. Philip has Chloe report Belle’s actions to Shawn. EJ fights Stefano’s henchman, with Lucas’ help, until the cops haul the man away. EJ and Lucas argue in front of Sami over who saved whom. Bo, Abe, and Roman meet with the DA in hopes of getting a deal for Lucas that would allow for his release but the DA refuses the deal.

Marlena tries to convince EJ to prove he’s a changed man by turning in Stefano for his crimes. Stefano’s soldier fixes Marlena’s broken windshield wiper but runs off when Roman and Belle arrive. Stefano and Rolf track the soldier to the alley where the soldier surprises Rolf by putting him in a chokehold. Hope overhears Crystal talking on the phone about Marlena and confronts her. Crystal will only warn that Marlena is in danger. Crystal decides that she now has no choice but to take Belle and Claire by force.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax helps with Michael when Sonny brings him over following his suspension from school for fighting. His advice gets through when Carly and Sonny's admonitions don't. Sam offers to babysit when Liz has trouble finding a sitter. Kristina's troublesomeness gives Ric fits until Skye comes over and gives him a hand. Maxie and Felicia just can't get along. Having Diane and Alexis as seatmates creates a tense situation for the flight attendants. However, when the plane is too heavy to take off, they are the ones ejected. Skye and Ric begin to realize that they could have a romance, until he puts his foot in his mouth. While Liz and Jason have a tryst, Sam finds and takes the opportunity to tell Carly that Jake is Jason's son.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva trying to boost Jeffery's spirits says I love you. Jeffery maybe taking it the wrong way. Josh tells Cassie what Edmund told him in San Cristobel before he died. Dinah and Billy talk in group therapy. Lizzy sees the Lewis Trailer go up. Bill was in it. Looks like it was Coop that did it. Ava finds Coop drinking. It is because Ashlee is in prison. Ava tells Coop that there was an accident at the Lewis trailer. Ava figures out that Coop set it. Jeffery goes back to see Reva. He kids with her. Cassie doesn't believe Josh about what Edmund said about Will. They don't know that Will is listening from the corner of the room. Billy calls from rehab. Will acts strange and hugs Cassie. Dinah does Billy a favor and gets the therapist away while Billy leaves rehab to go see Bill. Bill is awake joking with Lizzie. Lizzie says she was coming to see him after their fight, when she saw the trailer go up in flames. She tells Bill she hates that they fought. Bill's family finally gets there. Lizzie tells them what she saw and how Bill is right now. Billy arrives. Will was scared. He tells Cassie that Edmund is in the next stretcher. Cassie tells him no it is a man that looks like him. Coop calls Frank about Ashlee. Ava says he didn't tell Frank about the fire. Ava hands Bill a drink. Bill is wondering what she is up too. He wants to talk to the police about the fire. She tells him to wait. Ava says remember when she needed a friend's help. She is there for him now. Coop doesn't take the drink. Ava says he was lonely. She wants to hang out. Coop says no, he doesn't want to screw up his life with her. Coop says this is one problem he's fixing himself. Reva meets up with Dylan and Billy and Vanessa. Billy tell Dylan what was told to him. Dylan runs into Dinah. Dylan wonders if she is ok. She is acting strange. Will wants to go home. Josh tells Reva that he found out about who set them up at the mall lock down. Josh tells Reva about his call from Edmund and the flight down to San Cristobel. Reva asks what's next. Back home Will says Cassie is going to leave him. She says no. She offer him hot chocolate. while she gets it he's alone and talking to himself. Coop visits Ashlee before she is sent away. Dinah pours her heart out on Dylan. Mallet arrives. Dylan tells Mallet about Bill. Billy visits Bill. Billy tells Bill he's got to stop destroying himself. Mallet is actually there for Reva. It is about the Church incident. Reva says she has nothing to do with the accident at the church. Mallet shows her an item that makes it look like she is guilty.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jessica, (pretending to be Tess) tries to entice Jared into believing that she is on his side and wants him to make love to her. Natalie and Miles share a friendly game of cards. Natalie meets up with Nash and he fills her in on what Jared plans on doing with his vineyard. John and Todd wait outside of the Bon Jour Café’ for Marcie to give herself up. Adriana reveals to Rex that she had told Blair that she had known all along about Tommy being Todd’s son. Nash walks in on their conversation and wants to know what is going on. Dorian goes through Charlie’s case and finds a pic of himself and Viki. Dorian recognizes Viki, but doesn’t let on to Charlie that she knows Viki. Charlie comes in and finds Dorian with the pic. Todd and Marcie hold guns on each other. Marcie uses Viki as a hostage in the diner. Rex is completely beside himself when he finds out that Adriana had spilled the beans about Tommy to Blair.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victor Newman’s arrest is still a buzz around Genoa City, the press eagerly camp outside the Newman Estate waiting for a bone to be tossed their way. Meanwhile, the Newman family try to support their matriarch fully but find it difficult. Nikki gets wind that JT is investigating David for Victor and confronts him suggesting that he just may have murdered Ji Min; Victor is enraged. To relieve their recent tensions and stress, Nick and Phyllis decide to make love in Victor’s office. Over at the Baldwin, Fenmore, Fisher, Bardwell’s the dinner party is concluding and everyone is pleased as punch of the announcement of Glo’s upcoming nuptials to Jeffrey (not). Michael questions if it a joke and if not why are they doing this? Glo is forced to tell the truth after Michael almost physically shakes it out of her; she admits that Jeffrey is blackmailing her into marriage and that if she refuses she’ll go to prison. To say the least Michael and Lauren aren’t shocked but are trying to figure out a way for her to get out of this bogus plan. Kevin feels a sense of relief because he no longer has to keep her secret.

Jack tells Brad he better back off of Sharon once again; but of course he turns a deaf ear and pays Sharon a late night call while her and Jack are sealing the deal by kissing and making up. Noah is conveniently at Sam’s house spending the night. Sharon also runs into Victor at the Athletic Club and offers her support; Victor tells Sharon to watch out for Jack because he’ll bring her down with him. The award for pathetic, loser of the day goes to Brad for harboring those ridiculous feelings for Sharon and also trying to knock Phyllis down in passing.

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